Safe Community -

In the deepest part of my soul lies a dichotomy. Scar tissue gaping from fresh wounds in the same place where beauty is emerging. Pain mixed with kindness. Isn’t that where […]

The Great Giver -

The headache was overpowering. It pierced a small space just above my left ear and seemed to worsen as the days moved into weeks. At times, the pain made me […]

We are Loved -

I used to love roller coasters. The step-to-the-edge adrenaline rush was exciting and scary all at the same time. There was a certain element of fascination with not knowing what […]

Above all, love. -

I love to have guests, but I’m not much of an inviter. Even when my heart is willing, acute self-consciousness creeps in and overwhelms my good intentions. My nearsighted housekeeping, […]

Friendship Forged in the Chaos -

It was my sophomore year of high school when my parents bought our first real home, a home that we would call ours. And there was a room for me. […]

1 Corinthians 13 -

I know him so well that I cringe when he reaches for a bag of chips. The chewing, the crunching. The jaw that works up and down like it was […]


Once upon a time. We all love those words. Those words promise a love story, and we all long for romance. Truth be told, I yearn to live a Cinderella […]

Generations -

I sit down in her living room, surrounded by other women I’ve come to love. Wearing yoga pants and a comfy sweater, there’s no reason for pretense here. As I […]