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Heads Up

Jun 29, 2015 by

If the Holy Spirit has given you a heads up, a deep feeling, a thought that permeates, or a vision that’s clearly from the Lord . . . run with it. […]

Do not forget to show hospitality to

It’s ridiculous really how much of our lives we consider “ordinary.” My oldest crept into bed next to me the other night because Wednesdays are the nights we offer an open […]


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you look around your home? Do you sometimes just want to cry when you see the piles of dishes in the sink, the clutter and […]


We’ve spent each Wednesday in April sharing our own “friendship on purpose” stories, with topics to inspire you as you planned to gather with your own friends. And we invited you to […]

Love the Home You Have book by Melissa Michaels

We are thrilled to introduce you to a new book from one of our own (in)courage authors today! Melissa Michaels has recently released Love the Home You Have, and we […]


While we don’t have plans to do a formal (in)RL gathering this year, God has put it on our hearts to continue to encourage and equip women to gather in […]


Do you ever find yourself discouraged or even overwhelmed by the state of your home? I know I have found myself in that place more than I would like to […]

Renovate us, dear God. Stephanie Bryant // incourage.me

I’ve been searching along back roads and gravel drives. Looking, trying, wanting the journey to begin. Trying to keep burning passion for the vision from singeing too much of me. […]