I sit down at the dining room table with the familiar mess: a million shards of safety-scissored scrap-paper transformed into a miniature bookshelf by a miniature artist; a formidable stack of […]


My daughter nearly drowned in a swimming pool when she was two-years-old; and I nearly drowned in my guilt after the incident. It happened on my watch. She, very cautious […]


In the fall of 2011, we discovered our daughter Faith had a broken neck. Before and after her precarious but successful corrective surgery, Faith endured strict limitations on her mobility. […]


They say that there are 62 lego pieces for every one person on the planet. And I’m thinking that with that thrifted rubbermaid tub found at the Sally Ann, this […]

Daily Grace by (in)courage at

He comes to the door, a shy smile on his weathered face, handing me a plastic bag with a lemon meringue pie he picked up at the grocery story. I […]

branches in blue sky

I married a pastor.  John graduated from seminary and got a job working in youth ministry right before our wedding. For the next twelve years, he took the trips, led […]


Back then I said I’d never be like him. I slammed doors to punctuate the point and to make sure my dad knew it. You can be tall and 15 […]

Young ballerina at sunset

It seems like January mornings are as discombobulated as September ones are, at least in my house. Two weeks off of school for the holidays, plus another few days of […]