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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. One of my all time favorite memories made with family AND friends was this time last year… my wedding. I still think about it – I will remember it for the rest of my life!

  2. One of my favorite memories is when a group of us climbed Eagle’s Head and brought with us some worship music to have our own little worship set on top of the mountain. absolutely beautiful to be worshiping God there.

  3. My husband and I had our first child in high school ten years ago, it was hard making ends meet and we had to grow up with our child. Since we didn’t have much money to go places, we had to make our own fun. So one afternoon we grabbed all the bottles of baby powder and chased each other through our clap board house. The floors shook beneath us and we were all covered from head to toe in white “snow”. Looking back at what we have now and all the blessings God has given us, I still sometimes miss the small beginnings and the little moments that helped us grow into the family we are today.

  4. Once when I was a girl, my family and I went on a trip to the mountains. We danced under the stars and sung our own rendition of Amazing Grace. It was like God provided the disco ball . . . the stars were amazing.

  5. I think I would have to agree with Charissa and say my wedding — because family and friends were all there. That was so special and doesn’t happen often.

  6. One of my favorite memories is of the brief period of a couple months when my best friend and I lived in the same town and had a standing coffee date every week. We were both going through rough times, and the peace and encouragement we found in those mornings was such a blessing!

  7. I think my favorite memory with my best friend is not ‘good’ persay, but is good because it let me know how much my friend cares about me. I was mad at her and I’m not sure if she knew I was mad, but she asked if I had any questions for her because we had been talking earlier in the day about something. I said “yeah, why did you lie to me???” After probably less than a second of shock she just said “I thought you knew.” I had no way of knowing this particular thing because of other things she had said that were untrue and was about to burst out about this too, when more people came into the room and I knew better than to cotinue the conversation. She continued to love on me even after that which showed me how much she really did care about me even if ther had been something of a large misunderstanding between us.

  8. One of my favorite memories is from a hike that I took with a number of friends about 2 and a half years ago. It was on this hike that I really spent some time getting to know the man that would become my husband, and a friend of mine also really got to know the man that became her husband. But aside from all of that, it was a wonderful time spent with good friends who love the Lord.

  9. A memory I’ll cherish forever was when my mom and I went on a study trip to England. It was a trip organized by my university for students wishing to study Jane Austen in her home country. The trip was also open to members of the community, so my mom came with me. In the beginning, I was a real jerk about it because I didn’t want my mother to come and “chaperone.” But looking back on it, I am so glad that we got to have that experience together. we had so much fun and we became closer as a mother and daughter and as friends 🙂

  10. …we just got back from our first getaway as a family of 4 – 5 days on the Indian Ocean, unplugged from cell phones and computers and iPods the entire time. BLISS-FULL!!

  11. most recent favorite memory with family & friends would have to be my wedding day! it was a picturesque day and everyone just had fun 🙂

  12. By far, my wedding! Actually, the whole week leading up to it! All of my family came down to Texas from Ohio – and my friends came from all over. The whole week felt like a big family reunion. We hung out, ate great food, and just had fun! It was the week of the 4th of July, so we all watched fireworks and had a hayride on the 4th. Then the wedding day… oh my goodness what an amazing celebration! It was such a fantastic party and I find myself so often wishing I could experience it over and over again! I’m so blessed by my family and friends! 🙂

  13. Our favorite family memories happen on vacation at the beach. It’s a wonderful time of enjoying one another through fellowship, games, eating and just soaking in the sun and fun.
    But I have to share that my husband and I along with our two boys (18 and 8) just had a water gun and water balloon fight this past weekend. Our 8yo was heard to say, “This was the best day of my life.” So anything that involves having fun with family is a great memory maker in our book.

  14. we (my husband and i and our 5 — almost 6 — kids) made some great memories this summer at family camp. it was a wonderful time!

  15. My fav. memory would be traveling cross-country with our two girls a couple years ago to visit my sister’s family in the mountains. We’re never happier than when we’re together.

  16. One of my favorite times is when we get together as a family and celebrate birthdays! We just celebrated 2 neices and one nephew’s! It reminds me of how good God has been to us and the many blessings we have!

