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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Tonight I am in need of prayers of strength . patience and hope. My husband had really bad week this past week, health wise and the medications he was put on are making him really edgy. I admit its really annoying me. I m really frustrated that this the man that has done so much for me when I was gravely ill…and now I am struggling with everything I have and nothing pleases him. I will be talking back to his doctors Monday to recheck things. But tonight I just need help with my patience and some rest to make it though to a better place.He is a good man and deserves better then this attitude. Pleas pray for us.
    Thank you.

  2. Deployment. My husband is leaving in the Spring and I can already see myself pushing him away which is a waste of the precious time together. Please pray that we make the most of it!

  3. I am praying for both of you, Genevieve and Kerry, that both of you will find peace and be given ample grace to deal with what you, your husbands, and your marriages are going through.
    I am going through a really rough time right now with some things that I have been through in the past. I’m struggling with my faith in a way that I haven’t in a long time, and it has shaken me. I’m dealing with memories of sexual abuse that make me feel like I am being ripped apart, and I feel as helpless as I did back then. Please pray that I will find the faith to trust in God’s plan and to get through this, somehow.

  4. Angel, what a beautiful name!
    I am praying for you request for faith mightily tonight. I ask that God to pour out His love and touch your heart, in ways that will move you and heal you.
    I pray you will feel God holding you as those memories pass through and leave you more securely snuggled in His embrace.
    This verse came to mind as I prayed for you:
    “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
    When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” Isaiah 43:2
    I will pray a special prayer for you tomorrow morning, during our worship service’s altar prayer time. I will get up from my seat and move to the front where prayers are offered, and I lift you up in prayer. I will be remembering you.

  5. My heart and prayers go out for each of you.
    Kerry & Genevieve, your request are a testimony to your faith, and God will give you the strength you need to love your husbands as He wants you to.
    Angel, I encourage you to get help in dealing with the sexual abuse. 25 years after being abused and keeping it hidden, I have now started to let go and heal – with help. Most important, God loves you and will hold onto you, even when you have trouble holding onto him. And you are not helpless, you have God on your side. With Him, you can do anything. I pray God holds you, comforts you, protects you, and heals you.

  6. I pray for my friend and myself as we start a prayer and faith group at our university campus. I pray that we can be true to God’s message and be a light to others. I also pray that my own faith will grow stronger, and for the courage to truly open my heart to God.

  7. Dear Lord, I pray for Gen. May her faith group be a place for support and accountability where your message may touch many hearts. Give her courage to open her heart to you and the unconditional love you have for her.
    I ask for prayers for my future. My deepest hearts desire is to be married and have children. At times it feels hopeless. I seek peace for His will for me. Thanks.

  8. Erin – I lift you up in prayer and ask that all your wishes come true. May you keep faith and find all that you seek.
    I ask for prayers once again for the health and well-being of my baby daugher. She had a rough night, and I pray that she is in good health and that my husband and I are parenting well. Thank you!

  9. Precious Father of all Children, I ask that you bless Yolanda and her husband in their desire to seek You first as they ask You to restore to health their baby girl. Give them divine strength and healing in every way that only You know. You are are Jehovah Rapha-The God Who Heals. Bless them as parents to be exactly what your precious girl needs to walk in Your path. Bless Yolanda and her husband to be Your servants nurturing and caring for their children. In Christ’s Name, Amen.
    I ask for prayers this Sunday for my daughters’ safe travel home as they will be on the road most of this day. I also ask for a great celebration of my daughter’s graduation tomorrow from college that she knows how much He loves her, and that she feels how much we love her.
    And I ask God’s blessing on each heart that enters this site today. Thanks everyone. And thanks be to God.

  10. Lord, I lift up Annette and I pray that you bless her daughter with protection, safety, and even enjoyable travel. I also pray Father, that Annette’s daughters’ graduation be a joyous and fun event. Please let her daughter feel super loved my You – just let your presence be known to her as she graduates – and help her to also know and understand the love her family has for her, too! In Jesus, Amen
    I pray for faith…increased faith in Him. I also ask that God helps me to be the Mommy and wife He created me to be.
    Thanks, friends 🙂

  11. I am trying to recover from anorexia and just got a feeding tube but in my stomach last Monday. My work has asked me to take an unpaid medical leave. I don’t know how I am going to do this since I have no savings with which to support myself. I feel like dying. Please pray fo some healing. Thank you!

  12. A dear friend of mine has recently converted to Islam. She is quite passionate about sharing her beliefs with me and I feel spiritually conflicted as a result. Please pray that I would be able to stay true to what I know I believe and that in the midst of spiritual warfare I would be able to find Jesus’ peace and articulate my own beliefs to her.

  13. Father God, I thank you for your out pouring of Grace upon each of these sisters of mine. May you touch each one and comfort their hearts. Reach deeply into Ally and Rachel. Set alight your fire within them. Let them know and embrace your love. Clear away from their minds any uncertainity of purpose of living a life for you. Bless them in ways they could never imagine. Grant them strength through these testing times.
    I lift our family business up to you Lord. The burden of keeping things a float rest upon my husband and I pray for his emotional and physical health through these difficult times. Bless him Lord and may he cling to you. I also ask for prayers for my eldery in-laws. My FIL is suffering the beginning of dementia and it’s taking a toll on all of us. I ask for guidance and wisdom in this matter.
    Bless you all.

  14. Please pray for my mother who is struggling with liver problems. Pray for her and our family to have strength during this ver difficult time in our lifes. God has a plan I know.

  15. Please pray for my fiance, Kolby, in finding the love of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He believes in God, I just don’t think he realizes the power and miracles of God and Jesus Christ. I go to church and take our two year old and he is fine with that and supports it. He just asks me not to “make” him go or to ask him to go. Please pray for him. I believe God lead me to him for this very reason. Thank you, Lord.

  16. Ramsey may your husband see God through your eyes and your love and strength. May you be the one to lead him to God through your daily actions and love.
    I ask for prayers for my health. I have muscular dystrophy and my arms are weaker and I struggle each day to keep my strength up and continue to be a mother to my three beautiful children. God give me the strength to still be able to hold them in my arms and hug them with my loving arms.
    I have so much more love to share on this side of heaven.

  17. I am praying for peace for all who have posted here. I also have request for your prayers. I was injured at work last October. I returned to work in Jan. By the end of May I was in extreme back pain again. I am under the care of a Neurosurgeon who is now recommending I see a neurologist. I work with four year old children in a public school. I have not been able to return to work this school year. I ask for prayer that they will figure out what is going on in my body and that whatever it is; I will honor God in my life. My appointment with the neurologist is Oct. 5th. I am running out of days and have asked to be called if there are any cancellations. I pray that God’s will be done in this situation. Thank you for this opportunity to request prayer and to pray for others.

