Sarah Markley/

“What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord, who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. When they walk through the Valley of Weeping it will become […]

The desire to behave in a way that pleases other people instills itself into a person before she can walk or talk. When a baby holds her own bottle, enjoys […]


I see him walking and watch his lungs expand. He lets out a breath and my breakfast curdles within my stomach. Even his breathing bothers me. I try and shake the bitterness from my […]

No Matter

Growing up in a small town, I attended 13 years of school with the same kids. The children who shared crayons and blocks with me in Kindergarten became the angst-ridden […]

Darkness can't live in the light,

She heard me say that I lose my patience and my temper much too often — and that my daughter knows the words to more pop songs than I’d like, […]

God's Protection -

“If I didn’t follow God here, then I don’t know Him at all.” I whispered these words because I was afraid to speak them any louder. There are times in my life […]


About 15 years ago I earned a suffix. A comma rests between my last name and the letters “APR” in my professional signature. APR stands for “Accredited in Public Relations.” […]

Be still, even on a Tuesday. Amber Haines.

Two Fridays ago, I entered the old City of Jerusalem as the sun set and Sabbath began. Our kind host greeted us at the gate and led us winding uphill between stone walls like […]