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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. please pray for my family and myself that we will have the loving peace of Christ during this time

  2. Dear Holley, thankyou for posting this. I will also keep you and your intentions in my prayers.
    God bless,

  3. Please pray for my bloggy buddy Colleen, that she will accomplish a goal of hers. Thank you! (And I will send out a prayer for Mary. 🙂

  4. My husband lost his job last week. Please pray for our family and that he will find a job soon.

  5. We are losing our home. Please pray that God will provide a place for my family of six to live, and that He will provide my husband with a job, as he’s been laid off for a year.

  6. Lori, I know all about walking through the season of lay off. I will be praying that God provides above and beyond all that you could hope for!

  7. I was diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety about six months ago. Right now, I’m having a difficulty figuring out what this means for my faith. I feel broken and scared, even though God has lavished me with blessings.

  8. Dear Holley,
    The picture you used with this post started my Sunday off so sweetly. Bachelor Buttons (“Cornflowers”) are my favorite flower. 🙂
    I’ve been incredibly lonely since my husband passed away in 2008. I’ve been praying for someone to share life with again and, rather recently, I met a nice, friendly gentleman who I would love to get to know better. If this is something that God wants for me, I pray that this man might show some interest and that we’d be given the opportunity to get to know one another.
    Thank you … and I’ll pray for you, Holley, and for whoever is above me.

  9. Hi Becky. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I’ll pray for you. 🙂
    Our family needs for my husband to find work. It’s been over a year.

  10. The past several months have been one crisis after another – -serious illnesses, my son, a law officer got in trouble and is incarcerated and this week I found out I may lose my job. All these events happened so quickly – -without warning. I feel hopeless (I can identify with Job) . . I need some hope, some encouragement, Pray that I don’t lose my job. I don’t think I can take one more hurt, disappointment or worry. I’m feeling like such a failure.

  11. Hi, Dara, I will pray for you and your sister to find jobs.
    Please pray for all the people in the Gulf area. They will need years of support.

  12. I am attending a Spiritual Dimensions Retreat in July. Pray for my growth. Also my friend wants her husband to attend this retreat. Please pray that he would be moved to do so. Praying for you Dara.

  13. Mid-life stuff. Having to take painful inventory of where I’ve been and haven’t been. What I’ve done and what I haven’t done. And most difficult, what will never be in my life.
    Ladies, I pray Yahweh lifts all of us up before Him and pours out His love and comfort upon our imperfect, needy selves.

  14. Please pray for my mother Maureen, who struggles with depression, and my mother-in-law Janice, who has incurable cancer. Thank you!
    Beth, I am praying for you now as your sort through what is and isn’t in your life — I know…I’ve been at that painful crossroads, too!

  15. Beth, I am lifting you up in prayer and know God will give you peace and comfort and the ability to move forward and work toward your dreams.
    I would like to ask for prayer for my marriage. We have many struggles and are not being successful in working together to resolve things. I’m afraid of what might be ahead.

  16. Please pray for me. God is the only one who can help me. I am living in a very difficult and sad situation. It has gone on for years. Please pray for God to move in my life and to heal my broken heart. I so desperately need His power, compassion, favor and strength.
    Thank you. I cannot tell you how much this means to me , and how desperately I need prayer support.

  17. Susan, I am praying for you and your family. I am praying. Lord Father, I lift Susan up to you. I ask that you give her strenght and perservence to run (not walk) through this season of trial. Lord I ask that you pour your blessing down upon her. Give her peace that transcends all understanding as she faces this season. Awaken her heart to the gentle whisper of your Holy Spirit- Remind her that she is not alone, you ARE with her. Father, I lift her job up to you. I ask that you would work in that area of her life. God, I know you have a plan for this beautiful child of yours, right now its hard though. She feels like she is hitting the end of ther abilities to take it on- pull her closer to you Lord. Carry her in this time as she runs out of strenght. Grow her. I pray for Susan’s faith- make it strong. Stronger than the branch of a bendable tree. I pray all of this in the might name of Jesus Christ. Amen. One more thing Susan- there is a verse that helped me through a tough season of life- hopefully it will bring comfort to you…Psalms 121:2 “My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and of earth.” YOU ARE NOT ALONE- He really is always with you and He IS helping you. He promises us this. I will continue to pray for you this week.

  18. I pray for all of the above. Please pray for me/family…that we will have peace of Christ in these times. Thanks Holley for this ministry.

  19. Please pray for my husband as he has been without a job for a while. Pray that he will seek God and grow closer to him. Thanks so much.

  20. Maria, I am praying for you and your situation. Lord reach out and touch Maria and all those close to her. Bless her, enfold her with your love and comfort. Only you Lord know the depth of her situation and you can go to that place she is at and mend and heal. I thank you for Maria, for her life, her love of you and all that she is. Pour your Holy Spirit into her and let it radiate from her and bring her Your peace. Thank you Lord for hearing all these prayers.
    I lift my 29 year old son up in prayer. He is unemployed and had a job interview a few days ago. Also, he needs prayer for a health issue. I live 3,000 miles away from him and will see him in a week. I ask for prayers for this visit.

  21. please pray that i will be more honest with everyone, about who i am, and not try to be someone im not. to be real , all the time. fr my son, who is moving this weekend, and my three year old grand daughter will be farther away from me. she is my joy.

  22. I am in the exact situation of mid-life stuff with Beth, please pray for me.
    And I have been devoting myself to a community work for almost two years. Please pray for me that whatever I am doing is in Good’s will. I need encouragement and helps for the community work.

