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Lisa-Jo Baker is a bestselling author, lapsed lawyer, and current acquisitions editor for HarperCollins. Originally from South Africa, Lisa-Jo lives outside Washington, D.C., where she fell in love with her husband in the summer of ’96. Their story spans decades, languages, countries, books, three very opinionated teens, and one dog.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I could write a whole new poem to go with the tune from “My Favourite Things” with all the beauties in the Dayspring store… Right now the notebooks, because I love, love to write, and the various items of tableware, because I love to cook and eat… And the several plaques with such meaningful Bible verses, and, and, and… (I could go on for quite a while… *blush* apologies for my indecision…)

  2. My favorite things at Dayspring change frequently but, right now, my favorite things are the custom decorative plaques from the Dayspring-Danielson Studio.

  3. There are so many beautiful things that it’s hard to choose but I’ve had my eye on the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio since last Christmas.

  4. There are so many things to love it’s hard to pick! I think I have to go with the Wonderful Grace wooden serving tray. It feels so decadent to bring coffee or dessert out on a tray to share with someone special, and it would go really well with my stoneware dishes!

  5. I have the 2011 planner on it’s way to me in South Africa – the cover quote is just what my eyes need to see as I pencil in the busyness of life!

  6. I love the Simple Graces Pitcher. It’s beautiful and neutral, so it can be used any time. There’s not much that I don’t like out of Dayspring.

  7. I love the cherished necklace. It reminds me of God’s love me and that it is everlasting.

  8. I thought it might be hard to choose, but I found the something that really spoke to my heart this morning. The God’s Heart for You necklace.
    I daily need that reminder, that I am
    celebrated and
    It’s beautiful. (smiles)

  9. I absolutely love the canvas of Jesus healing the blind man…just one touch from the masters hand…..praise Him! \0/

  10. Oh my golly, can I say I like everything…ok, ok, I know…pick one thing that I would absolutely love to have right now…got it.
    I love the;
    This is the Day – Walligraphy
    I have one in my kitchen and would love to put one in my office at the church and in the area by my staircase. That way when the kids come down to go out for the day they will see it and remember.

  11. Thanks for your giveaway! I’m trying again! My favorite thing would be the New Creation Wall art-the butterflys with Scripture from 2Corinthians 5:17. I just had this Scripture this morning in a study I’m doing.

  12. I LOVE the blue bowl from the Life collection. It reminds me that God intends for each of us to have a life of abundance in every way – that His way for us is bigger and better than we could ever imagine when we completely depend on Him and trust Him each step of the way!

  13. I love the —John 3:16 Heart and Globe – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print— because my heart has so been opened to the whole world that Jesus loves.

  14. It is difficult to choose one favorite thing. I really love the walligraphy! The Burning Bush art is gorgeous too!
    Any of the Lisa Leonard jewels! I’ll take em!
    This shop is full of precious items I’d like to share with friends/family!

  15. There are so many wonderful items, it’s difficult to choose just one. But I think this piece really touches my heart. God’s Heart for You – Sterling Silver Necklace. Thanks. Blessings, SusanD

  16. My favorite thing…the By Grace Alone necklace. I love it. That verse, by the grace of God I am what I am (1 Corinthians 15:10) has been speaking volumes to me lately!!

  17. My husband and i are tea drinkers and my husband is not saved Yet!!!. so the teapot would be a nice reminder that God is with me even in the hard times. Just relax and have a nice cup of tea. 🙂
    God Bless!

  18. Your Ever Grateful teacups and saucers are ever so sweet! My daughter and I share many special moments together over a nice cup of tea! We also host “tea parties” with our friends. This set is graceful and the color is warm! Love them!!!!

  19. IF you were to make me decide between these two, I’d probably go insane: sterling silver bracelets – one has Jeremiah 29:11 (For I know the plans I have for you); the other has the Matthew 19:26 verse (with God all things are possible).
    But, I’d love the chance to go insane!

  20. Too many wonderful choices! I think right now I would pick a walligraphy – either In All Thy Ways or This is the Day.

  21. This is tough. I love the memo board with easel and the book crops are a great way to get Scripture Visible in My home.
    Both are on my Dayspring wish list!

  22. My favorite item is the “Be Present At Our Table – Blue Trim Serving Bowl”. The kitchen is the center of our house. This bowl would look beautiful on the table, reminding us to make the Lord the center of our lives in all we do.

  23. I really like the “Bless This Home” hanging tile set – beautiful and definitely speaks the prayer of my heart: that God would bless my family’s home and make it a place of peace, grace, and retreat from the world.

