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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. For a while several of us were meeting for weekly Bible study, prayer, and hanging out time. It was fabulous! While we all love Jesus (and each other), we’re pretty different too. One single, one newly married, two married for 5+ years. One in full-time ministry, one stay-at-home mom, one recently finished with grad school, one quit her job to figure out what she really wants to do. One with kids, three without. All of us went to the same college (good taste, I guess!). Two leaders, two happier to follow. But somehow it was just the best mix for a precious time together. God certainly put us together! We’ve all moved in separate directions (literally, to different parts of the state), so I’m praying for the next group of girls that the Lord will bless me with!

  2. Sadly, I don’t have a regular girls night out. I can’t even seem to find time for a date night with hubby! But when I do get to go out with the girls we just laugh…a lot.

  3. Sadly I don’t have a regular girls night out.
    I meet one on one with my friends, fitting in visits with their schedules. Sometimes that is a quick breakfast, other times a cuppa tea at someone’s home.
    I’d say most of the really important stuff I have in common with my friends. Being christians, loving and honouring our husbands (with a little venting allowed), children and work.

  4. I don’t have a regular night out with friends, but I would love one! I have varying degrees of commonality with my friends – we’re not identical, but we have some foundational beliefs and mindsets that drew us together and keep us there.

  5. My best friend has a huge garden and we get together to pick berries, bake pies and talk about how sweet we make each others lives.

  6. Because I’m mostly homebound, I don’t have a regular night night but often my friend from the apartment across from mine comes over, we watch Star Trek reruns and eat warm gooey pizza. It’s a great way to stay connected.

  7. I have a group that has met for years-many of us are in our 50s now and still facing life together, albeit different challenges. What a blessing, the fellowship of women making time for one another.

  8. We used to have a group that met weekly–somehow through job changes, deaths, and life in general we fell out of habit. However, the job of knowing that Tuesday evenings were reserved for me and my girls was such a treat.
    It didn’t matter what we did, as long as we were together. 🙂

  9. We do not have regular girl’s night out together, but we try to meet for lunch often. I have some friends that share a lot of common things with and other friends that are opposite on the personality scale, but we all laugh about our differences and we can appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses. These ladies are truly a blessing in my life.

  10. Since I have a young baby at home and I am nursing, I am not about to get out for a girls night at the moment and I miss it. There’s nothing like spending some time with other moms, especially, and getting to relax a bit and know that I am not alone in my struggles.

  11. Love this Mary! It is so neat how God connects us to just the right life giving people!
    My girls night is really breakfast at a favorite place called Mimi’s. Then we head to the mall to walk and talk without having to chase kids! It gives us face to face time across the table and also lighthearted life sharing time as well!

  12. Oh my, I thought you were writing about our girl’s night out! We don’t meet monthly, more like bi-monthly. It started as a night out to celebrate our birthdays. Over the years one or two husbands were laid off and budget restrictions resulted in dining in that night. To make it more special we started themes. The birthday girl chooses the theme, the others make a dish to match. The hostess creates a beautiful atmosphere with fine china and crystal. And occassionally, the birthday girl gets a surprise to match the theme she chose, like belly dancing lessons with middle eastern food! We are ALL precious in His sight and should celebrate and honor the day we were born!

  13. My girls nights/days consist of getting our kids together for a play date while we have much needed girl talk. A way for our kids (all under 1) to get socialization and for us to have some good fellowship

  14. Every Friday I meet some ladies for coffee, and once a month a different group of ladies and I scrapbook, does that count? I’ve only lived in this area for 1 1/2 years, so I’m still forming friendships. Just the same, I’m always surprised at how God has placed these specials ladies in my life. He blesses me so much by them!

  15. I have a monthly girls’ night. After 15 years we all remain very close. The three of us started out all working together, but have since all with different directions. I homeschool, one is a public school teacher and the other is a manager in a bank. We don’t have much in common anymore, but the love for each other and time to get away and be with each other. It is usually over breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a bond there that last no matter what our differences are.

  16. Mary, these are the times I am so grateful for. 3 years ago I felt isolated in my role as a new-ish mother. I prayed that God would bring women into my life that were Godly and good friends. He answered my prayers big time. As I read your post I thought I was reading about my life. Our group is exactly like this. We are all very different but our love of each other and God brings us together. We also belong to a larger group of women that meet regularly to cook, eat, talk, watch movies and we don’t come home till the wee hours of the morning. As a result we always meet in our pjs. I am so grateful for these women. Thank you Lord!

  17. We have a group of gals that just started getting together for GNO (girls night out) We each picked a month and plan it. It is sorta a suprise when you get the email to see what we are doing. We all come from different backgrounds. One has 8 children, One has quads, one has 4 kids and homeschools them, one has a disabled child and a spunky child too, one has a child that is in high school trying to get into a really cool college program, one lives an hour away and comes because it means so much to her and one is our mama bear of the group (has a girl in college). The cool thing is that our group is growing, we get a new gal each mom,cool. The common denominator for the group is that we all want to be women that walk with Jesus and HIS truth. We want to raise godly families and hold each other accountable, stretching our thinking. We are comfortable bringing anything to the table. We are REAL!! So when is the next GNO?? Can’t wait!

  18. My bff and I have a girls night at least every other month. We have a lot of the same opinions and beliefs. She is a leader and I am a follower, so we work well together. We have a great time together.

