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You have waited so patiently for us to share an update about the 2015 version of (in)couragers and (in)RL, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your prayers and grace […]

(in)RL DVD - DaySpring

For many of us, summer is a time for road trips and vacations. So we thought it would be fun to take a few minutes to hit the road with […]

(in)RL DVD - DaySpring

It’s the weekend we anticipate all year. It’s a hashtag, the reason for some of the best Twitter parties, and a cause for celebration. It’s a gathering of women world-wide, […]


What if you believed it? What if you really truly, way down deep in your soul, believed that your story mattered? What if you lived in such a way that […]

Crystal Stine

You did it. You, brave one, chose community over fear. You opened your homes to women whose faces you’ve only seen in tiny square boxes online. You drove to the […]


Today is the second day of our third annual (in)RL conference. Thousands of women around the globe are frosting cupcakes and sweeping floors, picking out their prettiest shirt (or maybe […]


My stomach is creaking and groaning like planks in an old wooden porch. I am restless fingers and a timid heart. They hover above the keyboard tentative. Backspace devours the […]


We’re so excited to introduce you to another (in)RL sponsor! Moms’ Night Out is a super fun movie – and might just be the perfect follow-up event to your (in)RL […]