Everyday Faith


There are no make-up artists, hair stylists, or fashion consultants taking up residence in my home. Thanks to a newly-red faux hawk and a budget that loves a Target clearance […]


My tea is hot, steaming in the cup set on an old apple crate beside my armchair. Soft piano music drifts out of my sons room, where he’s cozy asleep […]


When I was in eighth grade, my aunt gave me a handmade needlepoint. It shows a dove outlined in rainbow colors, and next to the dove is a verse from […]


Should I be honest? I wondered. What if I start crying? What if she doesn’t really have time to listen? What if she’s just asking to be nice?  I could […]


As I turn my face toward the glow of the digital alarm clock, I can almost hear the seconds ticking away. I will myself not to look at the time, […]


I have a lot of mirrors in my house. You might think I’m just vain, but when I step out the way I’m actually fascinated by the light they reflect. Not only […]


A few weeks ago as I was visiting my sister, we were walking from her house to the barn when I saw a huge feather on the ground in front […]


From an outsider’s perspective, my life looks small. I am currently spending my 22nd summer at Eagle Lake Camp, where we practice discipleship and praise and “enthusiasm is contagious!” chants […]