(in)courage Chrsitmas Gift Guide (1)

Lots of people I know are really great at buying gifts. Gift giving is their love language. They love the challenge of finding just the right gift for each person […]

pretty pink lights

I guess I can be a little rebel. Most of us complain about Christmas decorations going up in stores before September. We want to savor autumn and give each of […]


I’d once met this man who nonchalantly told me this unforgettable story. This story of how he’d picked up this painting at a yard sale. And he hadn’t really thought […]

Jesse Tree Ornaments -

My sister was always the one who would jump out of bed in the dark early morning on Christmas day to wake the rest of us to open presents. She’s […]


In those moments when I lose heart, when I can’t imagine how God will ever clean up the latest mess I’ve made, I turn to this verse and hang on […]

Unwrapped gift

The days between Christmas and New Years can feel heavy. The gifts are unwrapped, only cookie crumbs remain in the pretty tins, and returning to school or work is only […]


I’m getting married this New Year’s Eve. The jazzy song that questions, “What are you doing New Year’s Eve?” holds a whole new meaning for me (and yes, I do […]

Magical Lights

Each December the weather in Chicago transforms into a super-villain, wielding the cold like a weapon, freezing everything in its path. A few years ago, with winter’s formidable appearance on […]