Ohhhhh, y’all. Our Bloom fall study of Let’s All Be Brave? It’s going to be sooo good. Wasn’t our announcement video SO stinkin’ fun?

Quietly taking notes during the video shoot with Annie, Jessica and Angie…well, I can testify that these next few weeks of reading in community is going to inspire and challenge you to do (and not do) things you’ve never imagined. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

Is this your first Bloom study? Let us know in comments.  Are you returning? DO tell what other studies you’ve joined. New or veteran Bloomanista, please keep reading for what you’ll need to know over the next several weeks.

What to expect

Each week you’ll get to visit with our Bloom hosts Jessica Turner and Angie Smith via video as they talk through several chapters at a time with Annie DownsRobin Dance  will continue supporting the videos with companion blog posts and conversation in comments and in our Facebook Group.

How to join us

Taking part in a Bloom {in}courage book club is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Pick up a copy of Let’s All Be Brave as soon as possible (it’s on sale at DaySpring but it’s fine to shop locally or even try your library).
  2. Read at our pace (schedule below) or complete the book at your convenience. New videos and blog posts will be published each Monday and Thursday during the duration of the study. When you subscribe to Bloom you won’t even worry about forgetting-we’ll send you email reminders!
  3. Share your thoughts (we really, really want to hear from you). There are several ways to engage the Bloom Team:
  • LIKE the Bloom Facebook Page and invite your friends to do the same. This is a general page available throughout the year.
  • Comment to blog posts. It is such an encouragement to the Bloom Team when we can hear how much you’re enjoying the study or how a particular video, chapter or section resonates with you. We also love to see you interacting with other readers in the comment thread–friendships are born when like minds connect.
  • JOIN the Let’s All Be Brave Bloom Facebook Group. If you’re a little chattier, this might be the perfect place for you to engage. It’s a Closed Group to begin, but we’ll eventually make it a Secret Group for readers. And…there might be a special something extra for you when the study concludes!
  • We’ll look for you on Twitter and Instagram. Post your favorite quotes, tell us how you’re becoming more brave and share what you’re learning. Be sure to tag all your updates with @incourage #inbooks so we don’t miss them.

Let’s All Be Brave content will always be available here on the Bloom page, enabling you to watch videos and read the posts anytime, even if you begin the study after our official start date–there’s no such thing as “missing”.

(But be sure to subscribe to Bloom (in)courage emails so you’ll receive every update; it really is the best way to keep current.)



Bloom book club is special for many reasons but perhaps the loveliest is our Sponsored Book Opportunity:   If you are able to purchase a book for someone in need, DaySpring has set up a “Sponsored Book” option for you. 

What are Sponsored Books? Books purchased by our Bloom community, in addition to book donations by the publisher and DaySpring. We understand there are readers who couldn’t take part in a Bloom study because they can’t afford to buy a book; Sponsored books meet that need for many.

Should you decide to purchase your copy of Let’s All Be Brave at DaySpring AND buy a sponsored copy for another reader, you can receive free shipping by using the code BLOOMBOOK. This code is valid on any two-book purchase, so it will work if you’d like to purchase two books for yourself, two sponsored books or one of each.

PLEASE NOTE: There are two different product codes for Let’s All Be Brave–one for personal copies and another for Sponsored Books:

  Let's All Be Brave

You MUST choose one of each if you’re buying a copy for yourself and a sponsored book!!

Wanna know just how much this means to those who receive sponsored copies?  Read it in their own words–your generosity has incredible impact.

If you have any questions about the sponsored program, you can visit the FAQ page found here.



Thursday, October 2nd: – Form opened to request free sponsored books (reserved only for those not able to otherwise participate due to financial need). Will close when all books are spoken for or by Sunday, October 5th.

Monday, October 6th – Giveaway!

Thursday, October 9th – Giveaway winners announced, sponsorship reminders and last minute housekeeping

Monday, October 13th – Video 1, Introduce the author

Thursday, October 16th – Video 2, Chapters 1-3 (pp. 17-48)

Monday, October 20th – Video 3, Chapters 4-5 (pp. 49-70)

Thursday, October 23rd – Video 4, Chapters 6-8 (pp. 71-98)

Monday, October 27th – Video 5, Chapters 9-10 (pp. 99-120)

Thursday, October 30th – Video 6, Chapters 11-12 (pp. 121-134)

Monday, November 3rd – Video 7, Chapters 13-14 (pp. 135-152)

Thursday, November 6th – Video 8, Chapters 15-16 (pp. 153-170)

Monday, November 10th – Video 9, Chapters 17-20 (pp. 170-204)

Thursday, November 13th – Recap & Good-byes

Monday, November 17th – Something fun from the community

Let us know if you have questions. Leave a note in comments and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Order your book now and you’ll receive it in time to get started. Also, why not invite a friend to join you (and us)? We’re convinced more IS merrier!

We’re eager for how the Lord is going to use this study to make us braver women–you won’t be the same by the time we turn the last page….

With love,

JessicaAngie & Robin

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