  24. Oooh, I love so many of the charming items…but would really enjoy using the ever grateful message board! How fun to write thankfulness-es there each day approaching Thanksgiving!?!

  25. I love it ALL!!!! but… my favorite is probably the ‘by grace alone’ pendant.
    in His precious, unfailing love,

  26. I purchased the “Words for the Heart” ornament two years ago for several friends for Christmas presents – and you’d think it was gold – they all loved it!!! I also just HAD TO HAVE the “By Grace Alone” necklace for myself, and wear it at least once a week. I remember when I finally had extra cash to purchase it – it went on sale!!! Thanks, Lord!!!

  27. There are so many beautiful and inspiring items, it’s so hard to choose one… I could spend hours just browsing.
    I would have to say that the Bluebird teapot and teacups are amazing. The Lord is faithful and this teapot is a beautiful reminder of that.

  28. It is the hardest thing to choose just one… but I keep coming back to the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio. It is the simplest, most profound expression of the season, and I would love to put it, and nothing else, on our mantle during Advent.
    Thank you so much!

  29. I like the Life fully, Love deeply, and Laugh loudly coffee mug. I like what it says and the colors.

  30. I got Lisa’s necklace the “by grace alone” one- and I love it.
    It is such a great reminder of what he did for us that we didn’t deserve.
    There are a TON of things from Dayspring though that I just LOVE!

  31. So hard to chose just one thing, I could outfit my house and do all my gift shopping on Dayspring:) But I have to say I have been wishing for the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio for a long time and with Christmas here before we know it, I couldn’t help but pick it.

  32. I absolutely love the By Grace Alone Necklace. It’s so good to have a tangible message close to the heart.

  33. I love the Ever Grateful collection in wasabi, and am planning on asking for the place-settings for gifts in the future… So really, anything in that collection is my very favorite!

  34. The Mary and Child canvas print is stunning, and would make a fine addition to any wall in my home. It takes my breath away every time I look at it online.

  35. The Ithcys metal wall hanging is gorgeous.. but I think I’d have to choose the Grace Hanging Tile Set – an awesome reminder of exactly what He offers us!

  36. It’s seems little funny, but this was a bit hard for me. Choose something you’d really like to win….hmmm. I love decorative, pretty things and there are plenty here, but I know it’s my heart that really needs work right now. I know that won’t happen unless I seek the Lord, His word and His will….and no book can give that to me if I don’t use it. So, with all of that said, I would love to work on a closer relationship with God and would love to have my own copy of “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Thank you all for (In)couraging me daily.

  37. I’d have to say the Take Hope to Heart necklace or perhaps the God’s Heart for You necklace… so pretty, and such great reminders!!

  38. God’s Heart for You Sterling Silver Necklace is so beautiful and pretty. It really is a wonderful reminder of how God sees each of us.

  39. I heart everything in the Dayspring store, but my eyes have been drawn to the Phil 4:13 bangle bracelet since the beginning!

  40. I love the bluebird teapot….it reminds me of my best friend 2 states away. We always shared a cup of tea together…she’s someone I can talk about anything with…really be real…..and I have an affinity for bluebirds….
    Amy M

  41. there’s just way too much stuff to choose a favorite, =0) but what caught my eye was this:
    God’s heart for you necklace. NOt only is it a wonderful (and needed) reminder, but it is such a nice style. I work with college students and have bible studies with the young women and this is something we talk about almost every.single.time. =0)

  42. I agree there are so many beautiful things. Being a note taker, a studier if the WORD and just simply addicted to stationary…I like the school supplies with the scripture’s on it!!
    I have no children, but when the kids go back to school and all the supplies go on sale..I am right there, something so simple brings so much joy!!
    In using it, I am sharing the word, growing in the WORD and being taught the WORD!!!
    Many blessings and thank you for allowing us to share!!!

  43. This was the first time I had really browsed through the store. I went to the nativity section because I collect small nativities and add a new one each year. I was blown away by the beautiful outdoor nativity- it’s the type of thing I’ve always wanted, but just isn’t in the budget. I would love to add the Outdoor Nativity -K13202 to my collection!

  44. There are so many things….
    my top two are the:
    By Grace Alone necklace and the Christmas nativity Hurricane candles.

  45. I must admit I am a “bag lady” at heart. I love the bags…all of them…but if I had to pick one I especially like the canvas bag which reads: “The earth is filled with your love O Lord” Psalm 119:64
    I am volunteering to teach confirmation this year at church for my 5th grader…it would be a great bag to carry all my stuff. 😉
    Thanks for the chance.

