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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. My husband’s job is on very shaky ground. His character has been under attack from what I believe are false accusations stemming from petty and childish favoritism from his supervisor. Prayers are needed for direction, justice, provision etc.

  2. My nine-year-old son is struggling this year with a deeply negative attitude and a hard heart towards those around him. Please pray that the Lord will soften him and encourage him, and also that my husband and I will have loving wisdom to reach his heart.

  3. We are in the midst of raising funds to be missionaries in Uganda. Our current prayer is that we become 50% funded by next Monday so that we can register for our required 5 week training in Colorado and not delay our departure. We can’t wait to serve God where He has called us- even though our calling right now is fund raising.

  4. Megan, I am praying for your husband and that God will watch over your family and his workplace and provide for you.
    Chris, I am praying that your son may know grace and your family life be blessed.
    Kelly, I am praying for you and the good work you will be doing in Uganda. May God bless your fundraising ventures and keep you all safe.
    I would ask that you please pray for my mother, who needs god’s grace and provision more than ever. And for my whole family as we struggle with my 17 year old cousin’s suicide.
    Thank you and God Bless

  5. Heidi, I pray for you mother to fully receive God’s grace and provision today and that it puts joy in her spirit, gives her heart peace and that she is awed by God’s hand at work.
    Suicide is an awful thing to deal–praying for healing and comfort during this hard kind of loss.
    My prayer request is that my husband would receive a job offer soon, and that it would take care of our household financial needs. He’s been out of work for about 6 months and things are getting tight. We would like to see God at work opening doors and guiding us to what He has planned. To be patient in this wait. To know what to be doing next. To have joy even in the circumstances. Thanks.

  6. Mostly, I just praise God for His love and faithfulness and caring. He’s so good!!!
    I try to listen but, still, never know if I’m missing God’s voice. I have so many questions about the future and about what I should be doing. I would appreciate prayer that I pay attention and listen. Mari, I will be praying for you and your husband and family. You have already helped me by the reminder to look for joy even in this time while I wait.
    Thank you! Blessed Holy Week and Easter to all!!

  7. Becky,I pray that your heart and mind will rest in God’s love, opening yourself to see and hear his word and his desire for you.
    My prayer request is for my husband. His heart is bound by walls of protection resulting from a lifetime of hurts and assaults. It affects everything and everyone in his life. May God grant him courage to trust the love of those around him, and risk the process of dismantling the armor that binds him.

  8. Kathy-I pray that the proof and truth you seek reveals itself to you. I am assuming you are adopting a child, or were you adopted? Mark Schultz has a great song about being adopted (which he was). I know there is a video on his website about it.
    I may be presented an unprecedented business proposition in the coming months….I want to do what God wants me to; please pray that it will be VERY clear to me!

  9. Anne, I pray for your husband, courage to allow God to take down the “walls” he has put up so that he can begin to experience joy, peace, the grace & mercy only God can provide him. And for you, Anne, to have patince, love & persistent spirit to continue to pray for your husband, believing & thanking God for what He is doing in your husband’s life.
    Kathy, I pray that God will provide the information you need regarding your adoption. I am adopted
    & my heart & prayers go out to you.
    My prayer request is that my 16 year old son’s heart & attitude toward God would soften & he would have God’s wisdom & discernment against satan’s lies & that he would turn toward the Biblical Truths he knows & has been taught.

  10. Rachel my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray that God will heal your heart and take away the hurt. It cannot be easy going through this, but God will bring you through it. He will guide you and most of all LOVE you through this all.
    Please pray for my dad that has a brain tumour. It has been partially removed, but he is so weak and he now has other problems as a result of the tumour. Please pray that his body will be healed.
    For everyone else that posted a prayer request: I read all of them and I am praying for all of you. God bless.

  11. Rachel, my heart goes out to you as I, too, am in a marriage breaking up. May Jesus be your comfort and your strength. “I will sing of Your love, O Lord, for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.”
    My prayer request is for my three teen children and myself. My husband has filed for custody of the two younger ones (14 & 16). I pray and ask your prayers that the children (who want to stay with me) not be uprooted but remain with me — and that I find strength and protection in the Lord to fight this battle with a heart filled with trust in Him. . . Please also pray for my sister, Peggy, and my brother, Chris, both of whom are in desperate need of work. Your prayers are precious to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you all!

  12. To everyone whose trust is in the Lord. I pray that this Holy Week will remind each of us who is in control of our lives and of the boundless love He has for each of us. May you and all you care for be richly blessed.

  13. We are standing in agreement that this week is “Breakthrough Week”, a time of miracles! We look not on the seen, but trust God to be at work in the unseen on our behalf! Thank you for the opportunity to be (in)couraged!!

  14. Thank you Nanette for saying it will be a breakthrough week, a time for miracles. I pray that for you what you have on your heart. Also, that is an encouragement to me. My youngest daughter is walking away from the Lord, messed up in some Facebook drama, her marriage is now in trouble and they have 3 young children. The oldest has Down Syndrome. She has always been my child who has always been so sensitive to God and now this. My heart is broken and I know I need to stand in faith believing for a miracle.

  15. I pray that during this Holy Week, family relationships, marriage, and individuals will be reborn in the saving light of God’s grace. I pray for those who need employment, and trust that God will continue to provide all your needs. I pray for those that are experiencing health problems, that God will enlighten the doctors and show them the path for treatment and recovery. Pray that I continue to grow in strength and knowledge, and be the light here in Grant that I need to be. Pray also for a Doctor’s appointment, that I’ll be honest about aches and pains. Praise God and His amazing love and grace

  16. my heart is still aching over my broken engagement. im scared of the future, im scared ive messed things up. im scared i might have to settle for a husband in the future. i know these are all probably unreasonable. but they are fears.
    please pray for my healing, my acceptance, my understanding.

  17. Patty, praying for the blessing of God on you and your children – that you might have “awareness” moments of His love holding you close. He is the only One who never leaves nor disappoints us.
    Praying for Peggy and Christ that God would open doors for them and help them to see how He is working it for good in their lives.

  18. Sherri, praying for your son. My 16 yr old daughter is dealing with unforgiveness and it will hinder her relationship with the Lord. So, I understand your request. She is going her first mission trip this summer to India and I’m praying the Lord will break through while she’s serving Him.
    My prayer request is my complacency. My life has been on cruise control for so long it’s become “normal”. It has spilled over into my life with the Lord and I am definitely seeing and feeling the results of it. My walk with the Lord has been on cruise control and I want to be done with it. Pray for a break through in my life as well.
    Praying for Trudie & Patty as well.

  19. I forgot to post my own request – that Jesus would be seen in our lives as we transition into retirement.

  20. Anne, I’m praying that your youngest daughter will be reminded of the love, mercy and comfort that can come from God and given what’s on her shoulders right now I pray that she can hand over her burdens and trust that God will take the reigns.
    I need that encouragement as well that God will offer direction and purpose for my life.

  21. Pray that I will be still and know that HE is God. That I will follow him and not create my own agenda and try to lead myself.
    Cathy – I am praying that you will be at peace with the direction and purpose God has for your life.
    I am praying over each entry throughout the day! May God bless and keep you all.

  22. cathy, my prayers are for you to find Gods purpose for your life. bless you my sister in faith. my prayers are for me to get over a heart break i had this week, i thought i found the love of my life, but he basically dumped me. so i need prayre to understand that it was not meant to be, and that i am a good woman. happy easter to all of you.

  23. I pray, Bev, that you do be honest with your doctor. It is the only way that the doctor can use his God-given healing gift to hekp you.
    I ask for prayers for not just myself, but everyone going through the difficult times that we are in-for deep, deep FAITH, COURAGE,and HOPE for our world. I, too, have health issues, and believe that prayers can perform miracles. God is the Healer of man. May all of you be blessed this Holy Week.

  24. Please pray for my Dad, who was admitted to the hospital yesterday with infected meseneteric lymph nodes. May he be comforted in pain, and may those caring for him have the best counsel and provide outstanding treatment commensurate with a timely recovery.