  19. I don’t have a ladies group like that but I am blessed with other friends in various stages of life. My friend who can probably make me laugh like none other is working in Haiti and I miss our laughs in both serious and silly times. Another one of my impromptu event friends is finishing her degree and we can’t wait to have more time to hang out again.

  20. No regular girls night out. Wait. Our homeschool small group meets once a month and is similar to what you describe. I can count that as a regular girls night out, can’t I? I feel a little guilty about that when I don’t have a regular date night with the hubby, though.

  21. I don’t have a regular scheduled Girl’s Night, but I usually go out about once a month. Most of the people I hang out with have kid(s) around the same age as mine.

  22. i was just talking to my sister in law about this. I don’t have girl friends that i hang out with on a regular basis. i wish i did but after working all day, the last thing i want to do is go out. i’d rather be home with my kids. but i know if i took once a month to have a girls night, i would feel so refreshed.
    thanks for the inspiration to get out there.

  23. First of all I can’t imagine actually being able to meet once a month but I LOVE THE IDEA!! We have 3 couples that are good friends and we try to get to each others house roughly every 2-3 months. In between those gatherings the women try to go out once or twice a year alone.
    We {the women} are all different. Two very Type-A…Two NOT! Two are exercise nuts and two are here or there. Two VERY into their wine and Two who will drink what ever and probably end up with the Light on Tap. 😉
    As with you the list could go on and on…we are different but, it is fun to get together and exchange family, motherly, and personal stories.
    Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome gift!

  24. I try to have a regular girl’s night out. I think it is so necessary and gives us a way to rejuvenate and return to our homes with a refreshed sense of JOY!

  25. I have just become a part of a montly girls night out. It is awesome to share, pray, laugh and both encourage and be encouraged by these great women!

  26. I do not have a group of friends irl that I meet with regularly but I do have a group of online friends. What I have learned, regardless of where the friends are located, is that one of the things you must have in common is the desire to invest in one another. If you don’t do that then the coffee grows cold and the emails go unanswered. But when you have that it can be quite a fellowship regardless of what you do or don’t have in common! Then love supersedes situations, words, offenses, and you are willing to pour into one another.

  27. I don’t really do a regular girl’s night out… but then again, I don’t have kids yet, and most of my friends are just starting to have kids or are still child-less like me. But, every couple months I get together with just gals, and I do love the time spent together!

  28. we need to have one more regularly, but we usually go for coffee. Love me some coffee and girl time. better call her and get that set up sooner than later! ? One of my friend swe are very much alike, the other couldn’t be more opposite. =0)

  29. It is interesting that this comes today. God has been prompting me about inviting girls over for a Bible study and making it into a Girls Night Out, not only for the girls I go to church with but for the girls I work with and friends that worship at other churches. . . or not. Thank You, now I know what I have to do..

  30. Unfortunately I do not have a regular girls night out. I have 5 children ages 17,7,7,7 & 3 and my dear husband works long hours.
    Fortunately, I do have a very dear friend that we try to get together every month for coffee. It gives us a chance to share recipes, craft ideas and find the sanity in our busy lives. She is such a blessing to me and I would be lost without her.

  31. i have a girls night out pretty off, but not scheduled regularly (like the 3rd Friday of the month or anything that specific). i would say my closest friends are much like me at the core, but very different from me on the surface. it’s pretty fun (and more interesting) that way. praise God for girlfriends!

  32. No I do not get regular nights out with the girls. You see I am disabled and right now in a nursing home under rehab…hoping to return back home.
    I do not have many friends…it is a very sacred commiment to me that requires work not something that is easy.
    So, I see friends differently. Most of my friends we have many many differences but only one thing in common..worshiping our Lord.
    My best friend, not minister, but friend is a minister.

  33. We just had our first official Girls Night Out (GNO) this past Friday evening and what a treat! We laughed and laughed. Four of us have gotten together to go to a mom’s conference for the past several years and then emailed through the rest of the year. We realized true friendships were growing and decided we needed to spend real time together. So, we’ve agreed to each take a month and choose where we go or what we do for ‘our’ month.
    Two other ladies joined us on our inaugural GNO and we had a blast. Our beliefs in God and family are the glue, and our differences outweigh our similarites for sure, but it was time to put down the defenses and just laugh. I think God was laughing with us!

  34. We don’t have girls night out. There’s just no time. We all have such crazy different and yet similar lives it’s very hard to get it together. I’m a single mom w/ no family around to watch my boys. Another is a flight attendant so she’s gone a lot. A different friend has kids going in different directions along with her husband. There are just a million reasons why we aren’t able to get together.
    I’d have to say for the most part there are several important strands that tie us all together: love for the Lord, love for our families, and somewhat similiar childhoods. My best friend and I met only 10 yrs ago, but we are completely cut from the same cloth. It’s truly amazing and a blessing to my life.

  35. No regular girls’ night out here. Sounds wonderful. I do have some friends that we keep up by e-mail or long distance phone calls every few months or so. Those friendships are very dear to me, but those ladies also have families that need their time and energy. I’d love to have more time with them, but at this season of my life I must rely on God’s grace to get me through.

  36. One regular group – my Wednesday evening Bible Study group – I would feel bereft without my mid-week fix of laughter and learning and sharing with these ladies.
    One “regular” girl’s day with my adult daughter which is random, but regular, and so enjoyed by us both.

