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Lisa-Jo is the best-selling author of Never Unfriended and Surprised by Motherhood. Her newest book, The Middle Matters: Why That (Extra)Ordinary Life Looks Really Good on You invites us to get a good look at our middles and gives us permission to embrace them.

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  1. My nephew told me this weekend that I was the best Aunt ever hands down. It made me feel awesome!!

  2. I got this comment on my blog this weekend and it was such an encouragement!
    “So fun reading about your heart. You have a gift with words and I’m sure God will use it to call many to HIM.”

  3. The mom of four kids, all homeschooled and trying to work from home makes for a very interesting wardrobe when my husband comes home. After a sleepless night with the baby, sitting in the sweats the baby smeared his carrots on an my hair up on knots – I looked into the glass on our entertainment center, appalled at my less than perfect reflection and said “Sigh. I look . . .” My husband came up behind me, pushed the hair behind my ear and said “Beautiful.”
    And Diana, you rock! Now someone has said something nice about you this week too! 🙂 Just because people don’t say wonderful things – doesn’t mean you aren’t all kinds of wonderful! 🙂

  4. I am so blessed with a new friendship of a sweet young lady at our church. This is what she had to say to me one day: “Thank you for being such an amazing living example of a mom and sister in Christ. You have definitely mentored and encouraged me in more ways than you know. 🙂 I really needed this encouragement. Thank you so much for model an amazing love for Christ and others. I am so unbelievably blessed to have you apart of my life.” I am blessed to have her in my life.

  5. My favorite word to be said of me is REAL and someone sent me, again, that word of love and compliment this week. In a world filled with lies & half-truths & “fake-ness”, I find comfort in bringing the REAL into people and inspiring them to be the same — wheat and chaff — His grace is sufficient to blow away the chaff in me so who I am to hold back? (At least, that is the desire!!! 🙂 🙂 )

  6. At work last week someone asked me why I never complain. Now while I know this to not be true, it was encouraging because I try to have a good attitude all the time. I also got to share a little with them about my faith! Woowhoo

  7. I was recently told by someone that if they could do their life over they’d want to live their life the way I live mine.

  8. “Even with all the pruning that’s happening in your life, you’re becoming more beautiful.” – what my friend told me was really sweet and it refreshed my soul. 🙂

  9. I am going through a divorce- a bad situation and someone told me I was an angel for staying so long- and for putting up with alot instead of harboring on why didn’t you leave sooner- they understood the fear

  10. My cousin emailed me this week after having read my blog. She said, “You
    were over scheduled with too many projects/errands. I really give you credit, because you do, do all those things – you push yourself to the limit – it must be in the genes, because your cousin does the same. At Christmas time when you come, after working almost up to the
    second you leave to come here, you some how always find time to make fudge and cookies for your family – that is ONLY one of your wonderful qualities – love you.
    She is such a blessing in my life, my cousin Patcee.

  11. My six-year-old granddaughter and I were having an extremely rough day. I had cried, now she was in her room crying. But as I walked by her door, I realized she was talking about me when she said, “I love her and I can trust her.” I know she loves me but the trust part warmed my heart.

  12. A friend emailed me about something but also mentioned that she was having a bad day at work. In my reply I included a silly story that I was glad to hear made a difference in her day. She wrote back:

  13. I’m away on a particularly difficult trip. My 19 year old daughter said last night, “Mama, remember, you just love us best!”

  14. I was told recently by an Ethiopian pastor (I am connected to Ethiopia by our adoptive son and we are adopting again) that I am ‘ethiopian by commission’. That meant sooo much to me.

  15. Well, I couldn’t think of any so I appreciated the suggestion to copy and paste from a comment or email. I received this email just a few days ago and it really blessed me. If my some off chance the author of said portion reads this, I hope you don’t mind me sharing.
    “I had been feeling a little wiped out and down but as I explored your blog your honesty about life as a Mom made me feel so much better.”

  16. A wonderful compliment from my husband. He told me that although he knows that I fret about our daughter, that I’ve done a great job on giving her firm foundations (for her faith and her life) that she’ll carry with her into her future. His words gave me comfort and hope. I love him!

  17. I was told last night at a Children’s Council meeting at church that I (along with my co-coordinator) had done a great job with Children’s Ministry and that the program had improved greatly.

  18. My 2 and a half year old niece told me I’m the best aunt ever. But then about 10 minutes later she said, “You make me so mad Aunt Meg!!” when I had to punish her. So I’m not sure which is more accurate, haha!!

  19. Well, this is timely. We have three sons, ages 22, 19 and 14. I woke up an hour ago to find this note from our oldest two sons on the kitchen counter: “Mom and Dad, you guys are awesome! You guys kick butt at everything you do. We’re proud of you and we love you both. Thank you for being such blessings to us. All compliments we received this weekend we directed back to you. Keep fighting the good fight!” It’s things like this that make all of the years of hard work and investment in relationships worth it. “Do not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

  20. A recent blog comment:
    “Your posts are something I look forward to every day, they are very encouraging and can usually give a grin, giggle or even a full laugh!”

  21. My coworker told me that she respect my strong ethical values and integrity. It was so flattering since she is twice my age!

  22. its 3 and a bit weeks til my first baby is due! (well, could be sooner or later!) i had a baby shower this weekend and so many friends and family members wrote something along the lines of ‘you will be an amazing mom’ in cards/messages. and that has really encouraged me, to know that they think – by just being me – i’ll be a great mom. relief! it makes it less daunting cause i know how to be me already – even if not a mom!!!

  23. Met a new lady through swimming lessons for my kids – felt compelled to engage her in conversation – get to know her – then found out later her father-in-law passed away later that day. Found her e-mail address and began trying to care for her. She wrote “You are such a sweet and genuine person, I feel that the lord brings people into our lives right when we need them, and you have touched me in a way that you do not know.” Boy, that was all the encouragement I needed to seek to love her some more!

  24. I have tried my hand at teaching the young girls in our church for the first time this summer. I have been told I have a gift of teaching…this is great.

  25. As our family conitnues to walk a journey at facing another brain surgery and cervical fusion for our almost three year old my friend Lora wrote, “And I continue to be impressed that in the midst of all your burdens, you all are dancing and playing soccer together……this speaks volumes about your family, and most especially you and Dan! We will send a special prayer up on Tuesday for you.” By God’s grace we will keep dancing no matter what!

  26. The beautiful women in my accountability group recently shared with me how brave and self-sacrificing they think I am 🙂
    Kind words from the ones you love the most touch your heart the deepest!

  27. My little boy told me that he wanted to live with me forever, because I was the best mom, ah tender moments will never be forgotten!

  28. At our small group from church last night, I had several sweet comments about the chocolate chip cookies I made. They really made me feel special. 🙂

  29. I talked with my mom yesterday about a situation with friends I’ve been struggling with. I told her my new outlook on the situation, and what I’ve learned about myself through this, and she said she’s very proud of me! Even at 31, you still want to make your momma proud! 🙂

  30. A few weeks ago, my water broke when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I was on bedrest for 3 days to get me to exactly 34 weeks and my sweet baby boy was born on Aug. 5 by c-section….healthy and big enough to come home!
    While I was there, my doctor continued to make comments on how well I was taking the situation and how calm I was. He stated my calmness was helping him…I have been told this doctor does not believe in God.
    I let him know that my peace was from the Lord and not my situation.
    His kind words about my state of mind reminded me that God was in control and I was not.

  31. My daughter asked why I forgot her water in the house, as we drove away, realizing we forget it. I said “because I’m not perfect.” DD said, “yes you are. You are perfect. Jesus says so.” Where she got these words…only from God himself and just made me grin ear to ear. Such a sweet, sweet moment. 🙂
    Oh yeah – $100 shopping spree…absolutely awesome!

  32. I am a homecare nurse and recently visited a patient that another nurse had seen on my day off, the patient told me that while all the other nurses were nice it just wasn’t the same without me. This lady didn’t know that I was having a bad day, but her words lifted my spirits that day. It’s good to feel special. 🙂

  33. This is so very hard for me. In recent days I have come across several blogs that ask us to “brag” on ourselves.
    I have such a hard time with this – In my growing up years, It was heavily impressed upon me and I have continued to teach my children, that we should let others compliment you, and be gracious and thankful in receiving that compliment, but we should not to build ourselves up – because like we find in 1 Corinthians 10:31 – “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

  34. This was a comment left on my blog. Really blessed and encouraged me.
    “oh this is wonderful! i loved traveling through your eyes… you write so beautifully, capturing the heart of where you live…”

  35. The kindest thing anyone has said about me lately has been how honest and transparent I am. This was brought on by a post I wrote dealing with the occasional doubts that have popped up in my life in relation to my faith. As someone who deals with a lot of insecurities, it’s hard for me to fully put myself out there, and that is why these words have meant so much to me. As I’m connecting with others in the Land of Blog it’s becoming much, much easier to accept who I am, laugh at it, move past it, and be better because of it.

  36. I have two internet budddies that say the dearest sweetest things. One is much more open with her affections than I. How strange to hear someone you’ve chatted with for 4 years but never met say that they love you and mean it. And to hesitant, hold back and then say those precious words back to them AND MEAN IT. She’s a lifeline, a listener and a comforter and I couldnt’ do it without her some days. It’s refreshing to learn from someone else to NOT hold those loves back, to release them and share your love. And the internet, oh the internet, is what is opening those doors for me.

  37. Just this morning, my coworker said I am looking skinnier. I have been trying to lose weight recently and so that was SUPER exciting.
    Just before that I walked into work to get a bouquet of flowers from my husband with a card that read: “These are just because you are an amazing wife and mother”….I am mush!

