Something big is changing inside me. It’s as quiet as it feels beautiful and odd. Because I’ve always been a planner. I like to plot my steps by where I want […]


“Think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.” {Proverbs 3:6, HCSB} The Next Step . . . I sat on the edge of […]


“None of the good promises the LORD had made to the house of Israel failed. Everything was fulfilled.” {Joshua 21:45, HCSB} Every Promise Ever Made . . . The wall next […]


Lord Jesus, every day is Yours. Especially this one. We’ve been holding our breath for weeks. Watching our calendars. Waiting. Listening for the sound of Your voice amid the noise. […]


“You will shine . . . like stars in the sky.” {Philippians 2:15, NIV} Shining with Kindness . . . As the sun settles low behind the horizon, I glimpse […]


Her screams woke me from a deep sleep. Alertness came over me as my feet found the cold wood floor and padded quickly to her room. “I need Jesus! You […]


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” {John 13:35, NIV} A Life of Love . . . Jesus rose from the table, where […]


I gave in to temptation and colored my hair right before bed.  And then at 11 o’clock P.M. I washed my hair 37 times because hair color called Espresso is […]