  46. My favorite thing is the Grace or Trust 5 tile set. His Grace amazes me and Trust is something I must give Him every day – and sometimes more than once a day. Guess I’ll have to decide when I win!

  47. I love Child of the King – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.
    My 15 Year Old daughter is going to be one of the Godliest women I know. She is stunningly gorgeous and collects crowns for her favorite quote is “Live each day as you are wearing an invisible crown.” because she is God’s princess.

  48. Oh, wow…I love everything! I love both of the lines of tableware, and spent a lot of time looking at both lines. I think I’d have to say my favorite thing is the Ever Grateful Memory Board. Love it! And so practical.

  49. Do I have to pick just one? Either Lisa Leonard’s Redeemed necklace, or the Walligraphy of As for me and my house…

  50. I love the Ever Grateful Memo Board. We are empty nesters but I still have a big kid at home. :0) Maybe hubby and I can get on the same page about our daily activities.

  51. I also like many different items, but right now, I feel a connection with the I AM Messianic collection.
    Since I don’t think the entire collection would count as one item, the one that stands out the the most to me is the Burning Bush painting. The 2 simple words, “I AM” say it all. I would really like to win this.

  52. My favorite items are actually on clearance. I’m being frugal even in an entry for a giveaway! I like the pansies teapot and pansies teacup and saucer.
    I love tea parties, but I don’t actually own any teapots or teacups. I am hoping that these don’t sell out before I have money to buy them.

  53. Organization is always at the top of my list! I love the 2011 Christian Premium Weekly Planner with red and blue florals. It’s simple and chic and an inspirational reminder for my days keeps me ever seeking the Lord’s fellowship. 2011 is not that far away!

  54. It’s hard to nail just one thing down, but ultimately I am drawn to the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio. I love Christmas and this is a great way to display the nativity scene!

  55. My favorite is the John 3:16 Heart and Globe – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print for my daughter’s room.

  56. Just one? It would have to be the By Grace alone necklace!
    …or God’s heart for you one…sorry…how can I choose just one?

  57. My favorite is one for the kids:
    Happy Camper – Gallery Wrapped Canvas.
    I can imagine it inspiring them as they get ready for school in the mornings.
    Bless everyone here today.

  58. Based on what I’m trying to learn right now it would either be the TRUST word wall hanging or the I AM burning bush painting. There are so many encouraging, beautiful and inspiring things I could probably choose a “favorite” for every day of the week. 🙂

  59. The “By Grace Alone” necklace from Lisa Leonard is my favorite. I’ve been looking at it over and over for months now.

  60. I love the large Ichthys metal wall hanging. It speaks to me and looking at it everyday would remind me that God is always there and I do not need to go through my struggles alone. It’s simply beautiful.

  61. I am loving the ‘trust’ 5-piece tile set ( I think because my sister left for the Philippines for 3 years last week and God’s continually asking me, “Are you going to trust Me (for her, for myself, etc.)????”
    But I also love the redeemed necklace! :S A Bible study we just completed used Isaiah 43:1 and that verse just keeps slapping me in the face. He can redeem even the filthiest things! 🙂
    Thanks for the awesome opportunity to win something!! 😀

  62. Metal Wall Hanging – Large Ichthys (Ichthus, Icthus)OR
    With God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26 – Sterling Silver Scripture Bangle if art is not included

  63. I LOVE the Life Collection! I would love to have EVERY piece but will start with the 4 pc setting 🙂

  64. my favorite item is the John 3:16 Heart and Globe – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. it’s one of my favorite verses.. and daily, i remember what God sacrificed because he loves me.. and i am important to him.

  65. I would have to go with the Grace hanging tiles or the Lisa Leonard By Grace Alone necklace. For some reason I am drawn to the word Grace 🙂

  66. I could spend hours browsing the DaySpring site and still have a hard time picking my favorite. So I’ll choose this for now: Friend – Remember ME Sterling Silver Necklace. I love that it is the Greek monogram for Jesus–I took 4 semesters of Greek in college, so the Greek letters hold a special place in my heart. I just love it.

  67. There are so many wonderful things in the store! My favorite is the Grace 5-tile set. I have the perfect place for it – and it’s a great reminder that in the same way God shows grace to me, I need to extend that grace to others.

  68. I love anything with the Life collection.. color keeps my spirits up! How can you not look at these plates and read the verse without feeling joy?!

  69. I absolutely love the All things through Christ – Philipians 4:13 – Sterling Silver Scripture Bangle. It is so simple yet beautiful. I would wear it every day as a reminder that Christ is with me always, helping me, guiding me.

