My friend lies broken in a hospital bed across oceans and continents set adrift by her loss. I’ve sent prayers into the heavens on days when the clouds hover, petitioning […]

Mary Carver /

The call came early in the morning, waking us up in a skipped heartbeat. I called my own mom right away, telling her what she’d already heard in her own […]

Lisa-Jo Baker //

I’ve been the community manager here at (in)courage now for five years. That means five years of working with and for and alongside women. Writing about women, reading about women, […]


Several years ago I took part in a training on spiritual direction. One of our assignments was to sit with two other people in our class and practice listening. One […]


Summer is a season of long sunshine-filled days — memories at the pool and time spent with friends. I don’t know what it is about summer that means more when it […]


Dad lost his battle with cancer a few months ago. My heart and mind are still processing it all as I piece together all the beauty in the middle of […]


As a child, we moved every two to three years for my dad’s job, which equated to six moves, and more than a dozen houses (including a family friend’s house […]


I was standing in the shower, my head pressed cool against the smooth fiberglass, the hot water pounding my back, when I heard the words spiral up inside me, “Will […]