{I’m sure Emily Post, the queen of etiquette, will roll over in her grave.}

I’m hosting my own baby shower. This may be a first.

The most natural response to a miracle is to celebrate with those I love. {That’s you!}

Instead of celebrating our Baby Girl’s new life with diapers and onesies, I’m asking you to help me build a toddler playground for the Mercy House Kenya mamas and toddlers.

I want to celebrate life. To bring a smile to the faces of those we may never meet but share a rescued life and love from our Father.

Imagine the giggles that will take place because of your kindness and support.

I’m sure you know all about the amazing journey God has taken Kristen Welch on to help mamas in Kenya. From a Compassion International blogger trip to starting a nonprofit to saving beautiful African mamas and babies, God is doing life-changing amazing-ness in this house of Mercy.

With the thousands that read (in)courage every day, we can do this ya’ll. Easily. The goal is only $2500 to build a Toddler Playground for Mercy House Kenya.

Kristen shares what the needs are for the ever growing Mercy House and how we can help. The babies are growing up and need a place to play.

“We are in a temporary home and with 16 residents (8 girls, 8 babies-4 of those 1 year olds), it’s crazy! We are in the process of bringing in 3 more pregnant girls so space is tricky.  With our growing, mobile babies, we are needing to create an outdoor space that is safe and fun for them. It needs to be portable for when we get that permanent home someday. We have talked to a local carpenter about constructing a safe iron baby fence/gate to enclose a large area. We would add some large plastic slides and outdoor toys and possibly a tented covered area. The weather is amazing 10 months out of the year in this part of Kenya, so we feel good about this plan.” – Kristen 

I don’t know about you, but I can just picture this beautiful scene!

Can you feel the African sunshine on your skin and feel the warmth of the toddlers smiles as they play on their playground equipment?

Can you hear the mamas’ conversation as they gather in the shade to talk about their day, their longings, their children? Just like us, they need a place for community. 

Can you imagine what your donation will do?

A new online giving site, Pure Charity, is passionate about helping Mercy House, too. Pure Charity is going to make it so easy for us to help.

There are a few simple steps you need to take to make this dream come true for Mercy House.

1. Create a free Pure Charity account.

2. You can make your every day purchases count – like toilet paper, your favorite canvas from DaySpring or that cute coral shirt you’ve been eying from Target. A portion of your purchase goes into your giving fund that then you can direct to the project of your choice. {Learn more about the Pure Charity Rewards Shopping Network and install the Pure Charity browser plugin so you’ll know when you’re on one of the 1,000+ retail sites.}

3. Make a donation to the Mercy House Toddler Playground Project on Pure Charity.

Girls, we can do this! Just take a few minutes, follow the steps above and start living a more generous lifestyle by helping Mercy House. {And thanks to Pure Charity, you can keep giving to your favorite nonprofits through your everyday shopping in your giving fund.}

Choose Hope. Take Action. Live Generous.

UPDATE: This project was fully funded within 24 hours because of you and the generous (in)courage community. I’m blown away and so thrilled! Thank you for your sweet donations and caring about these precious toddlers growing up at Mercy House Kenya.

I get tears thinking about how our Baby Girl is making a difference in the world and she hasn’t even arrived. Miracles do beget miracles. You have blessed us.


  • http://29lincolnavenue.com Stacey

    Oh how I love this sentence:

    “The babies are growing up and need a place to play.”

    This is beautiful. What a wonderful idea!

    God bless these babies and your sweet girl too Stephanie!

  • http://www.incourage.me LJ

    This is my FAVORITE! :)

  • http://myblessingsunlimited.net/shauna Shauna Congelliere

    Yes! I hosted my own Mercy house birthday bunco party last year – LUV LUV LUV Mercy House and the lives they have rescued and saved in the name of Jesus!!! So amazing to see them on the incourage blog! Yes!

  • Pat Johnson – Missonary

    Where in Nairobi can I find Mercy House Kenya? Is this a mission sponsored group and if so what mission? I have worked with an orphanage for little ones but that is in Kitui District, so would be interested in knowing more about this one in Nairobi.

  • Tracy in NJ

    I hate to be a total loser but I just spent 10 minutes at the site and could not find how to make a donation. I have an account Saw how to share etc. etc. but could not for the life of me find a donate now button or anything of the like. Would love to make a donation but not willing to spend much more time being frustrated. Any help appreciated.

    • http://wearethatfamily.com Kristen

      Hi Tracy,
      I’m sorry for the frustration. You can make a direct donation to our non-profit via Paypal here: http://www.mercyhousekenya.org/help/give/one-time

      You can mark your donation “Playground”


    • Jeleah

      Hi Tracy,
      Jeleah here with Pure Charity. I apologize for the confusion. If you go to the project page you will see a green box in the top right hand corner that says “Fund this Project”. If you click there it will take you through the process of donating.
      Hope that helps for future use.


  • http://wearethatfamily.com Kristen

    Mercy House is non-profit located near Nairobi and isn’t affiliated with any mission, but is accredited with the ECFA and a member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

    • Anonymous

      Wondering just where…outside of Nairobi? We visit Kenya in June and would like to try and visit there?

  • http://jeansblogs.com Debra

    What an awesome project of love. Thank you for making it easy to be a part of something so life changing for these sweet moms and kiddos.

    Blessings ~Debra

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