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Thanksgiving Scripture - incourage.me

Worship the Lord in all his holy splendor. Let all the earth tremble before him. The world stands firm and cannot be shaken. Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice! […]


I step into the archery range, a little cocky and a whole lot excited. Before I ever touch the elegant recurve bow, I am sure that archery will be my […]


There were many feelings I thought I’d have at this small conference I’d been so looking forward to attending. Acceptance. Fun. Camaraderie. On paper, these were my people. They lead […]


I love the internet. I truly do. I have seen lives changed, communities rally around causes, women encouraged, friendships built, and God’s kingdom glorified. I look at online community & […]


There are times that a simple image with just the right scripture or quote can change our entire day. It’s as though God knew the exact word of encouragement and […]

pretty pink lights

I guess I can be a little rebel. Most of us complain about Christmas decorations going up in stores before September. We want to savor autumn and give each of […]

Everlasting Light

I spend a lot of time in my home office, this 12′ x 10′ space with gray walls, a single west-facing window, and a huge tree decal left from when […]


“What’s wrong with me?” It’s a question I’ve asked far too many times. When I forget to do something important, when I’m late for a meeting, when I yell at my […]