Just like Annie always ends her books with a good-bye, we can’t end a Bloom study without bear hugs and fond farewells. This go ’round has been so good, hasn’t it?

For those of you who’ve read the entire book, watched every video and shared your thoughts–you’ve modeled what brave looks like in your consistency, commitment and encouragement.

For those of you’ve who’ve read most of the book, watched some of the videos and shared a post or two–you’ve modeled what brave looks like by doing what you could, when you could.

For those of you who’ve had the desire to join us, but life has dragged you in a thousand other directions–you’ve showed a picture of brave that says my heart is with you, but my reality means now is not the best time.

One thing Annie has helped us understand is no two “braves” are the same. We need to receive that freedom and grace, don’t we? And once we’ve received it, we’re better equipped to extend it to others.

Today we want to hear from YOU. Please join our link-up below to share your response to our Bloom study of Let’s All Be Brave.

For those of you with a blog, write a post to share your general thoughts; even if you’ve posted one previously, you’re welcome to link it now. Book reviews are also great. If you don’t have a blog but share quotes/graphics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can add the permalink to our linky, too.

As if we needed a little incentive, one of our readers will win this:


“Brave” set in DaySpring’s new Letterpress Blocks! Isn’t that fun?! (Check them out if you haven’t seen them yet; you can create any word or phrase you wish in a variety of sizes!)

A few things to keep in mind before we say good-bye–

On behalf of Annie, Jessica, Angie and the behind-the-scenes Bloom team, thank you.

We are ever-grateful for your encouragement and support. It is both a delight and thrill to walk alongside each of you as we seek God and pursue knowing Him better.


~ Robin

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