Chapter 6, Your People

Chapter 7, Your Talents

Chapter 8, Your Words

{pp. 71-98)



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Q1.  Before reading (and listening to) Annie’s words, I had never before considered that I needed other people to help me be brave; had you? Tell us about some of the people in your life who’ve helped you be braver.

Do you simply follow their own courageous examples? Or is it because they encourage you to take brave steps? How have they made a difference in your life? 

Q2. The girls brought up the concept of “burning ships” mentioned in an earlier chapter; where you move forward without a safety net or contingency plan. Are you currently struggling with something God has asked of you where you’re holding onto options just in case it doesn’t work out?

What areas or callings are you finding it difficult to trust God with? 

Q3. Share your favorite quote from Chapters 6-8.

Try to choose one thing–one thing that you find yourself sharing with others, the one thing you will remember for this section, the one thing that struck the loudest chord. I know it’s hard but the challenge will help you narrow your focus now to recall later when you need to “hear” it again.


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