  25. I will be praying for everyone on this post that God will lift us up and guide us. May He reveal to each of us His purpose for us and show all His mercy as we walk our paths. I have so many needs of prayer for my whole family. It seems like we are all majorly fractured right now. I pray that God will touch each of us and show us love and mercy to find our way back to a Christian life. My husband has lost all faith and it crushes me daily to see a man who was once becoming a preacher be one of no belief at all. Please just pray for our family to heal. God bless each and every one of you!

  26. Heavenly Father, I pray that you will lift everyone who’s in need of your Healing Comfort in relationships, marriages, and health. Please, Lord give each person a desire of longing to have your peace and love with them every step of the way.

  27. Praying for healing, Leonore, for you as you trust the Lord…He is faithful to His Word. I read just today, how the Lord, who was on His way to Jerusalem, knowing He would be crucified in four days, stopped to heal two blind men…it says He was moved with compassion!!
    And praying for you, Lindsay, and for your father. God wants us whole in every aspect of our lives…may your father know that healing touch!
    I ask for mothers with wayward children, to pray with me for their return to the Lord and His forgiveness and restoring love. The parable of the Prodigal Son is there for a reason!!

  28. Pam, I pray that God will comfort you through this, and let you know that He has something better for you.
    What I need prayer for is… Our car died, on Christmas eve, and my husband is a pizza delivery driver. We could of replaced it with another cheap one, when we got our taxes back, but, we haven’t been able to find one, and now the money’s gone because it’s had to be used to keep a roof over our heads and the electricity turned on. He can’t apply for unemployment, because the company he works for hasn’t actually fired him, his boss is trying to be nice and hold it for him. And, we’re in our mid 50’s, he has arthritis and can’t do anything that requires he stand in the same place, or can’t sit for a bit from time to time, so this is the best job for him.
    I’m sorry, it’s hard to explain, and I’m going a bit nuts here. Thank you, so much, for your prayers.

  29. Pam, you are beautiful! You are God’s creation. Praise God , He protected you from the wrong one! I will pray for you , that God will send your Knight to you. In the meantime, Jesus Christ is your Knight in Shining Armor.
    Cathy, I will pray for God to show you The Path you are to take next, that you will see it clearly with His LIGHT!
    Anne, I will pray for you and your daughter. I too have a daughter who has walked away. I know the pain. I pray for you to BELIEVE in the power of prayer. Please read Wrestling Prayer by Eric Ludy.
    Pray for God’s strength to fight the enemy with Holy Spirit power of prayer.
    I ask you to pray for my daughter to be brought to her senses and brought home, back to God , and I know The Good Shepherd will bring this lamb back. I know that The ALMIGHTY JUDGE will avenge us from this enemy who wants to divide our homes. We MUST pray and believe.
    I need prayer to be strong in the LORD and to be a Proverbs 31 women and a Titus 2 wife and mother.
    Thanks to you all.

  30. Pam,
    May the God of all comfort be with you in tangible ways as your heart and mind heal from this hurt. I pray that God protects your mind for lies that you are not a good woman and that you will see how yourself through Jesus’ eyes, as his beloved bride.
    Please pray for my as my own heart and mind struggle with a big hurt in a close relationship. I want to be angry but I don’t think that’s the right response.

  31. oops! What I thought was the last one wasn’t. Praying for wayward children, Mid. I have some of those, too.

  32. Pam my prayers for you to get over your heartbreak, to realize you are g good woman, and that when one door closes another opens.God just has another person or plan for your life. My prayer hope is that I can get over the lonliness of losing a husband and father last year within six weeks of each other. I try to live day to day but seems one foot forward two steps back in trying to come to terms with it. I need prayers that I can focus on the positives in my life instead of the negatives. Pray for me that I can reach beyond my lonliness & move forward in my live.

  33. Paige, I am praying for you to follow God’s voice and leading. That you would find silence and solitude in your life to be able to listen to God’s gentle whisper and obey.
    For me, I am newly engaged (!!!) and am planning a wedding and a marriage. Please pray for my future husband and I as we begin our lives together.

  34. Oh Pam you ARE a good woman and so beloved by God. Sweet Jesus please heal this dear one’s heart and let her feel you walking with her as she processes this pain.
    Please pray for our family as my dad passed away yesterday. God has been so, so good to us throughout this experience. Please pray especially for my mom as she learns to “walk” daily without my father.
    Thank you, Holley, for this ministry.

  35. Thank you for the opportunity…prayer works!
    Pam, You are worth more than rubies! God has not missed you on the relationship bus. He’s preparing Mr. Yours right this very moment. Be faithful to Him…..He’s got a plan to rock your world!
    My Request: (Is complicated!)
    My family is lost (not unsaved lost, directionally lost)
    We left the ministry 2 years ago this month. Hubby was a pastor. The situation was toxic. We couldn’t take anymore.
    We nearly lost our house (still trying to keep it). Our finances have been in turmoil as well as our hearts. We joined another church in our town (bad idea) and haven’t felt a part of it ever. We’re gifted, talented and well equiped to serve the Lord. Yet, here we sit….at home on Sunday morning.
    No one misses us (cause we aren’t a real part in the church).
    We need a miracle. Each of us feel horrible that we have nothing.
    Ministry is hard…..walking away even harder.
    I don’t even know what to ask for. It’s that crazy!
    I need to know that our family is going to be ok. Everyday, it seems to get harder.

  36. to karmel, nikki, the shepards daughter, and betsy
    though we all have our pain and suffering, its so nice to have a sisterhood to hold on to. i feel as if i know each and every one of you. your right, i am great woman, and God will put the right man in my path. love you all

  37. Pam, I pray that God will give you the strength to continue on knowing that with Him you will not be alone. My prayers are for my son. I pray that he will find out that God is the best mentor. And He will lead him in the right direction. I pray that my son will find the courage to do the things he needs to do to make his life better. I know my son needs this courage. It is hard to go it alone. I hope he can find God and know he is not alone.

  38. Wanda, I will be praying for you!
    I was a youth pastor for three years at a church and it ended sadly when the lead pastor decided to split the youth group and teach the senior high group with little discussion with me. My husband and I left the church (sadly my teens), it has taken over a year for me to really feel healing and understand God is always with me even when His people are against me. The church we started attending just closed last week due to our pastor taking a job in another state. We are back to seeking a church family that will feel like a family! God hears our prayers. If HE is for us, who can be against us!
    Please pray for guidance in finding a new church family.

  39. Sheila – I’m praying that God will be seen in all things great and small as you transition into retirement. May you find contentment, comfort and security during this time, and reassurance that you are in His will.

  40. Thank you for this opportunity to join in prayers with you all. We are in the process of selling our home and building a new one. Prayers for a fair offer on our home and for the successful completion of our new home ina timely manner would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

  41. Pam, I had a very similar experience this week. I pray that the Lord speaks truth into your heart and that He heals your heart as only He can.
    Paige, I pray that the Lord moves in you in amazing ways and forces you to be still in whatever way He can.
    My request is that God heal my heart and speak truth into me louder than the lies Satan is yelling at me this week.

  42. Lord, touch and heal Karissa’s heart and allow your voice to be heard over all others in her life. Bless her with your love.
    I have 2 requests. First prayers for Ashton a beautiful 22 year hold with cancer. She is having difficulty breathing this weekend as the cancer in her lungs seems to be growing. Prayers for peace and healing as well as for her family and friends. Secondly prayers for my mother who is suffering dementia which seems to be rapidly progressing. My sister and I are having difficulty dealing with an ever-changing situation.
    Blessings to each of you.

  43. my prayer for pam is this that you would know how much you are loved by the father and thja he is the healer of broken heardt my prayer is for you o stay strong for God says jerimiah 29 11 I know the plans i have for you they are not to hurt you but for a hope and a future!1 please also pray for my broken heart and the salvation for my husband and family molly

  44. Pam, I praying for comfort this week as you get through this heart break. So many times in my own life, I thought I had it all figured out and suddenly the plans changed. I didn’t see it then, but later I saw that God was watching over me the entire time. His plans were so much better!! There are so many unknowns in my own life as both my husband and I deal with job situations. I am a teacher and was told on Friday that I was on a potential RIF list, (Reduce Instruction Force) if the ballot does not past on May 18th. I don’t understand all the whys, but again I reminded that God’s plans are so much better.

