Eight years ago my husband and I waved good-bye to our families, our friends, and the church community we’d been surrounded by since childhood. With stars in our eyes we […]


I was only ankle deep in mothering when I knew I needed saving. Looking into the black-night eyes of my firstborn, a gift without instructions, I realized the new momma […]


“I am not supposed to tell you this, but I am 100 percent sure you’re having another boy.” At those fateful words from the ultrasound technician, I burst into tears. […]


An invitation from one of the (in)courage writers would effectively change the way I looked at friendships forever. Holley Gerth had a new book coming out called You’re Made for […]


If you asked me to draw a picture of true friendship, I would take up a pencil and sketch you this scene. I’d have to start with the background, of […]

When Community Happens Through a Song -

Sometimes community happens through a song. Over twenty years ago I was part of a short term team that went on a ministry tour through several cities in Colombia, South […]

better together -

We see each other in the drop-off line. In the Target aisle or farmers’ market on Saturday mornings. We end up checking out books at the library at the same […]

Psalm -

I stand at my locker, the bright blue of the metal mirroring the emotions common to a sixth grade girl. Rummaging through my books, I tell myself I can do this. […]