When I was ten, my best friend was a girl from church named Tracie. She was two years older, infinitely more street-wise. We made potions, dressed up in her mom’s […]


Here in the South, we are all about manners. We say please and thank you. We grow up learning to ask permission to do any and every thing. This is […]


“You are God, You’re the Great I Am” Breath of life I breathe You in Even in the fire, I’m alive in You! You are strong in my brokenness Sovereign […]


One evening after an intense “discussion,” my husband, J. J., told me that no matter what he did or how hard he tried, it was never enough for me. He […]


I had a realization this morning about a habit I have, one that maybe you have too. And choosing to get rid of this habit is starting to change everything. […]


This is a prayer for the girlfriends among us, Lord. You knew we’d need each other and that we would rock the whole girlfriend thing. So, thank You for the […]


A bright Sunday morning in south Georgia. The children’s choir stood on the carpeted platform in two fidgety rows, while their parents beamed. Anticipation hung in the air like dust […]


I finished something recently that I wasn’t sure I could do. Everything about it felt intimidating — the length of time, the commitment, the planning, the work. Before I’d even […]