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I asked my friend how she was doing. No, really, I said. How ARE you? Her child had been sick — scary sick — and I could only imagine how […]

Blessing of Togetherness -

“I’m not sure if this is a praise or a prayer request. Tomorrow, my mother-in-law arrives for a two-week stay.” Instantly, the room fills with laughter. Thank you for these women, […]

this is the totally uncomplicated gift (3)

This past week our family was so sick we couldn’t see straight. It was a 72-hour marathon of toilets and buckets and bowls, and the laundry running round the clock […]


At (in)courage, we believe that friendship can transcend time-zones and life-stages. We believe the hard work of getting along is worth it, and we believe that God created us for […]


For the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing ‘Real Mom Confessions’ on Instagram and Facebook, posting a picture of something from my very real everyday stories and inviting others to […]

better together -

We see each other in the drop-off line. In the Target aisle or farmers’ market on Saturday mornings. We end up checking out books at the library at the same […]

Psalm -

I stand at my locker, the bright blue of the metal mirroring the emotions common to a sixth grade girl. Rummaging through my books, I tell myself I can do this. […]

may we dream new dreams // lisa-jo baker //

This past fall we celebrated five years together at (in)courage. And you all left nearly one thousand comments testifying to the good, amazing stories of what God can do between online […]