  18. Please pray for me.I am finding myself struggling lately. Not to get into too many details here but the long and short of it is, I am trying to come to terms with the reality of being childless not by choice (my husband and I are not on the same page about pursing adoption or other avenues). This has been going on for awhile now –i’ve done therapy, been treated for depression, prayed and prayed but nothing will ever get me used to this reality and that I am not going to see a life’s dream fulfilled. I’m learning to live with a broken heart and every now and then I feel like these circumstances are “fresh” and I am at square one in trying to come to terms with it all. Please pray the Lord sheds light on my strength and my hope and the knowledge that I can still be happy, live a full life, contribute to the world– with this piece missing.
    Robin, as the person before me I will be praying for you, and for all those who posted here. This site is a true blessing.
    Thank you,

  19. please pray for my grandson, who is 6 years old. he is having a very difficult time in 1st grade..acting up, disrespectful to authority.. which is so unlike his nature.. his parents are to a point of not knowing what to do, no discipline seems to reach him.. please join me, in praying for wisdom, and discernment for his parents and teachers… he is so unhappy, and there doesnt seem to be any answers right now. we as grandparents are just so concerned.
    mary, i will be praying for the holy spirit to send a peace that surpasses all understanding in your life.. that God will bless you with a rich and glorious life that can only come from God above..

  20. Father God, I hold Kathy’s grandson up to today and ask you to walk with him through these days of change and new routines in first grade. We know that you have created each of us for your purposes and that you have your hand on this little boy’s life too. Father, you know his needs and we entrust him to you. Please be with Kathy and her husband that they might unconditionally love and encourage this little one. Guide his parents and enable them to place all their trust in you. Give them wisdom and patience in their parenting. Please give the teachers and adults at his school the tools and love to encourage and support the students who are placed in their care. We trust you and praise you for your love and grace which are always ours, new every day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    We are leaving on a major trip this week and I ask you to pray for safety while we travel, experience a new part of the world and meet people from other cultures. WE trust that God is sending us for a reason and that we would be His hands and His feet in every opportunity during the coming weeks.
    Amen – it shall be so for we serve a mighty God!!

  21. Heavenly Father,
    I pray for Ally. How beautiful you shaped her heart, created her in Your own image. Touch her with Your presence, wrap her in Your arms, provide all her needs. Oh Lord, be so close to her tonight that she feels Your breath upon her face. Breathe fresh life into her and heal her, Lord. Cause her to know how beautiful she is. You love her so passionately.
    I pray for Rachel, caring, tender Rachel, who is reaching out to her friend who has converted to Islam. Thank you for never leaving Rachel alone, for giving her Your presence, Your words, Your Truth. Grant her peace, the Person of Jesus, and strength and courage to be true to Truth, the person of Jesus. May her unconditional love for her friend, move her friend to Love, the person of Jesus…
    And I pray for Crystal and her family as they travel this week. May they each be a bright light for Jesus, and yes, be Your hands and feet and heart wherever they go.
    Father God, you know all the stories of all these beautiful women in this place
    Thank you for cupping them each close.
    For being Love to them, who never lets them go.
    In Jesus’ name,
    A privilege to pray with each of you….
    If Father leads… I’m in need of prayer for being daily faithful to God’s leading this coming week…
    Thankful for this place,
    All’s grace,

  22. Praying for you.
    Please pray for me to be a more patient mother, a guiding patient force for my children, pray for me to be a more productive mother, wife and woman in my daily life.

  23. Dear Jesus I lift Sarah Lou’s prayer requests up to You tonight Lord. We know that You will give her patience with her family along with wisdom and guidance too. I lift to You every precious prayer request on this site as well.Please pray for me to know God’s will alone in my life and not to be deceived by the enemy.

  24. So many prayers and requests and needs for so many… and isn`t it awesome to know that God knows every detail of every one!! In my own family we have manys needs and concerns, and for each one I can match it with a prayer of praise and thanks for all the grace He affords us every day. This is a special place of sharing and caring and of seeing how real God is in the lives of those who will acknowledge Him. His peace to each one.

  25. Heavenly Father … I come to You in Jesus precious name, for Stephanie. Her prayer fits the need of almost everyone on this list. May they all come into such an intimacy with you that Your purpose for their lives will blend into their very spirits. May the desire(s) of their hearts be the desire(s) You have planted within them… and may they be enriched in such a way that they realize the power You have given them against the enemy of their souls. Grant them wisdom in dealing with the flesh, the world and the devil. Cause them to wake up tomorrow with love for Jesus their very first thought … leading them into praise and worship. I pray, especially, for Ally. May she experientially know that you are by her side and will walk her through this fearsome trial, as stated so perfectly in the Bible quote by Bonnie/Faith.
    Thank You, Lord, for meeting all these needs exceedingly abundantly (Eph. 3:14-21), but mainly for deepening their faith in the knowledge of Your amazing love.
    For myself, I gratefully thank those who have already offered up prayer for my brother Jim’s deep and troublesome depression.

  26. Lord, I lift Kim to you right now. Lord you know the needs and concerns that are on her heart for herself and her family. I pray that she will continue to feel you near to her and that she will continue to know your grace each day. I pray too for all the other requests voiced here. What an amazing God you are to know each of us by name and care about what is in our hearts.
    I ask for prayer for my heart’s attitude toward my home. I worry that we should sell our home because our neighborhood is deteriorating. But I also recognize that in my flesh, I just would like a newer nicer home. I really am gratful for the one I have.

  27. Please pray for me as I am going through a divorce. My husband had an affair and we seperated six months later we were trying to reconcile. I felt that that was what God was calling me to do. He has not given up the other woman and I can’t carry on. Please pray for healing.

  28. Lord I pray for Claire and Becky that they might know peace in their hearts and in their homes, and feel comfort in knowing that You make us whole, and always will. I pray that we will know that “This God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death” (Psalms 48).
    Please pray that my application and presentations will get done and not bring too much stress and anxiety into my life, and that I might always remember to bring my troubles to the Lord. Thank you.

  29. Praying for Becky! I have known Jesus as a deep healer in my life, so I will pray out of who I know Jesus to be! Have faith, he is deeper than your lowest moments and stronger to heal than your most twisted parts.
    Please pray for me and my family (my husband). I am from the US, we live in Honduras with my husband who is from here. Honduras is going through a major crisis. They just declared a state of emergency for 45 days with a list of constitutional rights suspended. There were 42 hours straight of curfew last week. We are afraid of outbreaks of violence or worse.
    It is so stressful to live like this and it is taking a toll. Sometimes I have a lot of anxiety, sometimes I feel more calm. Sometimes I fear for our safety. We are also very deeply sad about the conflict and the injustice. Please pray for our family and for peace and justice.

  30. I pray for you all that you may be truly blessed. Mary, I pray for you especially, that you may be given a miracle of love, of insight, of peace and trust.
    Kim, I pray for the wishes deepest in your heart, hidden by the beautiful light of your generosity and kindness to others.
    Sarah Lou, your prayer is what I pray for myself too: patience and presence as a mother.
    I pray also for my grandmother, who is faced with terrible illness, and her children who must find a way to see her through.

  31. Please pray for me as I am going trough the most unhappy time in my life. I got married with someone from a different religion. I was thinking that just a name it is not important… Even my husbant is a great person… I am feeling so empty and sad realising after five years how the differences separates us… I undestand more the meaning of 2 Corintians 6:14 “Do not be bound together with unbelievers” and it is sad to get trough the counsequences. We do not intend to divorce. Please pray for me. I don’t know what to do…

  32. Ali I pray you find answers work hard and pray divorce is so difficult my son was married only for a year and his wife decided it was too hard and gave up and divoced. God will lead you to the answer. I pray for all those who have requests this day. I pray we all find answers and that God will lift our hearts. I am struggling with health and so much stress I have to remind myself to put it in God’s hands and be thankful for today.

