I grew up quiet in the choir loft of a small Lutheran church. Here in Minnesota, we have a lot of Scandinavian Lutheran folks, and I love being among them. […]


When we get home, Mom, I’m going to take off my shoes and then I’m going to change into my green dress and then I’m going to get out the […]


I read her text message and smiled. Sometimes you tell a friend about a struggle and that friend listens, offers some advice, maybe even prays for you, and then never […]



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She is sixteen years old and standing in front of me. Just sixteen this past June, she says. Sixteen and hardly a wisp of a girl: her fiery curly hair […]

You were made to sparkle // sarah mae //

Every time I see my friend Karen, I cry. (She also makes my husband cry.) There is something about entering into the vulnerable places of your heart with another person […]

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The spring before I began tutoring high school students in our local Classical Conversations homeschool program, I sat in on another tutor’s class to observe for a day. Latin, British […]

Crossroads -

I took a shortcut through the woods that night. Trees leaned across the narrow lane as if to close me in. After several minutes of driving, I glanced at the […]

When Community Happens Through a Song -

Sometimes community happens through a song. Over twenty years ago I was part of a short term team that went on a ministry tour through several cities in Colombia, South […]