Christmas break starts today for my kids. The excitement is electrifying. Kids and Christmas just go together. It’s time for hot chocolate and Christmas lights. Carols and nearly Christmas Eve […]


I had no idea it was coming. This speaks to how clever my mom was about surprising me because I was a notorious present-peeker. Unwrapping packages without ripping the paper […]


Four years ago this week, my daughter underwent surgery on her spine to repair a broken neck. When I re-visit memories from that time, I turn over many questions that remained unanswered […]


With just over a week until Christmas, I’ve been feeling a bit frantic. I haven’t wrapped a single gift, my beautiful cards’ envelopes are still unlicked and unstamped, and I […]


Let It Be

Dec 15, 2015 by

Yes. Such a simple word. Just three little letters. Yes. A simple word that can change everything. I have always been so in awe of Mary’s “yes.” By her humble […]


“Oh Mom, I just love this magical time of year. It’s so cozy with lights and hot chocolate, Hallmark movies and our special family traditions . . .” My heart warmed […]


I’m sure your mailbox looks a lot like mine this time of year — full of catalogs from every retailer you can imagine. I usher those catalogs directly into the […]


It was a busy afternoon. I was distracted and overwhelmed, as many of us are during the holidays. But I urgently needed to buy some laundry detergent — unless our family was willing […]