  38. I was told this week by a friend that I have been a blessing in her life and have spoken timely words of wisdom to her in need. I am so blessed to know that the Lord used me to encourage her heart!

  39. My 17th month old told me, “I luv you”. It’s really awesome because she is just starting to talk in sentances and she has only said it about a dozen times, melting my heart each time.

  40. One of my friends in our small group at church told me that she thought of me and the good Mommy that I am being to my girls when she read a chapter in the book we are reading, “Captivating.” So often, being at home can feel like overlooked, thankless work. It really meant a lot that another Mother with 2 grown sons said what she did. It really encouraged me.

  41. My family and I just moved three hours away from lots of dear friends and family. It has been so hard, but one of my friends posted this on her facebook wall, “Missing my bestest friend…” I am so glad she considers me her friend. Even though we are now many miles apart.

  42. My husband’s grandfather passed away 4 days ago. My mom, comforting me, said “He loved you like his own granddaughter.” That was really sweet and it warmed my heart. Even though I know this, her saying it really made it real.

  43. A few months ago, I was guest speaker at a women’s retreat. The day the retreat began….my husband’s grandmother died (3 states away). Satan began to work instantly to distract me from my message. To the point of even a sore throat and loss of voice!
    I went anyway to speak. The last day of the retreat….the hostess had everyone write something about a fellow participant and place them in a jar. Then randomly throughout the day pulled them out to read to everyone. Several had written sweet messages to me.
    My favorite?
    “Wanda is a gifted and talented speaker!”
    These seem like simple words….but to me that weekend (when my mind was worrying about my family and traveling 1000 miles) they were the wind beneath my wings!
    Words of encouragement can move mountains!

  44. This morning when I called my husband to tell him that our son threw up all over himself, his crib, and the floor at some point last night, he thanked me for cleaning it up and told me, “You serve our family well.” His kind words turned a yucky chore into something I could smile through.

  45. its simple, but its too early to think hard, haha. my sister told me she thinks i would be great at homeschooling my child.. felt nice to have someone encourage me.

  46. Recently the best thing someone said to me was “You are so much like your mom”. My mom passed away and to be compared to someone so Christ like and selfless is the most sweetest thing someone could say to me!

  47. I recently returned from a mission trip to Haiti. When people ask what I did for summer vacation, I tell them about the trip (which is hard to do in only a few words). They typically say something like “That was an amazing thing to do”, but I don’t feel like I did anything, given the magnitude of the problems in Haiti. I get embarrassed to tell people about the trip because it’s not about me at all.

  48. The kindest thing that I have heard from someone is my counselor. I am struggling with my walk as a Christian (not feeling like I am really making a mark for Christ) and also my self confidence. He told me that I am bearing fruit. He sees it, other people see it and God sees it! That just boosted my self confidence more than anyone telling me I’m beautiful, creative, or whatever. All I really want to do is make a difference for God’s Kingdom and my counselor reinforced that for me today. I left our session on cloud nine.

  49. My kids told me on Saturday that we had the best day ever – and we just spent the day together as a family. That was the best compliment they’ve ever given!

  50. I recently delivered my child to College. She is my only one. I recieved several compliments about how well I have raised her.

  51. Awesome!! I, like you, consider friendship as a gift.
    When I was young, my Mom said if you have a few good friends in your life, you are indeed very blessed. I now realize the wisdom of this statement.

  52. Someone at church recently told me “You have such a sweet spirit about you”
    It made my day!

  53. This was emailed to me.
    Thanks to both of you as well for not bursting my bubble and teaching me to step out in faith.

  54. I posted last week about a particular difficulty our family is facing right now, and was totally overwhelmed by ALL of the comments – support, prayers, sincerity! Too many to quote, but definitely struck some heart chords with me!

  55. My 25 year old son recently ran into a convenience store to get us a snack. When he came out, he told me that the cashier told him that he had very nice manners, especially for someone his age. I asked him, “what did you say?” He said, “I told her my parents must’ve done something right with me.” In its own way, it touched my heart that he gave us the credit. He and my daughter have both been a delight and I love them so so so much!!!!

  56. This is a compliment a dear friend of mine gave me concerning a new job I’ve taken working with families of children with special needs:
    You would bless the socks off any family!!! Being a great listener is an incredible talent you have!
    Friends like this keep you going!

  57. My mom told me I was a good mom. It meant a lot since we don’t have the greatest relationship in the world.

  58. My friend is selling her house and when I offered to post a link to it on a couple of my message boards, she called me “a good egg.” It was nice to be appreciated.

  59. A friend told me that I was someone that she could tell anything to – she trusted me with her heart. I am so honored and blessed.

  60. A patient of mine told me that she is always glad to see me, “because you’re always so cheerful.”

  61. My mom is going through cancer treatments and told me I’m doing a good job taking care of her. Made me happy. 🙂

  62. I helped a co-worker out today that I had never met and he responded with “thank you for saving my life today”. Wow, I was deeply touched.

  63. I delivered a simple children’s message at church a couple of weeks ago and several people told me it was great. 😉

  64. I forwarded “The Big Yellow Umbrella” email to my sister. And she replied with the following kind words:
    “You are the sweetest and most thoughtful person I know!!!!!! I love you my sister!”
    it made my day!

  65. My husband tells me that he loves me because of my encouraging spirit and smile. The fact that I am always thinking of other people before myself.
    That really made me happy & feel blessed! 🙂

  66. A lady I met recently in a church I visited while traveling emailed and said, “It was so great to meet you in person. I could tell from being with you in the ladies class that you are really a very spirtual lady. Perhaps we will see each other again sometime when you visit. God bless you and thank you again for sharing your special talents. God’s love and blessings to you.”
    I am amazed ~ I know how far I have to go to become like Christ. I know where I don’t measure up. I know I am totally accepted by my Savior and He sends sweet (and undeserved) comments to encourage me. Praise God for His sufficiency!

  67. I have wonderful customer whom tell me all the time that I am the best CSR they have ever had and if I ever leave my job they will take their business elsewhere. I love hearing that especially after I have had a bad day.

  68. This is really something to think about. Living in an Asian country, praises are rare. We worry about the effects of praise to someone which is really unnecessary ! But I was happy to hear someone told me that she recently saw a positive in change in me, that I have grown out from being a shy quiet young woman to a more confident person. That made my day because I had always thought that I am not socially developed like most people.

  69. Last Saturday when I was at Lewis and Clark with a friend, one of the sales ladies told me repeatedly that I was gorgeous.
    Seeing that I’m single I rarely hear anything like that so it was very nice to hear it from someone.

  70. My children 2 & 5 always tell me I am the best mommy in the world, although I am hard pressed to really believe that it is so sweet. Another friend told me that they value me, and reminded me I am valuable to the Lord. How true… even when kind words aren’t coming our way, if only we could remember that the Word of God is full of all the kind words we need to fullfill our lacking.

  71. LOVE this post! My relatively new friend from church, told me that I am her answer to a 2 yr. long prayer for a good friend! =)

  72. As a mom of 5, including a set of triplets, I am often exhausted. The kindest thing said to me was from one of my children. Cameron, one of the triplets, said “no matter what I bake or wear, I am the bestest mom in the whole wide world and he was glad that I was their mom!”
    Just what I needed to hear after a long day of taking care of everyone…

  73. We are in the midst of a crazy time of year at work, where life is just out of control busy, and my husband affirmed what a natural I am at my job. It was so reassuring to hear that!

  74. My 11 year old son told me that he that I am the coolest mom because I go on the slip and slide!!

  75. My son, Jacob, told me that God chose me to be his mommy because I am the best mommy in the world. That is the best compliment I will ever receive.

  76. After not seeing each other all summer, a friend and I met at the park last week so we could catch up while the children played. I have been working really hard to get the last 20 pounds of baby weight off this summer. The first thing she said to me was, “You look awesome! You deserve a high five!”
    It made my day!

  77. There is a young mom in our church (children 4 and 2) whose 60 year old mom has come to live with them. She (the mom) has stage 4 cancer. This young mom has told me on several occasions that I have a calming effect on her when we are together. That’s such a compliment to me because I am going through some tough stuff and don’t usually feel calm but I am so glad that God helps me be that for her so she can feel encouraged and supported in this hard place she is in.

  78. I have been looking for a job for many months, and this past weekend a dear friend of mine, a godly woman who is in her 80’s, said to me with strong conviction, “I know God must have something special for you.”

  79. Last month my aunt passed away, and her daughter (my cousin) is my best friend so I was there with her the few days before and then after to help her with funeral, etc. I just got a wonderful card from her with a long note in it – but at the end she said “I am blessed to have the best friend, cousin, more-like-a-sister in you.” That was so touching to me it made me cry! 🙂

  80. Happy anniversary incourage. thank you for being here. Oh, and my feedback, just visited my sis. We haven’t seen each other in some time – for any length of time. She said that I was good for her overall health. This meant the world to me.

  81. My 10 year old daughter, who I had the great privilege of bringing home from Ethiopia 3 years ago, wrote a letter to me this week saying “This is some things about you: you are amazing, awesome, cool, sweet, nice, loving and ‘vary’ strong Christian, also pretty. All of this is true what I say about you Mom. I think God has something planned for us Mom.”
    My husband of 20 years, (Metiki’s dad of 3 years), died 3 months and 1 week ago today. Our world has been turned upside down – but my daughter is reassuring me of my value to her, and God’s plan for us – now that is beyond kind!

  82. My daughter filled in a blank on a “back to school” sheet that said:
    “The most important person in the world is MY MOM.”

