I sit down at the dining room table with the familiar mess: a million shards of safety-scissored scrap-paper transformed into a miniature bookshelf by a miniature artist; a formidable stack of […]


So it is finally spring and what does that mean? Spring cleaning! Yes, that time of year to freshen everything up after a long, long winter. My mom and I […]


I pulled in the driveway and eyed something on the steps. A bag. A large, heavy grocery bag. Curiosity piqued, I hauled it inside the house and peered inside. Goodies […]


I do appreciate the coziness of winter, but after months of being cooped up in the house, it is about time to be able to enjoy the outdoors again. I […]


I found myself with thirty free minutes this afternoon . . . thirty minutes to myself because my toddler fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. We don’t bother […]

A Time to Play - Angela Nazworth -

Want to get under my skin fast? Tell me to lighten up. It’s a phrase I’ve despised for decades. My first boyfriend actually used that line on me when he […]


I was recently talking to a friend who was going through some health issues. She is processing through the changes in her life. These things take time. I know. I […]


So this year I am going to stop doing this… This year I am going to start doing this… Sound familiar? The new year begins and along with it comes […]