  37. My best friend is 7 years younger than I am. This actually works well for both of us. I have the wisdom of age and she has the youthful outlook on things!

  38. I do not have a regular girl’s night out. I don’t even get to have a date with my husband more then 1 night a year. (I know it’s sad) However my girlfriends and I catch up on the phone atleast once a week. When we do get together though we laugh and cry and hav a wonderful time together!!!

  39. No regular girls night out but do a friend that I get together with several times a year. We meet at the local DQ to talk and have treats. 🙂

  40. I am blessed with a handful of true friends who accept one another for who we are- differences and all! While we don’t have Girl’s Night Out- we do participate in MOPS and spend QT together every chance we get. I love my friends!! 🙂

  41. Unfortunately, I don’t go out with a group of girls or anyone regularly. By the end of the day, I’m exhausted! I just want to go curl up with a book IF I can get away from the kiddos (3 kids under 5). But reading your blog post made me think that I should tough it out as I’m missing lots of fun. Community may be just the thing I need. Thank you for that reminder.

  42. I don’t have a regular girls night, but I meet a group to walk together once a week while my kids are at school. It is wonderful to have that time to fill the need to talk and exercise at the same time.

  43. Wow, I’m sad to admit that I don’t have a regular girl’s night out… I always feel guilty! However, I know that I really should make time for it!
    Great post! Thanks for this reminder! 🙂

  44. I wish we had a regular girls’ night with my two best friends…even though we have a lot in common it’s getting harder and harder to “do life” together because we live about 40 miles a part, which seems like 400 when we each have two preschoolers. But we do try to do an overnighter together once a year and that extended time together is so sweet to our souls. I miss these deep hearted friends of mine, and I also yearn for new friendships closer in my neighborhood.

  45. I do not have a regular girls night out. I barely have time to go somewhere wih my friends a couple times a year. In common with my friends: girls, love eachother, love God, that’s about it.

  46. I don’t have a regular girls’ night out either. Every once and a while I get out to lunch with one of my friends, so we can catch up, but not with any regularity. . .It sounds like you have a great time when you get together with you friends!

  47. It’s amazing to think of one group like this in my life. We are radically different in many, many ways, but it’s amazing how the bond of Christ ties you together in powerful ways.

  48. We were having a regular Girls night out but it got pushed aside for other things. I need to get it going again with an emphasis of making it a priority. Being with girlfriends helps all of us!

  49. I have a regular girls morning out. My friend in 72, and she is my rock. She’s already been where I’ve been. She has the wisdom I need to balance out my life as a 40 something single parent of 5 kids. I’m what she needs…a steadying hand for unsteady feet, a listening ear for often repeated stories. Bottom line, we need each other and I’m so thankful to God that we have that:) Who knew that coffee could be such a holy experience each week? It always is when God is an invited guest~

  50. My sister in laws and I go out for pedicures and talk about anything and everything. We especially love to laugh together and sometimes we follow it up some shopping or a movie!

  51. Hmmm, no regular “Girls Night Out” but I do work at getting with ladies for the purpose of encouraging and challenging each of us in our walk with Christ. Things in common ~ like you, some of us have little in common but we have a heart to live for Jesus. My dearest girlfriend and I are both missionaries and understand each other when even via email simple phrases are “spoken.” God is so good.

  52. We’ve just started having a monthly girls night out and that the women are wonderful Christian women adds so much to our relationship. We wait until all the children are in bed (all are 5 and under) and then go out for appetizers and dessert. Such a respite!

  53. you know, i don’t have a regular girls night out…but when we can, i have several friends that we all get together…and it’s a great time! I also have a group of friends all with children, and we all get together about once a week!

  54. Not a regular girls night out, but a semi-regular tea time when we’re all in town. It’s a time to catch-up, pray together, & just enjoy the company of a friend. 🙂

  55. I regularly have coffee with several friends that are now scattered to different towns/churhes (we used to all go to same church). As for my present church friends getting together, I have one I regularly meet with for deeper converstaions and fun times out occasionally. With others, not on a regular basis, but we have done Bible studies together, gone on retreats, etc. Would love to feel connected to a small group from home church on a regualar basis.

  56. My MOPS friends have become my lifeline. Our common thread is the fact that we all have at least one child aged between birth and kindergarten.
    We get together once a month at night, outside the group setting. We schedule a morning playdate once a month.
    At one point I quit the group, thinking that with two kids in school I was growing out of it. But within six months I returned because the community and friendships were the most real ones in my life. Thankfully my baby gives me four more years of growing together with these girls and cementing our friendship, before I graduate into the world of ALL school age children.

  57. I regularly go out with my sisters for a Girls Night which is neat because there are 5 of us plus 1 sister on law and my mom. It allows us time away from the children to be together and laugh and talk as we continue to build relationships. Family can be among the most difficult relationships we have. We try to nurture uor relationships.

  58. Just seeing that necklace really touches me. Anyway, my favorite friend is so loving and generous and the only thing we have in common is we each have one child who’s the same age. My friend’s mother doesn’t even speak English but I just LOVE being with them.

  59. I don’t have a regular girls night out, but I’d love to. We do have friday game night with some ladies from our church. I hope to be able to be apart of it next month!

