Being single during the holidays sometimes feels like a mess. I’m a pretty confident fun-loving gal who appreciates the life I have. But something happens during the holiday season—my friend […]


My favorite thing about growing up in Florida was the time my family spent at the beach. No, I’m not a sun-goddess. My fragile and freckled pale skin has never stood […]

Brave - Angela Nazworth -

A few years ago, we took a family vacation to the beach. My daughter, just five at the time, spent most of her time far away from the water. When […]


Over the weekend, my roommate attempted to spray paint our kitchen table chairs. We carried four solid wood chairs down a flight of stairs and set them on a piece […]

Be kind.

Blue Friday

Nov 28, 2014 by

Thanksgiving 2014 is now tucked away in our collective past, and I’m thinking about you, sweet (in)courage readers, the ones for whom this isn’t the most wonderful time of year. […]


I sat across from a woman with dark eyes that told her dark story. As her hands wrapped around her cup of coffee, her eyes became pools of pain and I had […]


Being in debt is a lot like being in the dark. You grope around, reaching and praying for a way out. You can’t quite seem to find anything stable to […]


I’ve never heard music like it. The piano was dancing, the ivories waltzing under the fingers of a teenage girl and the band brought down heaven with their violin and […]