A New Season

Jun 24, 2014 by

Father’s Day weekend offered a preview of the next season of my life: children growing up, marrying, and starting families of their own. I’m trying to wrap my head around […]


A few months shy of seven years ago my husband accepted a tenure-track professorship with a small college in South Carolina. The news finalized a decision that had already been […]


When it comes to the subject of my father, unfortunately there isn’t much to tell. His name was Robert. He and my mother weren’t married. He gave me a purple […]


I rarely blog about my older children anymore. It wasn’t a conscious decision, more like just an organic process of life changes. The parts of my heart and mind the […]


When I’m still brushing my teeth on a Sunday and the kids, all ironed and parted and combed and waiting, scuffle loud at the door, he pokes his head in […]


My daughter and I bonded from the moment our eyes met in the delivery room. With each passing season, our relationship grew and deepened. Friends marveled over how close we […]


Motherless daughters. At first glance that might seem like an odd turn of phrase – especially the week before Mother’s Day when you were probably expecting a sweet and simple […]


My husband and I had gone camping as kids growing up, and even been camping once as a couple before kids. But we never took the camping plunge as a […]