  33. Chris,
    I pray our Father would heal you physically as well as emotionally. father I pray Chris would feel you working to accomplish this. Please pray I would get a job with just the right salary, I’ve been unemployed for several months.

  34. Rebeca;
    I lift you up to our heavenly Father who knows everything about you and your every need. I am praying that He will direct you to the job you need with the salary you need. As you wait, I am praying that God will use you right where you are. Even though you aren’t getting paid with money right now, you are working for Him at a job He has chosen. Be encouraged and hopeful!

  35. Father Lord, thank You for being our Lord and Saviour, for being our Shepherd,our protector and our provider. Lord I’d like to lift up every single person above with their individual prayer requests. I thank You that You’ve told us “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving we can present our requests to You and Your peace which transcends all understanding will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus”. Lord thank you that you are a keeper of Your promises to each of us and even right now I praise You for what You’re already doing on our behalf. I ask for prayer for my husband and I and our marriage that it will stand strong against all attacks and tests and that my husband’s and my love and yearning for Jesus will grow second by second. I also request prayer for patience as we look forward to natural conception and bringing a God- fearing baby into this world.

  36. Joanne, I’m praying for you over here in the Middle East. 🙂 Would love to continue praying for those specifics and get updates from you.
    I would appreciate prayer for my discontented soul. These past few days have been a struggle to find joy in what God has given me and not envying what others have.

  37. Gloria, I will be sending my prayers overseas from Ohio. My mother shares your name and, knowing her and her tendencies, also your struggles. I will pray for both my mom and for you today:
    Dear heavenly Father, I pray that you would reach your arms around us all. Thank you that they can reach to the ends of the earth to each restless heart. Dear, Lord, we know that you are to be our strength and our joy, but we get so distracted by the things of this world… whether they are things that we call pleasures or things that we call difficulties. Lord – we are so prone to wander away…like my 2 year old who sees a shiny toy on the store shelf. “But I want it.” Lord, you know how to best deal with our hearts and our wandering, I pray that you would help Gloria at this time in her life when she is struggling to find this contentment. I pray Gloria would look for you like a promised treasure…only to find the joy to be hidden in the searching.
    Dear Lord, I also pray that you would continue to draw my husband close to your heart. I thank you that you have made it clear that we are to stay at our church, I pray now that you would help us to do the hard task of mending relationships and to strengthen that covenant by seeking out others in the church. Please provide us with people who are willing to come beside us and “Do life” together.

  38. Yvette I’ll be keeping you and your husband in my prayers, that you’ll walk in the footsteps of Jesus, looking not for redemption or reconciliation but instead serving those within your church to extend your love and compassion for each member. I pray that, in response, they open their hearts to the mending and restoration that God can provide to damaged souls and sinful tendencies. I pray they find compassion in their hearts to welcome you back into the life of the church you all come to and “do life” beside you as friends and servants of Christ.
    I am requesting prayer for my fiance as he goes into his final week studying for the first portion of his CPA exam. I also pray for guidance in my financial situation, as there are debts I need to pay off where collection groups are calling. With working on paying off debts, paying regular bills and saving for a wedding…times are stressful and trying right now…thank you!

  39. Jenifriend – I pray that the Lord would give your fiance the focus, understanding and retentive memory that he needs as he prepares for the CPA, that God would give him the grace, peace and favor to excel in this exam for His glory. I pray for God’s divine intervention and peace in your finances, that He would give you wisdom to be a good steward of all that He blesses you with and that He would bring order to your finances and supply all that is required to meet your needs.
    Please pray for God’s provision in my finances as I am currently unemployed and also for His direction and divine favor with regard to the next step on my career path. Thank you.

  40. I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the prayers you are sending my way. Trust me when I say I am forever grateful and I truly appreciate it. I have a feeling you all have not seen the last of my cries out for prayers as I try to find my way in this “new normal.” It has changed me so much in the last few years and I pray that God shows me back to the woman I used to know, the one who had hope and a lightness about her.
    Praying for you all,

  41. My husband was let go from his job today, which is also the first anniversary of my mom passing away. Please pray that he will find employment soon.

  42. Father God … Abba … I pray You will take up residence in Mary’s heart and life. Show her the divine purpose that You have created for her life. I have a hunch it’s far from the “normal” as she’s known it, but priceless in it’s divine joy. I thank you for giving her Romans 15:13 HOPE — the kind that overflows (is “bubbling over” as the Amplified Bible states) and is not based on circumstances, but on the solid base of the Rock, Jesus — who is her Light. Cause her to see, even this day, a measure of her worth in Your eyes. In the awesome and powerful name of Jesus, I ask these things.

  43. Lord I come to you today for Donna. Lord I pray first and formost that her and her husband would lean on you in this time of need. Show them that you are Provider. You take care of your sheep. You won’t give them more than they can handle. I also pray comfort over Donna during a rough anniversary. Give her your ultimate comfort Lord. Wrap her in your arms. Please place people in her life that she can count on and lean on during this time. We know you are faithful Father. Thank you for giving this vision to these women, so that we have a place we can come and be vulnerable and come together as a community. Thank you, thank you!
    Last night I had a rough night with my husband. I think life just got to us. I’m asking that you pray that I will NOT be stubborn. That I will have a forgiving heart. That I will be able to show grace. I have chosen to love my husband forever, like Christ chose to love me. Pray that I can show that same kind of love.

  44. I ask that you pray for my grandson Joey – he was born at 24 weeks and 5 days weighing 1 lb. 8 oz. He is now 6 months old (2 months corrected) and we have just found out that he had a cerabellum bleed on the left half of his brain when he was born. Pray for peace for my daughter (Joey’s Mom) who suffers from MS – help her husband and son and all of us as we struggle with this news. Pray we do not lose our faith………….

  45. I know where my hope lies, where my courage should come from, yet tonight I am in need of prayer. I am 25 weeks pregnant with a wonderful little 4 year old. my husband and I are in debt beyond my comprehension right now, and I feel lonely and without support. I have been very sick in this pregnancy, unable to work since May. I don’t have the energy or the strength to even do the dishes and this is so frustrating. I just see us sinking and feel like there is nothing I can do, and no one to lean on. Would someone please pray for me and my family?

  46. Jenn, I certainly will pray for you and your family. Lean on Him. I will be praying for peace and strength for you.

  47. Dear Lord, how precious this little family is to You. I know Your compassion and lovingkindness is limitless, and Your love is forever seen on the cross, so I come to You, in Jesus name, for Jenn and her family. I am believing for You to grant wisdom and creative thought to Jenn’s husband. Cause him to KNOW the way he needs to go in order that his family can come out from under their debt. Pour a measure of Your love for Jenn into his heart,so that he can lift her up into heavenly heights of praise. Touch Jenn’s body and relieve her of all discomfort. I believe that Your verse for her is I Samuel 22:33 and I thank You for flooding her with Light as she meditates upon it. Finally, I pray that this little four year old will be touched by Your love in a very special way. Thank you, Lord. You are, indeed, an awesome God!

