I sat in a Writer’s Conference listening to a local magazine owner speak about their submission policy and the ins and outs of the magazine business. I was also concentrating on […]


Her sink was piled high with dishes, and her fridge looked like it had barely survived an attack by hungry teenagers. Toys littered the floor, and plastic sheeting covered one […]


The new student orientation is the last place I want to be. Fidgeting with nerves, my sixteen-year-old daughter stands beside me. She is the new girl . . . again. […]


I was six years old when Ceres moved in with us. She was a foreign-exchange student from Brazil, with a limited English vocabulary. Our family knew no Portuguese. It was […]


I sat on the raft shivering, my arms wrapped tight around my legs. I was a scrawny little ten-year-old, and the icy water of early June had left me breathless. […]

Lisa-Jo Baker //

I was listening to a podcast recently by two of my favorite human beings — Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky and Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place (this […]

Hope in the form of an encouraging word

When it comes to sisters, I am blessed beyond reason. I have a twin sister who knows my soul and loves me well. I have two younger sisters who are […]


My friend lies broken in a hospital bed across oceans and continents set adrift by her loss. I’ve sent prayers into the heavens on days when the clouds hover, petitioning […]