Do you ever just feel like you want to throw everything you have in the garbage and start over?

Your disorganized house. Your stuff. Your clothes. Your furniture. Your miscellaneous boxes. Your old flabby body. Your kids. Whatever.

Well, of course I’m joking, kind of, but you know what I mean, right?

I’m just talking about being in that season where you are ready in general for a new start.Sometimes you just reach a point where you are tired of how things are. You don’t feel like things are working for you anymore and you are ready to do something about it. Maybe you have just been through a tough season or have let parts of your life or health or home fall apart a bit. You know you need to make some big changes. And you desperately feel like you are ready for a fresh perspective.

The new year is motivating for setting new goals and planning a few “life makeovers.”I’ve made many new years resolutions, and the challenge is to be committed to work on those areas of your life for the long haul, not just until the end of January! My goal is to commit to changes over the course of a year, with several manageable goals along the way.

Last year we were really ready for some focused reorganization and updates around our home, after a long season of pressure establishing a church plant and a start up business.It seemed like a really big and exhausting undertaking to get reorganized at home while continuing our efforts to manage the church and business, but we were determined to catch up on some much needed repairs and projects that were weighing us down. We knew in the long run, these changes would energize us and help us to be more productive and at peace at home.

By the grace and blessing of God and our perseverance to complete projects, one year later we now have a home that feels much more under control. We worked on updating our entire main floor and master bedroom one room at a time (or sometimes several at a time!) from the front door right on through the house– everything feels so much better and more under control now! We can start this year knowing we are much more organized and on top of things than we were the year before! That is a great feeling.

If you want, you can follow along with all those home updates and before and afters at The Inspired Room!

This year my husband and I are giving our marriage a little makeover. We are re-establishing time to just have fun together and we are setting some boundaries on our crazy schedules. We are going to start walking together for fitness and to give us time together away from the house. We have some other ideas of things we want to implement to keep our marriage growing and close. After seeing the results of our “home makeover” last year, I’m excited to see how we can strengthen our marriage (by the grace of God) as we focus more time, energy and prayer on that area of our life this year.

Which area of your life would you like to makeover this year? By the grace, blessing and mercy of God, and some determination and goal setting on our part, it is exciting to see that we can make positive changes and makeover parts of our life in 2013.

  • Melissa

    Oh I’m excited about this! :-) Well, first, I’m making over our family room on the cheap. It’s going to be SO CUTE when I’m done with it. A breath of fresh air! When the weather warms up and I can be outside painting furniture, I am going to make over our master bedroom. I want it to really be a sanctuary for us, and not the topsy-turvy clothing-explosion bright-yellow-walls-I-have-come-to-regret room it currently is. We’re also finally finishing our downstairs bathroom. We’ve lived with only one bathroom for the past three years and it will be SO NICE to have a second toilet.

    We’re kind of doing a fitness makeover on ourselves too. After a season of a nursing newborn and my husband’s work schedule being crazy, we’re going back to the gym together in the evenings. I have a couple of very specific goals for myself but I’m keeping those a surprise. :-)

    We’ve made some tough decisions recently, one of which being staying where we are instead of moving closer to my husband’s job (long commute, but tiny mortgage) and really focusing on getting out of debt. We are HAMMERING the debt. I am so excited about it!

    God’s going to do some great things this year. I’m certain of that. :-)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Good for you! Have fun with your home and fitness makeovers!!

  • Lisa

    I’m excited to talk a look at your redo’s and hear about the changes you make to enhance your marriage.

  • Gina Detweiler

    Every new year I want to change everything and sometimes I have been known to drive myself crazy after I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. This year I am taking it month by month, much more sanity around here now. For lent I will be cleaning and purging room by room, which has me way more excited than a 35 year old woman should be.

    I’ve enjoyed little bits of your home progress on the blog, can’t wait to see it all coming together!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks Gina!!

  • Hope

    This could be such an overwhelming thing… But as a newlywed timing is so right for this. I have moved across the ocean, planned our wedding in 6 weeks. Now it’s time to settle down in the home and why not do it right from the start?! Even though a little overwhelming. How encouraging for you to work on your marriage this year, very beautiful. Bless you!

  • Penelope Swithinbank

    Excited by your marriage makeover! We celebrated 35 yrs of marriage last year; and by December knew we were nonetheless rather in the doldrums! So we are working quietly by God’s grace to renew and rejuvenate during this year. First, to spend 2 hrs together each day – after over 30 yrs in ordained ministry we’ve not had many evenings in together so this is wonderful! Then, to hug at length (at least a minute!) whenever we can, whenever we pass, whenever opportunity is there – can be made. Thirdly, to kiss regularly – on waking, whenever one leaves or comes home, and last thing at night.
    It sounds very orchestrated – but already the difference is huge! Highly recommended. It just shows how easy it was to get stuck or take one another for granted.
    Try it – it works!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Great suggestions!! It is so easy to get in those doldrums! But having a plan definitely helps! ;-)

  • Katy

    Thanks for this post, Melissa! Wow, I love the idea of a new year makeover for any part of life that needs it–I’ll be keeping this in mind! Thanks so much for this!

  • Jennifer

    Only 7 years in and I already feel like my marriage could use a “makeover” lol , but aside from that I really want to get organized in every way- my house, my closets, my kids’ closets, my health, what we eat, all of it!!

  • Karen Beattie

    I love the idea of a “marriage makeover.” Thanks for the idea. And yes as for my house, “I want to just throw everything in the garbage and start over!”

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, well, you can always start with one room, right?

  • Beth Williams

    I agree with Penelope. My marriage only 9 yrs in and we can be in doldrums, sort of. For our make over we are going to spend time together daily (1hr at least). Then once or twice a month we will have a date day–something one of us planned–eat out & go to Lowe’s for home improvement ideas is on the agenda for Saturday.

    As for the house we have about 14 project to complete before it is in the shape we want. Little by little year by year we will whittle away at it and get them done as money permits. Some things are simple blinds in all the rooms, new doors upstairs, paint our paneling in basement. Others are huge like a new kitchen & a deck out front.

    As for health wise–we are going to lose weight & eat much more healthy. He is going to hit the gym at least 4 days a week with his nephew–weightlifting. I will do workouts at home following a recorded tv show. We will walk at least 2 miles daily, if not more.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Good for you Beth! It is amazing what a difference it makes to work on these areas of our life!

  • Debra

    I love the make-overs in life, of what is important. Reconsecration to the Lord, while deepening my relationship with Him in prayer and Bible Study. Focus more on my husbands needs – heart issues. Really connect. Stop. Listen. Respond. Carve out more time for family events, and visits. Do our best to maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle. Pick our battles. We have been in the ministry (pastoring, assisting, etc) for over 25 years. There is where the battles need to be God’s; allowing Him to use our mouths, ears and hearts. But do better at leaving the solutions and miracles to Him.

    Enjoyed the post and all the comments. Here’s to a great 2013. Blessings ~Debra