  45. Paige, I am praying that you will seek the Lord and let Him direct your paths. I pray also that as you do so in obedience that you will experience a great peace and joy.
    Pam, I pray for your broken heart. I pray that God will restore your sense of who you are in Him. I also pray that He will bring a godly man into your life at just the right time.
    As for me, please pray for my grieving process. My husband of just a little more than two years lost his ten-month battle with kidney cancer three weeks ago today. He was the love of my life, and so many hopes and dreams have been shattered. Please pray that I will continue to walk closely with the Lord through this valley.
    And, since it’s Palm Sunday, Hosanna!

  46. Cheri, I am praying for your job situation. I, too, am a teacher – and praying that my school will find dedicated, godly teachers to fill the openings that have arisen as people have decided to seek new careers as teachers elsewhere or to leave the field entirely. Know that there is a great job for you out there someplace if you should get RIF’ed. I hold all of our country’s teachers up in prayer today.

  47. Joannah, I am praying for you and your dear,grieving heart. You are on the beginning of a difficult but very deep and meaningful walk with Jesus. He above all others knows what you are going through. Surround yourself with friends who will let you grieve and process for as long as it takes–do not let anyone rush you.
    I will write your name in my Bible and continue to pray for you during my prayer time. God Bless you.
    As for me, prayers for my husband and I as we take steps to be obedient to Gods leadership over our finances. We are in the beginning of a plan to become a debt free family. With two sons and myself in college and one more son to go (plus many needs of our household) it is a daunting process. God Bless all of you and thanks in advance for prayer.

  48. Dear Pam,
    I know you are hurt now and I am praying that you will feel the arms of Jesus wrapped securely around you. You are so beautiful to Jesus and He will ONLY allow His best to stay in your life. Lift your eyes and focus on Jesus. He will guide you to the right man, in the right season of life. Focus on all the positive things He wants you to do with your life right now. I’ll continue to pray that the hurt goes aways very soon. ….Please pray for me that I understand what it will require for me to begin a ministry that I feel called to. I will be speaking with my pastor this week. I just need clarity and to be certain that God is calling me to this. Have a blessed Palm Sunday. Love, Linda

  49. Kleigh, (my dd’s name, but we have an ‘ay’ in it) I’m praying you will find who God has for you. Don’t be scared of the future, God’s got it all under control. He will be faithful if we just believe.
    Joannah, prayers of comfort for you. I loved what Beth Moore had to say in one of her studies- ‘then what?’ I have clung to that through the loss of my parents. “Then what, God?” I pick myself up and go on.
    For me, I’m totally overwhelmed at the moment. I’m having a hard time picking up and going on right now. Everywhere I turn, things are pressing in. I’m just going through the motions. I don’t want to be just going through the motions.

  50. Dear Trudi my heart just broke when I read about your Dad. May our Loving Heavenly Father Heal your Dad Completely in Jesus Name!
    My Mum in law, now 94, had a 4cm tumour in her right hand lung but Praise God, He Removed it Completely and Utterly and Permanently!! I pray the Same for your dear Dad !!
    God Bless you!!
    I would like prayers for those of my family who’ve been hurt + led astray that God would bring them Back to Himself!!
    I include myself in this!

  51. As I read all of the requests, I sit here in tears and thankfulness that we can ask each other to help with prayer (we are never alone). I just wanted to say that a month or so ago I posted a prayer request for my injured younger sister and her terminally ill husband that her disability come soon (waiting since 2006). Your prayers were so great that a miracle happened and after 4 years, she has the approval. It is so wonderful to see the lines of stress and worry leave the face of someone you love. Thank you, Holley, and all of you, and I promise to make a point after church to read this and pray for all of you every Sunday.

  52. Trish, I am praying for your families health. Please pray for the sale of my house so that my children and I can be reunited in Tn. with my husband who has taken a new job. Lord hear our prayers. Sarah

  53. Dear Lynn am saying a prayer that your family is now led back to God and their pain is gone…and I would like prayer for my daughter is led to God for the first time and can understand his calling her…Thank you God for our Savior Jesus Christ and In His Name I Pray…Thank You for listening to my prayer….amen
    Sister Kaite

  54. Please pray for me that I can find a car. Pray for me I can find rest for my weary soul. Pray my siblings can come a real heart love intimate relationship with Jesus.

  55. Bekah, I will be praying for you this week. Praying> you find a car that fits your budget and your needs, that God will wrap His loving arms around you giving you the rest your soul needs, and that your siblings will be drown to Christ by the love they see in you.
    My prayer request: I graduate in May and I’m a little stressed. That God would lead me to the job that He has planned for me. And for my financial situation.

  56. Pam, be good to yourself. God knows the desires of your heart and His timing is always perfect (in hind sight at least!). May your heart be comforted with His peace.
    My request is for financial needs as well and the right job for my husband. He has been under-employed for over a year now. There are many stresses to our marriage and family due to financial issues. My soon to graduate college son also is in need of prayer with the many challenges of finishing school, what comes next, work pressures, etc.

  57. Carol,
    Praying for the Lord to meet you right where you are, to meet your financial needs and to provide the perfect job for your husband and also your son. Praying for His Strength to be seen in you, and for Him to abundantly bless you and your family.
    Please pray for my husband. Our marriage is in a shambles, but worse than that, he has turned from the Lord. I know that all things are worked in the end for God’s glory, but pray that my husband will return to the Lord before the Lord decides to call him home. Seeing my husband’s relationship with the Lord restored is weighing heavy on my heart.

  58. Pam, beloved daughter of a King who walks alongside his royal princess, listening to her anguish, while his heart aches as her heart cries and so tears fall, so he whispers “I know the plans I have for you, my child….” I pray that you will hear him in the silence of the aftermath. Remember you don’t have to hold it all together, be real in your pain, I think God likes that kind of stuff. Prayer for my husband who’s experienced rejection in the workplace, to not hold onto bitterness or self-pity but to allow himself to see what God IS doing in his life.

  59. I am in desperate of two things: A kidney donor for a kidney transplant. i have a high sensitivity and so 4 years of looking for the right donor has produced nothing. I need a living kidney donor that is a match. Also, I have been in a wheelchair since October, and need to find the right phy therapy to get me walking again. I am only 45.

  60. Laura, I pray for your finances. God has promised that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory! He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. All the riches on the earth belong to Him! May He flood you with more than enough, and God cannot break any of His promises!
    I pray that the miracle of Christ’s resurrection surround each and every one of you! Jesus said, “It is finished!” He has bought us back for God and God fights the battle for us! I pray for so many of you whose children have hard hearts! Our two grandchildren also have hard hearts and are in rebellion against God and their parents. Please join me in prayer for them also.
    Jesus gave us His name as a power of attorney to fight evil, and said, “Go in my Name. . .”
    Nothing–neither beings in heaven or earth or under the earth can go against the name of Jesus. (Phil.2, Eph.1, Heb.1). In the powerful name of Jesus, I pray for you for deliverance, for healing, and for an outpouring of God’s blessing!
    Love to you all! Thank you, Holley!

  61. I am praying for you dear Kelli. God knows exactly the right kidney that you need, and He can work out His plan of health for you! May He bless you and keep you and may His healing power sustain you and supply all your needs! He is good, and in thanksgiving for all that He has done, I pray for God’s healing for you. He is a God of miracles. He spared not his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all. How shall He not with Him alos freely give us all things? (Rom. 8:32). He loves you! He loves you!
    Thank you for your prayers for my two hard-hearted grandchildren also!
    God is Love!

  62. Pam, I’m praying for you as you heal from having your heart broken over the past week. May Jesus be your everything and give you assurance that His best is yet to come.
    I’d appreciate prayer for “living in the moment” while exploring options for the future.

