Season Of Reflection

The Easter story. The gift of His transforming love. The reminder of what Jesus has done for us.

His sacrifice brought us life.

There is sadness in the story. There is pain in the story. There is death. But there is more. The whole story includes the beauty of Easter. The triumph. The joy.

His amazing grace.

Rejoice. He is risen. Rejoice. 

I would love to share with you the print I have made for our home during this season of reflection and renewal! You can just click on the image below {a free PDF printable} and you will be able to open or download this image, that you can then print to use in your own home this season.
(Personal use only, please.)

In the first photo, I took this print and matted it in an 11″ x 14″ white mat and then framed it in a black wooden frame. The print is an 8″ x 10″, so it should fit normal sized mats and/or frames.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter season as we reflect on His life, His death and His resurrection and celebrate! 

By Jennifer, StudioJRU



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  1. 1

    Jennifer, I love it! I’m having it printed and put on my mantel. Thank you.

  2. 3
    Andrea says:

    I love the pictures that are put up here for our personal use!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! They are on my iPad and become my background as a wonderful reminder! Thank you!!!!!

  3. 5

    Love it, Jennifer! Using as my iPad wallpaper this month! Thanks for your encouraging reminders : )

  4. 7

    Thank you so much, it’s lovely!

  5. 9

    Oooo, this is good; I had to share it on my FB page and I’ll share it with Bloom readers, too!! xo

  6. 11

    Thank you Jennifer…it’s beautiful and a great reminder of who He is and all that He has done for us. God bless!

  7. 13

    The printable is so great! What a lovely reminder for the home.

  8. 15

    Jennifer, thank you for sharing this! How generous and kind to offer it for our homes and hearts. I truly appreciate your gift and how you use your artistic gifts for His glory!

  9. 17
    Cheryl Jacobo says:

    Thank you so much!

  10. 19
    Sherri Chaffin says:

    Oh my goodness!! When I first pulled up the page and saw that, my FIRST reaction was to wonder if I could duplicate that in a similar manner, because I LOVE it!! I can’t believe you posted a link to duplicate it exactly, and free of charge!! Thank you so much – I love this, and have a feeling my mom will too!!!

  11. 21

    Always love your beautiful gift of creating word in art. Words of Hope. Thank you for the gift you give. I still have: this is love, on my fridge by you. Now this is the new one to focus on. Haleluah He is risen.

  12. 23

    Thank you for bringing the visual and the verbal together for a beautiful reminder of what our Savior has done for us!!

    Bev @ walkingwellwithgod

  13. 25

    Thank you, Jennifer! This is great! There are so few Easter decorations that express the true meaning of Easter. I’ll be printing and framing this for the Easter season.

  14. 27

    LOVE IT! Thank you, Jennifer! {HUGS}

  15. 29

    What a beautiful piece of art for a beautiful season. Thank you, Jennifer!

  16. 31


    Thanks so much for this…it could not have come at a better time (GOD’S TIMING)! I printed it out and have it framed to go with me on a special Emmaus weekend coming up as a reminder in the prayer room!! Blessings!

  17. 33

    Bev Duncan (above) said it so well. Thank you. It will go in “the frame” and it sits on the corner bookshelf of my three piece bookshelf you first see walking in my home. So many have commented on your art in its very prominent place in our home. (Your other I am created …sits on the shelf above so I guess I’m a fan!) and so the Lords message can then be talked about by the starting point of displaying your “free” art. God is using it to spread the good news of Jesus!! Lord, Jennifer is giving this to us for free. May we use this free gift to share Jesus with those that enter out homes and see it. And thank you Lord for her abilities to create. Please bless her with a financial blessing for being so giving. Amen.

    • 34

      I love that you are ‘collecting’ all of these prints, Gwen. So happy you are enjoying them in your home for all to see! Your prayer is so appreciated, thank you!

  18. 35

    Jennifer, thank you so much for the lovely print. I love it. You are so kind to share with us. Yes, Easter is the most wonderful time of the year for me. It’s a time to contemplate and worship Jesus for all that He is and His wonderful love for us. What mercy and amazing grace! And after He arose, He spend more time still with His friends, teaching them, loving them, before He ascended into Heaven. Imagine.
    Blessings to you…

  19. 37

    Just beautiful! I shared it on Twitter.

  20. 39

    Oh, how I love this print!

  21. 41

    Jennifer, I love this printable. Thank you so much for being so generous with us!!

  22. 43

    Wonderful, as always. You come up with such creative ideas!

  23. 45

    Jennifer, you are so kind to share your prints with us. I immediately printed it and put it in “the frame” on my mantle. I love that you share these every so often it’s fun to change with the seasons. You are very gifted and generous. I’m collecting them and sharing your link with my Bible study ladies.
    May God bless you!

