Robin Dance


When you read this, it will be the Friday after Christmas when children are home from school and some families are still on the road.  Many are braving the mall […]



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Children know. There’s absolutely, positively no fooling them–they know. I was a frazzled mama of three, my oldest still four when the youngest was born. It was all I could […]


As we say farewell to our fall study, we do so with full hearts.  In a million little ways, you have blessed the entire Bloom team, those in front of […]


Read: Chapter 12, Create (pages 190-212). Emily finishes strong; her last chapter will leave you embracing who you are in Christ, ready to release your art to a world that’s waiting to […]


Read: Chapter 11, Wonder (pages 176-189). One way Emily describes the essence of A Million Little Ways is “learning to live less like a list and more like a lyric”; she also is […]


Read: Chapter 10, Offer (pages 160-175). Perhaps this chapter could be summed up in stewarding well the gifts with which we’ve been entrusted.  So often we’re inclined to see generosity related […]


Read: Chapter 9, Wait (pages 145-159). We’re slowing down for these last four chapters, taking one at a time to allow their messages to sink in deep.  Today, we’re exploring a […]


Read: Part 3, Release the Art You Were Made to Live and Chapter 8, Show Up (pp. 123-144). In Part 1, our study began by considering “Who is the artist?“.  […]