  63. Kelly,
    Praying that Jesus will place the ‘right’ donor in your path this very week…and that your physical therapy will be sufficient to meet the needs that would allow you to walk again, and SOON.
    For my husband and I…we are in the ‘dark night of the soul’. We need $3,500 by Friday to pay our house taxes, or we will be forced into foreclosure. We are literally hanging by a thread as my works 24/7 to try and resurrect a business that had been failing. Our marriage is suffering beyond words, and I have feelings of hopelessness. Not very easy for a follower of Christ to admit, but none-the-less, it is where I am at right now. I can only think of Jesus in the Garden, as he faced such great agony; and prayed, prayed, prayed….the Father’s will be done. I am counting on the prayers of the saints, that I would not give up. I am crying out for help, and for hope. My husband, Mike, needs your prayers, more than I can say. He feels like a complete failure, and his faith needs strengthening.
    Oh, dear brothers and sisters in Christ – we need a miracle. I won’t ramble on, just know that this week is crucial for our emotional, spiritual and financial health. We know that our Resurrected Lord is able. Pray that we will be ‘willing to be willing’ to grab onto the Hope we have in Christ, and any help He sends our way. Many thanks.

  64. So many woes, worries, and heartaches. As I sit here and read each request my heart is burdened for each of you. I will be praying for you all.
    I have a praise for an answered prayer request from last week. The lump my daughter found was a cyst and nothing to worry about. I would like continued prayer for my husband who is waiting on a call back for a second interview. We desperately need an income and this would be an answer to prayer and a job that I think he would thoroughly enjoy doing. Please pray for us that if it is God’s will he will get this job. And please pray for me as I struggle daily with the emotional roller-coaster that seems to be life for us right now.

  65. I pray for all of you with broken hearts and those who are looking for Jesus’s beacon to find your way. May His love and grace be with you all and may you drown in his merciful love. Please pray for financial stability for me and that I too hear God’s voice directing my steps.
    May this Holy week bring miracles and healings.
    Patty N.

  66. Pam… God has a special plan for you and I pray that you understand this wasn’t part of His plan. You are a wonderful person and His plan will come!
    Please pray for my brother. That his anger and his sadness will dissolve and he will feel God’s love for him. Thank you so much.

  67. Pray that I will rise to a new and greater level of faith in the Lord. May I be delivered from any deception and trust His leading and that, as I continue to do so, I will overcome that which concerns me.
    Pam, I believe God delights in being a part of one of the most important decisions of your life. Continue to pray about it and cast your cares on Him. I pray that He will bring you much comfort and understanding and wisdom as well as healing for your heart. I pray He would give you a glimpse of how he sees you for He loves you. I pray you would have a revelation of this in His Word. I pray He will make Heaven’s choice of a mate clear to you and that you will trust His leading and timing. Be blessed!

  68. Please pray for my daughter in law, Sofi, who has lost her job because she is pregnant. Of course that is not the reason she has been given but it seems strange to us that after several years with the company they decide she is not compatible with them. Pray that she will not harbour anger but will forgive them and that she will be able to enjoy her pregnancy and the anticipation of a new baby. Also pray for a breakthrough in this family’s finances. Thank you so much.
    Pam I pray that you will recover from your broken heart and that you will soon meet the man God has ordained for you.

  69. Thank you to (in)courage for setting up this amazing chain of prayers. I cried when I read what Bonnie said (back on the first page):
    “To everyone whose trust is in the Lord. I pray that this Holy Week will remind each of us who is in control of our lives and of the boundless love He has for each of us. May you and all you care for be richly blessed. Posted by: Bonnie 03/28/2010 at 08:52 AM
    This is so what I needed to hear: God is in control. Help me to remember this as I struggle to trust that God’s plan will be worked out for the sale of our house.
    Bonnie: Thank you for your words. God sees you as a faithful servant. Blessings be upon you!
    Jenn: Know that your brother is wrapped in prayer – that he will be able to open himself to God’s love.
    Linda: I am with you in your feelings. May God do his good work in the growth of your faith.

  70. Diana, I prayed for your daughter Sofi. That God provide for her in the now and in the near future, a job. I pray for her heart to be nutured in Him and that her pregnancy will remind her of HIS beautiful design for her life, and the baby’s life.
    I also pray that God remind us of the glorious depth of the cross. So much was given, taken, buried, and risen at it’s foot.

  71. Dear Lord,
    Please be with these people this week and meet their needs Lord.
    Thank-you for always being there for us.
    You are truely an awesome God.

  72. Kleigh – the Lord has a plan for you – Trust in Him, esp when you cant see the outcome. Praying for healing and comfort and courage

  73. Pam, I am thankful that your focus remains upon the Lord admist your loss. I ask that God would continue to allow you to see who you are as His child. May God’s love fill your heart where you have this hurt and void. May He strengtheneth you with new insight and wisdom at this time. It is my prayer that God will allow you to see His love and the love of family and friends more abundantly. May you know that you are special because God allowed you to be wonderfully made.
    I would like to ask for prayer that to learn how to enjoy just resting in God’s love.
    Love to all in Christ,

  74. I am 38 my husband is 43 is that why I am afraid to add another baby to our family? I want to give up this desire to control the size of our family–it’s not up to me!

  75. Please pray for my cousin Roy. His son, Christopher, is in the hospital with swine flu. The family has been called in.
    I pray each one of us will draw very close to Jesus this week and spend extra time with God.

  76. Pam, I know some one who loves you no matter the day, the hour, the bed head, etc. — Jesus. It is hard to sometimes remember that. But if a man just doesn’t work out, please know that God has a plan for you; check out Jeremiah 29:11. I am praying for you!!!
    For my request I ask that you remember my husband Bob as he tries to care for his father (96 years old). He needs patience and to take time to care of himself. And you might add me – I need to soften my approach to him at this time.
    Thanks, sweet sisters.
    Diana Kimberlin

  77. Just remember Pam that you a good woman and God loves you very much. Please pray for my daughter Ashleigh who turns 18 tomorrow, please pray that she will with God’s help make the transformation into an adult with excitement and joy and that God will be with her through her good and bad times. Wishing you all a Happy Easter x

  78. Pam,
    May the God of peace surround you and cover you with unfailing love that you are a great woman. Life has a way of dealing us trials to make us stronger and some to raise us to a higher level so He can honor us with His very best….so keep in mind that the best is yet to come. My prayer for today is for my oldest grandson, age 12, Brody. He is in a place of feeling unwanted and rejected. His mother lost custody of him and his two brothers about 18 months ago and the boys are all with their respective fathers…Brody is with my son and his wife and they have been awarded permanent custody with shared rights. He feels like the choices his mother has made is to reject him and his brothers and choose a man. He is having a hard time fitting in with my son’s family and feelings are hard for him to express, so please pray that God keeps His hand on him and heals all his wounds, both physical and emotional. He is an amazing young man with grest potential and I just feel like God has a wonderful future in store for him….he justs needs to know that. God bless each of you.

  79. I pray for Ashleigh that as she celebrates her 18th Birthday God may do a new work in her life and prepare her for all that lies ahead of her. May she make godly decisions and seek God’s will in all that she does. May the blessing and favor of the Lord be upon Ashleigh.
    Please pray for me as I seek God’s direction for the next step in my life, that I would have clarity and wisdom to make the right decisions. Thank you.

  80. Honey, I pray for your grandson Brody. i pray that God will heal his wounds and that he will be able to express himself with your son’s family. I pray that as he does that, he will see God’s love in being part of this family and that he will be able to let go of the pain his mother has caused him. I pray that he will be drawn to God, who never leaves nor forsakes us and that as this happens, he will settle more with family.
    Please pray for me. I have messed up on my thesis and left things to the last minute and now feel like i would be better off dead. I am due to submit this week and would appreciate prayers to help me see it as a piece of work and not as my identity.

  81. I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m very happy but my husband is not. He wants me to get rid of it. I ask that you please pray that God will open the heart of husband and accept this child as a blessing from God. Thank you.
    T, I prayed for you that God will give you the wisdom you need to make right decisions.

  82. Clara, I am praying that you have a clear mind and undivided attention to focus on your thesis, and that you will finish it a well and as quickly as you are able. I pray that God will bring you peace in completing it, but also in knowing He will sustain you until you do.
    Christel, I am excited for your news but hurting for the situation you find yourself in. I am praying that your husband’s fears related to having a child are calmed and that his heart and mind will be changed.
    I ask for prayer for a friend who is in her early 20’s and who is sick with something her doctors seem unable to solve. She in a lot of pain, is unable to work, and is in and out of the hospital. Please pray for peace and encouragement for her and her husband, and for wisdom and insight for her doctors as they continue to work with her.