    • 46

      I love that you are collecting these prints, Joyce! So glad people are using them in their home. Thanks for sharing too!

  24. 47

    Thank you Jennifer! My mom passed away this past November right after Thanksgiving. It was sudden…she fell in their driveway and hit her head…she passed two days later. While in the ICU, I sang Amazing Grace to her…this print is very meaningful to me. With the words…Amazing Grace, Love, Life, He Is Risen….etc…it makes me smile to think she is rejoicing with the angels and our dear Savior. You have blessed my heart.

    • 48

      Oh Tracy, my heart goes out to you. So sorry for your loss. How precious that you had those moments singing to your mom!

  25. 49

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful Inspiration quote. It’s wonderful how arrangement and colors of words can make something we know so well so new and blessing.

  26. 51
    Beth Williams says:

    Thank you for the reminder of the true meaning of Easter. We have all but lost the meaning of most holidays–now they are just an excuse to be off work & spend money on cards & stuff!!!

    I am truly thankful for His Amazing Love, Grace & Mercy! It is new everyday & is always available!

    Thanks again!

  27. 53
    Judy from Clarks Hill says:

    Thank you Jennifer, I want to share this with a friend. It catches your eye but illuminates your soul.

  28. 55

    Thanks so much! It made my Easter decorating that much more fun. Our family loves it, and even the cat was a fan. I included a picture of it and a link on my blog so that others get to enjoy it too:

  29. 57

    Oh my goodness thank you so much for this this is exactly what I have been looking for to replace one of my Christmas prints. I saw it on Pinterest and printed it grayscale so that it would match the colors in my house. I LOVE it!!! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    • 58

      You are very welcome, Michelle! Happy to hear you found your way here through pinterest. Glad you were able to make it match the colors in your house!

  30. 59

    Thank you for sharing the printable, Jennifer! I love it!

  31. 61

    Thank you…reminded of the reason He did this.

  32. 62
    Deborah says:

    Thank you for the awesome reminder and beautiful gift! I’m going to share it with my family & friends.

  33. 63
    Deborah says:

    Thank you for the awesome reminder and beautiful gift! I’m going to share it with my family & friends.

  34. 64
    Dorothy says:

    Thank you. This is beautiful.

  35. 65

    Absolutely beautiful ~ thank you so much for sharing!

  36. 66

    He is risen indeed!! Thank you Jennifer ……this will go on my fridge so everyone can see it and be reminded of what He has done for every one of us. Amazing love to know He would have done it even if it were only me.

  37. 67
    Tiffany Little says:

    So beautiful. Such an excellent job! Praise God!

  38. 68

    Your Easter print says it all!! What a beautiful display of Christ’ s love. Of all the men that started religions and claim to be God, Jesus is the only one that died to take our sins upon himself and as the Holy Bible says in Psalms 103:12, “As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us “. We’ve all missed the mark but he who had no sin became sin for us. In 2 Corinthians 5:21 the Word says, “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.” God’s love is immeasurable for humanity and Easter is the day we celebrate His love for us and our love for Him. He has risen from the grave and is alive!! ( John 3:16)

  39. 69
    mandy foster says:

    I love it, would it be ok if for a few easter cards please, not to sell, just to spread Gods word and your lovely art work with freinds and family. God bless you.

  40. 70
    Samuel Pereji says:

    This is really an Excellent Idea and well excuted, I am sure the Sundayschool children where I go will like it very Much.

  41. 71
    Diane Morgan says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and gifted presentation of the devotion with the framed printed version of your design. It has lifted my heart. Diane

  42. 72

    Using words to illustrate a divine Easter message is so appropriate as we love the Apostle John’s intentional metaphor for our Resurrected Savior: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

  43. 73

    I really like this! As a worship committee member at our church, I was wondering if we could use it to project on the wall for our Easter Service?


  44. 74
    Kathleen Burnett says:

    Thank you.

  45. 75

    Thanks so much.

  46. 76
    Nancy Parleir says:

    Thank you so much … it’s beautiful. I just love it and will display it in my home.

  47. 77

    I just love the design, simply elegant!!! Speaks so much and a great reminder indeed!
    He Is Risen, my life should portray that! You are indeed so gifted!!!! Will get it printed
    and distribute to my family members!!! Continue to impact the women’s world!

  48. 78

    Thanks, Jennifer :) Blessed Friday to you :)

  49. 79
    Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am framing it and placing it in my home and at work! Blessings to you in this joyous season! Rejoice!

  50. 80

    That lovely. I have save it on my phone as my wall paper thank you.

  51. 81
    Cheryl Holmes says:

    Is it ok to use these as cover photos on FB if we give you credit? I see people are using it as wallpaper on iPads, but wanted to know about FB….. Thanks! love your work!


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