  48. Thank you for your prayers-I felt lifted of the worry for today…it was a nice feeling and so I thought I would come on here to see if people were praying and of course you were. Thank you and the continued prayers are so appreciated and much needed.

  49. Dear Jesus please touch everyone that posted a prayer on this site. We know that You are the Great Physician,Healer,Comforter and our Savior.You love us more than we can comprehend in our natural minds and have good things planned for us.Thank you Lord for always providing for our needs and caring about every detail in our lives.
    Blessings to all on here,

  50. Dear Jenn, I too am coming back because I have seen evidence of the awesome power of prayer since posting here. I pray that God will provide for your family, so that you can come out from under your debts and be free of financial burdens; I know first-hand how they can weigh so heavily on your mind and spirit and rob you of joy. I also pray that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery, and that your joy may be full as you wait on God.
    I am standing in need of prayer for a good job as I have overwhelming debt from student loans. I am so thankful that I have an opportunity to earn some money while I am waiting/praying for a great job, however I won’t get paid for at least three weeks and I have nothing left in the meantime. I am praying God provides babysitting or cleaning jobs or something that will hold me over till then! I am trying hard to trust God but I’ll admit it is scary-it seems like such an impossible situation. Thank you for your prayers!

  51. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that you would provide for Shannon’s needs. I pray that you would guide her to the job you want her to have. As she waits for this job, please provide ways to meet her need and encourage her along the way. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Please pray for me as I work with special needs kids at church this morning. Pray that my team and I would be able to communicate with them that God loves them.

  52. Please pray for my relationship with my daughter-in-law. I want to be a loving, encouraging, supporting mother-in-law. And, I want her to love and appreciate me.

  53. There is an old Gospel song that goes….”I’ll pray for you, you pray for me, we’re all a part of God’s body.You’re all important to me, I need you to survive.” (Hezekiah Walker)
    I need you, you need me.
    We’re all a part of God’s body.
    Stand with me, agree with me.
    We’re all a part of God’s body.
    It is his will, that every need be supplied.
    You are important to me, I need you to survive.
    You are important to me, I need you to survive.
    (repeat 3X)
    I pray for you, You pray for me.
    I love you, I need you to survive.
    I won’t harm you with words from my mouth.
    I love you, I need you to survive.
    (repeat 8 X)
    It is his will, that every need be supplied.
    You are important to me, I need you to survive.
    I’ve personally lived through 2 abusive husbands, survived many destructive hurricanes, including Katrina (Yes I went through it). And then was robbed and raped in 2005. I was saved in 2003, and baptized in 2006. But God brought me through it all. I now live in TX, came up to TX to study for my doctorate in child development, but God had other plans…I now have Parkinson’s and have a seizure disorder. I am homebound, I am closer to God than I ever was and my mission field is my front door. I sometimes get discouraged because I don’t go out except to Dr. appointments and wonder why I’m still here, but God has a plan for me, Jer. 29:11-13. And I’m blessed and surrounded by guardian angels who minister to me everyday, so therefore I am blessed.
    If you ever feel alone, know that God never sleeps, He’ll never leave you nor forsake you (Heb. 13:5).
    Blessings and prayers to you all,
    Sandy O.

  54. Oh, Father, my heart aches as I read of the many heartaches and difficulties that my precious sister Sandy has gone through, as well as the challenge of Parkinson’s and all that she now faces. Changed plans. Dreams dashed to the ground. But in it all, YOU are God. Please help her to not lose sight of Your sovereign plan for her life, even as it goes much differently that she had thought it would.
    Today my heart is heavy for my prodigal children. (Oh, let me be honest – EVERY day brings a heaviness of heart for these 2 beautiful, grown-up and on-their-own sons!) I am asking for prayer – for God’s miraculous intervention in their lives, however He sees fit and knows to be best.
    How could we face this life without the hope we have in Jesus?

  55. Robin I lift you up that HE would give your mind and heart rest in the knowldedge that He is in control. I pray your sons would be drawn to Him and come to have a true relationship with their creator. I need prayer for a healing and restorative breath over the relationship my husband and I have with his family.

  56. Robin, I pray that you will get the healing and restorative breath your relationship needs with your in laws and that there will be peace and comfort found in this relationship for you and your husband.
    Today I pray for my marriage… It seems to be falling apart at the seams and to be very honest… I am just so tired of trying to keep it together. My husband and I are discussing separation as our next step, and as much as I don’t want that, I am not sure how to avoid it. Our beliefs, morals and ethics are totally different now… and although I worry that divorce is not what God wants for us… I also worry that by staying in this marriage I am being a silent participant in the actions of my husband that I know are wrong but feel powerless to stop.

  57. I just found this site and am already so grateful for all of you beautiful sisters in Christ. I would like to ask for prayer for myself and my family. Last week I had a miscarriage–our second. We have two beautiful children on earth, ages 5 and 3, and now we have two in heaven. I am trying to be strong and keep it together for my family’s sake, but I am finding this to be a very lonely and painful place to be. However, God has been so gracious to me and has poured out His love and peace in a way I have never experienced before. I know that I am already learning things about my Savior’s love that I just don’t think I would be able to learn any other way. Please pray that I would continue to lean on my Shepherd and not let the enemy pull down my hope. Thank you so much!

  58. Father, I pray that you would meet Sarah at her point of need right now, I pray that You would continue to comfort her, to strengthen her and wrap Your loving arms around her,give her the grace to pour her heart out to You and release her pain, her loss, her discouragement, her disappointment, her questions to you and that You would bring her into a place of rest in You and Your sovereignty. Let what the enemy has meant for evil be turned around for good as You draw her nearer to Yourself and may she be able to comfort others with the same comfort that You give to her during this season. Glorify Your Name, I pray in Jesus name.

  59. Almighty God, I pray that Sarah will feel your love. I pray that you will give her peace and strength that only You can give. You are with her always. Give her hope and comfort her. In Your Name. Amen
    I ask that you would pleas pray that God will also give me a peace. I really struggle with anxiety and fear. It has been a tough road but God has taught me so much.

  60. Father I lift up all your daughters in this prayer chain before you. As our faces are different, so are all our needs. I pray, Father God, that you will meet each and everyone of us at our points of need, in Jesus’ name. For your daughters seeking peace, Father, grant it to them. For your daughters seeking marriage and children, Father, release their own husbands and children that you have planned for them. For the financially strapped daughters, Father open your heavens and rain abundant blessings upon them, such that their cups will overflow to your glory. I thank you God for meeting me at my own need point. I thank you already for my job that you have kept safe from the devourer. I thank you for the peace that passes all understanding that you have begun to release unto your children, in Jesus’ name

  61. Praying for you, Ade and Jennifer.
    I would ask that you pray for me as I am struggling with anxiety and depression after a hard year, losing my grandmother and good friend. I’m having a hard time being away from home at school with hard classes and not being able to concentrate, not experiencing the Joy that I used to find in Him. I know that God is good and has a perfect plan, but I’m just having a hard time getting by day-to-day, facing struggles without the support and wisdom of my grandmother.

  62. Blessed Father I life Kim, Stephanie Sarah Lou and all the other outcries to you for various needs and concerns. Bless each one Lord as we Bless and honour You for who You are.
    I lift my daughter to you as she is considering a move. May you open her eyes and fill her with wisdom, let the decision be based on what YOU want and not her wants. I ask for prayers for my youngest son with his employment situation and all other matters he is facing. I also ask for prayers for myself as my emotions are a bit brused today.