  83. kleigh – God is there with you – Lord please be with Kleigh during this time – bring her peace Lord about her future, help her to know that You are Lord of all.

  84. Dear Lord,
    Help us all to know that our identity is in you and may this not just be head knowledge but heart knowledge as well, something that we believe and truth that we receive.
    We love You and thank You for who You are and what You have done as well as what You are going to do.
    In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

  85. Blessings to all on this post.I pray for Christ to wrap each and everyone of us up in His loving arms. Kleigh and Pam … I said a special prayer for you two. I was in a 8 yr relationship with the man of my dreams complete with a stunning diamond engagement ring on my finger when the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin filled lifestyle and I chose to live for God.The man of my dreams chose not to live for God and found another girlfriend 2 months later.This was 3 years ago and I am still serving God and still single and trusting in His perfect plan for my life. Be encouraged..God loves us and He will heal all your pain.

  86. Praying for all your situation. I’ve had a really down day today some trouble with work which I thought was over has reapprared. It’s really getting on top of me and compiled with having fertility issues I feel like I’m drowning today.

  87. Praying for Christel and the baby. Praying for the doctors working with Katie’s friend. Please pray for my family. My husband has died and one of my sons is going to be graduating soon. I’m sad, angry, overwhelmed, and afraid. Thanks.

  88. Susanna …I pray for peace in your job situation and an answer to your fertility issues. Phoenix…I pray for the Lord to let you feel His presence in your life so you know with out a doubt that He holds your world in His hand and He loves you and cares for you so very much.

  89. I want to pray for our nation and our troops. Please keep them safe and let them prosper. I want to pray for my family’s health, happiness, and prosperity. Amy

  90. Dear Pam, I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason in life. Not by luck or chance. It’s sad to hear that someone you thought “loved” you could do this to you. But be thankful in one respect it happened now and now after marriage etc. You are a good woman because GOD created you and made no one else on earth quite like you. My prayer is that you will find the “love” of your life and soul mate. Keep looking to GOD and we have to remember his timing is not our timing. GOD bless you.
    Early this morning our day at home while getting ready for church started with a phone call advising one of our members passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. I just saw him last Sunday sitting behind me in church. As I have pondered about it today. a sense of peace came to me with regard that even though he has taken his last step here on earth; this morning he took his first step in HEAVEN. What a glorious thought to know that we who are GOD’s children have this reassurance and affirmation of faith. I have a father and brother who do not know the LORD. Please please help me pray for them. I lost my mother about 9 years ago to cancer, and she was a dear saint of GOD and witnessed to both my father and brother every chance she got during some of her last weeks. I know that taking that step towards salvation has to be a personal one because of the relationship with Christ, but I don’t want my father and brother to leave this world without the loving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Thank you and Happy Easter to all. We serve an awesome and RISEN Saviour.

  91. God I pray for Pam that You will reassure you of your great love for her. I pray that You will reassure her of the future and hope you have for her. Comfort and heal her broken heart.
    I ask for prayer for Truelife Church as we are in the middle of much change, including both a church merge and a church plant. Grace for change is what we need!
    Thanks so much. CHRIST IS RISEN!

  92. i am truly overwhelmed by all the prayers that have been lifted up on my behalf. the tears are pouring out on my keypad as i write. healing tears, and so thankful for people who care enough to pray for me. i love you all, and am saying a prayer for each one of you now.jeremiah 29-11 is a very powerful scripture.

  93. I pray for Truelife Church to be a House of Prayer and follow God’s will for the changes that are happening. May God be the center of those changes and be Glorified. Also for you Elizabeth for wisdom and blessings with a heart for God in asking for this prayer. Amen
    Today is my son’s birthday and I ask for him to be blessed and continue with Godly choices and grow, standing firm in loving God. May he be safe and happy during these college years and in the future.
    I am so thankful that we have our Lord to go to (run to) with anything and everything. I lift up these prayer requests in His Glorious Name, Jesus Christ.

  94. Pam, I pray your heart will heal physically from your heart attack and emotionally from having it broken . Both will take time, the broken heart may take longer.I pray you take time to greive. I ask for prayers as I approach the first year anniversary of my husband leaving our home and divorce proceedings starting . I will have to move ( downsize) with my two adolescent daughters with developmental delays and mental health issues. I ask for prayers so I will increase my trust in the Lord. I want His guidance.I want insight into His plan for us.
    After the darkness of Good Friday there is the glory of the Resurrection. This gives me hope

  95. What a great idea. I’m praying for Pam and everyone above too. I’m in the middle of my own heartbreak (see my blog) and I need strength and peace to get through it. It’s been 2 months since I lost the one I loved for 5 years, we were engaged for 2 1/2, and the days are so hard. I understand what you’re going through and will pray for you as well. I’d love if you wanted to link over and see my story. Praying for all of my sisters here. This site is a blessing. (hugs)

  96. Pam, I experienced something similar yesterday as far as a broken heart, and one thing he said to me was that all of his friends said he could do better. A wise friend said to me that he could never do better than me, it’s just that we were not compatable for each other. Don’t believe any lies satan might want you to believe, that you’re not good enough, or whatever he might try. You have been made perfect though Christ. Cling to the hope that you KNOW right now! Find verses that speak life into your heart, and cast out anything that brings you down!
    Christel, I am praying for you and the beautiful life that you carry, and I pray that God will open your husbands eyes and heart to that!
    Michelle, cling to God! He has great and mighty plans for you! You will make it! Keep looking up at Him! I will be praying for you!
    My prayer request is complicated, I am struggling to undo the abuse that occurred while growing up, and I had largely repressed it up until a few years ago. So now I’m dealing with that, trying to figure out how to have a healthy relationship with my parents in light of that, trying to make it through school, work full time, etc. My heart is broken and hurts a lot. I just want to be healed from this and stop the constant struggle with understanding God’s love for myself, other people’s love for me, etc. Thanks for praying!!

  97. Pam I said a prayer for you. I have went through heart breaks before and know how hard they are. God has someone better planned for you. Just stay close to Him he will provide the right guy at the right time. My prayer need is for direction in my life. My hours at work were cut from 35 hours down to 20 hours. My husband doesn’t see the need to work. I hear there is another job that I would be interested in; but I am not sure I can handle the stress of 2 jobs. We don’t have the money needed for all the rent. we have almost half of it. Pray about our finances too. Also that God will help my husband to see a need to work. Thank you.

  98. Pam, it’s so hard to go thru a sudden break-up like you are going thru…especially when you your heart was so prepared to love him for life. My heart goes out to you and my prayers for you are being sent to our Heavenly Father. He has the answers for you and will reveal them to you.
    My prayer request is for several friends that I have VERY recently found out are divorcing their spouses. Such a dificult situation for all 4 couples, each one for different reasons. They have turned to me to unload their burdens and I am praying the Lord will give me the Wisdom I need at this time, that Jesus will walk beside each of these couples and share/bare their burdens and that the Holy Ghost will bind my tongue so that my words would be what God wants me to say. My heart aches for these dear couples and I weep, as I know Jesus weeps, for the lives that are being disrupted and hearts that are being broken. May God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit guide all of us and instruct us through God’s word. Amen.

  99. I have read all of the above prayer requests and prayed for you all.
    My prayer request is for my Mother, she was just diagnosed a week ago with stage 4 fast growing lung cancer in both lungs, it has also spread to her spine – She has to start chemo tomorrow, we are told that without it, she would only have about 2 weeks to live, and with the chemo, she may have up to 6 months to a year. But no hope of cure, it is too advanced. We are so shocked and devastated, we did not know she even had cancer, doctors misdiagnosed it as pnemonia and bronchitis this last year, but God provided another doctor for her to go to, and he diagnosed the cancer, and sent her right to a cancer center, so without this new doctor she would not have lived more than a couple weeks. But we are praying for a miracle that she will have longer than the 6-12 months, and praying the chemo will not be too hard on her, as she is in bad health. My Mom and I are so close, please pray for a Miracle healing for her, and for strength & encouragement for her, me, and our family. God Bless You all, and I pray for all of you too.

