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What if you believed it? What if you really truly, way down deep in your soul, believed that your story mattered? What if you lived in such a way that […]


We’re getting so excited for (in)RL – and we’re less than two weeks away!! Have you registered yet for our FREE webcast about friendship, community and story on April 25? […]


This post is based on a chapter from Leeana Tankersley’s upcoming book, Breathing Room: Letting Go So You Can Fully Live (Revell, Oct. 2014). Leeana and her husband Steve, an active duty […]

(in)RL - - We Need YOUR Story

I was blank. How do you follow in such big footsteps? When Lisa-Jo needed to hand off the visionary baton for (in)RL to someone else, and I was that person, I […]

building bridges not walls -

I’ve cleared a space, picked up the clothes thrown atop the desk chair, and baked warm brownies. You are welcome here. It’s messy and a little bit scattered, full of […]

I have always been a planner. A definitive type-A lover of color-coded spreadsheet, a well executed plan, and smoothly handled logistics. The moments in my life that have caused me […]

(in)RL 2014: About

Registration is now open for our (in) real life webcast! —> Click here to register! The women’s conference that comes to you – an online webcast about the heart of […]


We had a very challenging year with one of my kids last year. And by “challenging” I mean that I spent many parts of last year wanting to quit. And […]