Brightness by Holley Gerth

She slides into the seat across from me at a busy restaurant. I can see the tiredness in her eyes. She’s in a tough season. Many women would have given […]


I gathered the kids into my room and we all flopped on the big bed together. It’s our common chat place, the big cozy bed. I needed to let them […]


Free Indeed!

Jul 1, 2014 by

What does it mean to be free? This is not a question that yields an easy answer. I started thinking about my life and wondering if I am truly free. […]


When it comes to the subject of my father, unfortunately there isn’t much to tell. His name was Robert. He and my mother weren’t married. He gave me a purple […]

Red gumboots in rain

I walk into a room of 500 dining women waiting for someone to take the stage and my fear isn’t speaking in front of these women. It’s eating with them. […]


I felt so fragile sitting in the parking lot of Target, too sad to stop crying. And though my hand held a list of things that really couldn’t be put […]


I do a double take when I read the words on the screen, the ones that compliment a writer for being both nice and smart. The part that got me, however, […]


My son loves the movie Frozen. He’ll narrate the film for you, and loves imitating the ‘big guys cutting ice’. I think I could recite it in my sleep. I […]