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  1. I am grateful for my husband’s smiling eyes, my son reaching out to receive grace for his journey, and my daughter’s heart for people. Thank you, Lord.

  2. Thanking Him for a beautiful, warm weekend of fishing and canoeing, s’mores by a campfire, a family circled up in prayer…and oh, so many memories created…

  3. I am thankful for my family, God’s amazing grace, and for hugs and smiles.
    Thank you Ann for sharing. I tend to be thankful when things are good but complaining when things are bad. I have started to be thankful but need to work on it some more. I am encouraged.

  4. Fantastic post! The hard times are the biggest learning times for sure. I have come to be thankful for them in retrospect–learning to be thankful for them in the midst…that’s a work in progress.
    today I need to be thankful for the hard time my hubby is enduring at work…and that he is taking a personal day to reconnect with God. (if you are reading this and care to pray for him today–thanks!)