  83. You had me at “snuggie”!!! Haha
    I was praying with a friend at church yesterday and in her prayer she thanked God for me and said I had been such an example to her… I was so floored since all along she has been such an amazing biblical example to me! Praise God for friendships 🙂

  84. I have been blessed by God with some key friendships that He has brought in just at the right time. Sometimes the hardest part is the the waiting:)

  85. I am super self-conscious about how I look. I hate makeup, I have been gaining weight like a freight train, and I just don’t have that adorable cuteness that so many of friends have that makes them look sassy in a pair of sweats. I’ve always felt dowdy. So, a friend of mine this year said to me when I was bemoaning the perils of makeup, “Gosh Jenny, you have such a natural beauty,” and went on to say she couldn’t see me wearing a ton of make up and all that. I almost cried. It was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me and I have come back to it time and time again when my lil heart is feeling not-so-pretty.

  86. A fellow bible study member said (more than twice my age) said that she was impressed by my strong, genuine faith at my age. she said that she didn’t have it and wished she did.

  87. A Blog post…
    Just wanted to let you know I have been reading your blogs and they are great. It looks like it comes so easily to you, I wish I had that ability. Your writing is a gift from God and very inspirational, you are a TERRIFIC mom.”

  88. My favorite words in the past few days? “I love you, Grammy” from my 18-month-old granddaughter. And “I love you most” from my 4 1/2 year old grandson (be sure you add the 1/2!). I tell folks I am “Grammy, as in the awards”. Grandchildren are indeed awards/rewards from a great God! 🙂

  89. In reply to a short blog post about the harvest that is upon us, my new internet friend Sanda Heska King left this comment:
    “I reap a harvest every time I read your words.”
    I know we’re not in iy for the comments — but what a joy and encouragement!

  90. My 16 year old cat recently passed away. A very sad time for me. While trying to console me, a friend stated that I would surely see my little angel again because I am an angel too who would surely join her in heaven one day. How sweet is that?

  91. I recently had the opportunity to work as a volunteer at a women conference. I had many of the women that are affiliated with this conference tell me that I had a servant’s heart. It was such an honor because I had recently had the question asked at my bible study…”What is your calling? What is your spiritual gift?” And at the time the question was asked…I had no clue!

  92. My son turned nine this past weekend. Although he had no party, but instead celebrated it with just me, his father and his two siblings, that still didn’t stop him from letting me know every chance he got to say: “Thanks mom for a great birthday! You’re the best mom ever.”
    My heart just melted, and I realized in that moment that it isn’t always the big things they want, it often times are things as simple as family time. What a confirmation that while I’m imperfect as his parent, and often times judge myself harshly in this role, he still loves me regardless, and thinks I’m doing just fine. 🙂

  93. I have been going through a rough time lately with some health issues that have come up. Several friends have been encouraging me but one told me that she knew I could make it through all of this because I was her hero. She knows some of the past issues I have worked through and she said when she gets down or has to face a hard issue she only has to think of me. Knowing all I have lived through gives her the courage to keep going. Wow! I never imagined anyone would say I was their hero!

  94. The best comment I have received lately was from my two year old daughter, who usually saves all of her loving for her daddy. She gave me a big hug and kiss and told me that she loved me and that she would share her sparkles with me if I wanted! That is something she considers some of her prized possessions, her sparkly shirt and sparkly shoes that she likes to dance around in. But she loved me enough that she wanted to share them with me because she decided I didn’t have any sparkles and needed some too. It truly touched my heart.

  95. My little girl came up tp me when I got home from work yesterday, wrapped her arms around me and said “You are the bestest mommy ever and I love you and Like you!” It doesn’t get much better than that!

  96. “I want to show you this, Momma, because you ooo and aah over my projects,” is what I heard recently that warmed my heart.

  97. Saw my father after 7 years on his 58th bday to have him meet his 5 y/o grandson and 2 y/o granddaughter.
    He was so happy to see us and told me numerous times that I was pretty and that he was proud of me. I had NEVER heard this from him. It made me smile.

  98. My 6yo son is the epitome of kindness. He told me the other day that I am pretty and am the best Mommy in the world. The kicker is, he was NOT buttering me up for something! 🙂

  99. I work with our youth on Wednesday nights and last week one of the high schoolers, who I don’t really know that well, came up to me and mentioned we needed to have a girls sleepover again (we had one at my house in the spring and I’ve been itching to have another one but just haven’t had the time.) She went on to mention that she didn’t come then because she didn’t really know me that well and thought that I was ‘kind of cool’ but now she KNEW that I was cool. As someone that was a complete nerd in high school, it made me feel really nice that this girl thinks I’m cool (even in all my actual uncoolness). Kind of a ‘become all things to all people’ moment.
    And yesterday someone said when they need a good laugh they just go look at my Facebook. That makes someone whose spiritual gift is exhortation/encouragement, feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    🙂 Thanks for this Lisa-Jo! (in)courage just makes me happy. 🙂

  100. My best friend recently told her mother that I am her sister she always wanted growing up. Because of Christ, we truly are sisters!

  101. My husband looked at me the other day, and said,”You’e beautiful.” God looked at me and smiled,”You’re beautiful!” To all the beautiful women who share in this post.

  102. The kindest thing I’ve heard lately was this morning at around 3 am. My 2 year old son was laying in bed with me after being awake for hours moaning and groaning from a nasty cold. He was finally settling down and he turned to me and said you’re the best mommy ever…and passed out asleep! :)… had to wake him by 7 for day care which broke my heart after such a rough night!

  103. Friendship is they key to loving relationships, security and strong bonds without a doubt. This connection began with God and will make it’s complete circle when we meet him again. It’s the circle of life…friendship!
    I love and value each friendship I have. They all have different qualities yet they each have had a part in making me who I am. Thank you all for your friendship! You are each a blessing in my life.

  104. I was shopping in a interior decor shop the other day and the woman wanted to help me and said, “I can tell your style is more organic, less glitz”! That made my day! That one statement sums me up on so many levels!

  105. Yesterday morning at church an older lady stopped me and said, “Sweetie, your hair is cute today!” and it made my morning (I have a 17 month old and a 2 month old – totally felt like I was having a “mommy-hair” day)

  106. A good friend told me just last week how much of an encouragement I have been to her. Made me realize that how I use my words can make a difference in someones life. Pray I can be an encouragement to every one around me!

  107. Yesterday my Husband’s family gushed over a dessert I made that I thought was a disaster. In fact, the very part I thought was something many said they liked! I am known for my desserts in his family and I was feeling like a terible failure with that one until everyone told me it was wonderful!

  108. Yesterday, my husband took a sticker that said “I love your heart” off the bananas, and stuck it over my heart. Maybe a bit silly, but very encouraging!

  109. I love this post…and the happy dance for no reason spontaneously. =0)I was impressed to strongly encourage a sweet friend of mine and she blog about it later as…”And it was exactly what I needed to hear.” love the confidence of hearing from the Lord to encourage someone else and that He chooses to use us. =0)

  110. A kindness to me was not spoken. A friend stopped by my house the other day, just to give me a hug! Very healing!

  111. A friend from my church recently saying I had the gift of encouragement. That meant a lot to me!

  112. I feel like I want to first thank the Lord for a compliment from a dear friend. She said, in a note to me: I am so thankful for your friendship. I love you dearly and am so proud of you. You’re an amazing woman of God that seeks to honor HIM in all you do. This really encouraged me at a time when I needed encouragement.

  113. I am an adoptive mother and my husband and I are in the process of adopting again (Internationally this time). We received an “unofficial” referral of a baby boy. We prayed about it and the little information we received and have put our trust in God if he is our son or someone elses – we know this baby will be loved.
    I asked a fried to pray for us, and her words are so kind:
    “Since the beginning of time the Lord has known if this baby would be your son.
    His little soul nurtured by you or by a different family. I know you will get the right answer because you listen and obey our Heavenly Father. I am so proud
    to know your family and think you guys are wonderful parents.”
    That was so nice to hear – and confirmed to us, if you will, that we are living our faith out loud. Blessings to you all!

  114. A couple weekends ago, my brother- in- law told my husband how lucky he was have married me because women who are smart and pretty are hard to find. My brother- and sister-in-law are both amazing people I have a lot of respect for, so to hear that he holds me in the same category as my beautiful sister-in-law made me so happy!

  115. A co-worker sent this note to me…I am so thankful for you and your smile that never seems to fade. I am so challenge by your faith and your surrender to our Lord when things were so tough. Thank you for always finding ways to encourage and show kindness. For loving on my children to just taking time to talk in the midst of your busy day.

  116. Someone recently posted this comment on my blog and I was greatly encouraged…
    “I so appreciate this blog, Teske! It is much needed. God is using you to reach the hearts of women, reminding them that there is hope in peace, and that it comes only through the Lord. May He continue to bless this ministry!”
    I am amazed that God even uses me, but have no other choice than to obey His call.
    Thanks so much for this haven at (in)courage!
    Be Blessed,

  117. Recently my roomie from college (10 years ago!) said she has to make our yearly visits because she feels like she’s been in God’s presence when she’s with me. This made me bawl like a baby, because it’s always been the other way around!

  118. My husband told me on our 23rd wedding anniversary 2 weeks ago as we were lying on the beach at night watching shooting stars,
    ” being with you is my most favorite place to be.”
    And I posted a link on Facebook to My friend responded by saying, “Hello Gorgeous and thanx for sharing…Hot Stuff!”

  119. My sister was talking about writing a book once her 5 children are grown, and become productive, adjusted members of society as a tribute to all their dedicated. Then she said it would really be a tribute to me. We’re really close, and I’d do absolutely anything for them, so it was really heartwarming.

  120. I have been loosing weight and a good friend stopped to tell me what an inspiration I am to her. She is old enough to be my mom and wanted advise from me.

  121. My husband replied to a text I sent him asking for prayer because I was struggling with insecurity and feeling like a failure. He wrote: “Oh Punkin’ you’re the best mom, wife, gma, friend, sister, employee ever. You rock everything you do. You’re awesome. Lord, show her who she is and that that is enough.”

