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Chapter 11, Hold On

Chapter 12, Let Go

{pp. 121-134)



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Q1.   Let’s start with where the girls ended the video by asking, “Are you in a season of holding on or letting go?” 

I’m particularly thankful Annie extended a heap of grace by saying it’s also okay if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do; sometimes we need a season for figuring it out. How does it relieve you to remember that God will not let you miss him? 

Q2. Wasn’t it fun hearing Annie talk about how Deion Sanders was the first person she prayed for who later came to know the Lord? It is precious to see people we care about and have prayed for come to Christ. If you have a personal conversion story like Annie’s, please tell us about it.

Maybe your loved one has yet to make a profession of faith. This is where hope enters, isn’t it? We know God’s promises, we pray them in agreement with Him, and then we trust He cares more than we ever could. If you’d like us to join you in praying for the salvation of another, please let us know. 

Q3. The “Monkey Bar Option” is one of my favorite concepts discussed so far (and honestly, in the entire book!); where it’s easier to grab onto the next thing when you know what it is. And yet, you can’t move forward until you let go of what was.

Tell us about a time where you let go without knowing what came next. Share how the Lord gave you peace in the waiting or maybe brought the next thing to light very quickly. When does your faith seem to grow most: when you let go and trust God for the next “bar” or grab a new opportunity you believe the Lord has provided? 

Q4. Share your favorite quote from Chapters 11 & 12.

Can you do it? Can you choose only one? When you share these insights it’s like a highlights reel for our study.


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