I read her text message and smiled. Sometimes you tell a friend about a struggle and that friend listens, offers some advice, maybe even prays for you, and then never […]


I used to believe bravery included a well-worn passport — one stamped with adventure from cover to cover. I thought courage consisted of daring risks, life changing experiences, and escapades sure to […]


My daughter came into the kitchen and announced that she was going to make cards for our neighbors. No special occasion, she just wanted to make cards. We gathered up […]


Can’t we all just get along? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In a perfect world we live together in harmony, but in reality we’re sinners who sometimes struggle to see […]


I sat in a Writer’s Conference listening to a local magazine owner speak about their submission policy and the ins and outs of the magazine business. I was also concentrating on […]


The new student orientation is the last place I want to be. Fidgeting with nerves, my sixteen-year-old daughter stands beside me. She is the new girl . . . again. […]


I sat on the raft shivering, my arms wrapped tight around my legs. I was a scrawny little ten-year-old, and the icy water of early June had left me breathless. […]

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In a frustrated swipe of my hand, I erased two huge columns of tasks on my whiteboard the other day. Some had been crossed off, others hadn’t even been started. […]