I stood on tiptoe to kiss my son’s cheek, before he headed back to college after spring break, and then gave his hair a tug. “I won’t miss you,” I […]


I left home at the age of seventeen to come to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student. During the year I had a few moments of homesickness — a […]

My love for Jesus has led me to believe

My sister and I were plotting our day at my kitchen table when the phone rang and a rush of words tumbled in my ear. It was my oldest son calling from his brother’s phone, and I was […]


I stood, eight years old, at my mom’s elbow as she stirred spaghetti sauce. It bubbled and sputtered all over the stove as she tasted, seasoned, and tasted again. She […]


My husband recently commented that I need to be more careful about who I invite to visit us. I have this habit of telling everyone I interact with that she can […]


Sent as Grace

Jul 31, 2015 by

The day I turned 37 my husband was deployed to Guam. Three weeks prior to my birthday, I had packed up my household along with my three-year-old daughter and a […]

DaySpring Super Sale // incourage.me

Wow! Are you all ready for some amazing deals? Starting today our friends over at DaySpring are listing thirty items for a super sale price of just $5, including beautiful […]

God gives good gifts. // melissa michaels // incourage.me

My family has moved quite a bit. But whether we’ve moved a few minutes away or a few hours away, it’s never been an easy process. Selling a home, finding a suitable […]