  63. I am having trouble staying close with God, and I am not enjoying going to church anymore… which frustrates me dearly. I started taking Prozac for depression, something I have struggled with for years and finally decided to tell my doctor about. I am hoping this helps me to “Feel” again…

  64. Lord, I speak life over Melodie. Not just life Lord, but the life You died to give her. I ask You to give her revelation and open her eyes to the lies of the enemy. I plead the Blood of Jesus over her mind, her will and her emotions.
    I ask for prayer for a continuing hunger for the Word of God, for God to continue to do in my kids and my husband His perfect work. For the Power of God to be so strong in my house that it’s hard to stand. For my family to live outside the box of “normal” and do some good in the lives of the people around us. For myself to be so transformed by the power of God that I don’t even recognize myself, my motives, my words or responses. Oh that God would have His way in my life and the lives of my family……..

  65. Dear Lord, I pray for Katie. That you would fulfill her desire for you in her household.. and that the cup would overflow so incredibly. I pray for her kids to find a passionate relationship with you and for you to continue to put down deep roots in her husbands heart. I pray for Katie – that she would feel your overwhelming presence in her life and that she would live out your word in her life more and more each day. That her love for you would be all consuming – and all that knew her would see her fire.
    My prayer needs are for my relationship with my sister and father. My role as a mother and a wife. And my constant anxiety, fear and worry about my inabilities to be a good mother/wife… etc.. I’m a mother to an almost 1 year old and pregnant with another (surprise!). I don’t know how many women do it, but I want to be the Godly woman that I need to be. I don’t want to fear for tomorrow.
    Thanks much!

  66. its been a long journey alone since i lost my husband to cancer a year and eleven months now. i’ve been in the ups and downs, mostly downs–finances, health and the job transfer i’ve been wishing for was not granted….reasons i can’t understand but reasons which has deepened my anchor on God. pls. pray that i may be able to overcome all struggles…am certain to be able to find the rainbow in the end. i praise & thank God for all these.

  67. Heavenly Father … Abba … my heart aches for Mel and anonymous. They so need an uplift in their spirits. I pray You will shower them with spiritual blessings, beginning with an awareness of Your love and then a great outpouring of Your joy, which is their strength (Neh. 8:10). We acknowledge that they can’t do this by themselves, but rather it is by grace, through the power of Your Holy Spirit. Give them a hunger for Your Word and a deepening faith. Grant that they might be given a vision of Your purpose for their lives and the boldness to step into it! I look for glowing testimonies!
    In Jesus glorious, power filled name, I rest. Amen!

  68. My life has been in turmoil for 18 months, since my husband told me our 15 year marriage was over and that he had been having an affair. I have clawed back a bit since then but he is still working abroad, and we see him for a week to 10 days at school holidays only. We have three children, all boys, including twins. The oldest is really struggling. Today he got into a fight at school and is now excluded for a day and a half as a result. This has really floored me and highlights how much I am struggling, with no light at the end of the tunnel. God’s grace has got me this far. I know I am doing the right thing in not giving up on our marriage, but as time goes on I am struggling more and more. I’ve cut myself off from a lot of friends as I can’t face their questions or pity. I hate the impact all of this has on the boys. Please pray for us. I have been so blessed by (in)courage recently. Thank you.

  69. For Anne…
    Dear Jesus, tonight please give Anne Your peace that surpasses all understanding. Touch her heart and heal the places that ache. Give her the strength she needs to continue on this journey. I pray for her boys that You would comfort them Lord, help them to run to You when they are struggling. Have Your way in their lives Lord God. Bless them abundantly! Pour Your love into their hearts and give them peace. In JESUS name… AMEN!

  70. I became unemployed Aug. 31. It really rocked my world. I was then denied unemployment benefits. I have numerous physical and mental illnesses including fibromyalgia and major depression. The depression is consuming me. Financial instability is devastating. I have a 7 year old boy who is having a very difficult time adjusting to life with mom unemployed. I have desperately searching for God and although I know I feel Him present at times, emotions feel very dangerous to me and I throw my wall up and block God and everyone else out. I am at the end of my rope and have even considered going into the hospital because my depression is so bad right now. It is so bad, that my doctor and therapist have told me I can’t work right now and I agree, but if I don’t work, I can’t provide for my son. I need prayer, I need to shake this depression and I need a job. I desperately need help!

  71. Bonnie, I am praying for you. I was really helped this week knowing that Stephanie and Holley were praying for me, and I will do the same for you. I met with the Head Teacher this morning, my oldest son is back in school. My husband is on a flight home as I type this, but only for one week. My struggles are far from over but God has given me the strength to persevere. Thanks to you all for being there with me.

  72. Father, I lift up Stephanie to you. Please make your will clear to hear and remove any confusion surrounding her from the enemy. We know that Your Word reminds us that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” Help her to clearly feel your presence at this time.
    Please continue to heal my body from an injury due to a physical therapist’s misdiagnosis. In my hips & legs the muscles nerves, tendons in those areas need to be strengthened and healed. I am working with a gentle caring physical therapist now and pray she has wisdom. Also, my husband and I are taking a finance class at church. We have been tithing and living for the Lord more and more. We, too, struggle with battles from the enemy in the area of our finances as we seek to do God’s will. Thank you, Lord, though for your provision and that you know our hearts.

  73. Monica, know that you are lifted up in prayer this morning, for relief from physical pain and financial burdens. May you see God’s hand working in these areas of your life and may He receive all the glory!
    I found out this morning that my husband and I are expecting our first baby! Praise God! I’m asking for prayer for this new part of our journey together and for a healthy baby. Many thanks.

  74. Father I thank you for allowing us to see another day and I look forward to the blessings you have in store for us.Thank you that you are a God who hears and answers prayers. I pray now for all who are facing trials of one sort or another and I single out those of us who are imprisoned by illnesses which prevent us from doing things we used to do for you. I ask now Lord that you activate your divine intervention to bring about our healing and deliverance now. Please give us grateful hearts to thank you for our breakthrough. I pray for persons whom the devil has in bondage and pray that you break those evil bars asunder and release your children now in Jesus Name.

  75. Please pray for me…I am a one year survivor of breast cancer, I was diagnosed with a triple negative tumor, a more rare and more aggressive cancer. I had surgery, chemo, and radiation. My first mammo was in Sept. and was clear. Tues. I see my oncologist for a follow up visit after bloodwork. I want to be stronger with him because I need more info. about recurrence, clinical trials, etc. Pray that I can successfully talk to him and get the info I need. Thank-you, so much, this has been a difficult journey.

  76. Thank you Monica for praying for me.The Lord is clearly revealing His plan for my life.I just need to obey Him now.I pray that God blesses you and your husbands finances and that He heals your body.I pray for anonymous for now and her husband..that You Heavenly Father protect her pregnancy and surround them with your perfect peace and love during this delicate and exciting time in their lives.Lord please touch each precious persons prayer requests on this site.We love you Lord and thank you for your faithfulness.
    Blessings To All
    Stephanie G.

