My husband recently commented that I need to be more careful about who I invite to visit us. I have this habit of telling everyone I interact with that she can […]


Sent as Grace

Jul 31, 2015 by

The day I turned 37 my husband was deployed to Guam. Three weeks prior to my birthday, I had packed up my household along with my three-year-old daughter and a […]

DaySpring Super Sale // incourage.me

Wow! Are you all ready for some amazing deals? Starting today our friends over at DaySpring are listing thirty items for a super sale price of just $5, including beautiful […]

God gives good gifts. // melissa michaels // incourage.me

My family has moved quite a bit. But whether we’ve moved a few minutes away or a few hours away, it’s never been an easy process. Selling a home, finding a suitable […]


I grew up in a family of introverts who pretended to be extroverts for much of the week; after all, they pastored a small suburban church. My parents filled their […]

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Heads Up

Jun 29, 2015 by

If the Holy Spirit has given you a heads up, a deep feeling, a thought that permeates, or a vision that’s clearly from the Lord . . . run with it. […]

Do not forget to show hospitality to

It’s ridiculous really how much of our lives we consider “ordinary.” My oldest crept into bed next to me the other night because Wednesdays are the nights we offer an open […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look around your home? Do you sometimes just want to cry when you see the piles of dishes in the sink, the clutter and […]