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  1. Just a word of encouragement to keep on doing what you are doing. You are impacting many more lives than you ever realize. My heart is continually warmed and challenged by your generosity experiment. I love hearing your stories! 🙂 So, I am here cheering you on. I’d love to meet you sometime. Maybe I know who you are and just don’t know it. 🙂
    This past year I received an unexpected gift with a special message when I was spending a weekend with friends. Having grown up in the country I’m not very fond of heavy traffic in larger cities. (Yeah, just give me space.) As I was ready to leave, my host walks up to me with a special gift of prayer blessing for me as I drove home, especially through the one big town. I received a beautiful piece of home decor with Psalm 121:8. It now hangs beside my front door for a blessing for myself and others as we come and go.
    Austin and his family’s testimony is incredible. Thanks for requesting prayer on their behalf. Blessings on you as you give from God’s heart and yours. Grace, joy and peace to you this Christmas.