Draped in white lace I stood ready, waiting. The room brimmed with busyness around me as the bridesmaids clutched their bouquets and the mothers adjusted their corsages. The ceremony would begin […]


“Real freedom is freedom from the opinion of others. Above all, freedom from your own opinions about yourself.” ~ Brennan Manning I had never written a book before. So, every […]


I get only what’s on the list. Gingerale and saltines to settle her stomach, a family sized box of cheerios and a gallon of milk so the kids can make […]


Terrified and torn, a young woman girl, seventeen, sacrificed so that her firstborn could have life.  For nine months, perfect innocence was knit together in her womb. Yet on a […]


The marigold shag carpet etched its shape into my knees as I leaned over and enthusiastically accepted my neighbor Adam’s invitation to a coloring throwdown. With a pink crayon clutched […]


Change is hard for me. I like the comfortably predictable and the gentle rhythms of routine. Last year was a year of big changes for me. My best friend in […]


As we greeted those sitting next to us in church that Sunday, one of my dear children accidentally kicked over my husband’s full — very full – cup of coffee. Creamy brown liquid dribbled in rivulets from our […]

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I said to a friend the other day, “I’m at the bottom of my barrel. I must take a break.” I was talking about writing specifically, but really about life […]