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Often I remind myself of the importance of speaking out and writing words, not because they’ve never been spoken or written before but because our saying or writing them may […]


Ironically enough, I woke that morning with a spring in my step. The exhaustion of mothering our three stair-step babies had settled in, but amidst the chaotic, oatmeal in my […]


Ginny and I were an unlikely pair — the elementary-school version of Laverne and Shirley. I was quiet, guarded, and careful not to scuff my shoes or put a hole […]


My voice rings throughout the house: Faith! Cora! I hear nothing in return from my daughter and her friend. I walk out the front door calling their names again, then I immediately hear […]


A few years ago, in a couple of different conversations, my friend Lisa told me about a book she was reading. The title? Dying Well. Lisa had stage IV breast […]


Life Support

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A year ago, I sat in a developmental pediatrician’s office and learned that my eldest son has High Functioning Autism. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, like somehow all of […]


It’s been a rough season for me in the friendship arena. I’ve felt rejected, disappointed, deserted and excluded. I’ve been certain that nobody likes me, nobody cares and if I […]


If you saw me in the grocery store or happened to notice me with my girls in line at Starbucks, you’d think I was just a normal, busy, slightly-stressed-out mom […]