Phil. 3:13-14 //

Still Life

Mar 5, 2015 by

The IF:Gathering in Austin. I know how I got there — a car, a plane, and an airport shuttle — but I wasn’t sure how I got there. How I […]

Joy is a function of how you thank - Ann Voskamp -

When Thursday gets caught in your teeth like a piece of spinach, the crazy thing is you could dare to laugh — it gets things unstuck. You know how it […]

Unexpected Limitations - Ann Voskamp -

In the middle of a stiff winter wind, she asks to go to the beach. That’s where she says she wants to celebrate the turning of her calendar year. To […]

Today is a New Day -

Friends, this post is a few years old, but it’s really speaking to my heart these days. I’ve struggled with some discouragement, and I’m reminding myself of hope and grace […]

Proverbs 22 -

More than once my exasperated mother said, “Someday, I hope you have a daughter just like you.” I always wondered if such words were a veiled threat—or an unspoken confession. […]

God came down -

This morning I woke a little after 4 in the morning, and though my body was still warm beneath the sheets, my mind was already bustling into the day ahead […]

Expect Jesus - Sarah Markley -

Two years ago we spent Christmas with my sister-in-law and family in England. Then we spent the New Year holiday in Northern Ireland with some friends. We explored the countryside, […]

Be kind.

Blue Friday

Nov 28, 2014 by

Thanksgiving 2014 is now tucked away in our collective past, and I’m thinking about you, sweet (in)courage readers, the ones for whom this isn’t the most wonderful time of year. […]