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HappinessDareBC_22_BlogPost_It's Impossible

Put Up Your Dukes


Read Chapters 13 & 14 I’m a child of the 80s, and I grew up in the pop-saturated concrete jungle of Manila, Philippines. No one could escape the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Hanson, Take That, Five, and all manner of one-hit-wonders. This was the soundtrack of my youth. Fast forward 15 years and the Backstreet Boys’ reunion tour through ...

HappinessDareBC_21_BlogPost_Stop Wishing

Stay Weird


Read Chapter 12  I lived so many years of my life in the grips of this Happiness Hijacker: If I could just be like her. I cannot tell you how many times I tried to conform when I was a kid, in order to fit in. I felt . . . weird. I never felt like I had the right clothes, the right "look," the right skills. But let me tell you ...

HappinessDareBC_20_BlogPost_Fix Your Eyes

Happiness Hijackers


Read Chapter 11 This is just the way I am. Those words defined so many years of my life, as I grew from a perpetually worried little girl into a dangerously anxious young woman. Fretting over piano recitals, class projects, and arguments with friends evolved into sleepless nights and panic attacks over my daughter’s health and my ...

HappinessDareBC_19_BlogPost_The Mind

Five Minutes to a Happier You


Read Chapter 10 Ok, so God cares about my happiness after all. But what can I practically do to be happier? Maybe that’s the question you’re asking right now, as we step into the final phase of the dare. Weeks ago, we learned that God approves of our happiness. And then we discovered how we were uniquely wired by God with a ...