We could look at the first real Thanksgiving, when Native Americans and English Puritans ate venison, corn, and shellfish for three days. Nice. Instead, we’re talking about your various first Thanksgivings. […]


Three years ago, our family hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. I’d waited a while to do it. We had lived in our 100-year-old farmhouse for more than a decade. […]


So there this Farmer. Yeah, he could have been an electrician, a mechanic, a vet — and a story like this could have easily been about a salesman, a mother, […]


When we get home, Mom, I’m going to take off my shoes and then I’m going to change into my green dress and then I’m going to get out the […]


There are heroes that walk among us unrecognized. The ones who haven’t made their success widely known on social media platforms or on television specials. They pass us in the […]


I sat in a Writer’s Conference listening to a local magazine owner speak about their submission policy and the ins and outs of the magazine business. I was also concentrating on […]


Hope Planted

Aug 27, 2015 by

My mother is a gardener. She grows dreams from tiny seeds. Plants hope in small furrows of soil as black as coffee grounds. Each time she drops one into the […]


As a young wife and mom who worked full-time, hectic schedules and finances were a huge challenge. I’ll never forget the morning when my faith and the gas tank both […]