I got a Christmas card from my mom. You don’t know how significant that is. I know, it sounds so normal to get a card, right? But for me, it’s […]


I used to gather my strength at the year’s end for a running start into the new one. I’d limp through Christmas, the demands and social gatherings jabbing tender places. […]


My daughter comes to me with snot and tears streaked down her face and asks between wails, “Do you still love me, Mama? Even when I’m crabby?” She then bursts […]


Just after midnight eight years ago, I received one of those dreaded phone calls that brought news of the worst kind. My grandfather suffered a brain hemorrhage. The neurosurgeon performed […]


I read her text message and smiled. Sometimes you tell a friend about a struggle and that friend listens, offers some advice, maybe even prays for you, and then never […]


Her sink was piled high with dishes, and her fridge looked like it had barely survived an attack by hungry teenagers. Toys littered the floor, and plastic sheeting covered one […]


I was six years old when Ceres moved in with us. She was a foreign-exchange student from Brazil, with a limited English vocabulary. Our family knew no Portuguese. It was […]


I stood in the produce section of my local grocery store, my hands comparing the weights of cantaloupes. Heavy enough, I thought. I sniffed its stem, searching for that sweet […]