  122. A best friend left me this message, “I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness that I can call you my friend.” 🙂

  123. This is something a friend at church sent to me. She is such a kind and generous person, and knows how to encourage others as well. . .I think I was in tears by the time I finished reading it!
    You are very kind and gracious and generous in spirit. I was thinking recently(Sunday morning while you played piano) that you are a very special person, unique and unusual for your sensitivity, generosity, graciousness and deep faith. So while you pour out your appreciation to me and I feel truly humbled, I want you to know I very much appreciate you and the special person that you are. When I meet Christians like you, it makes me very happy, because it gives me a glimpse of how nice it will be in heaven to be with my Christian sisters and brothers

  124. Well it’s a toss up between my 4 year old daughter tell me I’m the best mom in the whole world (if she only knew…glad she doesn’t), and a very treasured long distance friend saying she misses me and my kids and she will always treasure my friendship.
    I have really grown to love this place…you ladies are becoming a surprising answer to prayer in my life! Hugs, laughter and love ~
    A sister and friend,
    Amy B.

  125. This wasn’t recent, but it is still one of my most favorite things anyone has ever said about me.
    A boss I had become friends with once said to a group of our colleagues that she really admired the fact that I don’t hold grudges. I was truly flattered, and never realized this was true about me until someone spoke it out loud.

  126. Someone at work (a patient) told me last week that I was very helpful and always trying to go above and beyond to make things easier. That meant a lot to me because I really try to do that at work.

  127. My husband told me I was beautiful, which is a big deal for me, since I am to the point in my pregnancy where my clothes are too tight and I was having a BAD hair day!

  128. I think the kindest thing anyone has said to me lately was…I am proud of you. I have been going through a lot of growing and for my husband to say that to me really meant a lot!

  129. We moved a year ago and I was told that I make were we moved to a more wonderful place. We have been welcomed so warmly and with love.

  130. I was recently told, by a woman I was in youth group with (and envied at the time) that she wanted to be more like me (domestically) and that she wanted my help. This was particularly humbling but still brought a smile to my face.

  131. The kindest thing said to me lately was when a young bride said she felt such a connection with me that she wanted me to mentor her so she could learn how to study her Bible. I know that it was Jesus in me that she saw and I am so grateful. We are going to go through the workbook “Living a Praying Life” by Jennifer Kennedy Dean and I know that we will both be immeasurably blessed!

  132. A great friend who is also a good writer and news producer recently e-mailed me about my blog: “It’s wonderful, simply perfect. You
    write so beautifully!”
    Comments on my writing always mean a lot, but all the more when they come from someone as smart and gifted as she is. She made my day.

  133. I got a text from a friend and bible study cohort thanking me for leading our bible study. So refreshing for weary souls!

  134. I’ve been told I have the ability to hang in there during hard conversations, inspire people with my faith, and have a contagious laugh!

  135. A friend told me.. “you do an awesome job with your daughter”. My daughter is 3. Need I say more?! Out of all my children, she takes the cake. For the most part she is the sweetest cutest funniest girlie girl. BUT, at times, especially when she’s tired, she is the TOTAL opposite. I deal with her ‘episodes’ the best that I can, at times feeling like a total failure.. SO, when my friend said that to me, I was exTREMEly thankful for her kind words. 🙂

  136. My teenage girls told me that I was the coolest 🙂 My bestie told me that I was the funniest 🙂 (and I don’t even care if it’s not true!!!heehee)

  137. THIS IS HUGE! Monumental!
    My hubby and I have been married almost 8 yrs –the first year was a battle zone and neither of us were sure we would make it through…thankfully we were stubborn enough to stay the course –GOD WAS OUR HELPER!
    Friday hubby took the day off –we were having a snack and he said to me “I am happy with you” This made my heart soar and filled me with warmth and I even felt my heart grow bigger and fuller with love for him 🙂

  138. It’s been nearly a year since I heard these words, but I’ve been remembering them quite a lot recently and longing to hear them again… “You feel like home to me.”

  139. Yesterday morning at church a girlfriend whispered in my ear during the meet and greet- “I really like you my friend”. How nice to be loved!

  140. Yesterday, I was working on a song for an audition, & the pianist several times said that the “sound” (me) was “gorgeous.” I needed that right now!

  141. My husband tells me frequently how much he appreciates my work around the house and with our boys. He tells me I’m a good mom. Such a nice compliment. : )

  142. I had taken care of my 83 year old mom for the last few years since her stroke, and the last few months of her life were especially difficult for her to do things, so I would do everything for her…. to everyone she would see and also to me she would call me “her angel”…. That was the best compliment I have ever had….

  143. My grown son (42) is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, dystonia, essential tremors, neuropathy, and brain atrophy. I now care for him and a government loan recently made it possible for him to have his own home. I have been decorating it and my son told me I never have to worry about moving again. I was told I am a hero. But actually, he is my hero.

  144. The kindest thing someone has said to me recently happened in Brooklyn, on a missions trip. Felix, an amazing blind man with more talents than anyone I’ve ever met, took my hand and I told me I had “the brightest smile he has ever heard.” {melt} That must be how God sees us – not by what is outside, but by what shines from within 🙂

  145. My husband wrote in a card that he is learning from the “grace and poise” with which he sees me respond to afflictions. Definitely a keeper (husband and card, both).

  146. My brother-in-law,saw a short story I had written, and said my writing is good –really good. He’s a writing geek himself, so it was a major compliment.

  147. A friend of mine told me that my husband and I are great parents ~ it made my day because I tend to doubt myself all the time.

  148. My 3 1/2 year-old daughter told me “Mommy, you are the sweetest Mommy in the whole world” while “petting” my arm. She is such a love!

  149. A friend sent this to me as we were in an e-mail discussion about her terminally ill grandmother. Unfortunately, her mawmaw did pass away yesterday. Please pray for her family as they go through this tough time. Her grandparents were married over 70 years.
    “I know you are there for me, and I appreciate and value that more than you’ll ever know. I hope you know that I’m there for you always too.”

  150. Those wonderful 9 grandchildren I have are so beautiful….I just asked my 14 year old grandson “If you could say something kind about me…what would it be?” No hesitation, he looked at me and said ” your hair is pretty! ” A good way to start my day! nana C

  151. You’re awesome!
    (From the head secretary at our church after a email conversation about taking pictures for the upcoming special guest.)

  152. My old college roommate starts almost every e-mail out with “how are you, my dear friend?” A daily reminder that I am loved and that she wants to know the details of my life.

  153. “Yesterday at church the speaker talked about Habakkuk 1, and the topic was “When He does not answer.” When i read your email this morning i thought of what he said. I recommend reading this chapter or book! When Habakkuk is crying out to the Father, God responds that he is already doing something behind the scenes that if he told Habakkuk he wouldnt believe him. Also he said in these times, we must cling to what we know about God: he is eternal, he keeps his covenant, he is sovereign, he is powerful and reliable, righteous and just, and he is our rock. When He says no or wait, he has a greater Yes.”
    This is from an email from a dear friend of mine who just started teaching in China. They were the words I needed to hear, and reading Habakkuk has been insightful and helpful.

  154. My greatest comment(s) lately are that my 13 year old son, who is in 8th grade this year, still comes and gives me a kiss before bedtime and as he heads out the door to the school bus!! Love it!

  155. Caused me to think if anyone had said something nice to me this week. My husband and kids saying that they love me is what makes life worthwhile. To me that is so important.

  156. just recently, a dear friend, my second mom, as I like to call her, sent me an email devoted entirely to telling me how proud she was of me. it wasn’t even for any major accomplishment, just how she was proud of me as a mom, me as a friend, me as an etsy shop owner. it meant the world to me and I then took the time to send a similiar email to someone who I thought could use it.

  157. Hm…years ago a student told me she liked me for a substitute teacher because I smiled. I had been working on that, so it really touched me.
    And at work last year, I was told (repeatedly) that I’m good at organizing. I think that person was speaking in faith, but faith (even another person’s) has a way of working out in reality!

  158. Someone at our church was “inspired by my enthusiasm for missions and said they loved being around me….I get them all fired up!” Another commented that they had been praying for 2 years for someone equipped/gifted like me to come along to assist.” (After a long season in a desert place, this was fresh, cool water to my soul…thank You Lord for moving us!)

  159. My daughter and I were in the car last week and out of the blue she said ‘Mom, you are an amazing Mom’ it brought me to tears.
    My daughter is adopted and suffered severe neglect as an infant and has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. We are in counseling to help her deal with the many issues caused by the neglect. She will often say nice things to people because she hears other people say nice things, but with little feeling behind the words….almost like she is trying to convince herself that she believes what she (or others) is (are) saying.
    This time it was different, she actually had emotion behind her words (and no question mark at the end of her comment) therefore really bringing happy tears to my eyes.

  160. I teach piano 🙂 and one of my precious students, a darling seven-year-old boy who typically comes to his lesson twice a week with frustrations and troubling emotions, threw his arms around my waist, looked up towards my face and said, “You are the nicest woman in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!” He tells me he loves me, and hugs me after every lesson. Seeing his smile is the best gift! But his expressions of love take my breath away.

  161. Recently, the last six weeks, I have had surgery on my brain and my neck. I am on the road to healing, praise God, but in the process I have done my best to keep up with with things that make me feel happy and encourage me.
    Two weeks after the brain surgery my church choir had a date to sing at the West Virginia State Campmeeting for the Church of God. We had practiced endlessly and I did not want to miss it. I was so blessed to get to go. I was able to sing with the rest of the choir and I felt elated, tired but oh so happy.
    Many of my choir buddies told me they did not think I could make the trip let alone sing the whole hour and half musical. They said they were amazed and inspired by my determination, dedication and praise.
    It was yet another humbling moment in my journey to be able to encourage others. I had not given a thought to how it would affect them, just that as a group we needed to be worshipping God and lead the audience to His throne. It is wonderful how God works!

