Sep 5, 2014 by

It was just the two of us, alone in our house. My daughter had been digging out everything she’d need for her off-campus apartment, the things she had packed away […]



Aug 26, 2014 by

I answered to hear the tears in his voice, his tired body begged for sleep – but he couldn’t rest. I’ve felt how he feels, the sinking feeling of empty […]

Black Spotted Roses

Dropping my keys on the kitchen counter, I paused to soak in the gift of silence. My morning carpool duty was complete, and now I could think clearly for the […]


I’ve been blessed with four sisters and three sisters-in-law. And each if them is awesome and unique. And then I have a handful for dear friends who love me, speak […]


In our household, it has been a season of little sleep. One morning, I woke to see our daughter in our room, curled up on my blue bathrobe. As a […]


This last week we had our first incident of an accidental, inappropriate Internet click with one of our girls. Accidental, but then, of course, as all humankind is, she was […]


Two weeks left. Two weeks of sweet corn and swimming suits and bare toes and zinnia bouquets and light like this in their hair and all the days are adding […]


i. It’s four in the morning and I’m wide awake and angry about it; tossing and turning has done little to fuel exhaustion back to sleep. Begrudgingly I receive my […]