Together we will enrich one another's

I had a baby New Year’s Eve. Every day this year, I have held that little boy, breathing him in slowly. I have studied his features intently, taking in everything […]


Finding Balance

May 19, 2015 by

I often get asked how I “find balance.” If balance means the house is clean, the kids are attended to, I’m caught up on emails, and I’m wearing a cute […]


Our words matter, yeah? So how can we use them to leave a legacy? Scripture calls us to share what God has done in our lives with the next generation, […]

I believe that all of us are called to mother another. We mother the world that shows up at our doorstep whether we call it mothering or not. We mother […]


I just returned from 10 days in Kenya and Ethiopia with my 15-year-old daughter.  We spent time at Mercy House, the non-profit our family started in 2010 and visited Fair […]

Take delight in the Lord //

We’re sitting on the back screen porch, with kids happily playing and watching the ducks on the pond. My baby girl cruises over to where I’ve eaten something, a crumb […]

Hope can rise // Ann Voskamp //

That first call was from the hospital. Right about the cracking dawn on Resurrection Sunday, her whispering on the other end of the line. Two weeks so far. Not that […]


Do you ever find yourself discouraged or even overwhelmed by the state of your home? I know I have found myself in that place more than I would like to […]