“Prison,” she said after sharing with me how desperately tired she was, “is starting to sound really good.” She wasn’t in danger of being convicted of anything, unless exhaustion is considered […]


The familiar hum of the hair trimmers fills the room. I have been cutting my husband’s hair since we were married. He had to keep it tidy being in the […]

Staff Picks {Sally Haukas}

Hi there! I’m delighted to be with you all today, bringing you a bit of my faves from the store. Though I currently live in Chicago, I’m a farm-raised Arkansan […]


I’ve painted for ten of the past twenty-four hours. Not on canvas, but over the old wood window casings and that orange fake wood door that’s been bugging me for […]


When I was a little girl, in order for me to fully understand something, I needed to feel it. It drove my parents crazy. I would fiddle with the buttons […]


I have a lot of mirrors in my house. You might think I’m just vain, but when I step out the way I’m actually fascinated by the light they reflect. Not only […]

daily grace, scripture, crafts

This year, during (in)RL, one of the optional videos that we shared with you was a really fun craft tutorial hosted by Jen Schmidt. She gathered some girlfriends around the […]


My deepest revelations usually come while doing the most mundane tasks. Washing the dishes. Cooking. Driving. I suspect that God uses moments when my brain is least active (crowded?) to […]