  23. Thank You Holley for this ministry. I pray for you because you have so blessed and encouraged me. I thank God today for all the blessings He bestows on me each day and for giving me an an answer last night to one of my prayer requests to Him.
    Today I am asking for prayer that the continued pain from the fibromyalgia be gone and that the problems with my eyes due to chronic dry eye syndrome be totally healed. Never ever take your health for granted. Be thankful everyday for what you are able to accompolish becuase when you have health problems you have limited amounts of things that you can do, things that you once did that now lead to much frustration. Thank you to everyone that is involved in this ministry today. May God show us all His perfect will for our lives. Adrienne

  24. Dear God, I life Pam up to you. Lord give her the courage to KNOW that she is worth loving’just as she is’. Let her be transpartent and honest in all of her deals. Dear God, my heart aches as I read that her grand daughter will be moving away..you know dear God that I am facing that very same challenge. God I ask you to bless my son and family as they make the move from Indiana to Texas. God hold my hand and help me be strong as I watch my preacious grand daughter Molly leave this area to discover new adventures in a new state.
    Dear God, I come to you asking your blessing/healing on all the women needing a job for themselves or spouses. God you know that Lee has been out of work for so long and you know the depression that it is causing. Lord, I pray that this be the week of phone calls and job offers.
    I also seek prayers for my adult son who is living a life that will surely lead to physical death or incarceration. He knows God but has turned away. Lord, I pray that you touch that secret area deep down within him and awaken his love for YOU. Bring him home to me oh God…make him my Prodigal.
    In His Service

  25. Dear Friends:
    Please continue to pray for us at Heartbeat of Miami Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics.
    We have two Pregnancy Clinics serving the Miami area.
    We serve an average of 14 women a day, in the summer these numbers are higher and most are teens and college students. Now the summer break is here and the these girls are out of school. Most of these kids are unattended and they get into relationships that result in a pregnancy and then they seek an abortion. By the grace of God, so many of them come to our Clinics. We hold extra sexual integrity classes in the summer and we have a full house thank God.
    Please pray for these women and girls to continue being led by the Lord to our Pregnancy Clinics instead to of a local abortion provider. Miami Dade-County is #1 in our Nation per capita providing abortions. Please pray for our finances that we may continue helping these women with education, parenting and/or a plan of adoption for their unborn baby. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.
    Martha Avila

  26. Hi Holley, I love (In)Courage! It inspires & gives me hope, which I need in abundance these days!
    I am job searching at present, have only been temping for 3.5 years. I’ve been going through major spiritual battles for many years. Right now my resume isn’t very impressive & my current job ends on 6/4. I’m divorced & do not have anyone who can help me out financially, which increases my anxiety. Savings are exhausted. Pray that I would rest in Christ & beleve without doubt that God sees me & it is under His control.

  27. Hi Susan – I’m going to pray for you and all your family. Our lives are so complicated and they never seem to be easy but He still loves us and hears us. x
    Please pray for me because I am tired and wrung out by all the things I need to do as a parent and an employee and all the expectations of my church. Something has to give and it will not be my children (I’m a single parent), my grandson (who is 2 years old and spends his weekends with me) or my work (which is with young disabled people with very high support needs). So it will be church. Please pray that when I talk to people about ending my involvement with some church projects, that they will not see it as a criticism of them or of the projects. I love my church but I cannot do this any more – it makes me want to scream. There is no quiet in my life and no space. Ours is a small church and, if I withdraw my involvement, then that will mean more work for other busy people. I don’t know what the solution is but please pray that there is one.

  28. Thank you, Holley.
    Please pray that the Lord will enable my husband and I to resolve some conflicts, grow closer together in the Lord, and restore joy in Him.

  29. Lord, I thank you that you are so much greater than us, knowing all our fears and anxieties before we even think them – and loving us more than we can comprehend.
    I ask that you will surround Susan and her family with your love. Keep them safe and keep them connected, despite the miles between them. Bring them comfort, that they won’t experience loneliness.
    I pray for peace for Lee and the confidence to seek work. I also pray for deep healing for Susan’s son. Reveal yourself to him and lead him to people who will help set his feet on your path of righteousness.
    Please pray for my darling daughter, that her her trauma will be recognised, her voice will be listened to and she will no longer have to see her birth father so frequently.
    I pray for peace and healing within our family, that we will be patient and kind to each other, despite the stress and anxiety.
    I also seek prayers for our safety, that her birth father won’t discover our location and will never carry out the threats he has made against us.

  30. Lord, I thank you for the fellowship we share here at (In)Courage. I lift up the requests that come before me. I pray for faithfulness, rest, and mercy for each woman. Show each of them your glory and goodness today. I pray for the jobs, children, and marriages. Bless these women! -Amen
    I’m struggling with my faith. I believe in God, but I’m not walking in it. I feel like I’m in a spiritual funk. Additionally, I’d also like prayer for a relationship. I’m single, which is fine somedays, but lately has been a struggle for me.

  31. Will you pray for healing and forgiveness in my sister’s marriage? I can’t go into details, but it’s breaking my heart.

  32. Please pray for my brother-in-law’s business. The downturn in the economy has drastically effected it. Also, pray for my sister’s upcoming surgery and the many other needs of all my family. Sandra

  33. Please pray that I get a job SOON. I was a high school teacher for 3 years on a probationary certification but I can’t seem to pass the certification test. Even though I didn’t have a certificaton, by the grace of God, my TAKS scores were 92%. I don’t know what God has for me, but I really need it soon.

  34. A new day dawning and so many prayers going up. May the peace of God surround each of you as you make your journey through trials that will make you stronger. God is all knowing and he sees and he has already provided a way out, so stand in faith and be still and listen for the small voice that comes and comforts you. In the name of Jesus, I pray for all the above requests and one in particular….anonymous….what greater love than the love of a praying sister for the marriage of another. We often stand outside and look in and are helpless to heal or direct others to a place of security and love. So continue to give your unconditional support and lend your ear to listen and never judge. I am sure your sister needs someone that accepts her and doesn’t judge….no matter how big the situation….stand with her, and love her through it….i speak from experience.
    My request if for the salvation of my husband…a release from the hell inside of him. Pride goeth before the fall and it needs to go and he needs to see others through the eyes of God. He needs to see himself through God….he has blinders on and in self absorbed…..pray for his salvation

  35. I just had my 3rd baby, & todays post spoke so much to my spirit! Thank you! I am really emotional, spiraling downward w/ darkness at times, so please pray that I am strong to walk through my postpartum. Thank you so much! – Jodi

  36. My husband of 23 years died in Feb.I suffer with chronic pain due to my back and arthritis.I have applied for my disability and am waiting to hear from that.Please pray that I receive this.Thank you.