  162. I was recently told by a reader “You are so real and honest and kind.” It made me less afraid to be open and be myself.

  163. I got this message from one of my small group gals and it was such an encouragement and blessing at just the right time!
    “Hi Tiffany! It is on my heart today to say that I believe God has such great things in store for you with your desire to minister to women! Your passion for God’s word and gifting for loving women is so apparent. I loved your leadership last night and felt so blessed by the things you had to say and your spirit of love and openness. You rock! I can’t wait to see God’s great plans for you continue to unfold, and I will be praying for you as you seek His direction for your future. He is doing great things through you now! Love you!”

  164. In response to one of my recent blog posts a sweet reader wrote, “Reading the second paragraph of your post was just what I needed to help me get through a terribly sad day. Thank you for writing such powerful and beautiful words.” What sweet words to my ears! ? Michelle

  165. My ladies group just finished reading “So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore. When sharing our biggest trigger insecurities, I shared that my weight is my big issue. One lady immediately shared, “I have never even thought about your weight. You are the most outgoing, and joyful person I have met in a long time. I knew I wanted to be your friend as soon as I met you.”
    Wow! Talk about a boost to my spirit. God gave that message to me, through this friend. It touched my heart and helped my healing process.

  166. Oooo…I love this as my love language is “Words of Affirmation”.
    So, here is a comment made by my cousin which was the best for me because my point usually is to not make much of myself (but I do enjoy the occasional ‘pat on the back’ too):
    “OUCH- conviction via blog! Thank you Holy Spirit for this blog post and me reading it this day to remind me that I am to seek GOD alone and not look for others to “pat me on the back” for my accomplishments. And that by doing well those things that only I can do, will glorify God and help me to be the hands and feet of Christ to my family first!”

  167. Was told recently I was “the best momma”,by child number three and that “I was beautiful” by my husband-nothing unique or extra special to others, but very important to me!

  168. My sister-in-law recently complimented me on the patience I have with my newborn daughter…quite unexpected after hours of her crying and many unsuccessful attempts to soothe her (I felt at the end of my rope and like I was anything BUT patient!), but SO appreciated 🙂

  169. The kindest thing was hearing from an old friend that lives far away that I am a good friend to her, despite me being down on myself often through the years that I am not good enough. (usually because of the distance/circumstances) I guess I just needed to hear it again!

  170. I had a friend tell me that my birth experiences encouraged her to fight for the kind of birthing plan she wanted. She thought if I could do it she could too! And she was right! Her kind word really touched my heart.

  171. Probably the nicest thing I’ve been told lately was by a friend who was in the midst of debating her job options, and when she called she just said she needed to talk to a good friend, someone who would listen and not judge or assert an opinion (unless asked), just be a sounding board. The fact that she picked me based on what she was looking for spoke volumes.

  172. from a recent comment, on one of my {color love} inspiration posts:
    “Oh my! when I first saw the title of your post today I was like “ho hum”…but then when I saw the results…I love everything. That peacock shirt is too fun!
    Exactly why i love Color Love =) {and you} thanks for the happy smile this morning.”
    definitely made me smile!

  173. I’ve had two amazing compliments recently. The first was from a woman who had known my husband growing up; I was at her home doing my home business thing, and she stopped to say, “You are so down to earth; I really like that what you see is what you get with you.” Wow–I hope I’m always that transparent.
    The second–and probably most important, came from my 3-year old son who wrapped his arms around me in a big hug and pressed his face to mine to say, “You’re the best mom ever!” Thanks you–it’s just what I needed to hear, son!

  174. The other day my 16 month old was choking on a piece of food and I had to do the heimlich. A friend told me I was such a good mom for acting quickly but really, I was a terrified mom just doing what I could to help my son.

  175. I find it hard to talk about myself . . . and I consider posting “talking.” However, the first thing that came to mind was said to me by one of my young moms in MOPS. It was more a question than statement as she responded to me with, “How did you get to be so sweet?” I often realize that my young mom friends are reciprocating with the encouragement and support I’m offering them. I love them all!

  176. I’ve just started homeschooling and a good friend ,who is a school teacher, told me, “I’d want you to be my teacher, your kids are really lucky.” It was just what I needed to hear.

  177. I just recently went through a very difficult time and I was told that my strength is always amazing and inspiring. The person who told me this doesn’t know the Lord and it is my prayer that in letting her know that it is the strength of my faith in Christ will encourage her and make her “curious”.

  178. My sweet Lauren, she is 5, said “I love you mommy” this morning, and then said “I just like to tell you that a lot so you won’t forget while you are at work”. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!

  179. i think the most recent compliment was that my friend is the children’s director at our church..and she lines out the children’s ministry’s schedule & i had already worked last week. well, she had 3 ladies say they couldn’t do it on sunday & i told her i could help. she said that she knows she can always rely on me when she’s in a bind (this wasn’t the first or second time). and yes, i would have loved to be in service, but i enjoyed loving on some babies, especially my own!

  180. I suffer from a chronic illness that is often very painful and debilitating. At church on Sunday a friend told me, “I know you are in pain today, but your smiling face is always the same” That made me feel great because I had struggled long and hard to get out of bed and get ready for church. I never want to look ill & depressed, I want to show that Jesus will help us no matter what.

  181. An elderly woman in my church came up to me, out of the blue, yesterday after the service and said, “You’re a good mom.” It sounds like not much written here, but daily I have doubts about whether or not my children are better because of me. This last week was particularly stressful and I felt like I’d failed on multiple levels. So it was nice to hear that encouragement!
    Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into making this space such a great community for women! I always feel so encouraged and inspired by the fantastic group of women you’ve brought together here!

  182. My husband and I have been married 37 yrs, endured through a lot of military separations and hard times. He still tells me every day that he loves me and that I’m beautiful. After 37 years.

  183. My precious mother-in-law had a massive stroke a year ago. I have been her main care giver for most of it. She has made amazing progress!!
    Today she passed her driver’s license test! We were talking about how far she has come and she said that it was all because of me (I am bawling at this point…)and how I believed in her!
    How sweet of her to give ME the credit when she’s the one that’s done all the hard work.
    But we both know that it’s because the Lord has blessed us!! She is truly a miracle! It wasn’t me it was GOD!!

  184. My sister in law texted me yesterday in search of a creative daddy/daughter date for her husband and 2 1/2 year old. I thought for a minute, gave her a few ideas and she responded back “I knew you would come up with something good”.

  185. My husband wrote me a card this weekend and left it on the bathroom sink. When I woke up I read how happy he was for us and that I was his best friend. Always nice to read in writing!

  186. Recenty from an e-friend, who barely knew me, yet jumped into the valley to walk beside me for the past couple of years:
    “You’ve got an incredibly beautiful soul. You’re gorgeous inside and out. You are so intelligent and you deserve to be where you are.
    You better believe me, it’s all true. Read it again. Let it
    soak in.”

  187. My 18-month-old has started leaning over, while saying “mmmmm.” meaning he wants to give me a kiss. It’s so sweet, he just does it on a whim and sometimes if I ask for a squeeze he’ll give me a big hug too. I could hold him forever.

  188. My nine year old son told me he’d hold my hand in WalMart because if anyone made fun of him for it, it was only because they didn’t have a great mom whose hand they wanted to hold.

  189. I was commeting to my mom the other day at how much I admire my cousin as a mother. She is about 6 years younger but we have kids around the same age. She has had some medical issues with her children and has handle it very well. So anyway I was saying what a great momshe is and I admire her. M ymom said to me I admire you as a mom. You are amazing at how you handle your children and you do it without breaking a sweat. I was so happy when she said that, she really made me feel special.

  190. I guess I don’t really have any comments. A coworker did come up to me and tell me that I received a compliment from one of my coworkers. She said he said he was going to marry me! LOL Not gonna happen, but I guess that’s sweet.

  191. Actually, one of the kindest things anyone has said to me was recently by Lisa Jo. She told me my story gave her chills. That rocked my socks 🙂 Thank you!

  192. Concerning the work God has led me to do in Rwanda, Africa, my friend …..Joyce Voeller Pepos, wrote on my fb page ?….”Arlene Arlene Arlene – you are truly making a difference!!”

  193. One of the sweetest words sent to me recently.
    E-mailed on Aug. 6 from a reader…
    Oh my precious friend
    You have me in tears
    Your testimony is so powerful
    You are so transparent, so honest, so beautiful
    You are real & how I love that
    Lots of tears while reading her heartfelt e-mail.
    Beautiful Post Lisa-Jo! Thank you for sharing your heart today!

  194. Someone appreciated that I can come into a place and help out without making a big deal about it. I’m glad I can be useful.

  195. Recently my very best friend and my husband (another great friend) both told me that I was a wonderful mother. I just have to say I am no where near a wonderful mother but it was still nice to hear from two very important people in my life.

  196. My husband told me this morning, “You’re my horse if you never win a race.” I think that is supposed to be good. LOL

  197. My husband looked in his lunch this morning. It is the first day on a diet for us both, and the first time I have packed him a lunch in eons. He said the best thing in his lunch was the note I wrote on his napkin, on a whim.

  198. My father passed away over the 4th of July. A week after the funeral I received a card from my cousin expressing her admiration of how I had conducted myself during our time of sorrow and mourning.
    I was humbled by her acknowledgement and kind expression to me.

  199. After having lots of company this weekend, my husband told me that I did an absolutely wonderful job of being a hostess. Blessed me like crazy!