  17. Every year my grandfather would hold us up to hang up our Christmas Stockings at their house on Christmas Eve. Now that my grandmother is gone – my grandfather lives with us. We still use those stockings and I’ve learned to make the same patterns my grandmother used for our future generations.

  18. One of my favorite family memories/traditions is going to pick out a Christmas tree with my parents & my sister. Now that we are both married, our husbands go too and we cut them down ourselves (well…my dad and the hubbies do anyway…hehehee). It is one of my highlights of the Christmas season and even the year!

  19. I love the daily memories! My family is big on inside jokes and those come from our everyday interaction! I also really cherish our Christmas get togethers! We all live far apart so it’s great to share that special time of year together!

  20. Made some awesome memories with my Hubby and son this weekend. We took Church on the road, and headed to our favorite state park. Spent the afternoon wading in the cold spring fed creeks and enjoying God’s beautiful nature!

  21. My husband’s family takes a weekend each fall to rent a condo where we play games and enjoy each other’s company all weekend. It’s one of our family’s favorite weekends to look forward to!

  22. I love my family. So many of my favorite memories involve hiking with them or going to the beach or campfires. They are funny and crazy and amazing.

  23. My favorite memory of late is the days I spend with my 89 year old Father fishing down at our lake. He enjoys it so much and the day always go by too fast. My second favorite memory is cooking his fish for him.
    God is good all the time!

  24. When we lived in California, I would take a group of high schoolers up to this little church in no mans land and put on a vacation bible school. We had such an awesome time. We did it for three years in a row until we moved out of state. Oh, it was fun.

  25. The second summer my husband and I were married we road tripped from Nebraska to South Carolina to visit my family. It’s a long trip but we crossed some beautiful country, had great talks in the car, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company. It was also the last trip we took before becoming parents.

  26. One of my favorite memories as a family is New Years Eve (this first year my boyfriend and I started dating). We spent the evening watching movies, drinking sparkling cider, and taking goofy pictures of ourselves.We laughed and laughed. It was amazing.

  27. I am confident that these are the days I will reflect on in the future and recall as my favorite memories. We are an American family of seven living out a two year adventure as expats in Hong Kong!

  28. I lost both of my beloved grandparents in 2002 (four months apart), the year my daughter was born. I have so many cherished memories with them. As a child, my sister, my mother, and I along with my grandparents took trips together. I had such a special bond with them that is impossible to put into words. My sister and I were fortunate to spend a lot of time with them. After walking to their house after school, our grandma would hand-make us a milkshake. Those were the days. The Lord was truly watching over me when He gave me my daughter the year I lost both of them. I’m not sure how I would have survived that loss without having my daughter to keep me going. I still think of that today. She is eight-years-old now, and I often look at her as my little gift. What a blessing she is to my life!

  29. my favorite memories are always christmas time. it’s so special to have everyone together and now that we have kids of our own, it’s crazy!!
    i also remember all the camping and trips we did as a kid. can’t wait to take my kids!

  30. One of my favorite memories is having a sock fight with my one year old son 🙂 He giggled and cackled the whole time.

  31. A favorite memory with my husband–
    We’ve been married for almost 8 years, but sometimes we still have those evenings where we stay up late into the night talking and giggling like a couple of tween girls on a sleep over. We’ll keep saying– “we really have to go to sleep… we have work in the morning!” but we keep gabbing away. I am so blessed!

  32. we laugh about it now but surviving the weather last year where we were- the ice storms and all and heat did not work properly. We started a fresh life away from abuse and selfishness and we showed we can make it and we are survivors

  33. One of my favorite memories has to do with the birth of our daughter. We had lost two children before my pregenancy with her. I kept praying that she would arrive safely and that we would at last have a child of promise. First of all she was 30 days late, no fooling. And my dates were accurate!! Then the Dr. told us they could not get a heartbeat and they had to do a ceaseran section. After a long delay they wheeled me off to what I gathered was another lost baby. When I was counting backwards my prayer was, “please God!” When I was nudged to semi awakness, my husband was standing there with a beautiful baby girl! As I have watched her develope into a woman of God I know without a doubt she is a child of promise. This memory has sustained in many times of drought. God is Good, all the time.