  60. Most of the girls night out that I go to are random. There are some planned at our church, but I don’t have a lot in common with most of them. My close friends, well, we can be as different as we are the same. So many things we are different about, yet so many things we see the same on….makes life interesting.

  61. Four of my former coworkers and I get together at least every other week to talk, laugh, cry, crochet and of course EAT!! We share everything going on in our lives and just listen to each other. We have just started crocheting – to learn the craft and feel productive!! And of course there is ALWAYS Chocolate involved!!

  62. Twice a year my friends and I each drive halfway to a hotel where we meet to spend a weekend just having girl time. We scrapbook, eat out, talk, pray, laugh, cry and encourage each other in our lives. It is something that is a priority for us all-we have wonderful husbands who allow us to do this while they have the kids. It’s been 10 years since we lived in the same town and our friendship has weathered the distance and by God’s grace we still continue to be close sisters in Christ.

  63. I have a weekly lunch date with my best friend every Wednesday. It’s more about the time together than the food we are eating. We’ve been doing this for about 6 years. It’s only an hour at best, but we share our lives, what God is teaching us, how He is challenging and stretching us and how we can pray for each other. I can’t imagine not having this time.

  64. Ah….I would love a regular girl’s night out. Unfortunately my favorite friends all live in different states and even different countries! We have to keep in touch by computer or phone. I am working on a plan to see them more often, but making travel plans is expensive and ends up being more than just a ‘night’.
    As you mentioned above, we are all different with an occasional similarity here and there. The biggest thing we have in common is our love and trust in our Savior.

  65. We have a once a month Girls night out, we are proud to be Senior Gals you might say. Grandmothers, soon to be Grandmothers,and one Great Grandma too!! We share, build each other in anyway we can and are proud of God’s Silver Streaks in our Hair. We never stop learning and Growing in the Lord, so we can continue to be a Blessing to our Families. At our Girls Night out may we toast to the Past,the Today and the Blessed Journey Yet to Come.May all our Girls
    Night Out be a Thankful Night to Jesus who knew all along we Needed out Sisterhood!!
    Blessings and Hugs to All!!
    Jan Belzer Schaumburg,Illinois

  66. I used to have a regular girls night out with my three bff’s but, since I moved over ten hours away from them, it doesn’t happen very often. Now, at least once a year, we all go away together for the weekend. We’re meeting in Chicago weekend after next to be encouraged by Beth Moore and laugh way too much.

  67. What is a girl’s night out? I was and still remain jealous of my younger sister. She can make friends with anyone, giggle and share with anyone, and is constantly meeting up with or doing things with her girlfriends. How did and does she do that? She can’t tell me; it’s so easy, she can’t fathom why I even ask. For years, I either struggled with desparately trying to make friends and keep them, or just shrugging it off as “I’m not meant to have anyone” as those people walked away within just a very short time.
    Finally, God has blessed me with ONE exremely precious friend and I am amazed that she remains my friend. She lives in another state, is the same age as my younger sister, married and has a child (whom I adore like some maiden aunt or doting grandmother). We share online and occasionally by phone when we can afford it. Perhaps this is how God is teaching me about friendship? If so, it’s good. Maybe, someday, I will have several girl friends and can do all those things the posts above talk about; until then, I’ll spend my time learning to share with my friend, online.

  68. Wow, that necklace is beautiful!
    This totally makes me want to have a girls’ night out! I’m 30 and single, so I’m at a different place in life than a lot of my friends. Plus, I have friends who live all across the country due to going away to college and meeting friends through blogging. Now, I AM a mom, having had two foster daughters for the past three months and realize how much MORE difficult it is to plan and coordinate schedules when you have kids!
    It is an interesting point of how different your friends can be, but when you get together, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you saw each other last week or if it has been WAY too long, simply enjoying each other’s company, being with your girl friends is so much fun 🙂
    I totally need to do this…about time to send out a facebook message blast to my high school girl friends…and set a phone date with my out of town gals 🙂

  69. I don’t have a Girl’s Night Out. This is an area of my life that needs more attention. I don’t really have a close circle of friends. It’s been three years since I’ve moved to a new city and still have yet to make any significant connections (along with other complications). Thanks for the reminder of the ministry and importance of friendship and the female bond.

  70. In the last few years, there are 4 of us who go out once a quarter for each others’ birthdays. It’s really an excuse to go out to places our husbands would never try and laugh A LOT. It’s amazing how different we all are, but I think we all look forward to and cherish those evenings. Our age differences range from 49 down to 36, but we all have children roughly the same ages, plus our personalities are so different, there’s never a dull conversation!

  71. Good question. No regular girls night out. It’s more like tea when we can grab it! But yes, watching each others’ kids, calling when we’re at the grocery store, supporting hubbies who are professors (and work really crazy hours) and making meals for college students maybe once a week…life together in the neighborhood of faculty housing!
    Other good friends pray and encourage me to see God’s view on things, to obey him.