  100. clara,
    as you have prayed for me and my grandson, brody, i lift you and your paper up to God. I proclaim that you will finish this thesis and do it in a timely fashion….as I pray in the name of Jesus, it will be done and you will not be broken. thank you for your prayers.
    christel, this is a hard thing, i am sure….stand tall in your faith and let God move in the life of your husband as he realizes that life is a gift and this gift is like no other. God will make a way…praying for you and yours.
    Now as the day progresses and prayers are going up to our heavenly father, now I ask for prayers for my husband to reach our goal that we have set for ourselves. He is currently in Iraq, and we need prayer that he will be kept safe till the end of October when he will finish his contract and return home. May we be a blessing to others as God has been a blessing to us.

  101. Please pray for me on Thursday April 1st.(My parents sent the money for me to go) I am going to see a doctor to have a mole removed from my face. It is basil carcinoma and I am very fearful because my husband Matthew has just gone through chemo/radiation treatments last year for stage 4 cancer. We still have no income to get a final scan done to be sure it is gone.We have been denied medicaid and are living with my husbands step sister and husband and we are in need of much prayer.Thank you all for doing this for all those who need to be lifted up to throne of grace of God. Jeremiah 32:27

  102. Pam, I am praying for you that you will see yourself as the apple of God’s eye. If you were the only person in the world, Jesus still would have died on Calvary for your sins. He loves each one of us (including you) that much.
    I have what I believe is a sinus infection. I’m weak and have a fever. Please pray that I will accept this and count it all joy. That’s not always easy to do.
    I have another request. The Lord has given me one talent and I do want to use that before I see Him face to face. I am 72 now so I’d appreciate prayer about this.
    Thanks. love, Darlene

  103. Karen, I am praying for you, for your husband and for all of the prayers that have been previously posted.
    As for me, please pray that God heals my brokenness. He knows what I need and pray I have the wisdom to listen to Him.
    Thank you 🙂

  104. I am asking for prayer for a devoted family who is dealing with a mom’s pending death. My mom in law was assigned to hospice on Wednesday of last week, whe was hospitalized on Thursday with pneumonia and a blood clot in her leg, Friday she was taken home. She is 83 and her husband is 87 she is fighting pancreatic cancer. I am praying for a merciful ending for her. She is not in pain yet.
    The family is struggling. The folks would have been married 61 years this July.
    Her name is Dorothy.
    My email address is: faithsgramma@juno.com if anyone wants a follow up report.

  105. I had a typo…following up on the last prayer request. Sorry SHE was hospitalized then was able to go home with her husband, all of her 5 children are taking turns to be with them. It will be a very difficult time for all. She is a wonderful Christian mom and a powerful example of of a mom’s love.
    The doctor gives her aobut 8-10 weeks maybe.

  106. I had left a prayer request earlier this afternoon. I am feeling desperate and hopeless. Please pray dear sisters in Christ.
    Christel…please keep the baby. It’s never wrong to do the right thing. This baby is God’s creation. I will pray for a change of heart in your husband.

  107. pam, I am praying that God will show you how very much He delights in you and that He is the greatest lover of your soul. Please pray for my family. My husband has been unemployed for 16 months. I am a stay at home mom and we have six children. It is our deepest desire that through this season of waiting we will see God and that our faith will grow. It is not easy and we need the prayers of the saints. Thank you

  108. Pam, I will be praying for you that God will use this time to heal your heart and show you His will for you. Rejection is God’s Protection. Contrite sounding? Maybe, but God has different plans for you and He is your Father in Heaven who knows and sees beyond what we can see. Trust in Him and let his Word be your guide and your light. He won’t fail you.
    Please pray for me to read more of God’s Word. I struggle to read the bible and its really a battle that I need to overcome.

  109. Praying for everyone who has asked tonight.
    I am struggling due to the loss of a dear Aunt and a good Friend.
    I am also in need of prayers due to choice I am making on some health related issues. As well a surgery consult coming up in the near future.
    Thanks for all the prayers and blessings to you all.

  110. Father God,
    I just ask that you touch our dear sister Kerry. Wrap your arms of love & comfort around her right now. Just show her and let her know that you are there every time she needs your touch. Father, I ask that you help her through this difficult time, loss is never easy, just give her a peace that passes all understanding as well as with making the right choices when it comes to her health issues. I don’t know her issues but Father, you do and I just ask that you bless her through this process. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!
    I have a prayer request for mine and my hubby’s former pastor and his wife. His wife Charlene is in the hospital this evening with an enlarged lymph node. She was at worship team practice this morning and had tightening in her chest and was taken to the hospital. They are keeping her overnight and also doing some tests on her. Please pray that all turns out well and that nothing is wrong. Thank You

  111. Barb, I will be praying for your marriage as well as for family’s financial situation, may the Lord open doors of opportunity for your husband and provide for all your needs. He is faithful, and he knows your needs, I will also pray that he fills both your heart and your husband’s with His peace and love and that this situation may draw both of you closer to one another and help build a more intimate relationship with Christ and brings spiritual growth to both of you and your kids so that you become a living testimony to those around you, that God is good, and that He is all we need even in the midst of afflictions. Glory to Him forevermore. Please pray for my financial situation and for a new job opportunity for me so I can provide at home and pay my bills. Thank you, God bless you all.

  112. Carolina…I pray that God find a special job situation that meets your needs so that your financial needs are met. I will pray also that you relax knowing He is working on this right now.
    All I ask for this week is that old hurts that have surfaced be healed and put away for good. It seems deep hurts have a way of working their way to the top again and again no matter how hard I have tried to push them away. Life is not perfect, so we have to make the best of what we have with God’s care. Thank you. God bless you all. 😀

  113. Dee, I pray that the deep hurts surfacing are really just the “ripening of the fruit” that is ripe for the picking. As in, ripe for the Lord to remove that root of pain, completely. I am learning that God himself is the one who needs to remove it, so my prayer is more for God to lead you through that process…just keep praying for guidance. Rest in His Word, let the emotions come, stop trying to fight it — you won’t win! Rest in Him and find someone to talk to who can help you process (counselor, pastor).
    As for me, the last few months have been awful. I’ve lost my job, my health, my boyfriend (after not seriously dating for 12 LoNg years…I’m 35). He is a great guy, but with all that has hit me (add depression to the mix) being around him in this state only has made me feel guilty for putting him thru this. Thus, we are reduced to “friends”. I am tired, emotional, hate everything about this process…including myself. I have had deep issues rise to the surface (insert HUGE lack of trust of anyone at an emotional level, including God).
    I feel like crawling under the covers and never coming out. There are moments when the pain feels too hard to handle and I cannot begin to think of how God is ever going to bring healing. I know that he does & can, but so many things have happened to me that I do not really trust Him in the long run.

  114. Pam, look up this scripture: Rom. 8:28. basically it says God uses all things for the good of those who love Him; i take that to mean everything, good, bad, or indifferent. i’m asking for standing in the gap prayer for my oldest daughter and her family. she started out going the way of God, but got interrupted when she married a non Christian man, and had 3 children by him. they are now teenagers, 2 of whom have, in the last year, been baptized, along with my youngest daughter’s oldest girl, a 10 yr. old. there is also scripture in Isiah that says a little child shall lead them. please also pray for my youngest daughter and her family.

  115. Paige, I am praying for you to just pick the right way to go in faith.
    Pam, I pray for you too that you can see HIS real love and that you will find a real love here on earth soon.
    I was really stressed out with two little kids and my job lately and now we are going to have vacation and then a Mother-Child Convalescent Care (kind of common in Germany), and I pray that I will have a chance to find back to my faith and will be able to take all the good stuff back home after this stay.