  34. Our favorite memories are usually made during horrible camping trips or when our car breaks down – well, those are the ones we remember. 🙂 Usually it involves us laughing hysterically at something.

  35. I recently seen my only Big Sis, it has been almost 5 years…we were distant in communicating efectively…I am at the age of 49 in a Nursing Home under Rehab., hopeing to return home…oh, what Friendships and family do to heal

  36. My husband and I have recently had our first baby, a daughter. She has just begun to smile and laugh, and there is nothing better than when we both play with her and hear her giggle. 🙂

  37. Since the death of our brother in 2004, my three sisters and I have become very close. The spring after he passed we all decided to take a road trip from the Pacific NW to Arizona to surprise our dad for his birthday. His wife and all of their friends were in on the surprise and helped us to play it off perfectly! We drove straight through, leaving home at 2:00am as we were too excited to sleep. We pulled in to their neighbor’s driveway and walked a few doors down to another neighbor’s house just in time to join Dad for his first cup of coffee in the morning! The look on his face was priceless and the memories of the trip are ones I know we all cherish and talk about repeating…I hope we do it soon!

  38. I still cherish one particular Christmas Eve where my sister, her husband, and their kids danced and sang Christmas songs all around the kitchen. We had the best time!

  39. Some of my best memories were at Bible Camp every summer as a kid. Went Lake Geneva Christian Center in Alexandria, Minnesota.

  40. One of my favorite specific memories of my family is my dad holding his granddaughter for the first time. His granddaughter passed away a month later, and he followed two weeks after her. I cherish the photo I have of them together.

  41. When you have so many it is hard to share only one. It was my junior year of college and I was sitting on our couch between three of my college friends. People were dancing in our living room. People were gathered in the corner drinking lemonade and conversing. People were eating Christmas cookies. I was smiling and thinking, “It doesn’t get better than this.” God gave me a wonderful college experience with wonderful friends and in that moment I was taking it all in.

  42. Packing up our 7,5,2 and 3 month old for a 5 month excursion across Canada & the US in a clunky old motorhome brings so many happy family memories to mind, for us all.

  43. It was Christmas Eve and I was a young child. I was sitting in my Aunt’s lap by my Grandparent’s Christmas tree while we all sang Silent Night.

  44. Every year we gather with two other families for a weekend of 15 kids, 6 adults and one dog. We do a lot of eating, playing and laughing. We swim and play ping pong and pictionary together all weekend. We range in age from 4 to 43. We call our weekend “Camp BLT” which is the first letter of each of our last names. We give thanks for many years of friendship and love.

  45. I’ll never forget lying outside in the pitch black watching stars with my (now) husband and marveling at the beauty. Our kids are now big enough to enjoy it too and we can’t wait to make the same type of memories with them.

  46. Sooo many treasured memories, but one of my favorites was the 3-generations trip we took to Washington D.C. almost 3 years ago. The moments and memories of that trip are etched on our hearts forever.

  47. Last month a close family friend got married. I was her first babysitter, when she was an infant and I was a young teen. It was so great to get together with my family and hers, and remember so many great times together.

  48. My favorite memory so far was this weekend. My son and I drove to San Francisco on an adventure he requested. Our adventure was a huge success. Above the success of the adventure was the realization of how much fun we can still have together as he grows. It was an amazing time. It was difficult to come to work today and see him head off to school. I think we both wanted to make the weekend last a few more days.

  49. Just ONE memory? How’s that possible???
    Loving memories made around campfires, camping, fishing, just being around family makes me happy. It’s so hard to choose one!
    Oh — when hubby looked at me with tears in his eyes after our firstborn was born, and said, “I LOVE YOU.” I’d heard it a million times before, but that memory will live in my heart forever. THAT’S the one!!

  50. we love campfires and camping; thats where some of our favorite family memories are at. what a blessed time to be outside enjoying creation!