  72. I have a wonderful group of friends that have met together for about 8 years, but as our children grow older it seems more difficult to get together. I really miss those times of sweet fellowship and prayer. We have Jesus in common : )

  73. When I lived in VA, I set up a monthly girls night out for a group of girls. Whoever could come, did. We rotated locations and all I had to do was pick a restaurant and call ahead to make sure they could handle our crowd. My one rule for the evening was that before we left, everyone had to share one way that folks could pray for them over the next month. Not “prayer requests” but “what is God doing in your life, what is your biggest struggle” sort of sharing? This was revolutionary for many of us and we learned so much from each other.
    I moved away and they don’t do it monthly any more, but it does still happen and when any of us who moved come to town, the group will gather for a night out. Now I live in AL, in a culdesac with some other moms who are friends. We don’t have a regular thing scheduled, but we try to have a girls night out every now and then.

  74. We don’t have a specific night that we meet, but the three of us get together regularly to talk about work, kids, and life. They are truly a blessing to me. They can tell something is going on even when I don’t speak!

  75. Some of my friends and I started a book club just so we have a reason to get together and a commitment to pick up a book and read! I find that my friends and I all are unique but it is our desire to know God that bonds are hearts closely together. Whether we are just taking steps to find out who he is or taking a step to grow closer in our relationship to Him, this is what keeps us close.

  76. I don’t have a regularly-scheduled Girls Nite Out, but my forever girlfriend and I manage to connect across two provinces for a Girlfriend Weekend at least twice a year! A True Gift From God!

  77. I don’t have a regular girls’ night out, but I would have to say that my favorite friends and I have a lot more in common than not, unlike your situation. But maybe it’s just that I pay attention to the commonalities because they are what brought us together in the first place.

  78. I don’t have a regular girls night out…but it sounds divine!!! i go to a weekly Bible study but it is more with older women and acquaintances. I am glad for it though! maybe i will get on the ball and create my own girls night out 🙂

  79. I don’t have a regular GNO yet but you inspired me to start that… I’m going to write down the Girls that could be in with me on this very cool idea right now! Thank you!

  80. I have two, dear friends that I met when I first came to know Jesus – over 20 years ago! We get together every 3-4 months — our strongest bond -the Lord Jesus!

  81. A few months ago a girlfriend had a baby who died about 3 weeks later. At the same time another girlfriend’s husband was let go from his job and faced some ugly accusations which were proven to be false. 6 of us girls decided that it was necessary for us to get together and support each other. That has started a bi-weekly girls night which I absolutely cherish. We laugh and cry and talk and laugh some more. What a blessing. I wouldn’t trade these ladies for anything.

  82. Unfortunately, no girls night out. When we were younger, it was girls afternoons out, daily in the summer at the pool where we gathered to watch our kids play. Over the years, the kids grew and we’ve been plagued with health problems, but recently the health issues have gotten better and we’ve been able to get out from time to time to share lunch or just get caught up. We’re different religions, diffferent professions, and different circumstances in so many ways, but the experiences we shared with our kids is what gives us a common bond. Now we’re sharing that experience on a new level as we’re all becoming grandparents.

  83. I don’t have many girlfriends. I feel kind of in the awkward stage of not a teenager anymore, but still a really young adult {I’ll be 20 in December}. I do have a couple of good girlfriends – we aren’t the same, and we tend to have extremely different personalities, kind of like your list there. 🙂 But we’re still good friends. We love to hang out together, whether we have a plan, or just chill out at home. They’re good for me. I’m hopeful that we’ll be friends for a VERY long time.

  84. I do not have a regular girls night out, but would love to start one! My very best friend and I are going on 25 years of friendship. We have lived in different states for 20 of those years and have more differences than similarities, but our bond early in life is what keeps us close. With so much history we definitely keep our friendship a priority!

  85. I try to keep evenings for my husband, so regular girl times are more likely to happen during the day. Even then it’s been challenging, as my closest friends live at least an hour’s drive away. I’m working on setting some regular Skype dates, though.
    My closest friendships are definitely built on similarities rather than differences.

  86. we have a wonderful girls night out….we usually do it on a cruiseship and several of us that went to school together will get together of just three of us that graduated together. We laugh alot about NOW and THEN…and we act like the teenagers that WE AREN’T………

  87. The girls in my home-group have tried on occasion to have a night together. It seems awkward since we are all in such different seasons. I do long for a constant community of women that is comfortable.

  88. I started going to a sewing lounge for their free night once a month, & it’s been SO fun! I’ve only gone twice, but it’s been fun getting to know other crafty ladies in my city!

  89. Hello thank you for today’s devotional it was great. Unfortunately I don’t remember the last time I had a girls night out or even a me day. I am a single mother with four kids 3 girls ages 11, 6, and 16 months & 1 son who is 9. I work Mon thru Fri from 8 to 5 I go to school full time on Mon, Tue, and Thur from 6:45 to 9:15 and I also have an online class as well. I thank God for the little time I have in between to spend with my kids. It would be nice to have a girls night out every once in a while though 🙂

  90. We have a mom’s Sunday morning out…after church, our kids go to Religious Ed & we head out to the nearest coffee shop to share what’s going on in our lives & give each other encouragement like only girlfriends can! We have lots in common as we share the same values in religion, parenting, school, etc.!! Love it!! 🙂

  91. This is exactly what I need! I had girlfriends that I met with regularly in my hometown. Sadly, after getting married, moving to another state, and becoming a mother, I haven’t made an effort to establish close friendships. My husband and I are in a small group, but our friendship has not included that very special time together as women. I very much want and need this in my life. There is nothing more empowering and encouraging than to have special friends that you can share good and bad times with. It makes life rich! I am inspired to make an effort to establish these kinds of friendships in my life. THANK YOU!