  77. Father God, please wrap your arms around Mary right now. You know what is hurting her and I ask that you will intervene to heal what has been broken. Please open the eyes of her heart to see mighty presence and your fingerprints all over her life. Give her rest and peace and restoration. Praise to you, Lord, for you are the Holy God, and nothing is impossible for you. Thank you. Amen
    Please pray for me. I am new to the area. I am lonely and overwhelmed. God is good and I know He is with me. I just miss my support group of girlfriends.

  78. Father God, You are so good. You have brought Jo to this place at this time. You know the plans You have for her – plans to prosper her. Help her to remember that – that You are in control and You have a plan. Please bring her a new support network. I remember when I moved 10 years ago how alone I felt. Now I could not imagine living anywhere else. I pray that You, Abba, will bring that to Jo.
    Please, Abba, help me to not be nervous as I start school for massage therapy. I am excited – but I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I have to learn. I know that You have brought me to this place to begin a new journey. Keep me humble and You prepare me to be Your healer.

  79. Please pray for me. Three weeks ago my Mom went home to be with the Lord. I live alone now in the home that we shared and my heart is just filled with sorrow and the pain of the emptiness. I miss her so very much and feel so very alone.

  80. Dearest Father, thank you so much for this amazing blessing of community in a new way. Please bless those who bring us all together and (in)courage us daily by opening up their hearts.
    Lord I bring Amy before you as she starts down a new path that you have set before her. It is such a blessing to learn new things, especially when its something that you have brought about and set a desire in their heart to do. As she begins this new season I pray that you would encourage her and help her set new priorities so she can take of herself through it all and not burn out. I pray that when she feels overwhelmed she would never hesitate or put off coming to you for strength and perseverance. Help her to hold on to the vision you have given her when it all seems to much and bring others around her to build her up.
    Abba, I come before you feeling wiped out. I can’t put my finger on it but something/s is causing stress for me and my sweet husband. I can feel tension between us occasionally over nothing in particular and I do not want to let Satan have a foothold in our marriage. Please help me to keep a reign on my moods as my hormones mess with my emotions, help me to take to heart what we are learning about your love. Give me patience as he learns how to romance me and love me in my language, help me not to be impatient or disrespectful but to come to You with my needs and my heart. Thank you for always understanding my heart, even when I don’t. You are the ultimate Lover. Thank you my Precious Redeemer. Amen.

  81. Thank you, Heavenly Father — Abba — for fulfilling your promise in Deut. 31:8. You will not only go WITH Mary Lou on her doctor’s appointment, but You have gone before. You will give her the strength for the moment … and You are providing wisdom to her doctor. Cause her to feel Your joy — which is her strength (Neh. 8:10)– welling up like a fountain within her, and Your peace to be like the comfort of a quilt on a cold day.
    I continue to stand in for Jenn, also — believing that she will be amazed by your goodness and provision! You ARE an awesome God! All this I ask in the name of Jesus! AMEN!

  82. Father I pray for V.Higgins for your continued blessing upon her marraige, I pray for clear communication between her and her husband that whatever friction there might be in their relationship would be resolved. Let Your love, joy and peace rule in their household I pray in Jesus Name.
    Please pray for God’s clear direction, provision and favor in my life as I am in a place of transistion and I want to be in the center of His plan for my life. Thank you.

  83. Lift your eyes to the hills where your help comes from.Your help comes from the maker of heaven and earth.Set your heart on things above not on things on the earth.Your treasures are in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt and thieves do not break in and steal.I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep by name.I am able to accomplish what concerns you today.I am able,I am able.Jesus is the great intercessor who prays for us.

  84. T, I lift you up that our Father in Heaven would lead you where he wants you and that you would have the gift of discernment to recognize it. Please pray for my unborn child, I have my 1st pre-natal appmt this week. Im excited and a little bit nervous.

  85. Amen, Kim.
    Please pray for a little girl named Hannah Grace – she is 4 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago. She is at Children’s hospital in Little Rock. Hannah had an MRI about a week and a half ago, and they found lesions on her brain. James and Kim are the parents. They are Christians and wonderful people, but with each new bit of news they are becoming discouraged. Hannah has been undergoing many neurological tests, and the doctor told the parents that the recent MRI looked “very bad.” A lot of damage has been done to her brain stem. She was taken off of sedation last night but had not yet opened her eyes as of the latest report. However, she has inititated some breathing and squinted her eyes when one of the nurses was moving her around.
    I cannot imagine what these parents are going through. Hannah is just a precious little girl – she was in my son’s Mothers Day Out class this past summer. This has all come upon their family very suddenly. Things may not be looking good right now, but God is big, and prayer can change the course. Please pray for Hannah, for the doctors, and for her family. They are supposed to talk to the pediatric neurologist today.
    Believing God-

  86. Praying for sweet little Hannah Grace. Father, be with her in this scary hour of darkness. Put your blessings on her and comfort her when she is in pain. Lord, I ask that you give peace and comfort to her parents, James and Kim. Surround them with the care and love of family and friends, and give them patience to wait on You, Lord. Father, I pray that you are with the doctors as they determine the best course of action and treatment for little Hannah Grace, and make their hands steady and their decisions wise. Father, I thank you for the precious gift of life in Hannah Grace, and I ask that you bless her and her family as they cling together through this hard time. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  87. so many hurting families, but, we are a community of women, who can lift our prayers and hurts to God, and know without a shadow of doubt that He is in control.
    please pray for my family, as well, this is a very difficult time of yr for us.. my brother committed suicide,5 years ago, and 6 weeks later my dad died, around this same time, 4 yrs ago, my daughter was molested by a beloved uncle.Our family has been ripped apart.. my 2 girls are not close like they once were. distance and walls keep them apart.. i am praying for a miracle, that will bring them together over this holiday season.
    thanks so much for this opportunity to share with you.

  88. Please pray for my friend Tammy who is starting chemo (again!) for a recurrance of ovarian cancer. Also for my family. My husband is running from God, me and his two beautiful children. Please pray that this relationship will be restored and that God will get the glory!

  89. Father I come to you on April’s behalf, Lord you see her family and her situation, you see the pain that her hubby causes, Lord protect the hearts, minds and emotions of her and her children, Father take good care of them and give them sleep, rest and peace when its least expected, Jesus would you capture her husbands heart, Lord speak quietly and still to this family their future and their welfare. Father, you take care of your flock, if you know the birds of the air you know this family. Thank you Lord. amen.
    Please pray for my husband Mike. He spent 10 mos in a mental hospital, the conditions for coming home were to remain on his meds, seek therapy, and not drink. Last week he chose to just remain on the meds, at that I think he is taking too many. I was out of town when he made these choices. I am so torn and so weary. My physical body is seeing the effects. We need Jesus. We know the work isn’t finished and God has promised I am just tired of clinging to His robe. I need God and so does Mike. Thank you

  90. Thank you, Almighty God … Wonderful Savior … Prince of Peace … Lord of the impossible, for showering blessings on the homes of both April and Kristi. I fully expect that the God Who delivered Peter from prison chains will have no trouble delivering these two women from their dark and painful home situations. I don’t have any idea HOW you will do this, but I know You WILL! To this end, I give you all the paise and glory!!!
    In Jesus wonderful name, I come joyfully and boldly before you! Amen!!!

