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  1. Sandy,
    This touches my heart and my stomach! Now I’m hungry…hungry to devour some of that yummy soup as well as follow God’s prompting to bless others in simple and unexpected ways. I know I have followed these nudges at times, but I also know that I have at times shut out His voice because I didn’t want to expend the extra effort.
    Thanks for reminding me that when I obey Him, a little extra effort can go a long way to show someone in need a whole lotta lovin’. Beautiful post.

  2. Bless you! What a sweet heart you have. The “C” word sends chills up my spine…it’s so prevalent and distructive. Thanks for giving us the encouragement to listen to the littlest nudges from God that may be so “insignificant” that we be tempted to ignore them…just to find out how truly significant they are.
    On another note, one question, what’s the apple pie in a jar thing all about? That sounds like a fabulous idea…do you make and freeze the filling or do canning for quick making of apple pie?

  3. This looks like it tastes so wonderful, so much better than the canned soup I buy.
    Cancer is such a devastating ordeal to go through. I pray that this person is healed and comforted.

  4. Been praying for the Lords help to quit smoking with husband and a friend named Kim. Night before last the Lord spoke 2 Corinthians 6:16 “And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.” OUCH…Yesterday Kim and I were cleaning a home together and we were both wearing a “relay for life” t-shirt…which is for helping support cancer patients…My husband was just treated for cancer last year…And then my cell phone rang…every morning I receive a 411 God call…and sure enough BOOM…the SAME Scripture 2 Corinthians 6:16 was the Scripture of the day…If this isn’t a NUDGE…then I am NOT paying attention…
    Please PRAY..Matthew, Kim and I quit..our set date is February 14th Valentines Day!!!!!!!

  5. I get these nudges regularly and I am always amazed at the results, when I respond to the prompting.
    Recently I made a new recipe for enchiladas and I was surprised by how much it made. As I dished up dinner for our family I realized there was enough for another entire meal. I packed it up quickly and took it to some friends two neighborhoods over that have an infant and a toddler.
    I think families with new babies can always use a meal and often we surround them with meals the first week or two after giving birth. But, sometimes the real need for support comes when the baby is a few months old.
    Our friends were encouraged by a hot meal, at dinner time, on a night they hadn’t been to the grocery store.

  6. Thank you Ladies. It’s so easy to follow the nudge, once you start doing it, and God always blesses us with our time and I agree with Pendy, our blessings multiply!
    Brooke, head on over to my site and you’ll find Apple Pie in a Jar. Or email me.

  7. I felt a nudge to check in with a friend I had not heard from in a few days. So glad I did. She is struggling with depression and I knew I had done the right thing the moment she opened the door. We talked, she cried, we prayed. I checked in today and she sounds so much better. I promised God I would check in every day to see what the need was and if we could work together as she rests and recuperates.
    Never ignore the nudge!

  8. This is encouraging. I often ignore those nudges because I’m not a good enough cook or simply because it would make me uncomfortable. I need to get beyond that, obviously. Thanks for sharing.

  9. SO good Sandy! I hate the “C” word too! I want to see it obliterated!!
    Sounds yummy!
    I’m in the process of hosting two gentlemen, and whoever else ends up on my doorstep this weekend (so far a friend of Kat’s and another guy from church)

  10. I tend to get nudges to write cards to a friend who has depression. She says that they always arrive on the day when she needs to encouragement the most. Sometimes, I write a long message, other times, it’s simply, “I said a prayer for you today”.
    I love those nudges! It’s so much fun to be able to do something, no matter how small, for someone else.

  11. I get those nudges and love to be a part of helping in need. I did that for our pastor and his family a couple of weeks ago. They said it was a huge blessing to them when they only had ramen noodles.

  12. I really try to use my kitchen as a “ministry” and you know those times that I am preparing a meal for other families, it all seems to work out (messes aren’t as overwhelming, etc…) I really believe it is God’s hand helping me. Love your posts! Thanks for the continued inspiring words.

  13. So glad you followed “the nudge” and encouraged us to do the same by sharing this. I made a double batch of soup last night and plan to share some with our neighbor. He’s living alone while looking for a new job out-of-state. His wife got a new job and has already moved several states away. They’ve been apart for several months. I’m going to pay close attention to “the nudge” as time goes on. Don’t want to miss an opportunity to be God’s hands blessing someone in need. = )

  14. Ah yes, the food nudge! I felt the nudge to make banana bread this week for my elderly neighbor. I know he loves it — and he’s a widower who fell on the ice recently and broke his shoulder. This is just the nudge I need to get out those slightly past-their-prime bananas and get the mixer going. Thank you!