  70. I love the Ichthys metal wall hanging. There are just so many beautiful things to choose from.

  71. If it’s possible to choose just one … the By Grace Alone necklace by Lisa. (But I have close second, third and fourths!)

  72. I have been wanting the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio for a year now…I think it will be my christmas gift-to MYSELF!!

  73. Hi all you lovely ladies at in courage!!
    I have a few favorites but if i have to pick one – it would be the Ever Grateful memo board – i love writing notes to my family and this would be a great addition to my kitchen!!
    love to you all,

  74. Oh! I love so many things! I have a feeling that I’m going to have to buy myself a birthday gift soon! My absolutely favorite thing is the “This is the Day” Vinyl Wall Art!

  75. I love so many things from Dayspring, but I think the thing that most resonates with my heart is the “Be Grateful for Kindness… for Jesus” Book Crop!

  76. As I daily strive to soak up more of God’s Word, to water the parched land of my soul with His living water, I am consistently rejuvenated by His promises. While I have a couple of life verses that lift me up day to day, while browsing this store to find some of my “favorite things”, I came across a wall art. There were many that did display my life verses – but the one I picked wasn’t one I’ve claimed all my life, yet I have known it. As I reread the whispers, the Proverb of soft calling, I realized “I need this on my wall.” So, for me – today and for all the days ahead of me – I know that when I see this beautiful work of art, I’ll see God’s Truth as well, staring back at me, coaxing me into the loving arms of grace. Learning to trust like climbing a mountain – but the view from the summit is worth every ounce of the effort.

  77. Soooo hard to choose one favorite! At the moment, I think it’s the “by grace alone” necklace!

  78. I love the book crops, especially the “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” one. I grew up on hymns, and this is one of my favorites!

  79. My favorite thing in the Dayspring store is the Forgiven mounted wall hanging. It is the perfect depiction of how I imagine it to be when my time on this earth is done and I have run the race He has set before me…and I fall exhausted into His arms…the ones that were holding me all along.

  80. I l.o.v.e the “by grace alone” necklace by Lisa Leonard… what a sweet reminder of His faithfulness and sufficiency.
    Thanks for all the giveaways!

  81. I would like the By Grace Alone Necklace. I look at it all the time. It is by God’s Grace that we go forth.

  82. There are sooo many things that I love at DaySpring that it is hard to choose. Since I am in the midst of trying to organize my family I think the ever grateful memo board would be at the top of my list.

  83. I *Love* the “Thank you God for Birds” birdbath… it’s such a beautiful time of year where we live, and this would look so pretty in our garden… and add to the delight of the little birds and my little boys!!

  84. Didn’t even have to think about it… the By Grace Alone necklace. Something I must remind myself every single day!

  85. Wow, what a hard choice. I think my favourite thing (besides the by grace alone necklace that I recently ordered!) would have to be the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio, I fell in love with it last Christmas and would love to be able to add them to my mantle this year!

  86. I have been eyeing the “Abide in Him” wall decor for a while…love it! It would be such a great reminder to see every day! 🙂

  87. Just like Kristen, I love the Life to the Full Red Pitcher. The red and green colors would look perfect in my kitchen!

  88. i like the scripture bangles but there are so many pretty inspirational items it is hard to choose!

  89. The Dayspring Store is one of my favorite places to shop. I love so many things in the store…it’s hard to choose just one 🙂
    I have been eyeing the Grace For Every Moment Tassel for a while now. It’s precious and I know the perfect place for it!

  90. Just like everyone else, it is so hard to pick only one thing, BUT the one piece I keep coming back to is the “By Grace Alone” necklace. It’s such a beautiful reminder, and I would imagine an amazing conversation starter. Thanks for the chance to win a jewel of a necklace, stay blessed!

  91. My favorite item would be:Lord is Strength – Walligraphy. I will be settling in my own home again after three years deciding where to move. I look forward to what God has planned for me.

  92. As everyone else said, there are so many beautiful and encouraging things available from DaySpring. I absolutely love the “Coat of Many Colors” print by Thomas Blackshear. I love how he incorporates the nations of the world into our Savior’s robe.

  93. I love the Take Hope to Heart necklace, and it’s the right reminder for me in this time of transition! 🙂

  94. Hmm, my all time favorite is hard to choose!! It’s an honest-to-goodness tie, if I so happen to win, then pick one of these three for me!
    Redeemed Necklace
    Fearfully & Wonderfully Made wall art
    Love is Patient, Love is Kind wall art

  95. ohh! what a fun way to sneak into their lives! and i love getting a glimpse of DaySpring product that i might not have seen on my own…

  96. That is so hard as there are so many beautiful things that I love! However, I really like the binders and notebooks! I have a project that I have wanted to start for a bit and the binders would be awesome for it! I also love the ‘road to the cross’ canvas! How can I ever forget the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us!