  116. Please pray for my husband, Donald and myself, Carri. We are saved. He is in work release and I take him on outings often. He will get out this June 1st. 2010. He will be temporarily living with his aunt and uncle and we have no home of our own. I pray we would go to church together, counseling together, trust each other, fall in love again and stay committed, and eventually live with each other. Our marriage is starting over after 17 years of incarceration as good friends but we agree that there are still feelings between us, but what is worse is, he has turned from the Lord by stopping his duties as husband such as, husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them. He doesn’t trust me and is tired and doesn’t want to get hurt and that is his excuse. He is kind and shows love in other ways but sometimes the past of my bitterness and hurts I have of him triggers us and round and round we go of our hurts fighting each other blaming each other. I take responsibility for what I have done which was to survive without him while he was in prison, hurting, later became so bitter that I blamed him for so much and I should of never done that. I never cheated on him and for that I give God glory and praise. But verbally I damaged him. And I stopped listening to God and him. We had a Son out of wedlock and never were allowed conjugal visits. Since work release we have joined as one flesh, Praise God! It’s beautiful but with no trust it isn’t all God designed it to be. I have always had intimacy issues and I miss him so because their is lack of security of our marriage that it hurts so bad that I am emotional and easily my emotions are hard to control most times because I want him completely then and now. So I fight him and not fight for our marriage. I know that all things work together for good to those who are loved according to His glory but please pray that my husband will return to the Lord before the Lord decides to call him home. Seeing my husband’s relationship with the Lord restored is weighing heavy on my heart. Also God knows the future and my husband has given up. He says he wants to divorce me every time we fight. I don’t want to but sure is tempting when we fight. It sounds like to me we are both immature. We grew up late in life. But God is not finished with us individually yet.

  117. Pam: I lift your heart up to the Lord, that you can unite it with the Lord’s own heart and seek His comfort and peace. I pray that you may fully trust that the Lord has a better man for you who will find you because the better man will be seeking God who will lead him to special you. You are a wonderful woman. Iam so sorry for your pain and I have been there. Be good to yourself and allow yourself time to mourn and grieve then move forward in hope. God bless you.
    My life has been filled with conflict this month. As is typical, though I have grown, I keep my mouth shut so that I do not hurt anyone’s feelings as I get more and more hurt and then I end up having emotional outbursts in public and cannot stop the tears. How embarrassing that this has happened periodically. I need to learn to speak the truth boldly and with compassion and not to be so sensitive to rejection and negative directed towards me. I want to respond as a woman and not a little girl to conflict. I feel so emotionally immature even with my many trials and tribulations that I have had to face. I want to express myself clearly and consisely because sometimes I feel misunderstood no matter what I say or do. UGH!!!!

  118. I would like to ask prayer for my relationship. I am in love with an amazing man whom I long with all my heart to spend the rest of my life with. At present he is struggling with knowing that I discovered a secret of his. I have forgiven him for what I found and love him just the same; however, when he looks at me he simply feels guilt and shame. Please pray that he will be able to understand that I do not see his “secret” when I look at him but rather see the man who I love with all my heart. Also please pray that he will have the strength to overcome this “addiction” and come out on the other side on top and renewed. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of prayer and believe in this relationship, just wanted a few more joined in this battle with us…if only for today 🙂 Thank you all…I will pray for each of you today as well. God bless!

  119. I pray that God will heal your heart and that you will delight in Him as your husband until He brings the man He has for you. Pray for him and pray for God’s will in your life.
    I ask for prayer for 3 families torn apart by murder. I’ve known the family and the boy that did the shooting and I could not be more shocked or heartbroken. Satan wants to steal our kids! Please pray that God will protect the hearts of all these families and that He will use this to bring them ALL to Him. Pray that God will protect these 2 boys as they go to jail/prison and that God will draw out of them everything that He has poured into them over their life and use it to bring others in prison to Him.

  120. Gail, I am praying for you and your husband…”We know that the Resurrected Lord is able”. Hold on to His promises, may you give God the Gloriy and trust in Him who holds the future in His hands. May you reach out to others and know God’s provisions in your time of need… That hope will open up now and then share this with others. Be Blessed in His Holy Name. Please do not give up, hold on to the faith of others and you will be encouraged. I lift this up to God for healing direction that He will provide.

  121. Patticake,
    I pray for the Lord af all to intervene and provide whatever is needed here with these families for His will to be done and Glory,honor and comfort be known, surrounding all with His love from above.

  122. As I read the requests my heart hurts. Circumstances may differ, but I see the hand of God Himself – using what the enemy meant for evil as good in our lives – drawing us to Himself – Who alone ever ever fails, and promises to work it all for good in our lives. He so desires us, more than we have imagined, drawing us into a deeper trust and reliance on Him than we even knew we needed. He so longs to meet our heart need in every situation – in fact He promises to do so – we just have so much trouble “seeing” Him as we are encompassed with difficulties and pain.
    I’m praying encouragement and awareness of His presence in the midst…this is where He shows Who He is – in the midst…and you each will have a testimony of how God met you in this place.
    It is His hand – because He is so much bigger than any trauma, large or small – and He works it for good – let’s keep looking, not for the answer, but for Him – together, and for each other – look for Him, the only One who never leaves – never disappoints. Life and circumstances and people – all leave and disappoint – but He never does and He is so madly in love with us.
    His blessings on you all

  123. Dear Anette, I’ll be praying for you. I know it’s tough and I have been there, but beleive me, God will never leave you nor forsake you, he has a purpose here, a good one. He wants to build in us Christ’s character and it is thru suffering that this happens, so count yourself blessed for He eyes are over you, He will lift you up, He will comfort you, He will Heal you, give Him all your heart and surrender to Him all that you are, do not hang on to anything else but Him. Take heart Anette for this very minute He is thinking about you. Talk to Him and ask him what is He trying to tell you, teach you with this? He will.
    Have faith for Faith’s way of walking is to cast all care upon the Lord, and then to anticipate good results from the worst calamities. Please read Rom 8:28/John 16:33/1 Peter 4:12-14/1 Peter 5:6-11
    Anette stand firm and wait on the salvation of the Lord!! I’m begging you in the name of Christ.
    Please read this devotional, from CH Spurgeon, it has helped me a lot.
    He is not afraid of bad news.
    — Psalm 112:7
    Christian, you ought not to be afraid of the arrival of bad news; because if you are distressed by such, you are no different from other men. They do not have your God to run to; they have never proved His faithfulness as you have done, and it is no wonder if they are bowed down with alarm and cowed with fear. But you profess to be of another spirit; you have been born again to a living hope, and your heart lives in heaven and not on earthly things. If you are seen to be distracted as other men, what is the value of that grace that you profess to have received? Where is the dignity of that new nature that you claim to possess?
    Again, if you should be filled with alarm like others, you would no doubt be led into the sins so common to them under trying circumstances. The ungodly, when they are overtaken by bad news, rebel against God; they murmur and maintain that God has dealt harshly with them. Will you fall into that same sin? Will you provoke the Lord as they do?
    Moreover, unconverted men often run to wrong means in order to escape from difficulties, and you will be sure to do the same if your mind yields to the present pressure. Trust in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. Your wisest course is to do what Moses did at the Red Sea: “Stand firm, and see the salvation of the LORD.”1 For if you give way to fear when you hear bad news, you will be unable to meet the trouble with that calm composure that prepares for duty and sustains in adversity.
    How can you glorify God if you play the coward? Saints have often sung God’s high praises in the fires, but when you act as if there were no one to help, will your doubting and despondency magnify the Most High? Then take courage and, relying in sure confidence upon the faithfulness of your covenant God, “Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”2
    1Exodus 14:13
    2John 14:27

  124. My husband just graduated from college at age 40, after retraining for work after a 7 year back injury (that God healed!). He hasn’t worked for 10 years. Please pray he quickly finds work, as I’ve been carrying the load for our family for all this time. Thanks!

  125. Kathy, as an adoptive mother of 2, I pray you find peace and joy in the path you are seeking to find your birthparents. Blessings.

  126. Pray for the healing of my heart through God’s strength and love. Broken in a 2 1/2 year relationship.

  127. Pam, just read your post I was reading from the top and not the bottom. Interesting that we both are suffering from a broken heart from a man who we thought was the one. Take courage in the fact that God is working something out in your life and mine. May you find his peace and comforting arms holding you.