  51. One of my favorite memories was made this last Sunday, when us cousins got our kiddos together and attacked the zoo! 6 littles, 3 teenagers, 2 mommies, and one daddy! It was sooooo much fun watching all the little kids run and jump and play. Oohhing and awwwing at all the cool animals. Giggling together. Reminded me of being a kid again. My daughter, alone with 5 boys! Just exactly like I was! I’m so thankful that my cousin took the time to drive 3 hours to bring everyone to us 🙂

  52. One of my favorite memories is when my husband and I took a short vacation to Michigan’s upper pennisula to see how many waterfalls we could visit and enjoy in 3 days. We managed to see 11–most of them requiring a great deal of hiking in order to get to them. It was one of our best vacations.

  53. My favorite family memories are two trip that we have taken to Colorado to stay in a family cabin in the mountains–one trip with our daughter and one trip with our son. I loved our time there together.

  54. It is really hard to pick which favorite memory to share, so I thought I’d pick the most recent. Six months ago we had son #2. #1 has done so well being a big brother, but of late we’ve noticed some jealousy issues…not wanting mom to feed the baby or extra whining because he can’t get what he wants right that minute, etc. However, I have that inner knowledge that they will end up best friends and here’s why. We were doing our nightly before bed teeth brushing, #1 standing on his stool by the sink and #2 on dad’s lap. Following the brushing and washing up #1 comes to stand in front of #2 and starts laughing in #2’s face trying to get his brother to laugh with him. #2 started laughing and all of the sudden #1 throws his arms around his brother and says “I love you Finny”. Melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Total uncalled for show of love…could anything be more beautiful? ~Jessica

  55. One of my favorite memories is of the day that my husband (then boyfriend) proposed marriage to me. It was a special anniversary of ours, and he took me hiking on his favorite mountain from childhood and proposed at the very top. It was such a special, memorable day.

  56. My favorite memories with family & friends always seem to include food! Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner, coffee with a good friend, or acting as hubby’s sous chef, where there is food, there is conversation, love & laughter 🙂

  57. My favorite memory is the day that my husband (U.S. Marine returned home from Iraq). We are a blended family and I had 3 children, we have 2 together for a total of 5. But on that day, the children were so excited to see him home and safe. They ran to hug him as he was dismissed from his formation line. That moment for me what the best and tells me that we are a FAMILY.

  58. My sweet Granddaddy just passed away last month with pneumonia and I’ll always remember the vacations he took us on. He never had much money but he always wanted to save up his money to take the whole family so we could share and cherish the great memories we had. I’ll never forget his sacrifice and love for us.

  59. Last Christmas was such a time of memory building. My in-laws came to visit and over a period of two weeks, our second son was born, we celebrated Christmas and New Years, and we moved to a new house. Such a busy but wonderful time.

  60. Anytime my adult children come home to spend time together is a memory in the making for me. For all of us, it was a trip this summer…. Everyone of my children/spouse/granddaughter flew to my farm-home in Oklahoma. We made memories by reliving family activities from the past, such as a “weiner” roast with a real wood fire in the middle of the driveway, including roasted marshmallows for dessert! Sweet for the mind and the palate!

  61. It’s so hard for me to pick just one favorite memory. I really like sitting back and thinking about when I spent time at my Granny’s house (which was daily). It’s been 13 years now since she’s been gone and I still wish for this. I don’t think I’ll ever stop longing for those times. Very precious memories.

  62. When I won the spelling bee and my Mom didn’t have her hair set and my Dad hadn’t shaved! Our picture was in the paper. My 8th grade teacher and principal looked really happy, too! She had confidence in me!

  63. I remember the one and only vacation we took as kids. One night, after a long day of driving, we stayed at a hotel with an outdoor heated pool. We all went swimming, even my mom, and even my dad which may be the only time I remember him swimming with us. It was under the stars, with the steam rising, and air cool around us, but we swam that night for hours.

  64. On my 28th birthday my husband surprised me with a trip to NYC. It was a totally unexpected and he even got my work shifts covered without my knowing. I had been dreading turning 28 because I lost my older brother when he was that age and I could not fathom “catching up with him” so to speak. I wanted to avoid the birthday entirely, but instead my husband took me away and created a positive memory out of something I was dreading.

