My thoughts were a million miles away and I didn’t even hear her call my name the first time. When she said it the second time, I realized I’d been […]


I’ve been blessed with four sisters and three sisters-in-law. And each if them is awesome and unique. And then I have a handful for dear friends who love me, speak […]


I met her at the appointed spot on the road. She came on a boda-boda {motorcycle taxi}. Rain sprinkled our heads as we hurried back to my home. Rebecca the […]


I can still see us, sitting in a circle in a living room. I think it was my living room, but it could’ve been someone else’s. We had just begun […]


I took a bite, paused, and then said it out loud. One of my dearest friends left me behind and our present relationship hangs on by social media threads. She is […]


Mentor. When you hear that word, what do you think of? Perhaps right away a certain person pops into your head. Or maybe you get a panicky feeling and start […]

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Should I be honest? I wondered. What if I start crying? What if she doesn’t really have time to listen? What if she’s just asking to be nice?  I could […]