  200. “You have such a big heart for people that I know that God will continue to refine and stretch you for His purposes!”
    -From a professor of mine from the undergrad years just two days ago as we chatted about whats next for me.

  201. It was a few years ago but it was the first thing I thought of and possibly my most favorite kind thing said so here it is – a very close friend of my husbands told him he thought he had become an even better man since marrying me. I loved that.

  202. I had a good friend from church join with me yesterday in marveling at how far God has brought me in the last few years! God is so amazing in the changes He is able to make!!

  203. “you are the mother I thought I would be. The one I hoped I could be” – By a friend.

  204. Recently a coworker and friend told me that he always felt better about himself after he talked to me. His comment blessed me in the same way!

  205. From one of my friends encouraging me on stepping out and having a blog about my interior decorating journey:
    “You go girl! I applaud you for your effort. I am going to keep tabs on this, so no giving up–even when it gets tough.
    And when you become a famous designer, we meet again in PCB and hit the midnight movies again! Deal?”

  206. I just returned from a short term mission trip to Peru and when I got home I received an email from the guy who was our interpretor there. He said he really liked us and that we were funny. He also like that we were “honest” in that we didn’t always like everything and that we had feelings and that we showed real emotions (whether good or bad). We made him feel comfortable as he was also in an unfamilar area of Peru and he didn’t feel like “an alien” around us. That made me feel pretty good. The trip was amazing btw.. my first one 😀 can’t wait to go back!

  207. Why does it seem so hard to say nice things about ourselves 😉 A friend who is my mom’s age, and whom I really admire, told me that I’d taught her a thing or two about life. That made me feel great!

  208. I just had to go back and find this message my son wrote to me on Mother’s Day. It just touched my heart so much. (I’ve been cancer free for 2 years.)
    “Happy Mothers Day mom, I love you and thank you for being the best mom ever. You are the strongest woman I know. I hope your day is great. You are truely my HERO. Love Cody”
    Shirley C.

  209. I just absolutely love and adore this post, thanks so much for helping us to always see just how beautiful and awesome we are…love it!
    Just recently I was speaking with a ministry partner and she proceeded to love & encourage me with her words by telling me how I should write a book, start a ministry and such…which is what I am working on but coming from someone that I love and respect just made the encouragement oh so much sweeter!

  210. Just over 3 years ago we were waiting for the arrival of our daughter. She did not grow in my womb but in anothers. She did however grow in the hearts of mine and my husbands. When communicating with the social worker and later with her our hearts were in awe and emotion was thick when birthmom expressed her absolute decision, without doubt that she wanted us to parent her unborn blessing. What a humbling honor it was to hear this and then to receive our precious daughter a month later. God is good!

  211. The thing that is blowing me completely away right now is that some dear friends have agreed to be godparents to our wild lot of kids, in the event that something were to happen to us! In fact, the mom was almost in TEARS when I asked her! What a blessing to know that they would be raised up to know the Lord, should we not be around!

  212. I just sent my first child off to college down the street, and one of my old college friends was staying with me to send hers off too. After spending some time with my kids, (and talking about words of affirmation being my love language!), she told me that I had done a really good job with my kids. That meant a lot to me.

  213. I was standing in line for homemade ice cream at my church’s back to school party when a sweet elderly lady asked when I was joining the choir because I had a beautiful voice.

  214. trying this again. i’ve had lots of women come to my blog lately and say they are so happy to find a place for working moms. i’ve even heard the term “kindred spirit” a few times. makes my heart smile!!

  215. My three-year-old son was looking at some pictures the other day with my dad, and out of the blue he says, “Mama is so pretty.” I loved that! 🙂

  216. I put alot of joy and thought into my gift giving. My husband’s extended families are out of state and alway respond with politeness but nothing more so I always wonder if they really are good. Two years ago we got to be with them for Christmas and my gifts kept getting set aside as everyone went around opening. I wondered but didn’t want to say anything, not so with my son. He blurted out “why don’t you open ours?” to which my brother in law non-chalantly replied “oh, we always save your mom’s for last as hers are always the best.” It wasn’t even said to me or meant as a compliment, just a factual statement and that is one of the reasons it means so much.Even though I do it to bless them, it’s nice to know sometimes that you really are being the blessing you hope you are.

  217. from my daughter’s cheer coach after i handled some administrative stuff for her (you have to say it like the chant to really make you smile):”you are AAAAWWWWWEEESSSSOOOMMMMEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that A-W -E-S-O-M-E awesome awesome awesome are YOU !!!”

  218. I just moved to SC for grad school and haven’t met a lot of people yet. I was emailing back and forth with a fellow student about a voluteer opportunity and she ended the last email with this…

  219. The kindest thing that I’ve heard lately is that my kids (ages 32 & 34) are proud of me! Yes, they do rise up and call you blessed after a lot of prayer, diligence, mess-ups, and overall mothering! And I’d do it all over again to have what I have today with my kids!

  220. My mom recently told me that I’m doing a great job handling two kids. That meant a lot to me.

  221. A reader wrote that she always got excited when she got an e-mail saying I wrote a new blog post. That comment made my day!
    Thanks for the sweet words, Lisa-Jo!

  222. I am very pregnant with my 5th child, and it is HOT here where we live. I realize I am often short tempered with my children, more than I should, but they just told me this week, while I was not feeling very good about how I was interracting with them: ‘You are THE very bestest mum ever’! And they meant it… It made me so sad, as I was so aware of my shortcomings and yet my kids were encouraging me to press on!

  223. …your blog is really uplifting. It is so seldom that one comes accross a raw, honest, encouraging Christian blog…thank you for putting yourself out there. I am encouraged.
    through the telling of her story in the rest of her comment, i knew she was the reason and that it really was all for His glory.

  224. A friend recently commented on a Bible study I’ve written…”Deb, this study has you and Jesus all over it.” That just melted my heart!

  225. I’ve had a very difficult couple of weeks, and last night my husband said some encouraging things to me and about me. I can’t even remember now what he said, but I know it made me feel special.

  226. My uncle emailed me and said that when he thinks of me he thinks of the Proberbs 31 woman. This was especially encouraging because I had just spent the morning berating myself because I’m not even close to the Proverbs 31 woman!

  227. Now that I am a grandmother, I am so humbled and honoured when my daughters express their appreciation to me for being their mom and doing things that they took for granted when they were younger and at home. Their compliments are so amazing!

  228. I shared with a friend about my struggle lately and this is part of what she said that made me feel loved, supported, and understood.
    “You are so ready and have such a beautiful heart. And know too that what you’re feeling is totally “normal” in these circumstances. I admire you for how you handle situations with such grace, I know it’s not easy.”

  229. As I tucked my precious toddler in bed the other night, he started patting my face gently and said, “You’re sweet, Mommy.” Melt my heart…best compliment ever!

  230. Someone told me that she could tell I was a fighter and was strong even though at the moment I feel very weak and broken.

  231. A friend left a comment to my sister about me: that I send the best mail. I am always sending her letters and cards in the mail and it’s so nice to hear that she appreciates it! It’s encouragement to me to keep on sending *real* mail!

  232. Upon seeing the mounds of clean laundry this morning, my son casually commented, “You’ve been doing laundry like crazy! You’re amazing!”

  233. Well this isn’t super recent, but a coworker told me a few years ago that I have a quiet strength, and those two words mean even more to me now than they did then. Thanks for offering this lovely giveaway!

  234. We just celebrated our 39th Wedding Anniversary! One of our seven sons wrote this in his card: “Thanks for the example you have set for us. We are truly blessed to have you as our parents and grandparents. We love you VERY MUCH !!”

  235. My sweet hubby said I was doing a good job with our kids. Funny how that’s all it takes to go (another) extra mile to do it best!

  236. My husband told me the other day that one of the things he loved about me was my ability to form and maintain deep lifelong friendships across the miles. One of those friends, recently came to visit us (we’ve known eachother for about 16 years now). We hadn’t seen eachother in 6 years, but we picked up where we left off. It was a sweet time of catching up and a reminder how friendships like that are a treasure.

  237. I’m still on high about this comment. Yesterday I was chatting to Rett moms and there were arranging a meet up, I asked if I could still come. I was told that “I will always be a Rett mom , you are an amazing mom who inspires us all. ”
    I read it over as it has filled my heart with joy xx

  238. This morning my boss said I was irreplacable to him! Just what I needed this Monday morning. My 10 year anniversary was Thursday and my husband told me it was the best 10 years of his life! (and it hasn’t been an easy 10 years)

  239. I recently have made a new friend, well it has been about 9 months or so now, she is such a huge blessing to me and my family. I wasn’t sure how she felt about our new friendship and just the other day said, “it’s a blessing to be your friend and get to see you be a wife and mother to your family!” I couldn’t help but think how awesome God is to put us in each other’s life in this season!

  240. We took our daughter, who had recently moved into her own apartment, out to lunch yesterday. While finances are tight for us, we figured the time with her was important, and we decided to order frugally. Just as we got our food, the hostess came to our table and told us someone had picked up our tab. She said the couple had just left (so we couldn’t thank them), but they said we looked so happy and full of love it inspired them to do something for us. What a treat! It made my day! AND TO DIANNE (Bunny Trails): I’m sorry no one has said anything kind to you. I want to take a moment to tell you I just discovered/read your blog and I love it! The “prayer door” is wonderful!!!!

  241. A random lady stopped me in the grocery store just to tell me that I looked beautiful in the sweater set I had on. The best part was that is was my work uniform. I walked out with my head a bit higher and smile on my face.

  242. My husband is the one who always uplifts me with his kind loving words. My favorite is “I am so glad I married you”.