  91. …please pray for little kate…five years old…cancerous brain tumor…and for all the children who face this horrible disease…blessings

  92. Dearest Laney, I will pray for little Kate and all the children suffering from this horrific illness. May the Lord be with Kate and her parents as the walk with him through this difficult time. Please keep our family in your prayers, we are going through a very difficult financial time. We own a small family business and are struggling.

  93. God, I lift up Heidi to you and pray that she and her family will find peace and remember that you will never leave or forsake them, and that your plans for them are great plans. Please pray for my friend’s sister, who was hit by a car and has had severe injuries and may never walk or speak again. Please pray for healing, courage and strength as they go through this valley. Thank you.

  94. Abba, I lift these needs, hurts and crys from my fellow sisters to you right now. You know their hearts and how to help. I’m trusting in You for peace and guidance for each.
    Today I ask for prayers for my youngest son, 28 who is basicly homeless. He is staying with his older sister and it’s going on 3 months. Things are strained due to lack of privacy. Help them both Lord and all others who are facing economic hardships.

  95. I need prayer today. The tears are flowing freely. Everyone is busy with their own lives and I feel very alone. I am struggling with mental health issues versus working. I had a pastor tell me that my medications were sabotaging my relationship with God and with my own recovery. He told me I wouldn’t find a job if I wasn’t in my “right mind”. This was very hurtful to me and has really upset me. Please pray for peace and direction. Thank you.

  96. I lost my baby at 7 weeks, 9 days ago. My focus is back on all the things wrong in my marriage (failure to leave and cleave, betrayals, pornography, drinking). I feel now Ive truly lost everything, I have nothign to lose (I wont lose my relationship w/ my Father) So now ‘Im seriously resounded to divorcing my husband even though today he said he doesnt want to hurt me anynmore and he doesnt know how to have what he wants and not hurt me at the same time.) I used to think it was easier to stay in this sham of a marriage, now I know its easier to leave and while God may not call me to take the easiest of roads, I feel empty and am ready to take my chances being alone in the world instead of alone while married to this man.

  97. Dear God I pray for Stephanie to give her heart to God and read his word so that she will gain the wisdom to know his will in her life therefore be able to see the deceptions of the enemy in her life…and for Kim’s needs and concerns of the family while she is giving thanks for the grace He has given her…my request is for a friend who is in critical condition in the hospital to give him a hand in reaching out to bring God’s love into his life in his time of need and for a friend who has been diagnosed with a tumor in his bladder and has no insurance or way to pay for the treatments he is going to need. And take just a moment to thank God for all his gifts in my life. I feel so blessed to be able to walk with God.

  98. Dear God i am praying for peace and direction for Bonnie and want her to know that God has brought me through years of medications and hard work to retrieve my “right mind” from medical treatments I had to endure…and crying is good because tears have a natural antibiotic in them that cleanses the eyes..and she is never alone.. God is always right beside her waiting for her to reach out her hand to him…and KS Rebecca for as long as she has God by her side she is not taking the road alone….God will be there to help her all the way. I ony want to ask for prayer for the hungry people in the world and those who have not heard the word of God that they may be blessed with His Presence.

  99. Oh, Sweet Father, however could we face another day of life on this fallen planet without the knowledge that YOU ARE GOD???!!! My dear sister Katie has asked that we pray for the millions of people on this planet who have never had the privilege of hearing the glorious news of the Gospel. We know, without question, that You are a merciful God, and we entrust into Your care all those that don’t know who You are, and what You wait to be and to do in their lives! May Your presence surround them, may You bring believers across their paths in the most supernatural of ways – why, even creation testifies of who You are, so work in any way You see fit to draw many to You in personal relationship!
    For the person who may be praying for my request, I simply ask that you pray for some certain close relationships in my life. As for all of us, some of the closest people to me (ones I love dearly!) are some of the most difficult for me to be around!! (Hmmm…. why is that? 😉 I’d appreciate it so very much. Thanks so very much.

  100. Lord, I lift Robin up to you that her relationships can go smoothly. We don’t understand why the people we love can be so difficult, but you do and you can help Robin I know.
    Please pray that I might be the person that the Lord would be pleased with. I try daily to study the Bible and sometimes, the harder I try, the more difficult life becomes.

  101. God I pray for Sister Kaite’s freinds who are sick and struggling. Hold them and carry them safely through the storm. And for Sister Kaite to continue to be blessed and love you with all her heart.
    Please pray for my friend – he struggles with believing, struggles with his past and has difficulty seeing a way out of his pattern of behavior – I so very much want him to know and love God…and for myself who wants to help and support, but is afraid to get too close for fear of falling for him further and getting hurt in the end. I so very much would like it to work out but he is afraid to hurt me and runs away while I try to be patient and wait for God to reveal his plan for me (whether it is with this man or not). I am so blessed but I struggle with trust and wanting it all NOW especially when 30 is right around the corner and my sister is married with a baby on the way and I wrestle with feeling left behind.

  102. Funding and God’s will for our adoption…and that I will raise all of my kids to be who God created them to be!

  103. please pray for me as I re-learn to deal with the anxiety that crops up in my life from time to time (I got a nice long mostly anxiety-free break of 5 years while pregnant and nursing babies!) also, please pray for my family as we embark on joining a church community with our two young children, which is something my husband and I have wanted to do for some time. I will be praying this evening for all the women who have posted here. Thank you for your sharing.

  104. Dear Lord,
    I pray for Kim’s needs and concerns, although unspoken; you know what those needs and concerns are. Please bless her and her family with your favor to answer her prayers.
    It seems finances continue to be a huge need in my family. I am a single Mom with a 19 year old son in college. His Dad passed away almost 3 years ago so it has been a difficult time. My words to my son when he asked me what we were going to do were that we were going to TRUST GOD. It is a financial struggle monthly and credit debt has gotten out of control..I am working two jobs…three jobs really as I also have an at home business. God has taken care of us through these years and I know He will supply all of our needs. Please pray for wisdom as I make financial decisions and that I can “cast my cares on Him” instead of letting anxiety creep into my mind. I pray for my son to get grants and/or scholarships for school so we are not overloaded with student loans in addition to everything else we owe.
    Thanks for this opportunity to pray with all of you.
    God Bless…

  105. Please pray for my 13 year old son who is bipolar. He needs Christ–he’s on the fence right now but is a lot closer to accepting the truth of Christ’s love. Please also pray for a job for myself. Pray for so many that are seeking jobs and provision for their families.

  106. Our Heavenly Father, I pay for Tammy right now and for her family. I pray that her son would really feel Your presence in his life. Touch him in a way that would bring Him even closer to You. I pray that his bipolarism would not be a hindrance to seeing You and Your love for him. And I pray for a job for Tammy. I pray You would guide her and show her the perfect job You have for her. In Your time, Lord, bring her a job and continue to supply her family’s needs in the meantime. And for all those others who are looking for jobs, too, continue providing for them and bring jobs to them, also.
    I know what Tammy’s going through, as I’m looking for a job, too. I had to give up my job at my church in our move to LA. I’m still getting used to the idea that I’m living here and trying to figure out my new ‘home’. And I’m trying to find a job like before, but that’s just my own selfishness. Praying to find something that works for me and our family.

