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  1. Laura, you’ve shared a beautiful dream… that you dared to make come true that morning.
    Wisdom and play… I never thought of the two together. I want to be wiser, now having read this. 🙂
    Thanks for the scrumptious thought of pairing the two. Your words, as always, open up something new!

  2. Oh wow! I love it!!! Sometimes we do have a tendency to get too “mature” for our own good. I watched my boys playing with the fisher price barn, garage and airplane yesterday and the memories of when my brothers and I spent hours doing the same thing came flooding back!
    I think that today I will get down on the floor and be a little “playfully wise” right along with them. Thank you for this beautiful and wise reflecting to start my weekend. God bless you!!! You have a real gift.
    Encouraging in His Love,
    Mary Joy

  3. love the images ,
    and of course the nudge.
    what a unexpected but not,
    surprise to see you here this morning.
    it feels a bit vulnerable, this play , but it is wisdom. whether I’m shooting hoops with my oldest man son or dancing to Justin B with my youngest, I feel like I’m flying. And it’s beautiful.

  4. This may be one of the most profound things I have ever read. I feel free just reading it! I think there will be some firefly chasing going on in our backyard tonight. I may even leave some for the kids. 🙂 Blessings!

  5. Laura,
    You dream… and you fly. You tell us we haven’t forgotten either.
    And when children think you have lost your mind — they may just find that you’ve found your heart.
    I pray I never forget your art here (and L.L. Barkat’s too!)
    I can’t wait to meet you both this fall, Lord willing…
    Soar, friend soar!

  6. Thank you, ladies, for welcoming me into this space! Wisdom and play…it makes sense in a crazy, mixed up way, doesn’t it? Don’t you love how God always reveals the unexpected? And L.L. Barkat too…her book has been such a blessing.

  7. So very beautiful.
    Why does play join our hands to God’s? Is it because when we play, we have to free ourselves from the other things that take our attention, the things we think secure us? I’m going to think more about this. Thanks for lighting the spark!

  8. I’m away at my mom’s, my kids still at home with hubby. I’ve been heavy-hearted even with the restfulness of being away… because I brought my heavy-laden heart with me. I have 4 girls, 2 special needs – and I’m wanting so much to fly again. My heart is heavy, but I’ve felt Jesus nudging me to be simple about things again. Kind of like what you were saying. And I love how you made that picture so vivid!! Blessings as you run and play in true wisdom!

  9. Laurie,
    Perhaps this is God calling you to play and feel that joy again. Life does get heavy at times, this is true. Sometimes going back to the simple brings the cleanest of joys. I will pray for this for you, friend.
    Your words lift my heart! A beautiful play poem. I love it.
    I think maybe it’s as simple as feeling His joy at witnessing ours. Just as we rejoice when those we love play well…I think so does He. Yes, He holds our hands. I love this image you give.
    We will join hands a fly together when we meet face-to-face this fall. I am so looking forward to soaring with you!
    I love seeing you here, Deb. Smiles all around.
    Lisa, joy is profound! Have fun catching fireflies.
    Bonnie, hello, my wise friend! Don’t you think play opens up our minds for the new also? I always feel freer, ready to pick something up after moments like these. Thank you for stopping by!
    Mary Joy,
    I hope you do get down into that play! Those fisher price days are long gone in this house and how I do miss them at times. Enjoy this time.
    What a breath of fresh air there is here at (in)Courage. Beautiful.

  10. I love the thought of the Father calling us to play. I have always prayed for wisdom. Perhaps it is not as elusive as we might think.
    I look in the mirror and wonder who the aging lady is. In the mirror of my heart, I am just a young girl, and I long to fly.

  11. Laura, thanks for this heart reminder of what’s beautiful and true. You paint a picture with your words that draws all of us back to the One Who Loves Us. I’m a firefly catcher too…every summer still.(:

  12. I love this sweet Laura~ such a beautiful reminder to let loose the trappings of this fallen world and go back to the innocence of precious love and joy with our Father

  13. Thank you, ladies! Holley, enjoy those fireflies! The heat has made ours a little shy around here, but they are still winking some.
    Linda, I once heard Beth Moore say that we were created for eternity, so it is natural to yearn for our bodies to be too! But, yes, our hearts are being shaped with each passing day. That is a beautiful thing.
    Lindsey and Deidra, so nice to see you here! Thank you for stopping in!

  14. Thank you, Laura, for the beautiful post. In my maturity, I have sometimes, sometimes, followed the beckoning to play…and it is freeing, just like His love. I never pass up the opportunity to swing – to fly, even still. And I think we will be catching fireflies in our backyard tonight. 🙂
    I, also, am tickled to have found this blog through yours, Laura.
    (@Maureen – your poem is wonderful!)

  15. Loved this. 🙂 I used to dream of flying as a kid. I still want to fly. And why not try to catch fireflies?
    Hugs, friend.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  16. I really needed to read this! Thank you! I enjoy all your work! Praying that you can write full time. In God’s timing.

  17. You all are too kind. L.L.’s beautiful book is taking me to deep places. What a healing journey it has been. Thank you for letting me share that with you.

  18. Just read your comments, Holley — not sure how nor to whom to “reply” — but thank you, Holley, for your heart — you so often hit just the right “spot” in my heart — You are very young — I am very old (over 70!) & have just this Fall lost my soul-mate — a second husband lost to heaven on November 13, 2010 — I miss him so much — just came home from my Church family meeting — sang in the choir, played piano & participated in Hand Bell Choir — all activities which are my passion with people dearly loved — & all things in which I can hear (Bob sang bass!) & “see” his commanding presence (6’6″) in the back row of Choir!! and I weep – – – – again — thank you, Holley — for giving to the Lord~ Jeannie