  37. I will pray for everyone above me! Please pray for my husband to be healed completely, he deals with pain in his whole body….and for a job for him.
    Thank you so much for this.

  38. Dear God please take Susan into your loving care as she struggles with her Son. You know I have been in this place Lord. Please give her the strength she needs to deal with things she sees and feels.
    Dear God I am also praying for Susan’s son. Maybe he be kept safe…from harm and may he recall the power of what God has to offer him.
    My your deep touch restore him.
    I ask for prayers for healing after a bad fall. As well as just help with daily life and health issues.

  39. Thank you for this gift and opportunity of prayer today.
    I’m a single mother from Italy. Please pray the Lord will provide with the right husband, and that He will fix all the chaos I’ve made in my life?!
    Blessings to all from the Lord Jesus Christ

  40. Jesus we lift up Susan’s son. Soften his heart with your Truth. Pursue Him. Send others who can speak Truth and love him well. Raise up more people to pray on his behalf. I also ask for his mom . . . God, will you give her the faith and perseverance to keep believing that her son can be the prodigal who returns.
    For me, please pray that God would provide a friend for each member of our family. We have just moved overseas, and have yet to connect with anyone in a deep way. With language barriers and our work being consuming right now, it’s been hard to pursue friendships . . . and my son especially is struggling. Thanks.

  41. Please pray for safe deliveries and healthy babies for my sister (due next week) and me (due in 8 weeks), and for my other sister who is meanwhile grieving a miscarriage.
    Thanking God that he is with us all in our joys and sorrows.

  42. Dear Lord, I pray for Susan and her family. I pray that you will bless her son and family as they move to Texas. I pray that you will comfort Susan as Molly leaves and fill that void with your great love and peace. I pray that Susan’s and Molly’s relationship will just grow stronger despite the distance. I also pray for Lee to find a job and that the depression leaves him. I pray for her prodigal son and ask you to lead him back to you in Jesus name.
    I also ask prayer for financial situation in our business. I don’t know how we are going to pay our bills and continue to survive but I know God that you have it all under control. I pray for wisdom for my husband and me, and not to allow the sin of worry to overtake us.
    I also pray for healing for my granddaughter. Her vocals cords were paralyzed during a surgery she required when she was born. As a result, she cannot breath and eat through her mouth. She has a feeding tube and a tract to breath. We are praying that God will heal her.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  43. I pray God will open doors for me to find a great place to live and work part time soon.

  44. Susan, I am lifting you and your son up!
    I request prayer for my peace. Peace with finances, peace with all that is going on, and for health. Our family has been down sick for months now. It just goes from one illness to the next and through all 4 kids and myself and husband. Exhausting. Thank you.

  45. Becky, I am lifting you and your sister and your unborn babies to the LORD and asking him to keep you in His perfect will and peace. I trust you will both have safe deliveries.
    I also ask the LORD to wrap His loving arms around your other sister as she and her family grieve the loss of that little life. He will bring them peace at the appointed time. He did it for me.
    I would ask for prayer for my children and grandchildren, that they would come to know the LORD in all His fulness.

  46. I’m infertile but recently had a miracle pregnancy. However, on Mother’s Day – when I was about 13 weeks pregnant – we found out the baby unexplainably died. Testing told us the baby was a perfectly healthy girl and we named her Mara Shirin, which means bitter sweet. I am so sad and heartbroken and feel weak and fragile in spirit and faith.

  47. I prayed for you Susan and all your requests. God is with you. My request is to ask God to give more faith in order to be a faithful Christian lady. Thanks

  48. Please pray that my husband and I can restore our marriage from the threat of divorce to better than it ever was, now that my dear husband is ready 🙂
    Thank you

  49. Gracious Lord please hear my hear prayers and hold them close. Our Women’s Ministry has opened a new Rescue Mission in post flood Nashville, Tn. and we would humbly ask if you can stengthen our spirits, hearts, and bodies to rise to meet the challenges.
    Please help us be authentic and Christ-like as we endeavor to help these women and children change their lives.
    May your mercies be great when your Hands touch benevolent hearts for food and service donations.
    We are constantly amazed at your awesome Love.
    Thank you.
    In His Service, Jan

  50. Dear Holly and ladies ~
    I pray for all your needs and heartaches. May the good Lord keep you close in His loving care — may you know His presence in your lives.
    I beg your prayers for me as I go to court this coming Thursday, June 3, for the custody trial. My husband left me about six months ago, and in March he filed for custody of our two teenage children (John 14, and Mary Clare 16), who I love dearly and am so afraid of losing. I have been a full-time mother to them and have home schooled them all along. They do not want to leave their mother and their home, nor do they want to live with their father and his mother with whom he is living. I pray and ask for prayers, but fear often creeps in. Please pray. Please pray.
    Thank you all. Thanks be to God!

  51. I lost my work this past week and a friend sent your website to me for strength and courage during this time. My husband is also out of work. Please pray for my family and for the courage to get us through this situation. Also, pray for the friend who took the time to help me in a very troubling time. Thank you Lord for your angels. Virginia

  52. Lord Jesus I Pray for Susan Miller and all that is on her heart today. For her son Lord to soften his heart and open his eyes to truth. Thank you Jesus. Things are getting ugly in this world please help us remember what you have done for us and are still doing.
    Please pray for me to surrender completely to Gods will. Please pray for me to feel safe and to be vulnerable. My brother is incarcerated and needs strength and courage to go against the norm. Pray that he may understand the cross and Gods Grace.
    Thank you
    Shelly B.

  53. Father,
    It’s so easy to doubt, wavering in our trust that all is well, that you are at work in our lives at this very moment. You have a plan for each of our lives. I pray for all of us that we will see evidence of your work… in ways that encourage us. I pray for Susan’s son to leave the path he is following for the way his heart knows is true- the way back to wholeness and you. I pray for all our children who have lost their way, and I pray that you will continue to reveal the path for me to follow as I continue on my journey and begin a new career.

