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One of my favorite parts of a Bloom study is going on right now:  when givers are giving, and those who have need, admit it…

and it’s all done quietly and without fanfare.  Generous friends purchase Sponsored Books without knowing where they’re going, without needing to know.  Other women who really, really want to join our study – who couldn’t because buying a book is a luxury they just can’t justify – are able to ask for a little help simply by completing the request form.

Behind the scenes, DaySpring workers gather up the requests and match them with the gifts and you can almost sense an angel earning her wings.  It’s a wonderful thing.

We still need A Million Little Ways book sponsors.

If you’ve been hesitant to purchase a sponsored book because it all seems confusing, you’re not alone.  We’ve received the same questions a few times so I thought I’d answer it here once and for all.  Here are the 1, 2, 3’s, simplified.

  1. Click the Sponsored Book option and select the number of sponsored copies you’d like to purchase; it’s perfectly fine for you to add this to an order you’re placing for your own personal copy of A Million Little Ways.  You can be sure which item is the sponsor copy because it has the “Sponsor Someone in Need” green bubble in the bottom right corner of the product image.
  2. If you’re purchasing two or more books, be sure to add the code BLOOMBOOK in the Coupon Code box below the Subtotal and click “Apply”; you’ll see the word FREE pop up in the Estimated Shipping box.
  3. Click “Check Out” to continue and here’s where people typically give up; they’re nervous because you have to include shipping information.  DO NOT WORRY at this stage!!  The brilliant workers at DaySpring know which books are for you and which books you’d like to donate because brilliant YOU clicked the correct product images to tell them! 
  4. Continue with your billing and payment information and that’s all there is to it!  Easier than pie!

(If you have additional questions please be sure to check out our FAQs page because I bet it’s answered there!!)

Do you have any friends experiencing financial hardship who might like to take part in our fall study but can’t afford a book?  Please pass along this post and encourage her to fill out the appropriate book request form at the bottom of the page.  The form is set to close Friday night but we reserve the right to extend the deadline if enough sponsored copies are purchased…or to close it earlier if all are spoken for.

See why your Book Sponsorship is so important:  recipients do a wonderful job of expressing how grateful they are,  how your gift blesses them to the moon and back.

If you haven’t already bought your own copy, DaySpring has A Million Little Ways online at the lowest price I’ve seen.  And remember, order two books and you’ll receive free shipping by using the code BLOOMBOOK at checkout (shipping charges apply for one-book orders).  If you order a copy today you’ll receive it in time to read before our videos begin on October 21st.

Here’s your homework for the weekend:

  • Order your copy of A Million Little Ways and if you’re able, sponsor a copy for one of your incourage sisters.
  • Pray for Emily, Jessica and Angie who will be filming videos for the study this weekend; and for Robin (me :) ) as she writes the posts to go with the videos.
  • Like Bloom (in)courage on Facebook and invite your friends to like us, too!
  • Invite friends who love to read to join our study.  Emily’s book is a perspective-shifter and life-changer.
  • Tweet us up!  Just use the #inbooks hashtag so we can find you.

We’re excited to see where this study takes us!  It won’t be the same without you.


Robin for the Bloom (in)courage team.

  • cf nelson

    Have you taken down the book club studies that came before 1000 gifts ??? I thot there were more that what is now listed???

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Not exactly :). When our new design went live, a few things got lost in the shuffle. It’s a temporary glitch we’re working to remedy, so eventually all the studies will be accessible again. SO good to know you noticed!

  • http://www.therichesofhislove.com Kristin Smith

    So I ordered 2 books yesterday and meant one for a sponsored copy – but just got an email saying 2 are being shipped today. Any chance I can forward it on to someone who needs it??

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance


      As long as you clicked the sponsored book link, it won’t actually be shipped to you. It’s somewhat confusing and we’re working on that; for some reason, the system needs to say the book has shipped when, in fact, we know to hold onto it for a sponsored copy. :)

  • Teresa Dykes

    As a follower of several Christian bloggers, I am realizing that I am using these blogs as the beginning of devotionals from which to learn, research their Bible verse origins, etc. But too many of them have begun to promote their own books and the books of other bloggers. Therefore on a given day, I am reading promos for “the newest” book on various blogs. Then the various blogs are promoting their friends’s newest book. For the authors, it is a good thing I guess, but for me as reader, it is not. I do not mean to hurt feelings but just to point out that for me, and people like me, I’m tired of being “sold on books, etc.”

    Therefore, I have dropped my subscription to several and am dropping it to others.

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      Hi Teresa,

      SO sorry for the delay in replying–I traveled for five days and got a little behind (forgive me?).

      I’m taking off my Official DaySpring Hat and putting on my personal one to reply; I am not speaking for incourage but only as a blogger/reader :).

      I hear you, and understand your frustration. It only makes sense for you to read and follow the sites which encourage, inspire and challenge you, which help you in your walk, not hinder. Time is limited and you have to follow those which are of value to you. Those are personal choices and I respect everyone’s judgment to select the writers they’re naturally drawn to :).

      As a long-time blogger/writer, I know the TIME and dedication required to write blog posts to share FOR FREE. In fact, I PAY to publish my posts, when you consider the costs of a server, blog platform, design, etc….I’ve paid for years. The small amount I earn from affiliate links, brand partnerships and sometimes advertising will never offset the time and attention I’ve given to writing. Most bloggers fall into my camp.

      For those who’ve finally reached their dream of writing a book (or books!), I applaud them! Young authors don’t make much at all from a first book, but they’ve poured months (and years) into the process. Regardless of what they earn in return, it’s rare for it to balance out the time. Kudos to the ones who do :)…I’m happy for them.

      Bloggers support one another’s work because it’s WORK! We know what it takes to produce a finished book! We’re happy for one another and want to help to TRY to make a dent into compensating them for their time.

      So, I’m sad that this part of it feels like a bother; for some, it’s reason to celebrate, but I understand if a lot of releases come at the same time, it’s wearying for a reader (especially when the writers know one another).

      I hope this helps you to see the “other” perspective. I offer this response gently and with the hope you hear my heart in it :).

      ~ Robin

  • http://lifejoyfilled.blogspot.com/ Jenn

    Hi there,

    I deleted my FB account a while back. Is it necessary to be on FB to join in the study?

    • http://www.pensieve.me Robin Dance

      NO, Jenn–not necessary to join FB!! All the posts/videos are published here at Bloom (in)courage first.

  • Jean Lindsay

    Thank You for your wonderful writting, although I am older and now retired I have learned so much. Was blessed with a sponsered book for the last time. Followed thru laptop my son lets me use. jean lindsay

  • Robin

    I have a book for someone how would like to join the book club….. I can send it today or ASAP, let me know where I can send it!!! :) I am on face book you can message me any time Robin Coots ….. Looking forward to the adventure!