  92. I LOVE this idea and wish I had thought of it when my kids were growing up. I do an almost weekly lunch out with the women I work with in the church office – who are among my very dearest friends – but honestly never thought about a Girls’ Night Out/Off when my kids were little.. I know other women of, shall we say a slightly younger demographic, who even plan entire weekends away with their bffs, taking lots of crafting supplies. And that is something I did learn to do after my chicks flew the nest – an every other year week-long retreat time with other women pastors where we observe silence all day and meet at sunset to be together. Lovely, blessed times. Thanks for this post.

  93. I wish my friends and I had a regular date set for getting together, however, we try to get together every few weeks. Surprisingly, my best friend is the one with the least in common. We have children that are a common bond, but a lot of spiritual issues we differ on. We’ve been friends since we were about 12 years old, and have learned to agree to disagree on a lot. But our friendship is one of those that can’t be matched anywhere!

  94. I attend a woman’s Bible study every Monday night and Wed morning.(we break in Summer) Although I feel out of place cs they all have children and some are starting to have Grandchildren and I don’t have either.
    But the study material is great! So I stay and try to join in their conversations as much as possible.
    I had a friend who I did get together with and talk to on the phone frequently. After she became pregnant and had her baby (praise the Lord, he (Baby)is doing very well now) she has dropped me out of her Life.
    Sis in Christ

  95. I love that you have a monthly ladies night out. I do not have that with my friends but would love one. My closest friends and I have a lot in common, but enough differences to keep things interesting. My daughter’s sweet sixteen is coming up and one of my close friends came over to make masks with us and we all had such a great time. It was a mixed group of teenagers and a couple of 30-somethings. I feel so blessed that God has surrounded me with such amazing women, even the teenage ones!!

  96. I have quite a few distinct groups of friends: My friends from high school (5 of us have stayed really close) who all live in different cities now, my friends from college who have spread out for the most part though several are around my area, and my friends from church.
    I wish I could see my friends from HS and from college more regularly!!! I see my friends from church at a weekly Bible study and we get to share our hearts. But as far as a “girls night out”… we could probably use a time like that to really hang out and have fun.
    My friends are all so different, but, as you said, the things that really matter are what bring us together.

  97. I love girls get togethers. The difference between each one is unique and special. Friendship is a gift we give ourselves every time we make a phone call, send a note card or pray for them.
    Even Jesus had ‘a small core group’ surrounding him. It is important for our growth and the development of our spirit.

  98. No regular girls night out for me. On occasion the ladies from church get together and go out, not as intimate as best friends getting together but it is fun. My best friend is my hubby and my son, and we manage to go out often. I do have a best friend but with marriage and moving we don’t get in touch very often and I miss that. Need to work on staying in touch better.

  99. My favorite girls live far enough away (12+hours) that we end up having a girls weekend every other year or so….so wish it were more than that! I also have some friends locally that while we are very different, we do take some time to enjoy each others company (though it often involves our children too!!!)
    Thanks for the chance!!

  100. My time in life is very unique, with issues I’ve never dealt with before — and the special time spent with two of my long-time friends, one since eighth grade, has also been unique. It involved stepping way out of my comfort zone and asking them to gather to pray for me — their willingness to do this and to confirm their friendship in the midst of my pain is a blessing from God. So far, it’s only been a one-time occurrence, but I don’t know that it won’t become more than that.

  101. Most of my closest friends and I don’t live close together anymore, all in different parts of the state and one out of state. We keep in touch through texts and video chatting when we can. I get to see a new friend God has blessed me with at least a couple of times a week, and we are enjoying getting to know each other better and encouraging each other!

  102. Girls night Is one of the best therapies out there. I am always amazed at the priority placed on planned dinners, game nights, etc, which highlights the necessity of girls night! I always feel refreshed, encouraged, and renewed after an evening with like-minded moms… I guess it is just good to know that we are not alone!

  103. I don’t have a regular girls night out. I have a chronic illness which leaves me mostly homebound. I can only get out of the house if someone takes me out, and only if I’m having a “good” day.
    Despite that, I do have some wonderful girlfriends. My best friend lives in Alaska, and I’m in Kentucky. It makes a girls night out impossible, but we chat on the phone every week.
    Most of my other closest friends are actually homebound as well, and we connect over facebook, blogging, emails, and phone calls.

  104. For awhile some of from SS were having regular girls nights out once a month or every other month. It hasn’t happened lately. I stopped going to SS since it is my husband’s day off. I only go to service and spend the rest of the day with him.
    I would love to get together with the girls and hangout. I miss the SS class and hanging out with the girls.

  105. Love your comments about your small group–which I can relate to, as well. I’m blessed by these incredible women and while I’m sure our list of differences could be long, our values and the things that are truly important are what bind us together. We learn from our differences, too, which makes our relationships richer.
    While we don’t have a set scheduled girl’s night out, we absolutely make time throughout the year and it’s worth it!