  54. I prayed for Shelley and her brother. Please pray for our family as we have been devastated by mental illness and financial hardships.

  55. Dear Lord God I pray today that you will bring my grandsons Tyler and Jason back to me and my daughter Laura will find you and know how important she is to me. I pray that I stay close to you through this trial i am facing, and ask that Laura sees how much she is loved and I pray for a softening of her heart and that she will turn back and remember her mom. I pray for my daughter Leslie that she will turn back to you and find the peace only you can give. I also pray for Lisa that she stays close to you and finds rest in you.
    I love you Lord, help me to do only your will in my life.

  56. Please Pray for my father age 56. He has been in the hospital for five days with a intestinal blockage and a colapsed bowel. Please pray for his healing.
    Also please Pray for the Lord to open a door for me in my life towards a job and our finances.

  57. I am requesting prayer for this young couple who have a 3 month old baby. There is infidelity in the marriage and financial problems. Please pray that God will change the heart of the adulterer and restore this marriage.
    Please pray for Gordon who underwent spinal surgery last Friday. He is in need of God’s healing touch.

  58. Please pray that God will just make TRUTH evident. I have been listening to lies far too much.

  59. Hello everybody, I do not post often but I read every comment.
    Dear Susan, please know that you and your family, especially your dear son, are in my prayers, but more than that, that they are loved and cherished by our Lord no matter what.
    I am writing this in thanksgiving. My Mom has been ill for several months. Today, we actually managed to go out and for the first time in 9 months we had ice cream together! I am so very happy.
    Thinking of you all,
    Malgosia :-))

  60. Oh Lord please hear the hearts of these beautiful sister’s as they bring it all to You. I pray for Susan as she cries out from a mothers, grandmothers heart to You for the protection, and provision of her son’s and her granddaugher Molly. I pray that you will give Susan many creative ways to shower Molly with her presence from afar. I pray for her adult son that has chosen (at this time) to leave the truth that he knows for the world’s false promises. You are Father and Creator, and the Lover of our souls, Oh Lord have Mercy and cause this young man to fall to his knees and see that you are the Only Way, Amen.
    I would ask for prayer for our daughter Adriana, she is indeed our prodigal and has been running from the Truth for a long time. She was created for His purpose, the gifts that he equipped her with are for His Kingdom. I pray that He will cause her to come to the end of herself, so that He may reign in her life. May the Lord my God bless each prayer request written her today and cause each sister’s heart to be stirred with the passion to pray and expect to see Your Glory.
    Until He shouts,

  61. Please pray I will have our Lord’s wisdom as I continue to look for work. I want the Lord to receive all the glory in whatever He leads me to do. Thanks for your prayers on my behalf!

  62. A big hug of thanks and love to Holley and everyone at (in)courage!
    I’m joining Malgosia in praise to God for her mom being able to go out for ice-cream! How sweet and precious is His tender care! Praying for continued healing and peace for your mom! 🙂
    I ask for prayer for a friend in Israel who has been readmitted to the hospital with a bad internal infection. Thank you so much!
    In His forever love . . .deb

  63. God, I pray for Susan’s family and all the situations she lists. I specifically pray for her son who is off of your prefect plan for his life. Please show him how much you love him and want the best for him. Help Susan as she prays for him and carries this burden. As Susan prayed, bring him home to her and to You.
    We are in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and were told last week that we need to raise $15,000 by the end of August. We are eagerly looking forward to how God will provide because we know He is a Father to the fatherless and sets the solitary in families! (Ps. 68:5-6)

  64. Lord,
    I lift up this effort to help those in need in Nashville. May everyone be blessed and needs met in this effort.
    Please pray for my prodigal son to return to the Lord as he returns to me.
    Also pray for protections of my younger son who must be with his abusive father for weeks this summer. Though I tried to protect him, the court will not accept my testimony without physical evidence.
    I also need prayer for wisdom regarding a new job and possible move. I am praying to return to a small town I used to live in where there was more support and love.
    Thank you. God bless you!

  65. I feel so privileged to be praying for all above, specially for you Susan in your request for your family. Be sure that the LORD will always accomplish HIS good work. A child of HIM will come back to HIM that assurance we can have!
    Above all want to praise the LORD for His protection last night, as a fire had started in the building, and He helped me take care of it, in time with little loss and no personal injuries.
    I ask prayers for my son who is just married, lives in Brazil, and struggles to get a job too. May the LORD show him which direction to take, and supply all their needs.
    Thank you for all your prayers and GOD bless each one of you!

  66. Lord, God, I come before your throne to humbly seek your grace and favor. There are many hurting souls that need your touch. I pray for broken hearts, esp. Maria and my daughter, Daphne. I pray for Kristopher, wherever he is, you know. I pray for Christian marriages that are being weakened by worldly desires of adultery and pornography. Hold all your people esp. these, in your loving arms of miraculous healing. Give them strength as they walk thru valleys of deep despair. May they know and feel your presence. Help me to be a better witness of your amazing love. Thank you for better employment for Cheri.
    Bless as you see fit, those of us who suffer from constant physical pain. In His service, Buffy

  67. Please pray for our families finances. We are too far in debt and we need to do something about it in order to not feel the stress on me. Please pray that I can trust in the Lord and continue to be faithful thru the times of trial and that my husband will step up and do something to help with the situation so that I do not feel that this is all on my shoulders…ok…as I was typing that I felt the Lord telling me that it isn’t all on my shoulders…I am to give it to Him! Pray that I will do that and stop taking it back.

  68. Hello Lovely Ladies, I just wanted to stop in and let you know I’m praying for you! Thanks for sharing your hearts and hurts with us. Buffy, I’m especially praying for you. XOXO

  69. i have a job interview tomorrow monday, i need prayer for God to help me throughout the interview. this could be easy if i would have done it in english language, but i have to do it in norwegian, a new language i have just learned. and this is my first job interview. pray for me.

