Sarah Mae


“I don’t want to be a servant. I want to be a Caroline.” So says my four-year old hippie child, Caroline. And wow, that just struck me deep. The contrast. […]


“Your greatest contribution to the kingdom you may be tucking in bed each night.” -Wes Stafford Here is what I remember of my every days as a child: Bologna sandwhiches […]

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I adore my children. I don’t mean I adore them as in they are my babies and so of course I think they are awesome, spectacular, beautiful, etc. I mean […]

It’s really easy to put people in boxes and then only see the box, not the person. I know, because I’ve done it. I also know what being put in […]


He was 2 1/2 and I spanked him. I spanked him over and over and over again, because I thought I was doing the right thing, the godly thing. I […]

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I’m pretty sure I knew I’d be a good mom. I remember when I worked in a restaurant in high school and some of the employees were all standing around […]


That’s the way Christmas feels these days, lonely, quick, gone too soon. Tonight is a whisper, tomorrow will be loud, and then… it’s over and Christmas is wrapping paper that […]


“God calls us, as He did Adam, to come out of hiding. No amount of spiritual makeup can render us more presentable to Him.” -Brennan Manning, Abba’s Child Naked. Totally exposed; completely […]