The end of August is the New Year’s Day of summer. Even before I had children, and I’m guessing even after they are all done with school, the end of […]


With back-to-school approaching and summer winding down, we thought we’d share some “getting ready for fall” encouragement with this post from Melissa Michaels, which originally appeared on (in)courage in 2012. […]

Staff Picks {Sally Haukas}

Hi there! I’m delighted to be with you all today, bringing you a bit of my faves from the store. Though I currently live in Chicago, I’m a farm-raised Arkansan […]


I have a lot of mirrors in my house. You might think I’m just vain, but when I step out the way I’m actually fascinated by the light they reflect. Not only […]


Every six weeks my hairstylist invites me to sit down as she offers me a cup of coffee. She carefully wraps a towel around my shoulders and we start talking about […]


I feel so blessed to have a job I love. A job that often doesn’t feel like a job. A job that allows me to be me and be creative. […]

the nesting place book

I used to think that once we moved to the right house and really settled down, that would be when I could create our real home. Cue the picket fence […]


“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” — C.S. Lewis Do […]