  70. Please pray for me, I’ve lost my faith and don’t know what to do xxx
    Good luck for tomorrow ally, I’ll be thinking and praying for you xx

  71. Susan,
    I pray for your adult son who has lost his way and for you, his loving mother, watching and waiting until God reaches deep into his heart and soul at a moment where your son is listening.
    I also pray for each and every other person who has asked for prayers today- so much sadness, illness, and pain. To the people who have lost their faith, I say that I too was in that dark place. Fight to see the light. The darkness will attempt to take you into the pit but you can fight it. I know how much it hurts to be without the light that once gave you hope and joy. I pray you will find it again.
    Please pray for my sister who has MS. She is so very ill. She was diagnosed at the age of 50 – at a time when the family was already reeling from the loss of our youngest sister the year before. Noone saw either of these instances coming. They were the youngest, strongest, brightest in everyone’s eyes Please also pray for my twin sister who is bipolar and has lost her path in walking with Jesus. She is so depresssed, her depression reaches out to others, so they actually feel her pain. My oldester sisters, at the age of 70 and 67, and a brother of 60 already watched one young sibling die when I was in my early teens and did not understand. Now, I totally get it and I don’t think they can bear to lose another one of us youngsters – they are like our parents and the saying goes – parents are not supposed to outlive their children defintely applies here. For me, at 56, I feel I have lost everyone. Thank God for the early years of fun closeness and joy. Thank God I go to sleep at night and he refreshes my soul for the next day of being able to support others and be of service in his name.
    I don’t want to feel greedy for prayers, but please pray also for my husband’s great nephew. He has been in the hospital since his birth in September 2009 and will remain there for we do not know how long. Young Jacob is a sweetheart who was born very ill and we do not know what his path will be.
    Deb Braun

  72. Lord, I pray for all those struggling with the issue of abortion. Give them strength and help them make the best choice in Your eyes. Help all the followers of Christ appreciate life as you do, God.
    Lord, I pray that your Holy Spirit will be within me as I press forward, an “ambassador in chains”. Help me to rejoice at rejection for it is an honour to be rejected for you.
    Lord, I pray for my parents as they move through some struggles. You know the details, God, and please give them strength and wisdom, and bring your Holy Spirit among them.
    Lord, I want to pray for my Mother during this health challenge. Give her strength and I pray that she will not become sick again. Be her rock, Lord, because who other than You is a rock for all people?
    Lord, I also want to pray for each and every person who has prayed above me. Give them strength in their day to day lives and above all help them trust in You.
    Lord, be present with Your people and chase away the darkness…but even the darkness is light to You, or Lord. God, help each and every follower of Your Son to realize that they are loved by the King of Kings and that you are enthralled with their beauty. Wipe away the shame and hurt from every broken heart.

  73. Susan,
    I have a Prodigal daughter, so I do understand your broken heart. I will pray for you and your son.
    I had a Prodigal son, but Praise God , HE brought my son home to the fold, God is growing my son into a “man after His own heart”. So I know God will hear the mother’s prayer for her child.
    Please get the book ” Wresting Prayer” by Eric and Leslie Ludy, and allow God to show you the power of prayer.
    My daughter is “born again” but has chosen to taste of the world and I know that if she continues God will have to chastise her and it is scarey , but a good thing.
    He did my son, and now my son “fears the LORD” for his own good and that brings Wisdom!
    So, as you can see , my prayer request is that God bring my Prodigal, God’s stray lamb back to the fold and unite us in unity and harmony again. My daughter has NOTHING to do with me or her father , so it is sad to not see or talk to her but once or twice in a year.
    I know that God is able to deliver us all from the enemies attacks on our children, homes, etc. and I pray that you will all BELIEVE and remember GOD IS GREATER THAN THE enemy.
    CALL upon the LORD and HE will answer.
    JEREMIAH 33:3
    I do get down and cry . I miss my child. I miss her heart being right with The SAVIOUR.
    My husband, too, is out of work, and we pray for God to guide us now in what and where HE wants us.
    LOVE to you all,
    The SHEPHERD’s Daughter

  74. Your prayers would be delightful, toward a passionate awakening of spirit to burned- out husbands (Ron, John, David, Robb etc). That they will hear with their own ears the Call, they will hear, know, Trust and do what it is, that He has placed on their heart, from the beginning, to do. It will be unmistakably, the Lord’s hand. All Glory, Honour and Praise be to Jesus! for this.
    Thank you.

  75. Thank you for this….I pray for you all too…please pray that my hubby will come back to the Lord and commit to our God… cheryl

  76. We are in our 60’s and my husband will be forced to lose his job at the end of the year. It is time to retire but we only have SS and there is not enough SS to provide for a roof over our heads. We will be having to sell our home. Knowing that God is good and that he has never let us down and is always here for us, I’m feeling guilty because I can’t see light at the end of the tunnel. As things look right now there is no money for a roof over our heads, medicines that we both take and insurances we have and need. At times things look so bleak. Pray that I will have the faith and trust what I know to be so true, that God is good and has always been there and will always be here for us and a roof will be provided.
    I’ll pray for Susan and her son and that he’ll come back to you, Lord and to Susan. I also will pray for Holly thanking God for the words you give Holly to share with all of us.

  77. i will pray for you Adrienne. I too have fibromyalgia. I understand about not being able to do the things I used to.
    I would like to request prayer for my money situation. I made a mistake in the check book in March. Yes, March. I can’t seem to get caught up since. Every time I think I have things handled something else bounces at the bank. I am not intentionally writing bad checks. I don’t know what the problem is. I have not paid may bills since March because I am afraid to. So, I really need to get to the bottom of the problem. Thank you.

  78. Trudy, I am praying for you. God is so good to lead me to this at this moment to read your prayer request, as we are going through something very similar. My husband’s company is struggling and our checks are sporadic. I am afraid to pay bills because I don’t know when the next check will come. We know that God is a God of miracles, and that He is faithful and loves us and does not want us to fail. Lord, I ask that you comfort Trudy and give her clarity to see what is causing the financial difficulties. Send someone into her life that can help her, and soften the hearts of those with whom she must deal on the bounced checks and bills. I ask that our financial situation stabilize, and the new ventures my husband’s company is planning be successful so we can meet our obligations and take care of our family. Thank you.

