Making a Difference


She opens her door and invites me in with a smile followed by a warm hug. We sit down at the kitchen table, and she places a brightly colored plate […]


Seeding Faith

Oct 19, 2015 by

“And the Lord said, ‘If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed . . .'” {Luke 17:6a, ESV} Theirs is a small ministry. Nothing flashy. Almost invisible. Some wouldn’t […]


The words popped into my inbox at precisely the right time: “Jennifer, I’m writing to let you know that God delights in you.” The note came from Dave. He was […]


I recently read a magazine article about a human trafficking bust and couldn’t get the story out of my mind. All the next day my life felt too small, too […]


It is hard to believe, but inside this itty bitty apple seed is a tree filled with apples. Amazing to think about, isn’t it? One small seed. The power to […]


I stood in the produce section of my local grocery store, my hands comparing the weights of cantaloupes. Heavy enough, I thought. I sniffed its stem, searching for that sweet […]


The line in front of me was three deep, and only one man was working behind the counter. Ugh. Why is it always like this at the post office? I […]


My husband recently commented that I need to be more careful about who I invite to visit us. I have this habit of telling everyone I interact with that she can […]