  243. one of the teens we “parented” at camp this summer wrote ” You are so down to earth! I love that about you! Every mom should be like you. :-)”

  244. I am doing a little housekeeping at a local dude ranch to make some extra $ while my hubby is away working hard fighting fires. A fellow co-worker told me I was the fastest bed maker EVER! Ha ha…I’ll take what I can get!

  245. This makes my eyes teary just to think of God’s grace. In the same email opening where I found this, I’ve had several words of encouragement:
    – A co-worker told me I was a thoughtful friend because I asked her for the “inside scoop” on the specifics of how to encourage a friend facing the same medical condition she has just come through.
    – A potential client informed me that I was a blessing and thanked me for sharing a part of my life with her.
    – A friend thanked me for forwarding along Holley Gerth’s devotional from this morning, sharing that it was just what she needed.
    – My doctor trusted me enough to refer another fellow patient to me so I can walk along side her through our shared health struggles.
    I guess it boils down to God knowing that, as an encourager, I am most encouraged when I see tangible proof that He is using me in the lives of others. All of these notes speak overwhelming blessing to my heart.

  246. Yesterday a friend and member of the youth workers team in our church told me that she was very thankful that I am part of the team because my personality and the things I share are so valuable and complementing.

  247. A co-worker of mine posted on her FB page that she was “finding my (her) way slowly, surely and with PRAYER…I should always listen to the lady behind the desk”
    I’m the lady at the front desk… For me this was not about recognition of my words, but of the Lord using me to minister to someone else. Yeah God!

  248. I got this comment on my blog recently. Made me feel both encouraged that my life helps others, and it also made me feel that I am not alone!
    “Wow. God knew I needed to see this post. I have struggled this week with my arthritis and fibromyalgia and have spent a lot of time on the couch or in bed. I have also been really down on myself about not being able to do my job as a wife or mom. Thank you for sharing that scripture. It definitely made me feel better. God is so awesome!”

  249. Ok, so here’s the sweetest thing someone I admire very much said to me. As I shared a project I’m praying over and walking forward in, I was just floored by the kindness this accomplished woman encouraged me with: “I know the world needs the wisdom you offer.” What a boost and a blessing! 🙂

  250. A friend recently told me that others had told her that they enjoyed spending time with me and my husband. As a person who down deep still feels as shy and insecure as I did when I was a kid it made my day.

  251. After a day of fun and laughter my 4 year old daughter threw her arms around my neck and said “Mommy, you are my bestest friend!”. Melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

  252. I get embarrassed when people say nice things about me. I am afraid of getting a fat(ter) head 🙂
    On the other hand I spend a lot of time with my friends on facebook trying to make their days more pleasant.
    I love to share love.

  253. My youngest told me today that I’m her favorite person to hang out with. It was in the context of nerves about going to Kindergarten. We survived the first week, but this week the reality is settling in that she has to go every day. She’s missing me. I’m missing her too!

  254. I have trouble remember things that I’ve heard, so I have to go to a recent blog comment (and I don’t get that many!):
    “I love the tips you gave here, Carol” (in response to a post about making prayer a part of every-day life).

  255. With tears I share how a friend encouraged me just a few days ago when I’ve struggled with all my kids have seen in our home from losing 2 children to a rough marriage:
    You have been a good example to your children Loni, they see commitment in you. No matter how bad things have gotten, you have stayed together. Give yourself some credit. You are a good mom and you have been a godly example to them of commitment.
    I am thankful for my friend, Angie. She’s been a dear through many years.

  256. A kind friend said God’s grace was displayed so clearly in my life because it was completely obvious that I couldn’t do the things I do in my own strength!

  257. A dear older man stopped me in the hall at church about a month ago and said that he sees the love of Christ all over me…especially when I smile…I was humbled and speechless.

  258. One of my sweet friends posted this on my facebook a few weeks back, just love her and so thankful for God putting her in my path!:”Fire ball You have supported me and loved me for me. Wouldn’t have missed the chance to fellowship with u. God bless”
    Calling me fireball is so true and acknowledging my friendship means the world!

  259. I just received a phone call minutes before reading this….it was from a person who I got to know through her small business. This year I no longer was working and today she called just because we was thinking of me and said ” You are always such an upbeat person”. I was amazed, first of all that she found my phone number after more than a year since I last saw her and second, that she would take the time to call!

  260. Best day ever !! Empty nesting, rapidly graying, plumper than I ought to be, too tired bags under eyes. Riding in car with my niece and nephew. ” Wow Auntie, you are so beautiful !! We love you insides and your outsides !!!” YUMMY!!

  261. My two best friends tell me I am their standard for being kind, encouraging or thinking of others. Funny part – they said when a situation arises, they ask themselves: “What would Dot do?” 🙂 To me, no greater compliment, when they people who know you best think you are a good person!
    I am blessed, indeed!?

  262. After going through a rough and stressful week, my friend was praising me about how “beautiful” I still was with how I was responding in those difficult situations. She expressed gratitude in my humility, which I was having a hard time seeing.

  263. I want to post part of an email I received yesterday from a mom I have been helping recently as she journeyed through a postpartum mood disorder and told me I was a “mom to the mommies” Here’s a portion of what she wrote… I just wanted to write you to say THANKS for everything you’ve done for me. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say that you are a very special person to me, and you will always be someone I hold dear to my heart. You are like one of those angels that comes along and makes this huge impact, never to be forgotten and always to be appreciated.

  264. I work as a CNA(certified nurse aide) in home health care. Last week I was working for a client and it was my 2nd day with them. He told me the kindest thing that really touched my heart, he said “I appreciate young people like you who have a heart to take care of older people like me and I truly appreciate all that you do for me it means a lot to me thank you.” I almost cried but held it together because it made me see that God is allowing me to leave a piece of myself with each person that I care for and be able to brighten up their day no matter how small the task.

  265. My 3 year old told me tonight that I was the best “cooker” she knew as she was lapping up her dinner. It put a huge smile on my face and was a sweet way to end a busy stay-at-home day…

  266. My sister posted a video on her blog of her son (my nephew) and I giggling on the couch. He is kicking and squealing in his 5 month bliss, and she captioned it with “Luke could hardly contain his excitement when he got to see his Auntie Natalie.”

  267. “Keep going – I am so proud of you and so is your Heavenly Father. You are Beautiful.”
    This was from my best friend Nicole, to encourage me through some difficulties…a lot of difficulties….I’ve been dealing with over the last three years. I am so grateful for her friendship, encouragement, and obedience to Christ.

  268. My daughter asked me if it was my turn to help with singing on Sunday morning as we pulled into church. She said,
    “I love to hear you sing. I love your voice.”

  269. I was in a restaurant with my mom and my three girls the other day when one of the workers there commented on how well behaved my children were being. I had never had anyone say that before! And they were being well behaved, too. 🙂

  270. My husband is very sparing with compliments, so when they come, I KNOW he means them! He recently told me that in light of some of the things I was working on around the house & for my family, I reminded him of the worthy woman in Proverbs 31. WOW.

  271. I guess it would have been last night. Hubby and I are in charge of the Senior group at church. We had a ice cream/dessert social last night. I had fixed something and everyone liked it. One of the ladies asked if there was anything that I couldn’t do. Hubby said, yes, she doesn’t like to clean. I thought it was funny and true. Will cook all day, but I do hate to clean the house.

  272. My dear friend told me recently that she trusted me completely. That was HUGE to me. She said she trusted me with her hopes, dreams, fears and secrets. I’m not even sure I’m worthy of such trust but I’m deeply honored and compelled to always be a trustworthy person

  273. My older sister told me recently how proud she is of what a good person I am. We come from a pretty difficult background, and she said that she was really impressed by my choice to stay home with my kids, to homeschool my special needs son, to raise the kids in a Christian family, basically to provide the sort of family we didn’t have.
    I was really moved by it, and have thought about it since then, when I’m having a rough day. At least someone thinks I’m doing ok. LOL

  274. Nothing totally profound, but a dear friend told me that I was a good mother and wife. The day she told me that, was a day that I was having a particularly difficult time with the kids and having anything left at the end of the day for my husband. Her comment lifted me up that day more than she knows.

  275. had a friend over today to help me pack my kitchen for moving… she did most the work and still told me at the end how much she enjoyed her day with me.
    Friendship is about loving to be with each other, even in the mundane of packing!!

  276. The kindest thing someone said to me recently just so happened to be verse inside a Dayspring Card:
    When God made you,
    He made the world a more wonderful place.
    He added more…
    Kindness, Beauty, Joy, & Love
    You make a difference
    just by being you,
    and you’re a blessing to all those
    who are touched by your life.
    The encouragment from this card is still echoing within my heart..Can you hear it? Can you feel it? “Oh, Taste and see that the Lod is Good”

  277. I recently helped a friend with something and she responded, “YOU are a rockstar!”
    Made my day 🙂

  278. Recently I have been having so many health issues. One of my oldest and dearest friends came for a visit. I have been really been getting such negative feed back from others.
    This friend reminded me that most people will never go thorough half what I have been through with my cancer. Head and neck wise and as well as vision. We had a long talk and a secondary cancer now has thrown me for a loop..*She told me: People can’t handle your honesty let alone how real you are about all of it!* It made me feel good that she appreciated my situation but more so that she was no longer uncomfortable with my being open and honest.
    Love reading here as always!!

  279. Gina, this was meant for ME! There have, and continue to be, so many changes in my life and so many ahead. I’m trying to get guidance from Him in all things, even the small ones.
    I can’t imagine how you come up with so much every day and still have a life!
    God bless you, my dear. I love you, Bobbie

  280. My son’s kindergarten teacher told me she’d been talking to another teacher and they agreed that, “you’re a great mother. You do so much with your son and it shows in everything he does.” As a newly single mom, this meant the world to me!