  97. I had a hard time deciding which of my “favorites” to put down, but hands down it’s the Simple Graces pitcher. That’s what life is full of — simple graces — and I’d like to think each time I pour someone a glass of something that I’m pouring out simple graces for them too.

  98. I would love the Me and My House Walligraphy. I want to put that verse in my living room that I newly painted a cappaccino color. It looks like a dark brown so it would work great!

  99. They have so many awesome things but I was particularly drawn to the I AM Canvas! Love it!

  100. I absolutely love the Ever Grateful dinnerware! Who would not want to be reminded and ever grateful of God’s love for them when eating off these dishes?
    Karen Little ~ Bullard, Texas

  101. I agree with so many women who posted above…the necklace would be such a daily encouragement, I would really treasure it right now in my life!

  102. Oh, oh…how can I choose. I love the jewelry – and I am not even really a jewelry kind of girl. I have just a few necklaces and earrings that I rotate as my everyday wear. 🙂 The God’s heart for you necklace would definitely be a favorite!

  103. It would have to be: By Grace Alone – Pendant, Cuff Bracelet & Earrings Jewelry Set
    I love the message, love the cute little birdie. Love that its quirky. Just really really love it 🙂

  104. My “favorite thing” has got to be the Ever Grateful – Memo Board with Easel. I have admired this for quite some time. Would love to have this sit on the counter in my kitchen.

  105. I didn’t even need to go to the store to answer this! My love-to-owns are three items that are almost in a tie for number one, but I forced myself to prioritize them below:
    1) The John 3:16 Heart and Globe gallery wrapped print in the larger size (approximately 36-40″ wide or tall) to hang in our family room
    2) The I AM burning bush to hang in our dining room
    3) And the God’s Heart for You necklace in sterling silver to hang around my neck 🙂
    Thanks for all the (in)couraging y’all do!

  106. I love the stationary supplies. I bought my daughter a Dayspring notebook from a local retailer for school. What a wonderful way for her to be a witness at school to her second grade friends. You never know when something we use in everyday life will open a door. I also like the jewelry on Dayspring. Another everyday item that can open up the door.

  107. I like the Nativity hurricane candle holder trio, the most. I think. There are to many choices, but that is the one I am sticking with today. 🙂

  108. I adore the take hope to heart necklace….it is something I am learning a great deal about now. Such beautiful encouragement!

  109. Oooh … How do I pick just ONE favorite thing? I absolutely love the Grace hanging tiles!

  110. There are many beautiful things, but I also have had my eye on the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio. I think it would be so nice to have that in our home during the holiday season. Thanks.

  111. I also love the “By Grace Alone” necklace. I can imagine wearing it as a lovely home for my id tag at work. It would help to remind me that all that I am and have and do is by His grace alone…and I need to trust in that. His grace is sufficient! Praise God!

  112. I am new here to (In)Courage and am just thrilled with all the beautiful things you offer! I was quite tempted to sign up as a consultant the other night, but my husband reminded me that the timing might not be good as I am expecting our ninth in four months!
    If I had to pick one favorite, it would be the GRACE hanging tiles. Just perfect for over my mantel!
    Thanks for your generosity!

  113. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Life collection 16″ platter. The blue background with the black and white surround makes me yearn for it. All my favorite colors on a serving platter – it couldn’t get more grand.

  114. My favorite thing from the DaySpring store is God’s Heart for You Sterling Silver Necklace because it is a reminder of who I am to God and all that He has planned/purposed for my life 🙂

  115. I love so many things – they bring me pleasure just to look at them. I have given the “God’s Heart for You” necklace twice as a gift, and I would really love to have one for myself.

  116. And now that I can’t get that “these are a few of my favorite Dayspring things”….. I am in love with the Philipians Peace wrapped canvas. I love the scripture that goes with it Don’t worry about a thing just let God’s peace flow over you Philippians 4:7.

  117. I absolutely love the GRACE tile set. I’ve chosen to “have” grace as “my” word since I attended at WOF seminar about 10 years ago. The word and His Grace have brought me joy and helped me through the tough times as well!

  118. I adore the All Things Through Christ Canvas! It’s sooo cute and such a timely scripture for where I’m at in my life right now. I love it and I love (in)courage, because it definitely brings encouragement to my crazy busy life.

  119. I admire the Sterling Silver Scripture Bangle- the one that says, “With God all things are possible.” It’s simple. It’s lovely. I would like to have that one!
    Ellen P.