In 2004, a tornado hit our house and nearly knocked it down. Okay, not a literal tornado with swirling, wind-fueled debris brought on by adverse weather conditions. Rather, it was one of my […]

Close-up of autumn leaves fallen to the ground

Lately our youngest son, Matthias, has been struggling with anxiety. He has tummy aches. He worries about homework. He prefers to stay home and is hesitant to try new things. […]

grateful and thankful

As we head into this season of gratitude, we’ve been thinking about those we love – and those we’ve loved. Today we’re remembering our dear friend Sara and how she […]


It had been a long, dispiriting day. Week. Month. Season. That night the air in my bedroom was close and still — and I suddenly felt claustrophobic. I grabbed my Book […]


As we enter this season of gratitude (and prepare for a season that often clutters our lives in every way possible), this post from the archives seemed like a relevant […]


This past summer I had the rare treat of going water-skiing. And by rare, I mean that it’s been over 15 years since I last stood up on skis. As […]


Here is the thing about November. And Facebook. Everyone gets really thankful. Like. REALLY THANKFUL. Like list every day and tell you what they are thankful for to the point […]


Wake Up Call

Oct 21, 2014 by

The summer after I graduated from law school, I had a lot on my plate. I was studying for the bar exam, finalizing plans for my wedding, living by myself […]