  281. My friend Susan said I was her special angel and brought so much light to her life, because I spread the news about her leg amputation and needing encouragement on a sewing message board, and arranged for all these quilters to each make a 1-block mini quilt and mail to her to encourage her during her 4 month stay in the hospital… she said there’s a special place for angels like me … and I told her there IS a special place for sinner’s like me … in heaven, cause I’m a saved sinner !

  282. My son said I was a good cook.. .lately that is about the only compliment I’ve had but it is nice to hear after you make home-made food for supper :).

  283. a friend sent this to me this morning…
    I just wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you.
    and tonight, I had a sunday school planning mtg. Several things were said that made me feel appreciated for the time it takes to “feed My Lambs” I have made myself available and God has provided the resources to make learning FUN! for Pre K Kids. Blessed to be a Blessing! Thank you for all the great things that happen at (in)courage. YOU ROCK!

  284. It wasn’t exactly said about me, just to me – and that was sweet enough “Mama, I not kiss you in a while.” then he puckers up (from my 3 year old son Luke)

  285. My husband told me today that I was the best wife and mom ever and he was thankful for me! 🙂

  286. I collect kids! Mine and everyone elses. I have about 86 college kids that I check up on on my facebook. I take them to the doctor, the dentist, help them move, bring them soup when they are sick.
    But I got this from one of my little ones, a junior higher. So precious, and such a sweetie.
    “Hi Fiona!
    Last night on our walk my mom, sister and I were talking about how cute you are and how much we love you and your family. You guys always make us laugh! We love you Fiona!”

  287. Actually when a customer called today and said she wanted to make the 2 hour drive before her son graduates our Univ JUST to meet me bc I’ve always been so nice to her!

  288. Gina, this was meant for ME! There have, and continue to be, so many changes in my life and so many ahead. I’m trying to get guidance from Him in all things, even the small ones.
    them. You might get some ideas from them. I can’t imagine how you come up with so much every day and still have a life!
    God bless you, my dear. I love you, Bobbie

  289. Recently, an expert teacher told me that I’m one of the best teachers he’s ever seen. That meant so much to me, as many days I wonder if I’m just making this all up as I go along.

  290. It touches my heart whenever my friends tell me how much they admire my strength and that I’m an amazing mother; I always love hearing stuff like that!

  291. this week my husband told me i was like the proverbs 31 woman, that he was so blessed to be married to me. which means so much, for this is my second time being married. i have been determined to make this one work and last.

  292. I was told that I was courageous when I went to someone to give an amends for something that happened 9 years ago. That she respected me for it. That as she has watched me go down the roads God has laid for me that she has thought that those roads bring out the best things she has always known about me.
    And my sister was describing the things she has done as a parent because of what she has seen me do.
    “I will take a compliment and hold it in my heart for at least a fleeting moment and let it nourish me…”

  293. Zep 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing.” The nicest things anyone has said to me lately is when God said He delights in me and rejoices over me with singing!

  294. A new freind recently told me just how much she looks forward to getting together with me! It made my day, because I feel the same!!!

  295. My son tells me daily that I am beautiful. The words are nice, but it’s how he says it. He waits until I’m dressed, knocks on the door and asks permission to come in. His face lights up full of joy and tells me as though it’s the first time, every time. His future bride is a lucky gal! And I am one lucky BLESSED Momma!

  296. Email I received yesterday:
    Beth – vThat’s amazing. I guess God can take something so overwhelming and turn it into something good. What a great testimony. God must have needed you here yet.I know from just being around you you are such an inspiration to me. You are a good person to talk to. You give good advice and always know what to say. God has used you.I’m glad we’ve got to know each other. Thanks for always helping. I knew you were special to God. Love Cathy

  297. I have wonderful memories of being in your home. One with the kids playing in the pool and us in your kitchen cooking supper and then making no bake cookies and the soothing conversation together. Can I say that I miss you and the time that we had together even though it was brief God gave me a gift of you as a friend for life. Miss you sweet sister. P.S. I love your blog it reflects who I know you to be. You have done a great job I will enjoy stopping by, while sipping on my lemonade or hot chocolate, and entering the places of your beautiful heart. Love you

  298. I teach Kindergarten and a friend said she wish I could follow her son through 8th grade and teach him.

  299. I have awesome encouraging friends, but I think the sweetest thing I’ve heard recently came from my 3 year old last week. When I told him I’d sit on the back deck with my laptop so I could be out there with him, he told me, “It’s always better when we’re together.” My thoughts exactly.

  300. for my birthday last week my hubby placed on the dining room table a beautiful bouquet of flowers & his Bible which was opened to Proverbs 31. next to them was a card that read in part “i was just reading about you in the Bible” (referring to the open passage) & “you are the flower that brings beauty to my life.”
    what a gift. i just love that man. =)

  301. I can’t think of anything specific, but I know DH has recently said about me being a good mom and when feeling unappreciated those comments bring me close to tears to know he actually notices sometimes 🙂

  302. After I posted a response to a question on Facebook, a complete stranger thanked me for taking the time to write, because I made her see things on many different levels that she hadn’t seen before. Greatly encouraging!

  303. I was leaning on a friend, crying about burnout and wondering how I would get through this pregnancy (my ninth child) and she said “You are strong and you will get through this!” It was so good to be reminded of that inner strength we moms have, even when things seem so dark.

  304. God’s overwhelming me with encouragement (or maybe it’s (in)courage-ment?) today. Just received an email from a non-Christian (practicing budist) who said she admires me greatly for my guts and my faith. We are on opposite sides of nearly every social and political issue, and yet she’s offering to sponsor me to an event I would otherwise be financially unable to attend. Praising God for His surprises (and I’ll keep praying Jesus shines through me enough that she keeps noticing Him).

  305. My husband gets teared up everytime we talk about my volunteer work and the good I am doing to help breast cancer patients!

  306. This came in an email from someone I have never met, but who ordered and read my book Totally Desperate Mom. It blessed me and encouraged me.
    “I was really, really touched

  307. Oh so timely indeed! It has been one of those weeks where I have heard a lot of criticism and haven’t had a lot of nice things said about me, in fact quite the opposite. It was all related to the fact that I took a bold stance on my faith and stand firm. I was pretty wrecked and have been upset about it, even though I know that it was right and that it was something that God has been truly speaking to me about. I was then at an interview this week and I was told that I was really confident and sincere in my faith. That made my day as I have never felt that way! Sometimes it is the simplest of things when you need it most!

  308. My 3 1/2 year old son told me, “Mom, it’s so nice to just have you today.” as we were playing together with his two brothers.
    The past few weeks have been a transition to welcoming home a newborn, moving across the country, and staying with relatives. I was thankful to have an afternoon with just me and my boys, and I loved his appreciation!

  309. It’s kind of a little thing, but in the course of meeting a couple of new people over the past month, they commented “I like you!” Sometimes it’s just nice to hear.

  310. I am in the middle of a huge move and so far doing all my own packing and transporting. All this follows a divorce and forced move from my home. I recently talked to a dear friend who was my roommate in college. She is having a birthday on Wednesday and I shared with her that her card and small, but special gift was in the mail. She said .oh, you are so sweet!” It made me feel so warm and cared for as I know in my heart that she really understands what I am going through and appreciated that I am always thinking of those in my life I love: God, my sons, mother, brother, friends and neighbors.

  311. My sweet husband telling me how lovely I am… that is the best. And being reminded (through scripture) that God agrees… wonderful!

  312. On my birthday recently, a dear friend wrote to me “To my best friend…You are the most caring, intelligent and amazing woman I know.” As I am going through some health issues and unemployment, these kind words definitely perked me up.

  313. I thanked someone for treating me so kindly and she said, “you reap what you sow.” I love those words and will always remember them.

  314. I was told recently that I am an inspiration to people around me who are going through life storms because they see the storms I am going through and the way I am trusting in God in them.

  315. My son’s friend recently commented: “You know, Mrs. M., sometimes I think you love us kids too much. Thanks!”

  316. I ran my first 5K recently. When I finished my husband told me he is proud of me. I haven’t heard that in many many years, it warmed my heart.

  317. The kindest thing anyone ever said to me was when my Husband started calling me “My Pollos” (Pollos means ENOUGH in Greek).
    I’ve struggled with perfectionism and never feeling good enough… so his tender loving words remind me that I’ll always be enough for him. More then enough!
    Melts my heart!

  318. One of the youth I disciple told me that I challenge her to simply, love people and love God more!

  319. My six-year-old told me this morning that he will love me forever.
    This despite the fact that I’m a mean mommy who took away his computer privileges the next 2 days because he was mean to his little sister.
    That is high praise just when I needed it.

  320. My husband and I have been raising teen-age ganddaughters for the past few years and ..what a challenge. My Sunday School teacher told me recently that I was such a blessing to our class and she admired me for answering this call that God had given us. She said, God trusted you to do this job or he wouldn’t have picked you to do it. I needed to hear this.

  321. My 7 year old daughter told me I am a fabulous drawer (really I just doodle) but I was blessed just the same.

  322. Dianne (a response to your post on the 8/23)
    (You are a beautiful daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD!!)
    A friend just told me she is thankful we are friends and the feeling is mutual!!!

  323. At work I was told by a patient that I was an angel. It humbled me, and made me realize that just a simple smile goes a long way to patients battling cancer.

  324. An elderly lady (she just passed away this Spring)called me one time and wanted to tell me something.
    She asked me if I noticed that she drove by my house each day … I told her, “no.”
    She commented by saying that when she drives by she hopes to see someone in my family out in the yard as “your family is the Bible to me…”
    (I was widowed at age 27 and have raised five children alone.)
    Our community is small and everyone knows everyone and I am not shy about my faith – often with letters in the local as well as State paper.
    That will be my #1 all-time, BIG compliment!