  79. Susan I am praying for you right now. I can’t imagine your concern for your son and ache over wanting him to turn to back to God.
    My husband and I are missionaries on furlough after a very intense term on the field. I have also been diagnosed with depression and desperately need rest and refreshment. I do see that God is at work and pray that He will use this time to show me new habits and thinking patterns that will change me to be who I really am in Him and not just who everything suggests I be at any given time.

  80. Between missionary callings and consequently between homes and lives and community and stability too . . . it’s been four months of suitcase life and it’s wearing thin. Pray for courage to believe it’s His plan . . to be sure that we’ve not slipped through HIS hands. Thanks.

  81. My brother died in January from cancer, and my family fell apart. Please pray that we find each other again. Bettyjo

  82. Susan, I pray for your son to make good choices.
    I am pregnant and scared. Please pray for me.

  83. Sweet Claire, congratulations on your pregnancy! Some of the sweetest times of my life were relishing the new life within me. I have prayed for peace for you. God loves you so much and the new life growing within you. Take care.
    Holley, I am thanking God for you and your ministry. Your heart for God truly shines through the words birthed through your pen. Thank you!

  84. Betsy: You didn’t mention any particular request…just sending thoughts of blessings!
    Claire: my prayers are with you. Remember that God loves you no matter what.
    Bettyjo: I pray that you feel and see God at work bringing your family together in their grief over the loss of your brother.
    Annelise: I pray that you may know that you will never slip through the Lord’s hands.
    Libby (and to Cara, from back on page 1): Special prayers that you might feel God’s touch as you struggle with depression and it’s changes upon your life.
    I have a praise to share: we have finally sold our house!

  85. Please pray for my husband and I as we struggle to strengthen our marriage. Also as we are dealing with the heartbreak of rebellious adult children in a blended family scenerio. Its hard for me to relate to my husband’s feeling sometimes when it comes to the kids. He says its different when they are your blood, but I may never know that feeling. Also pray for wisdom and guidance as I embark on a new journey of nursing school this fall. I really need cleE direction as to how I am suppose to accomplish 3 major goals of mine at the same time.

  86. Holy Father, Please look upon Molly and the burdens she is facing with her family members and fill them all with your peace, your courage and the hope that is You.
    I, too, ask your prayers for my son and his family as they have been dealing with the burden of his unemployment for the past 8 months. I pray that the Lord will go before them in all things and bless them with strength for this journey and the end to come soon. Peace, Judy

  87. For Paul…no matter how private the matter, you are right, God knows. Feel comforted in knowing that each of us have been where you are now in holding our secrets private and that the pain that comes from that is great sometimes. Just know that your wish to remain private is God’s chance to work miracles in your life.
    For Mimi….my prayer is for you and your spouse. I understand your position in life and the journey you are about to travel. Life can sometimes deal us a very hard road to take,but he knows our every step and he will provide. One day at a time….He will provide. God bless you and as I lift you up, I truly understand.
    With great thanksgiving I am encouraged to pray for each of you and to form a connection stronger than any bond with prayer….

  88. Please pray that I will work through this period of loneliness and find solice in my faith and knowing that He is with me at ALL times.

  89. Dear Lord
    I pray for Susan’s family members as they move . May the changes made, be good for them.May the family stay connected even though apart. I pray especially for her wayward son.
    Susan may you have trust and confidence in the Lord as you wait for Him. Be still and Know that in the fullness of time your request will be answered
    My prayer request is for the Lord to give
    me wisdom as I prepare the custody plan for my two daughters with multiple disabilites. The girls love their Dad and I want him to have a relationship with them but he is not dependable right now. He is in a mid life crisis. It is driving his life. He left to do the things he can’t do married or as a full time father to our girls. I struggle being a single parent.It is not what I wanted . Thank you

  90. Saying a prayer for Adrienne and Susan now…
    Please pray for my husband. He’s been sick over the last week or so, worsening over the weekend. He’s supposed to go back to work tomorrow, but it’s not looking like he’ll be able to. Pray for healing in his body, and that he’ll be drawn back to Christ.

  91. Father,
    I ask you to come alongside Susan and to strengthen her in the work you have for her to do. I pray for Lee, who is looking for a job and I ask that in Your mercy, You would provide him with the right one for him. Give him strength and faith as He waits upon You. Help him to lift his doubts and fears to You and to trust you for his future.
    I also pray for her prodigal son. Lord, You know all about prodigal sons and daughters. You know what it will take for each of us, when we walk away, to return to You, and You specially design each experience in our lives to conform us to the image of Your Son. I ask that Susan’s son would be touched by the power of your Holy Spirit and be set on fire with a passion for You. And I pray that you would show mercy to Him, even in His disobedience, as You show mercy to each one of us.
    I lift up Susan and ask that you would protect her family that is moving and that you would give Susan greater opportunities to serve others. Give her the desires of her heart as she waits upon You, Faithful God.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, the Righteous, I pray
    = )Regina

  92. Dear Lord I Thank you for Susan who’s having a very good heart to pray for our sisters, I pray Lord that you will answer her prayer specially with her son who’s away from you. touch his life and let him discover again and again your unfailing love for him. I praise you and thank you for we know that our prayer is not in vain, you are always willing to listen and you always understand us. I also pray for my sister who needs resident visa here in UAE help her to all her needs, bless her abundantly in her finances to be able to send her 3 children back to school, I also pray Lord for my work to be stable, I know that you have placed me in this company and I know that your plan is much greater than our thoughts…thank you Father God for you have loved us unconditionally..

