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Blue Friday

Nov 28, 2014 by

Thanksgiving 2014 is now tucked away in our collective past, and I’m thinking about you, sweet (in)courage readers, the ones for whom this isn’t the most wonderful time of year. […]


I sat across from a woman with dark eyes that told her dark story. As her hands wrapped around her cup of coffee, her eyes became pools of pain and I had […]


Being in debt is a lot like being in the dark. You grope around, reaching and praying for a way out. You can’t quite seem to find anything stable to […]


I’ve never heard music like it. The piano was dancing, the ivories waltzing under the fingers of a teenage girl and the band brought down heaven with their violin and […]


In those moments when I lose heart, when I can’t imagine how God will ever clean up the latest mess I’ve made, I turn to this verse and hang on […]


I didn’t pass out, after all. Or throw up. I was concerned I may do one or the other or at worst, both at the same time. After years of speaking […]


Despite what people said and what I had expected, college was not the season of life where I found out who I was. It was all too easy to sign […]


Not feeling brave? I am right there with you, my sister! I honestly don’t know if there has ever been a time when I have felt brave. But I also honestly […]