There’s little doubt that familiarity breeds contempt, but recently I found myself wondering if familiarity can breed contempt even when it comes to Scripture. (Gasp!) There’s part of me that scolds myself — a […]


For Christmas my husband gave me a beautiful green pen. It’s heavy and glides ink like silk on skin. He bought me stationery, too, thick paper with envelopes lined and Italian […]


I was six years old when Ceres moved in with us. She was a foreign-exchange student from Brazil, with a limited English vocabulary. Our family knew no Portuguese. It was […]



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She is sixteen years old and standing in front of me. Just sixteen this past June, she says. Sixteen and hardly a wisp of a girl: her fiery curly hair […]


“I miss Daddy. I wish he was here.” My 11-year-old daughter, LG, says this a few times a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. “Me, too.” I say, and we hug […]


This journey of faith? It isn’t meant to be a solo trip. I didn’t get that at first. I was too excited about my salvation, my Jesus, my new life in […]

Seek First

We didn’t talk for two days after I wrote about him. Them. It wasn’t because he wouldn’t but because he couldn’t. “I know it’s all true because I’ve lived it,” he quivers, “but it’s […]


The sheet breaks loose from the gurney and the plastic mattress lurches up like a belch when I curl myself fetal. I struggle to position myself away from my body. […]