When she knelt in front of me on the cement floor of the conference event center, I gave the answer I usually give, but I wished I’d had more to […]


I’m sitting at the edge of the Amazon rain forest, in the depths of Peru. I’m here for just under six weeks, recording stories and helping my friends before they […]


Standing four feet away from his target, my son tossed his fork into the kitchen sink. He didn’t see the juice glass already sitting there. I knew what was going […]


I caught my heart heading to the pit of discouragement for spring break. My heart was supposed to go to the beach with my family and me, but it was not cooperating. […]


Last night I dreamed I was going to my senior prom. (And yes, I’m probably breaking every social media rule by opening a blog post with that line.) I had […]


I read her text message and smiled. Sometimes you tell a friend about a struggle and that friend listens, offers some advice, maybe even prays for you, and then never […]


I used to believe bravery included a well-worn passport — one stamped with adventure from cover to cover. I thought courage consisted of daring risks, life changing experiences, and escapades sure to […]


My daughter came into the kitchen and announced that she was going to make cards for our neighbors. No special occasion, she just wanted to make cards. We gathered up […]