I love the story of Jesus’ birth, and especially the details surrounding Mary. Young, a virgin, and betrothed to Joseph, we read in Luke about her encounter with the angel […]


Lord Jesus, every day is Yours. Especially this one. We’ve been holding our breath for weeks. Watching our calendars. Waiting. Listening for the sound of Your voice amid the noise. […]


The other day I caught myself whispering an unrealistic secret to my heart: “Maybe this will be the year everything goes as planned and we’ll have the perfect Christmas.” Perfect is what I’ve always wanted […]


My fingertips wrinkle in the suds and I’m emptied out. It happens at the kitchen sink, in the slow-slipping light of late afternoon, in the fuss of children. It happens […]



Dec 22, 2015 by

I was wrestling with a waller, the unattractive kind that slops around in a puddle of pity. I think it had started with the post-Thanksgiving blues. It had been the first Thanksgiving […]

Church in the Snow

photo source I love the history behind beloved hymns. When I was standing in The Jerusalem Hotel lobby in Israel earlier this year, staring at the original copy of It […]


I could barely read them, but at least the airport signs were written in English again. After ten and a half hours on the plane from Frankfurt, Germany, preceded by […]


With Christmas just a week away, many of us are running around wrapping gifts (or let’s be honest, still buying gifts), baking cookies, planning Christmas dinner and just trying our […]