  106. Oooh! My dearest friend ever is states away from me, and how I miss her. We used to get together for lunch once a week when we worked for the same company in different offices. These days, our connection time is a yearly trip to the beach with her parents, her family and me over Memorial Day week. She and I get one outting to ourselves that usually includes a meal, and it is glorious.
    She is a married stay at home mommy of two, and I am a single auntie who adores the kids and the chance to love on her by loving them. I also consider it my role in life to spoil her in ways that she can’t right now.
    Today is her birthday, actually, and I’m calling her as soon as I finish typing this! 🙂

  107. I just recently parted ways with a woman that I have been best friends with for 10 years. We had been growing apart for awhile, and she was not very interested in living a Godly lifestyle anymore. It hurt a lot, and took awhile to grieve for that lost relationship. But now I am rediscovering friends I had that I haven’t spoken with for awhile, and ladies I used to work with. I am hoping to regain that closeness with a few female friends, with God at the center of the friendship! : )

  108. My best friend Kelly and I have a girls night out once a month. Our favorite night out usually dinner then shopping at the mall or a movie.We have been doing this for 18 years! We both love the Lord and are grateful to Him for our friendship.

  109. I am with some of you…No girls night, not with any friends. Actually I have just recently realized that those I thought were friends…were wolves in sheep’s clothing!!
    What I do..is brew up some coffee select my favorite movie’s and just have fun my self.
    Many blessings

  110. I’ve nev er really been a part of a group that does a girls night out…I maintain friendships over the internet and my bestest friend back home when I visit we usually just hang out on her front porch or kitchen while the kids play ….thats just us….having 6 kids, at this stage of my life I dont really enjoy going out apart from them….but thats just me….:>)
    Amy M

  111. I used to have girl night outs, then my husband moved me across country. Now, here I sit trying to “fit” in. It is so hard to get connected now-a-days with everyone’s family coming first. I so miss this “girl” time. I keep praying God will connect people with me.

  112. I wish I could say I have a regular Girls Night Out that was just hanging about and chit chatting. Maybe I could count the Bible Study that meets on Monday nights and is due to start back up again in October. Also, I could count the Women’s Running Group that I am a member of but have not gone in awhile. Think maybe it’s time to get back there (and not run on my own that evening) and feel the bond of the friendship of other women.

  113. While we don’t get together for *regular* girls’ night out, we do get together as often as needed, usually when life has been so overwhelming that we need to touch base with our girls and mellow out.
    In my neighbor group, we’re all different and what links us is our children. I have 2 very close friends, one since high school and we are very alike and 1 I met while working part time and we’re a blend of differences and similarities. The ladies in my church group… we’re all different in our ages and stages of life, but are drawn together by our love for the Lord.

  114. I have a girlfriend–she is a gem–and we meet about twice a month. We grab coffee and chat; sometimes we take it to go and walk in a nearby park. I will miss her–she leaves for Uganda before the year’s end for full-time missionary work. :o(

  115. We just moved to the Boston area. I miss my girls night outs that I had when we lived in CA, HI, and VA. We have only lived here for 6 weeks so it is a bit soon for now. Although we recently traveled to VA and I went to a GNO while there with old friends, and when I am home in CA in Dec we will have one probably because I am back in CA. What we mostly have in common across all of the groups I have been in is similar aged children, and some of my friends share like faith. However, now that I have moved away it is nice that so many of my girlfriends that I have made in other states check in

  116. I do a monthly (or there abouts) girls night out with a group of friends. It’s always a really fun time with with lots of laughs.

  117. I have a couple of different groups of girlfriends who i meet with regularly- even if it’s just once a month. But I see a good friend at least every other day to keep me sane. My closes friends help anchor me and remind me who I am and Who’s I am.

  118. I have just started having a regular girls’ night out. I have a lot in common with my “favorite friends,” but we’re still different enough that it stays interesting!

  119. I am very excited for the Girls Night Out that will be out of town next month. We are all going to the Women of Faith conference, and staying in a hotel for one night. It should be lots of fun!

  120. We don’t have a regular girls night out, however, when we get together it’s a great deal of sharing, catching up and laughter as well as tears. We share a love of the Lord and discuss how God has change, enriched and blessed our lives to keep us grateful for each and every blessing and moment we have on this earth. I was recently blessed by a girlfriend to attend a Beth Moore live Bible study in Richmond, VA. Talk about a girls night with 9,000 women as well as my girlfriend! I am blessed to have such great girlfriends and although we don’t get together often or as a group, the individual get-togethers are priceless jewels that enrich my life beyond measure.

  121. I gather with 3 girl friends for golf on Thursday nights. We just started this summer. We did not know each other at all before this summer and thoroughly enjoy finding out what we do have in common, plus its a super encouraging time.

  122. I play BUNCO once a month with 11 other ladies – the core group started 8 years ago. We are quite a diversified group but we have such a good time together. This year I am hosting the Christmas BUNCO at my house where we will have a potluck and a Christmas ornament/decoration exchange.

  123. I have a wonderful friend who takes me for “coffee and pastries” every Thursday afternoon. We sit, laugh (sometimes we cry)and talk for two hours. It is our refreshment for the week. Definitely an encouragement for each of us:)

  124. Love this Mary, thanks so much for sharing about the importance of girlfriends!
    I actually have been blessed with some really good friends over the years and three in particular are called my ya-ya’s.
    We are about as different as you can get, one is african american and a diva, one is blonde haired blue eyed socialite, one is a sassy little cuban chick with a new hubby & 3 kids, and I’m the conservative married to the Pastor kind of girl, but when we all get together we lay down the burdens of the day, the stereotypes and just hang out as sisters in Christ.
    I love these girls and can’t imagine doing life without them. We don’t see each other very often any more, we all go to different churches now, but we try to schedule a girls night at least once every other month just to stay in touch.

