After a time of purification // Stephanie Bryant //

Their toes were still in the sand of wilderness, but their eyes could finally see the Promised Land. They knew it was for them. Just waiting for the taking. Are […]


Not My Son

Apr 3, 2015 by

As they came to the end of their three day journey to Mount Moriah, all was quiet. The clouds hung low, fog settled, and the wind whispered of impending decisions. […]


About 15 years ago I earned a suffix. A comma rests between my last name and the letters “APR” in my professional signature. APR stands for “Accredited in Public Relations.” […]

Crossroads -

I took a shortcut through the woods that night. Trees leaned across the narrow lane as if to close me in. After several minutes of driving, I glanced at the […]

Peace keeps us on the journey. Kristen Welch.

Be Brave Today

Mar 19, 2015 by

Sometimes my family sits around the TV with a big bowl of popcorn and we watch movies. Home movies. The kind we made years ago with a video recorder when my now […]


“Be still and know I am God.” We’ve likely heard that verse, but in our culture of to-do lists and commitments, family obligations, and chasing our dreams, it can be […]

better together -

We see each other in the drop-off line. In the Target aisle or farmers’ market on Saturday mornings. We end up checking out books at the library at the same […]


I’ve always admired people who never give in. You know, the ones who don’t consider defeat when they blow it? I wish I were that brave. Honestly, I tend to […]