Making a Difference

If we don't have both your story and my

As I finished the book, I breathed a contented sigh. It was such a well-written memoir of an extraordinary life. As I reflected on it, I felt inspired to share […]

girls with backpacks inRL crop

We are so excited to introduce you to another one of our (in)RL sponsors – Feed the Children. This phenomenal organization was founded in 1979 with the mission of providing hope […]


I saw the picture in my Facebook feed, and my heart skipped a beat. My friend’s son had to type something on the computer for one of his Cub Scout […]


I’m kneeling on the carpet in front of the wood stove, praying into the wood chips and the ash, like I do many nights now when my family falls asleep. […]

#SurprisedByMotherhood -

Spoiler alert: You can read this whole post or you can just click here and take the short cut to passionately falling in love with 250 kids who would tell […]

Bud in the Snow

Churches, home-improvement and grocery stores, and perfect strangers housed stranded motorists last week as unexpected snow rocked the South. Hotels opened their lobbies when no vacancies remained. Truckers welcomed drivers […]


I slide the bowl of chocolate across the table and I top off mugs and we laugh long and hard and for a few minutes life lifts. We are a […]

I read her words and they were hot embers to my heart– they burned glory, only glory, but in my humanity, I received them as a vicious personal assault.  The […]