Big Pizza Love

May 14, 2016 by

“It’s pizza night!” Any Friday. Even every Friday. My boys never tire of those words. A bowl of popcorn, a favorite movie, and a few square feet of mozzarella magic, […]


I heard the roar of laughter as my teenaged daughters sorted through the box of photos from my husband’s childhood. “Oh Dad! Look at your shorts! And your sister’s hair!” […]


I chatted on the phone with a friend not long ago, and we swapped snapshots of what’s going on in our lives. After sharing how the spouses, kids, and jobs were getting along, this friend asked me those four […]


Terrified and torn, a young woman girl, seventeen, sacrificed so that her firstborn could have life.  For nine months, perfect innocence was knit together in her womb. Yet on a […]


I LOVE TO SLEEP. Sometimes, when I lie down in my bed at night, I just smile and wiggle my toes and think how thankful I am for sleep. It […]


Read Strategy 4: Your Family (pages 71-92) “As much as the Father loves and embodies unity, your enemy loves and embodies division.” (Fervent, page 78) Prayer Strategy 4 is about […]


I got a Christmas card from my mom. You don’t know how significant that is. I know, it sounds so normal to get a card, right? But for me, it’s […]


Why do we always remember the things we’d most like to forget? My husband and son were still sleeping while my pre-teen daughter, Lilly, and I busied ourselves getting ready […]