Easter Grace

For so many years I wondered why Good Friday was named as such. I couldn’t really wrap my brain around what was so good about it. I felt terrible every single time I would see a Cross re-enactment play. I would make it so real in my mind, and it was so hard to watch. I would sob seeing Jesus go through what he went through. I kept asking myself: Why were we calling the death of Jesus “good”?

Growing up I attended various Good Friday church services where the mood was so very solemn. Sad, mournful and full of regret, I would walk with my head down to my seat in the pew. And I get that sentiment, I really do. I understand the sacrifice was because of (my) sin. I’ve been taught all the horrible things Jesus had to endure before his death.

But I don’t hang my head anymore. Now I know why Good Friday is so very, very good.

From the beginning of time, God knew what was going to happen. He prepared a way. He poured himself into flesh as the solution for all of it. We know all this already, right?

But what I think is sometimes missing from the Good Friday services, is that one simple phrase:

It is finished.

When Jesus became the atonement, it was all done. All that was yet left undone, became done. His death was the trigger, the catalyst, for these cataclysmic events to come. The resurrection, pentecost, the Lord’s return. Once that death happened, everything else was done in God’s eyes. It began our call to Kingdom and to looking forward.

He wanted us to look ahead to his resurrection. He wanted us to look ahead to his return. He made it all complete, and there was no need to feel incomplete ever again.

Death no longer has victory over our souls, because it is finished.
Sin no longer is what we are painted with when God looks at us, because it is finished.
I don’t have to walk in shame or feel anything but a daughter of the Most High God, because it is finished.
You who walk in the shadows, come forth, because it is finished. The Enemy may try to influence me and you, to sway us, but he can never win. Never.

I don’t feel sad on Good Friday anymore. I humbly receive the Lord’s gift with gratitude, stand looking high in awe and wonder. At the deep meaning of his death being so innocent, so holy and so pure that it covered every human ever.

Even me. Especially me. Especially you.

He is risen!


  • Erin


    • Anonymous

      Amen! Jesus is alive, am so happy that He die for me and you.

    • Beverley Nelson

      Amen! Jesus is alive, am so happy that He die for me and you.

  • Katy

    He is risen indeed!

  • Heather P.

    Simply beautiful. Well said.

  • Kimberly

    Humility and gratitude–a wonderful approach to a Good day.

  • sarita

    Wonderful ,healing words. Thank you

  • Amy Mantooth

    On this Good Friday, my thoughts are drawn to that day many years ago when my beloved Lord Jesus hung on a Cross. He spent the last 6 hours of His life here on this earth nailed to that Cross. But the realization comes that those nails were not what held Him there but His overwhelming love for YOU and ME! I cannot even begin to comprehend the agony that was His that day as He looked down from that Cross and heard all the different sounds and saw the faces of those in the crowd that had gathered to mock or adore the King of Kings. Can you take a moment and imagine that you yourself are in that crowd of spectators who came out that day to witness this man named Jesus being crucified for love? As for me I kneel at that Cross this day and I gaze up into the eyes of the One who loved me. In His eyes I see a reflection of hurt, sorrow, pain and unbelievable love. I hear Him whisper my name and I can feel his nailed hands trying to reach down to me and He says, ” Arise and lift your head up, for on this day, this moment I have sealed the fate of the evil one who has been leashed on this earth. Don’t shed tears for Me, but rejoice!” And as the dark clouds roll across the sky, the earth is shaken and with a loud cry He shouts from that Cross…”IT IS FINISHED!”
    So my beloved family, friends, brothers and sisters, with hands lifted high on this day I come to tell you that it is indeed finished. The evil one HAS NO POWER over me or you. For the precious blood of Jesus flowed down from that cross to free you and me FOREVER! This precious life, this precious blood, washed away my sin and no weapon forged against me shall stand. Hallelujah!
    May each of you be blessed on what is indeed a GOOD FRIDAY.

  • Maxine Gonzalez

    Oh yes, I just wrote about this for my blog as well… what that one statement meant for us all. “It is finished” meaning we are redeemed from all our sins, the blood of CHRIST atoned for us once and for all… done… it is over. AND just this fact is well worth all our glory to HIM! Thank you JESUS for dying for me!
    May you all enjoy a GLORIOUS EASTER!

  • Cyndy

    He is Risen indeed!

  • Cindi
  • Anna

    Thank you. This is great!

  • MizB

    He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter!

  • Renée Gotcher

    Yes, it is finished! Thank you for sharing this and reminding us why we can truly celebrate today. Praise God!
    Renée at NextGen Homeschool

  • Bev Duncan@ Walking Well With God

    It is finished indeed…Jesus has conquered death…He is Risen…My soul will rejoice!!

  • Rhonda

    So very beautifully written. Though I know it all even from childhood, my sentiments are the same.. and to read it the powerful way you wrote it here is so very, very moving. Thank you for your (in)sight.. Love your e-mails. He is risen indeed.

  • Brother Lawrence

    “It is finished”. Nothing is complete until “it is finished”. Mom used to say, “no dessert until you eat all your dinner.” ‘But mom, I ate my dinner.’ Mom would say again,”NO dessert until “it is finished.” We get our dessert on Sunday, because, “it is finished.”
    It is the dessert of a lifetime.

    Thank you Jesus because, “it is finished” and I am whole. I have forever to thank you because “it is finished.”

    Complete, signed, sealed and delivered, when My Lord and Saviorgave us those final three words. It is the culmination of life, suffering, prophecy and love. It is now whole because, He could finally say, with the will of God, “It Is Finished.”

  • Lucille

    Wonderfully said! Thank you.
    Happy Resurrection Day!!!

  • barbara

    Beautifully and articulately expressed–Thank you and Thanks be to God and for Jesus!

  • Debra

    Hallelujah! He is risen indeed! God’s grace abounds.

  • Renee Ronika

    Indeed. This is so full of Spirit, of truth, of beauty, of might. I am pleased to call you friend, sister, co-heir, co-laborer, recipient of the Kingdom. We rise with Him. Much love and thanks, Arianne.

  • grace calling

    Oh sister, yes yes yes. This day is our redemption, our wholeness, and healing – through His bruises and blood.

    Janelle Marie

  • SarahJane

    This is exactly what my pastor preached on in our service this morning. Such a helpful reminder. Thanks!

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  • Beth Williams

    What a powerful thoughts! Years ago I would attend Maundy Thursday church services. They evoked such emotions in me.

    Those last words of Christ are such wonderful, powerful, emotionally packed words!!! I truly wish this sinful world would just pause for a moment & see that “IT IS FINISHED” and WE WIN”!!

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  • Chris Malkemes

    Thank you for sharing the IT. IS. FINISHED. Praise God.

    I too was thinking yesterday about the “Good Friday” and couldn’t wrap my head around it, but thanks to you I get it.

  • Lis

    Forgot to comment when I actually read this, but this is beautiful.