  107. I am so thankful for this opportunity to just let it all out! I pray for all of you before me that God would reach into your hearts and hold you close for this season in your lives. I pray that our Heavenly Father would bless you today & richly grant favor to you all.
    My prayer is for me. I have been told I have PMDD. But I also have a husband that has broken my trust and has hurt me. I have made a vow to love this man through good times and bad, and I will continue to love him until God tells me otherwise. My prayer lies in the fact is the craziness that I feel the PMDD or the fact that I am still so hurt by this man? I have come to the conclusion that I am not crazy- and that I simply have to focus on Christ Himself to get me through this season. I have been hurt so badly and cannot believe I am in this situation. Please pray!

  108. Hi I need people to help me pray. My best friend lost her mom last week, she was a brave girl… She sadly lost her battle with cancer. Secondly my Brother-inlaw suffer from the same tipe of cancer, he’s doing well with the chemo, but his wife is taking strain, he just had his 4th round. Shame the poor man is realy ill. Please help met pray for them. Also, could you help me pray for my hubby’s bussiness, for things to pick up… So that his spirit would pick up and that he can clearly see God’s hand in his life. Kind Regards, and thank you for this…. God Bless

  109. Wonderful Father, ultimate Physician, we bring Tania’s loved ones before you today. Cancer is such a weight on those who suffer and those who love them. Lord I pray for your supernatural strength for these beloved children of yours. Help them to lean on you during this time and learn to cling to you like never before. Please be their shelter in this storm and bring them an amazing peace that only comes from your Holy Spirit. Bring others around them to hold them up in all ways. Thank you for Tania’s heart and please bless her for her love of her friends and family.
    Abba I bring my brother-in-law Andrew to you as he struggles in the Marine Corp. Lord, please lead him back to you and teach him the peace and rest of leaning on YOUR strength instead of his own. As he prepares for Afghanistan and leading his team please bring others beside him to challenge him to cling to you, to trust you in new ways. Please heal his body as he suffers from the stress of this year but most of all bring his heart near to yours.
    I also pray for the situation with our car. The idea of having to ‘retire’ it scares me, we do not have the resources to replace it without setting us back financially and I want to feel secure in that area. But I know my security ultimately comes from you, so I choose again today to trust you, no matter what happens. Please make our path here clear to us and give us guidance on how much to spend to fix it and when/if to let it go. Thank you for caring for even these earthly things in our lives and for being my refuge when I am afraid. You are completely in control, thank you for allowing me to rest in that.

  110. Father, I lift up V’s brother in law to You, for Your protection and peace, that You would reach his soul and remind him of Your love and true peace in this time of turmoil for him. Give him strength to lead others to You, and to be a beacon of Your love for them.
    We also ask that you give V peace about her car situation, that she would remember Your still small voice in times of stress, and that You would lay Your hands on their home and resolve the situation swiftly.
    Today I ask for prayer for my sister and her husband, they are job searching so they can move by us, and after months it’s hard to not get discouraged. We pray he can find a well paying job before the end of the year in our town and that she will be with family before her baby is due.

  111. Eternal Father in Heaven Please Pray for a new job for me and my son and a new residence JESUS I Pray for all of the sick,the infirmed,the lonely and the dying JESUS let them continue to know your healing touch and comfort.Please PRAY for all of our service personnel men and women that GOD will continue to keep them safe and guide and protect and watch over them always.Please remember to PRAY and thank all of our service personnel for fighting so that all of us can be FREE please PRAY for all of their families. GOD BLESS YOU Holley and everyone at Dayspring.com.Thank You

  112. Please pray for peace for me as well as an added measure of encouragement, strength and hope. My daughter, Callie, who is also one of my best friends is getting married in December. This is a bittersweet time, I am overjoyed for her and love her Cole, but am also saddened. As all things must in life this will bring change….I am looking forward to this season of my life, but truly would appreciate your prayers.

  113. Please pray for all the high school seniors and their parents as they participate in their senior year activities and as they work through the long process of choosing, applying, and getting accepted (or denied) to college. Please pray for parents that they may approach the process with grace and that students celebrate their joyous moments (or drown their disappointments)safely. Please watch over our young adults as they venture into the world and shelter them always from harm with the warmth of God’s love, forgiveness, and understanding.

  114. Thank you for dear Holley for your heartfelt prayer for all of us. That prayer is so beautiful and encouraging… Please pray particularly for a dear sister (one of my siblings in Philippines), her name is Marizza that she’ll be strengthened by the Lord on the inside so that she may grow day by day in her walk with Him and God will richly bless her life and her family and their finances. Also please pray for me for my up coming operation in the gall bladder. Thank you so much for your prayers and may Lord answer all our prayers!

  115. Father, I commit Kim and family into your hands. You know the needs of each one of them and the plans that you have for them. May you reveal yourself to them and continue pouring out your grace to meet their every need. May your will be done in their lives.
    I am requesting prayers for my family and especially my mother. My father passed on and we are coming to terms with this. We have the blessed hope that he died in the Lord and we shall see him in heaven. In the meantime, we need God’s grace to go on and for my mum to be able to go on after 40 years with my dad by her side.

  116. My name is Maddie. My husband & I have been taking care of my brother(he has Alzheimers)for over two years. He lives with us, so we take care of him 24/7.He seems to be happy, but recently he has times when he is violent, and the other day he hit me.I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to take care of him. We need the money as we have no other income, but it is very stressful. We want to be able to do something else, we know what we want to do-be tour guides, but we don’t have the money now to start this new business.We’ve prayed about it too, We are not young, I’m 70 and my husband is 81.We just need prayer to know what direction to take.

  117. Stephanie I am praying for you to know God’s will alone and that you not to be deceived. God Bless both you and Kim!
    I am asking for prayers for one of the ten month old triplets I watch. Ryan had to have surgery on Wednesday. On Friday he was all swollen and very lethargic so his parents took him to the hospital. He was admitted with a severe reaction to his medication. We almost lost him when his blood pressure and sugar levels shot up and his pulse rate dropped until he flat lined. Now due to that he has fluid in his lungs and a temp which they fear has turned into pneumonia. He has to stay another day in the hospital.
    Asking for prayers for Ryan to get well soon and come home real healthy to his two brothers waiting for him.
    Thank you – God Bless!

  118. Lord I pray for Kim and her family, I pray you will address all their needs and concerns. Thank you for hearing the prayers of your people. I need prayer, I was in a car accident over the weekend which was totally my fault. What do you do when you are just wrong?, I have asked God for forgiveness,I did not need more expenses, no one was hurt, I’m just bruised and feel so ignorant and should be more thankful that I’m alive, please pray that I could see God’s goodness in this and the judge will be merciful when I go to court, I received three tickets. Thank you and God Bless you all.

  119. Father may Joy recieve her name in full. Joy beyond measure knowing You are in control. She is forgiven and Your love never ends for her. help her to be kind to herself and forgive herself for this moment in time. Thank you that no one was injured and I pray thathealing of memories, mid and emotions will take place in all concerned. let her learn from this experience to be more alett and more aware of times when she needs to take extra care.
    Thank you Father.
    And now I ask for prayer that all the men and boys in our family will gain good, wise, spiritual mentors to help them stay in focus with You. Help them Lord to be the wise leaders in their homes.