Sunday afternoons are messy at our house. And I like them that way. (If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed). We’ve usually let the weekend play around us […]


As a child, we moved every two to three years for my dad’s job, which equated to six moves, and more than a dozen houses (including a family friend’s house […]


I was standing in the shower, my head pressed cool against the smooth fiberglass, the hot water pounding my back, when I heard the words spiral up inside me, “Will […]


The “bestie” seems to have evolved and thankfully opened “best-friendship” from a two-person relationship to as many people as you wish to give the honor. My much-younger sister has many […]


I sat at the stoplight, with the back of my car filled with flower arrangements and my mind turning with thoughts and emotions. The week prior had brought cataclysmic change, […]


“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” {John 15:13, NASB} Everything was unfamiliar to me. The sounds. The smells. Even the […]


“Yep, I could hang out with you.” I chuckled at my new friend’s words. We’d just met a few weeks ago and our families were having lunch for the first […]


This move was our toughest yet. Integrating into the new community proved to be more difficult than expected, slower and more tedious than in previous moves. I was sad and […]