  128. Again, I ask for prayers for my Mom (Sally)(I forgot to list her name in my previous request)She was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a couple weeks ago, we are all in shock and devastated, we had no idea she had cancer, neither did she. So she started chemo today, we are worried how hard that will be on her, but it is her only chance to live for hopefully about 8 months. Without chemo, she would only have a couple weeks left to live. I am very ill, homebound, and mostly bedridden myself and all I can do is pray and show her my love. She has been such a constant support to me through my ongoing illness, I can’t imagine losing her. We have such strong Faith and Trust in God, He is our only Hope and comfort through this. I ask if you could please say a prayer for her, and for God to help me through this also. God Bless you all, and I am praying for you all too.

  129. Pam,
    You are in my prayers. The Lord knows when Your Love will enter into your life and He holds your heart ever so gently in HIs Hands. I pray that you can be still and know He is there for you.
    A prayer taught to me by my Nana helps whenever I think I have lost something. ” Little Jesus turn around . Something’s lost and Must be found.
    He will Help You!!!

  130. My prayers are for all those who suffer with Orphan diseases such as my granddaughter who has Cystic fibrosis. I pray that the Good Lord will grant the research to continue with miracles to be found. That there will be a Clinical Trials Bill signed and all those with Orphan diseases will benefit from these clinical trials.

  131. annette
    i just read your post, and yes we have had similar hurts, now what is all i keep asking myself? i know im lovd my many including God, but the one i adored, didnt want me. its hurts to the core of my soul, ill be praying for you , my sister.

  132. My prayers go out to all of you (blessed women of God!), and I pray that you may be filled to the brim with the reminder that each one of you is God’s beloved. May Christ’s peace overflow in you, and may His strength abound in you! Whatever pains you bear, know that Christ’s yoke is easy and His burden light, and He longs to carry whatever you carry, and give you the light load He carries.
    Please pray that I may have the courage to continue to walk obediently with God. It’s been a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually trying year at work, and I am seeking God’s guidance as to what to do or where to go from here. I go in and out of slight depression, because of this job; not because of disbelief, but because of incessant feelings of failure and sadness. I just want to follow the Lord’s heart… Please also pray that I may have strength to discern God’s will in a relationship I have entered — for the man and myself. Pray for his heart to come to know the Lord even more deeply, and for God’s will (whether it is to have us apart).
    God bless, everyone

  133. Julie,
    May your mother have strength and humor and tender care during her chemo. I am praying for your health as well. I hope your situation improves and God and your family will help you and see you through. Blessings.
    I began chemo last month and I’m asking for prayers for better health for me. I also lost my job due to budget cuts at our school and am hoping ferverently that my job will be reinstated.

  134. Lord, I come to you for Deb. May she experience the reality of Deut. 31:8 … and experience your peace — which passes all understanding. I am thrilled in knowing that she is “the apple of your eye” (smack in the center of Your view, continually). You WILL walk with her through the chemo and begin to reveal the plans and purposes You have for her future (Jeremiah 29:11). I pray she will experience the joy of Corrie ten Boom’s words: “Don’t Wrestle. Just Nestle.” and delight in guiding others into this place of peaceful surrender.
    I also pray for those who have been rejected in love. May they begin to see that the only One worthy of adoration is Jesus — and in the seeing find the joy of His amazing love.
    All this I ask in that name above all names, Jesus our Savior and Lord. Amen and Amen!

  135. Father,
    I lift up all the women who have made their request known in the postings above and those that follow. Father, You have promised when two or more are gathered in Your Name, You are in their midst. I am claiming that promise today on behalf of all gathered in this prayer room. I lift up those who are asking for health and healing, restoration and guidance, and I especially lift up every single person willing to come boldly before You to make their request known. Wrap Your arms around them in a physical manner through friends and loved ones. Impart Your perfect peace to them. Let all who enter this prayer room know that You alone are the Great Healer, Provider, and Lover of their souls. Nothing is Impossible with You! Thank you for being there for us.
    I bring before you, my husband, Steve, who has lost his way. He was once a great follower of yours but has become corrupted by the ways of the world. I, also, lift up me to you Father as my attitude and actions have not been seasoned with Your love. I ask that You forgive me and help me to show Your love to my husband so that he may know that You are waiting for his return.
    I, would also ask for guidance concerning our business venture. If we are not following Your will Father, please put up the roadblocks and turn us in the direction we should go. I would also ask that You use our marriage as a testimony of Your great love for Your people, that others may find hope in our testimony of restoration. I lift up my sons, Father. Bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus.
    Thank you for hearing our prayers and for the answers You are giving us.
    In the Name of Jesus,

  136. We will have wisdom, we are currently renting, but want God’s wisdom to know if we should purchase a home.

  137. Please pray for me to find a job before i go home tonight or i will be kicked out of my home
    by my mate.

  138. Lord, Diane needs a miracle…in Jesus’ name we pray and believe. Thank you that you are with her, amen.

  139. Diane, I am praying for your job search today.
    I am requesting prayer for my husband’s job situation. He is in a corporate job that he’s been at for 3 years, and he is very unhappy in it and gets worn down every single day. It is affecting our time together as a family (we have 2 young children), and he is just miserable in this job. He is currently searching for something new, even something temporary to just get out of this situation for the time being. Please pray for some doors to be opened up for him! Please also pray for God’s blessing over a position he applied for back in December. It would be a MAJOR career change, but the application process is very lengthy and he is waiting to hear back on that one. They said the process could take 7-10 months before he knows anything for sure.
    Thanks for praying!

  140. As I read all of these comments, I am reminded that even when we are so caught up in our own battles, there are others who are experiencing similar, if not worse hurts and frustrations. I will keep each and every one of you in my thoughts and prayers. One particular comment touched me, as I am going through something VERY similar. Chris said: “My nine-year-old son is struggling this year with a deeply negative attitude and a hard heart towards those around him. Please pray that the Lord will soften him and encourage him, and also that my husband and I will have loving wisdom to reach his heart.” I too, have a son, 10 years old, who is going through what sounds like the same thing. We are struggling at home, at school, and in life in general. At times it seems like nothing will make things better, however, I am handing it over to the Lord and hoping (and praying!) for the best.

  141. Lord Jesus, you are so faithful, Father, I life up these needs to you now. Lord so many, illnesses, people losing hope and those wandering far away, Father bring your holy spirit to comfort and to teach, Jesus be near those that are weary and need your grace, Jesus touch those that are hurting and ill, Lord be larger than an imagination to those that need a miracle. Lord you sent your Son to the cross to save a wretch like me and so many here. Jesus continue to move mountains on our behalf. Lord speak clearly your plans for those in ministry who are hurting and without a home church. Protect the unborns that are not wanted at this time, for your created those lives. Jesus heal the sick your your name, and Lord bring the lost back into the flock. We trust you, we praise you, we need you. Father thank you, thank you for sending your Son to die for us and then raising him on the third day. Speak hope thru the cross this week. In Jesus name AMEN

  142. My 2 year old cousin was life watched to Denver this week. She is now fighting for her life againist leukemia. Please pray for her, the pain is great and she is such a little peanut! Her family is not walking with the Lord and I pray for them to fall into His powerful arms!

  143. Wendy, I pray that your ‘little peanut’ will be spared such great pain and the Lord will restore her health and give her a long life. I pray for the salvation of this entire family and for them to experience his love and comfort as they walk through this valley.
    My husband and I continue in a great time of fincial need and marital distress. I truly feel like I am drowning and so does Mike. We are trying to keep our house while Mike tries to save a business and file personal bankruptcy. We are in great need of a ‘resurrection miracle’. The marriage is painful and we are both experiencing health problems. I am crying out to the Lord, and ask you to cry out on our behalf, as we are weary and are feeling hope slip away. This road has been long. Plese pray.
    Thank you. As Christian’s worldwide remember and reflect on the Lord’s Passion and resurrection, please ask Him to renew our faith.

  144. Father God …. Abba Daddy … I come to You, in the precious name of Jesus, on behalf of Gail and Mike. First of all I ask that You would renew their passion for each other. Help them to see that they can be victorious as long as they recognize that they are one in You, and connected to You (Ecc. 4:9-12). Second, I come against the enemy of their souls, who would delight in destroying their marriage. I ask you to remind them daily to quote Psalm 107:2 until it becomes their victory cry. Third, I thank you for taking this couple by the hand and guiding them through the maze they see before them — and causing them to be living examples of Psalm 126! All glory to Your name! Amen and amen!