I tried to cancel Thanksgiving dinner this year. The memory of last year’s failed turkey spatchcocking experiment remains vivid in my mind. Although I’ve flipped the calendar page twelve times, it’s hardly […]


I read her text message and smiled. Sometimes you tell a friend about a struggle and that friend listens, offers some advice, maybe even prays for you, and then never […]


Her sink was piled high with dishes, and her fridge looked like it had barely survived an attack by hungry teenagers. Toys littered the floor, and plastic sheeting covered one […]

09052015_LysaTerKeurst_Fullness EDIT

I should have been happy. I knew it. I could have listed out so many things for which I was thankful. So, what was this undercurrent of disappointment that ebbed […]

Life is meant to be savored (1)

Lately, I have been really busy. You know that kind of busy where you feel like you can barely keep your head above water? The school year starting. New projects […]


A couple weeks ago the girls and I drove to church in a light rain. Mark was a few minutes behind us, driving separately so he could help with tear […]


My friend lies broken in a hospital bed across oceans and continents set adrift by her loss. I’ve sent prayers into the heavens on days when the clouds hover, petitioning […]

Lisa-Jo Baker //

I’ve been the community manager here at (in)courage now for five years. That means five years of working with and for and alongside women. Writing about women, reading about women, […]