Tis’ the season for giving thanks, right? There are thankful Facebook statuses, and thankful hashtags to follow on Twitter, and daily Instagram snaps of things we’re thankful for. It’s almost […]


Last night we had friends over to stay with us. We live near the airport, and they had a morning flight, so it was a great excuse for a sleepover. […]


The Lord will be your everlasting light. Isaiah 60:20 I drove down the highway holding my breath. My mind was racing. Did they say they spent the entire weekend together […]

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My sister was always the one who would jump out of bed in the dark early morning on Christmas day to wake the rest of us to open presents. She’s […]

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Often I remind myself of the importance of speaking out and writing words, not because they’ve never been spoken or written before but because our saying or writing them may […]


Ironically enough, I woke that morning with a spring in my step. The exhaustion of mothering our three stair-step babies had settled in, but amidst the chaotic, oatmeal in my […]


Ginny and I were an unlikely pair — the elementary-school version of Laverne and Shirley. I was quiet, guarded, and careful not to scuff my shoes or put a hole […]


My voice rings throughout the house: Faith! Cora! I hear nothing in return from my daughter and her friend. I walk out the front door calling their names again, then I immediately hear […]