  65. I am over 50 and my dad worked three jobs while my mom stayed at home with my brother,
    sister and me. We had modest Christmas’ and
    I will never forget the year that I just had
    to have a “Chatty Cathy” Doll…
    I woke up that Christmas morning very early and quietly ventured to our living room.
    There she was in all her glory, just waiting for me to play with her. I still have my Chatty Cathy Doll. Thanks, Cindi

  66. We took our 5 and 1yo camping for the first time, despite a little bout of the croup (for the 5yo). It was not great sleeping, but the rest of the trip was truly blessed with beautiful surroundings and solid family time. We weren’t even that tired. So worth the effort (esp the discipline of overcoming my bug aversion!)

  67. Favorite memory with my family: Spending a week at the beach, just us. So much down time to swim, play games and take naps. I feel spoiled when I come home!

  68. Last summer my parents took my 2 siblings and all of our spouses and kids on a beach vacation in South Carolina. What a wonderful time of relaxing and enjoying each other.

  69. on Memorial Day my husband has a huge cookout for friends and family, and I love having so many people eating, laughing and talking at once. we did not do it this year because of a family illness, but hopefully next year with that member present.

  70. I have so many great memories with family and friends. The one that sticks out in my mind right now is finding out that we were (shockingly) pregnant with our first baby. The joy and excitement that followed reading that test will always stay with me!

  71. My husband has a huge cookout every Memorial Day with family,friend..alot of people eating,talking, having a good time, surrounded by lots of laughter. we did not get to have it this year because of a family illness, hoping to have it next year with with that same family member.

  72. One of my favorite family memories involves sitting around a bonfire and laughing at the stories we tell.

  73. Where I live, the weather has begun to turn golden. Fall is coming and the breeze breathes cool air while the sun still blankets warmth. It is weather that calls me to run. Weather that reminds me of the weekly 5 mile runs with one of my dearest college friends. Conversation made 5 miles feel like nothing. A world free of distractions made it seem like the world was made for us, for that time. I cherish these memories.

  74. I am a twin, an I LOVE my sister. Since we don’t live in the same town (or state), anymore, it is extra special when we can be together for our birthday. Two years ago we were able to arrange such an event. Several of our dearest and oldest friends came together for our birhtday. We had a wonderful “girls’ night” enjoying the fellowship of our favorite people and celebrating our birthday together. It was wonderful.

  75. it’s hard to write just one favorite memory- but my favorite time of year is fall, and since it is right around the corner, i will share our family and churches yearly tradition. we have a bowling outing for the kids and a chili supper and bon fire afterwards. it is such a fun time to sit out in the crisp autumn air with everyone we love gathered round and share memories and stories as we sit in front of the fire and watch the kids play!!!

  76. I think I have too many favorite memories…Most of them include long road trips with my oh-so-special family, making music, and seeing things we’ve never seen before, though. (Kinda like Willie Nelson, I guess.) : )

  77. One of my favorite memories is this past Christmas. My husband’s uncle, aunt and adult cousins came to visit. They played with our kids, went to church and celebrated Christmas with us.

  78. One of my favorite Christmas memory has to be last Christmas, having my entire family back together for Christmas. My parents divorced several years ago and my mother has since moved to GA, leaving the rest of the family in the northeast. Last year my husband and I were able to invite everyone to stay at our home in PA and celebrate Christmas together. It was wonderful. My parents got along just fine, my brother, sister, brother-in-law and niece were all there. Nobody complained about the cramped space, sleeping on a couch or cold showers. Everyone was just happy to be together. It was a really special year!

  79. Our wedding was a wonderful time with both family and friends. So many people we love gathered in the same place celebrating together. It was wonderful!

  80. We took a 7 day trip to Disneyland 2 years ago today. It was amazing- we had so much fun and made tons of great memories each day.

  81. A favorite memory – how about some time with my sis. Walking amongst some banyan trees. Quiet, still, getting to know you as an adult, time.

  82. When my nieces sleep over, I love the way they “wake us up” in the morning (as we try to keep our eyes closed like we are still sleeping). 🙂

  83. Sunday my family of four joined some other family members at our local skating rink to celebrate my son’s bday. It’s the same rink I met my Hubby at 14 years earlier and I fell in love with him all over again as he skated hand in hand with our littles!

  84. I used to LOVE making forts with furniture and pillows in our living room as a kid. Now I get to do the same thing with my own son. Brings my heart such joy! Thanks for the chance!