  93. Dear Jesus… I pray for Julie’s husband. I ask that you would heal his body and remove all of the sickness from him. I pray that you would restore his body to perfect health. I also pray Lord that her husband would come to know You in ways that he has never known before. I ask that he would draw near to you Jesus. Be the foundation of their marriage.
    My prayer request is for my desire for community. I have amazing friends in my hometown, but feel it has been difficult to find a good Jesus loving community in the city I’ve lived in for the last couple of years.

  94. My baby girl, Ansley, was born with a rare brain disorder almost a year ago (6/17). Those first several months of her life were so devastatingly painful, but truly, the Lord called us to a hope to call upon His power and claim His promises over her. We have been praying for the precious blood of Christ to wash her brain and heal her one milestone at a time. It has been so unbelievably difficult. A constant spiritual/emotional/physical battle. According to her neurologist, it is unexplainable and mind boggling that she is able to do everything she can right now (Which is a completely age appropriate 11 mo. baby). Our great and mighty God is moving mountains and we could not be more grateful. The road is still very scary and long and there are many fears/realities ahead to battle and the storm the throne for. All the while, my father in law is waiting at the gates of Heaven as he has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past 18 mos. There are days where the pain/burden is just too much to bear. We know our God is unstoppable, unlimited and faithful..always faithful. Even when the valleys are so very deep.

  95. Hi, please pray for my husband (Abraham). He’s suffering from a digestion problem since last night 🙁 Thanks! God bless..
    I also pray for Susan’s son. In the name of Jesus I pray that God would move heaven n earth to draw him back to Himself. Those who have tasted the love of God, cannot ever forget it. Lord I pray that he would repent and come back. In Jesus name I pray, Amen
    – Rini

  96. please pray for Aaron as he listens to Gods call on his life.
    And Lord, hear the prayers of your women – the mothers, wives and daughters and bless each one of them as they bring their loved ones to you

  97. I will be praying for all above. Please pray for my husband and I that in His will He will answer our one prayer that we have been praying for a long time. Thanks and God bless.

  98. My family and I are missionaries serving in East Asia and we are traveling back to the states June 8 for furlough. I would like to request prayers for us as our family with 4 small children make this verrry long journey. Also this last week as we pack, sort, and say goodbye. Thank you!
    Dear Jesus, I pray for Susan’s son who has turned from Your ways. I ask that you penetrate his heart with truth and illuminate the areas inside in which he has believed the falsehoods of the enemy. Deliver him from evil and set his feet upon a firm path, in Your blessed name and for Your glory.

  99. Please pray forme and my dad, he is schedule to have major amputation and I am having work done on my kidney

  100. Please pray for our family. Pray that my husband is happy and not overwhelmed when he goes back to college in June and tries to find a job too!
    Please pray for my friend Becca & her husband Brent and their baby girls Belle & Ellie. Brent left for Iraq this morning.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  101. Lord Father God, I pray for my sister susan miller and lift her up to you. I pray that you give her peace and affirm her through scripture, community and signs that she has raised her son well and that she is a good mother. I pray for her son to change his course Lord Father God. That you will protect him during this time and bring good people into his life to walk with and help change his course, I pray for his brokenness. If there is anything that is not of you in his mind, body and soul I pray that you banish it in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh and died for our sins.
    I would like prayer for moments of loneliness as a single woman. The struggle to want to be in relationship but feeling hopeless as the months pass. I would like prayer for me to use what God has given me today and give me the word and vision of what he wants for me right now has a single person and embrace it. Also to pray for an awesome man of God for my future husband, one that loves Jesus and is ready for woman like me.

  102. Dear Holy Father and Jesus Christ,
    I pray for Susan’s son that he would find your love. Please guide his way into your safe, loving arms and never let him out of your sight. I’m also asking you to help me with my problems in my mental abilities and learning. You know my heart. Will you ever let me find peace and bliss? Last month was really troublesome for me and my boyfriend. I’m asking how long must these sad surprises get on our way… on my way especially. I just found out about a new problem in my health and I even doubt whether I’m even able to have a child. I’m the last Christian of my family and it seems like I’m at the risk of many inheritable sicknesses and features peculiar in my family. They don’t believe in God but I do. Please let me be the light of this family. Amen.

  103. Father, I come to you now and lift Lisa and her family up to you. I ask that you would give her husband courage to trust you in this new season of life. Guide him, remind him to trust in you and in your plan for his life. Give Lisa words of encouragement to speak to him when he is having moments of anxiousness or doubt. Use this time to drawn this family closer together and closer to you. Father, I also lift up Brent, as he goes to serve our country put your hand of protection on him. Bless him Lord during his time of sacrifice- bless his wife and children also- as they are making a sacrifice too. I ask that Becca be comforted by you- give her peace and courage- protect her from doubt and fear. Support her and their children, use this time to strenghten her realtionship with you. Take her heart captivated and make you relationship with her more intimate, more real than its ever been. When times are tough and if lonliness sets in wrap your arms arounds her and draw her near.
    Father be with RainbowWriter…heal her body, comfort her heart. I pray for the salvation of her family members, that they will come to know you and see you in a very real way. Father, fuel the light of your Holy Spirit within her. Make the flame burn bright in the dark places, use her and her life to point to you and your glory.
    I lift Lili up to you. As you continue to grow her and her future husband, as you continue to prepare them both for their lives; I pray that she uses this time to become more intimate with you. Growning in her love of you and your people. Father, her desire is to be loved, to have someone to love. Grant her this desire. Bring the person you have picked for her.
    I pray all of this in the Holy name of Jesus Christ- Amen

  104. Thank you for this. My request and prayer is for healing, I am separated from my husband (he had an affair and continues to)and I am currently unemployeed and have been for 7 months. I want to rediscover who I am in Christ and find his will for me. I still have the deep desire and dream for a Godly husband who will be faithful, respectful, loving and who can be my life’s companion, my best friend. I’ve lost that and hope I can find it again.
    Susan, I pray for you and your family. I know what it is to pray for a man to come back to Christ. My husband was such a Godly man and then some how went astray. I pray for your son to find God again, like I pray for my husband. May this day of prayer be a blessing for us all! May God truely seek and find all of us as we seek him!!
    God Bless us all!!!
    With Love,

  105. Please pray for my husband to feel God’s love for him and stop running. Pray for me to show God’s love to him in all that I do and say.

