I got a Christmas card from my mom. You don’t know how significant that is. I know, it sounds so normal to get a card, right? But for me, it’s […]


Why do we always remember the things we’d most like to forget? My husband and son were still sleeping while my pre-teen daughter, Lilly, and I busied ourselves getting ready […]


I could barely read them, but at least the airport signs were written in English again. After ten and a half hours on the plane from Frankfurt, Germany, preceded by […]


It was Christmas eve, impregnated with an importance that thankfully, didn’t visit annually. We all knew, that next Christmas, one of us would not be there, so we held tightly […]


We strung the Christmas lights around the tree the weekend before Thanksgiving this year. It was earlier than usual for us, but the day was quiet and in our hearts […]


We could look at the first real Thanksgiving, when Native Americans and English Puritans ate venison, corn, and shellfish for three days. Nice. Instead, we’re talking about your various first Thanksgivings. […]


Our eyes glimpsed the deer grazing across the pond. Birds sang, ducks swam, and a cacophony of crickets serenaded. As the sun set on our outdoor conversation, a more serene […]


A misty, moist morning in late October. I woke early, too preoccupied to sleep. By nightfall, our son would be married. I slipped outside with my camera, hoping to settle […]