  85. My favorite memories with my family has to be camping. Sitting around the campfire talking to my Husband about life and all its changes(plus eating smores) while my 1.5 year old son is asleep on my lap and the stars and moon shine above us. Its always amazing!!

  86. Our family has lived in several different countries over the last 12 years and so many of our memories involve traveling the world together. One that stands out is the first year we brought our 3 kids to an orphanage in Thailand that we support. It was great for the kids at the orphanage to have other kids visit instead of the adults they normally host. It was great for our kids to see how much the love of Christ can sustain people even when they have little else in their lives. My oldest daughter was 14 and told me that leaving those kids to come home to the US was one of the hardest goodbyes she ever had – her bond with them was that deep – even after just a week. She’s been back 4 times since then and will likely keep going back as an adult.

  87. Our family always took the best vacations. And it was especially fun when our grandparents came with us. My favorite was when we went on a cruise with our ENTIRE family for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We had a blast!

  88. Our favorite place for making memories is the Smoky Mountains National Park. It was a very special place to my husband & I back when we were dating. Our girls have been with us now and they love it too. That just makes something sweet, even sweeter! 🙂

  89. One of my favorite recent memories is of a large family picnic. We ate, played with the kids, and cuaght up with each other. All through the afternoon, there was so much laughter. Our family had been through a rough patch with fractured relationships, so it was wonderful watching the interaction and joking going on. What a blessing it was to me.

  90. Many of my favorite memories involve the family that I grew up in. Even though some were scattered a little farther away, we almost always celebrated Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Thanksgiving at my Grandparents. The feeling of love and care was just in the air and I think it was a lovely way to grow up.

  91. A favorite family memory of mine is one of the last Christmases I had with all of my grandparents. It was a long time ago and I was barely old enough to remember, but I cherish it still.

  92. I am so blessed by my family…last year August 2009,my beloved husband Matthew was going through chemo and radiation treatments…it was very lonely and hard time for us both…then my BLESSED sister called and said we are having a family reunion in NJ.
    She paid for everything,literally…plane tickets,hotel room(Very Nice Hotel),food,any thing we needed or wanted to get….My husband was able to meet almost my whole family :+) and it gave us both a Joy and much needed rest from going through the treatments… when we got back the last chemo treatment was canceled!!!Dr. said he doesn’t need it!!! BLESS JESUS and Pray for my family…none of them know the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!!

  93. 10 years ago above timberline at the top of Pikes Peak, a nippy 30 degrees. Husband, son and me, perched on bicycles. 19 miles downhill through 5 wildly different zones of vegetation, wildlife and climate. Clouds, cold wind, rain, thunder and lightning, hail, sun, warmth. God’s Creation. Thrilling!

  94. One of my favorite memories was this past fourth of July. It was the first time since my parent’s divorce that my brother, step siblings, dad, step mother and newly-wed hubby were all on vacation together. 🙂

  95. Every day has the opportunity for new favorite memories. Like today…when I came out into the living room to find my toddler snuggling on the playmat with his baby brother. So genuinely sweet. Melted my heart.

  96. One of my favorite memories is visiting England and Paris with my hubby for our five year anniversary. It was a beautiful trip.

  97. This past summer my husband and I joined my family for a week long trip to Hawaii. It was an amazing vacation and a wonderful family memory!

  98. My best memories that I have envolve my children and being with them, the days that they were born, the days that I found out I was having them. Their first days of school, all of my best memories revolve around them.

  99. Traveling with my husband and two kids. We have made a lot of fun memories on the trips that we have taken this year.

  100. My favorite memories are the vacations I have taken with my family. I couldn’t pick just one moment. Any time with my family is treasured time. I hold every memory “beneath my heart”.

  101. One of my all time favorite memories was my best friend and I trying on hats and sunglasses at the mall and being so silly, really acting like little kids. We were in our thirties at the time and we had a ball. I will cherish that memory forever, as my friend died of breast cancer at 41 years old. To this day that memory can bring me to tears with laughter.

  102. Sometimes memories are made doing some of the most simple of things. My husband and I packed a picnic lunch and took the kids to the seaside. What wonderful times we have.
    Lisa xx