  106. Please pray for God to open up a house for me and my family to rent before my son goes back to school in August. It is necessary for us to move. Please pray for God to provide us housing and that my condo sells quickly in such a bad economy. Life is stressful but I know that God has the perfect plan for me and my family.

  107. Susan~ I am praying for your son. I know that God can heal his heart and bring him home to you. I know what it is like to have a loved one live a life that is leading to their own destruction. My father is living a life of drugs and incarceration. I know the hurt your heart feels and I will be praying for you.

  108. My tears wept for you all, I understood all to well what hard times you are in and said a prayer for you all.A prayer of strength and comfort for his will be done .
    I too have been struggling with my husbands unemployment for over a year – it will be our fourth time being unemployed in the past three years. It is hard to watch my husband loose his hard earned savings and retirement to save our home. At the same time being unemployed we have lost much and our marriage struggles under the strain of the stress.
    Some prayers are so much needed for support, encouragement, and the ability to hear the holly ghosts comfort and wisdom.
    Our family has been great paying for food , bills, and opening cost of opening my own buisness. I plan to open my own buisness to help my family’s finacial security in a hard job market.
    I would appreciate prayers for streangth in my faith he will guide and support me in createing a successfull buissness.
    Also prayers for my family to bless them for their unselfishness and bring them joy.

  109. I say a prayer to god to hear your cries whatever they may be and may he left you up out of your sorrow and wipe your tears with blessings of joy. Amen
    May god bless you and keep you.

  110. Father God … most blessed Holy One, I come to you for Susan. You know how I can identify with her request for her son — as it is the same picture with my brother, Jim. Lord, I love the way she put it, “Touch that secret area down deep within (them) and awaken (their) love for You,” Amen and amen!!! I also feel her ache, as she watches her beloved family move far away. Open doors of opportunity to keep them even closer than they were when they lived nearby! I join her in agreeing with the heart cry of so many on this list who are needing work. You promised that You would provide all our needs as long as we keep our eyes on You. Meet each person’s need in the unique way that matches their heart. Open our spiritual eyes, Lord, that we might see the magnitude of your presence in our midst. All glory to Jesus, and in His name I ask this — with expectation and thanksgiving!

  111. Dear Lord, restore susan’s son back into your loving arm and restore unto him the joy of your salvation grant him an insatiable hunger for your word and presence.I cover her grandchild and family with the blood of Jesus and cause them to find favour where they go.I agree with her that this will be the week of appointment for those seeeking a job.
    Kindly pray that God will perfect the work of healing in my son whose been diagnosed with autism. I believe God for a miracle For autism is not the portion of God’s inheritance for His chosen.

  112. Heavenly Father,
    Please pray for Susan who is experiencing the sadness of having her family move away. Please hold her hand so she feels less alone and less lonely. Also, guide her through the difficulties she is having with her adult son. We know that age matters not when dealing with children. When they hurt, a parent feels and shares their pain.
    Heavenly Father, please watch over me and my family. Continue to bless us with your grace and presence. We lift our hearts to you and pray that our hands are used to give service to you.
    Please stay in my life and guide me with your love and wisdom. May I live a life that is pleasing in your eyes. Amen.

  113. Please pray that my husband and I can find a new place to live that fits our budget…and our combined kids! Thank you!

  114. Heavenly Father, glorious Lord, thank you for promising to meet all that we need for life and godliness. Precious Jesus, you understood the need to have a “home” and You promised that we could shed worry and put on thankfulness – with trust, because of Your great love and desire to provide. I thank you for the showers of blessing that will fall upon Eric and her family as you do the seemingly impossible — and provide them with the perfect “home.” I bless Your name and thank you, in advance, for meeting this need “exceedingly abundantly” (Ephesians 3:20).
    In the powerful name of Jesus!

  115. Please pray for that the job interview I went on yesterda (Tuesday) will be mine. I have put it in God’s hands and if it is his will, the job will be mine.
    I recently was fired for no apparent reason on a Sunday at 7:00 PM vi voice mail.
    It is only me and I really need this job. God Bless and I pray for the person above me.

  116. Holly, Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for my healing from Crohn’s disease and a financial breakthrough for my family. Blessings and God Bless, Lisa

  117. Thank you for this post which was hopeful and inspirational when I need it most. I’m currently on bed rest at 32 weeks pregnant to prevent preterm labor. I appreciate your prayers and pray for your intentions as well!

  118. Kristen! Congrats on your pregnancy! I will pray for the health of you and your baby. As well as for your family, friends, nurses, etc. to keep you company and entertained!;)
    Please pray for a job for my father and direction and energy for me while I work on my new business.
    Thank you!
    “When 2 or more are gathered…”

  119. I think this was just what I needed to read tonight. I’m praying for you Susan. If someone could just pray for me that I would have safe travels and that everything would work out in my upcoming marriage and move. Thank you so much, God bless all.

  120. I read this page again to remind me the power of prayer. I am so overwhelmed and in fear of my marriage dissolving under the pressure of my heavy heart, financial worry, heath issues (that our a mystery for i don;t have insurance to talk to a doctor), insecurities, and my unability to see why i feel i am not humble. Thank ou to the prayers before me a few mentioned things i never thought of.I keep saying his will be done. I then think lord have mercy on my soul for i am so weary i am failing.I seek prayers for strength and wisdom to concur this evil spirit bringing me down and causing me to be weak unable to see the complete worth of his love for me. Do you understand? Pray i will understand . Thank you and god bless you.

  121. Please pray for my nephew Henry (9 years old). He is showing symptoms of childhood depression. Please pray for God’s provision for him. He has been picked on so much and hurt this way, and hurt by his parents divorce, and hurt by intense sibling rivalry with his older sister who often bullies him. His father is out of work and is the primary caregiver, so please pray God takes care of any medical costs regarding diagonosis and treatment.
    Thank you for your prayers whoever responds!
    Amy, loving Aunt

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