Being in debt is a lot like being in the dark. You grope around, reaching and praying for a way out. You can’t quite seem to find anything stable to […]


I’ve never heard music like it. The piano was dancing, the ivories waltzing under the fingers of a teenage girl and the band brought down heaven with their violin and […]


In those moments when I lose heart, when I can’t imagine how God will ever clean up the latest mess I’ve made, I turn to this verse and hang on […]


I didn’t pass out, after all. Or throw up. I was concerned I may do one or the other or at worst, both at the same time. After years of speaking […]


Despite what people said and what I had expected, college was not the season of life where I found out who I was. It was all too easy to sign […]


Not feeling brave? I am right there with you, my sister! I honestly don’t know if there has ever been a time when I have felt brave. But I also honestly […]


My world spun around me. My heart felt like it might cease beating at any moment. I was reeling from a heavy blow and every breath hurt. I had obeyed […]


I was seventeen years old the day I wrote the poem. I remember that day well. It was one of those impressionable days, the kind that engrave themselves kindly inside […]