Renovate us, dear God. Stephanie Bryant // incourage.me

I’ve been searching along back roads and gravel drives. Looking, trying, wanting the journey to begin. Trying to keep burning passion for the vision from singeing too much of me. […]

Hospitality - incourage.me

“Practice makes perfect,” my piano teacher would always say. So when the Holy Spirit tells us to “practice hospitality,” the idea must be that we keep getting better and better […]

Expect Jesus - Sarah Markley - incourage.me

Two years ago we spent Christmas with my sister-in-law and family in England. Then we spent the New Year holiday in Northern Ireland with some friends. We explored the countryside, […]


As music floats in the background and we hum along to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,”  we determine to embrace this season of joy, yet often, holiday […]

Everlasting Light

I spend a lot of time in my home office, this 12′ x 10′ space with gray walls, a single west-facing window, and a huge tree decal left from when […]


As we enter this season of gratitude (and prepare for a season that often clutters our lives in every way possible), this post from the archives seemed like a relevant […]


As we walk after school she says, Mama. The kids said mean things to me. And I sigh. So I counsel and hold and I sway with eight-year-old bony shoulders […]

Everlasting Light Starburst Mirror by (in)courage

I love Christmas. It’s been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. (I mean, good grief, I’m already talking about it, and it’s only October!) It takes […]