  125. I don’t at the present, but love to have that regular time of fellowship. Can I dream for a minute? I would love to meet with a multigenerational group that has Jesus in common. What a great time I would have learning from those with both youthful and seasoned perspectives.

  126. I wish I had friends like you do. I’m going into High School and I often feel so alone. The only people I tend to meet are people who don’t care much for God, even if they are Christians.
    I’m praying that I’ll find friends with a heart for Christ! In the meantime, Jesus Christ has become my best friend. We can’t have “girls” nights out, but He understands just as much as any girlfriend ever could.

  127. I desperately need a girl’s night out. But frankly, it seems as though everyone already has their “girls groups” here. So I haven’t quite found my tribe yet. Still searching…

  128. I am so lucky to have two Girls Night Out groups!! We are all different and are in many different places in our lives, but when we get together we just laugh and laugh. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself.

  129. We don’t do it regularly, but our small group’s girls do have one planned! We’re going to see Sara Groves in a few weeks and we’re all very excited! After that we’re planning a mountain get-away that’s overnight–no kids; just girls for a whole weekend.

  130. Unfortunately I do not have a girls night out but I do have a group of ladies I can share prayer requests for lost family memebers or whatever prayer needs we have….so it is a start I suppose.

  131. The closest I come to a Girls’ Night Out is my weekly Women’s Bible Study. I love getting together with the other ladies and getting to discuss our lesson for the week as well as our personal needs, stuggles and blessings. We all need that time away and can count on each other to be there when we need it. It is definitely something I look forward to each week. There are some of my friends I have a lot in common with but for the most part we all bring are unique qualities and ideas to the group and I think that keeps it interesting.

  132. Girls’ Nights Out happen about once a month or so between outings with women co-workers/and the guys’ spouses and small group ladies (all moms of little ones). What I most look forward to most is the annual reunion with my college friends, though, who are spread all over the world. Something about sharing those years of life and memories created such a bond for us. It is awesome to reconnect!

  133. Not a regular one, but we go as often as we can. We like to get away for coffee and the occasional Target run after the kids are down for the night. What a blessing to have coffee with a good friend!

  134. Girl friends are not a luxury, but a necessity of life. It takes time and care to develop friendships like these . . . especially difficult after a move. I find that the best place to look is in a Bible study group.

  135. My girlfriend and have our faith in common, plus we’ve been each others’ best friend for 24 years!!

  136. Because our kids are all in school, our small group girls get together every Wednesday for lunch. On some days it seems like we have a lot in common, but on others I feel kind of out-of-it in the group. Probably my introverted self makes me feel like that. 🙂

  137. I have two separate groups of friends that get together and after thinking about what are our commonalities, I realized that the things that make us happy inside are what binds us together.

  138. My friends are mostly older than me, so we don’t have girls nights, although we sometimes meet for coffee. Just the fact that we share a passion for the Lord and a belief in His promises knits us very closely together!

  139. No regular girls’ night out here, but have been thinking of a need to schedule some time for fun and laughter with other ladies. I need gals who are more laid back, a little more goofy – who still love serious me – to help me have fun!! 🙂

  140. Love my girlfriend time! I think the thing that connects me and my bffs is the same as you shared — the random little differences AND the all important BIG sameness-es! Thanks for the reminder to appreciate both sides of these beautiful women!

  141. Common bonds tie my favorite friends and me together. We share our faith, most importantly. We love our husbands, our pets, and lots of hysterical laughter. We love our children but have had challenges with them.
    We are spread out from California to Arizona but love a weekend together–just the girls.

  142. No . . . I don’t have a regular girl’s night out, though my heart aches and yearns for it. Busyness of a homeschooling family & home business don’t make time for it . . . which is not good! A few nights ago we had a good-bye party for a dear friend & another night of a clothes swap for teens and the moms stayed. Just to visit, share, cry, and pray together brings such a sweet spirit. Sometimes my time out is chatting with a friend on the computer. 🙂

  143. We don’t have a regular Girl’s Night Out, but we do get together semi-frequently. It is great to reconnect. We are all about the same age, but in different stages of our lives, but we have bonded and I cherish the friendships we share.
    Thanks! This is my favorite item in the shop!

  144. For about twelve years I had a friday night game night with a group of friends from high school, but that ended about two years ago. Now I have two days a month with a few friends where we meet for bible study and fellowship. Most of our children are there, but it is still nice to have to adult time. Also, I try to have a ladies night dinner once every couple of months with moms from my homeschool group. We do not get to do it regularly, but it is so nice when we can do it!

  145. We moved a few months ago, and are in the process of making those connections with new friends. I have one friend who has already become extra special. We do have our girl time. We have similarities but many differences too. She has 4 kids with a 5th on the way – I have only one and will have only one. She used to be a yoga instructor and is still in good shape. I have weight issues and hate to exercise. The list goes on – but we are connected and I am so thankful for her!

  146. I don’t often get the chance to have a girls night out but I do have one really good friend that even if we can’t get together we will catch up on the phone. Somtimes when I don’t think that I will get through another day without some adult conversation even a quick phone call to her will do the trick. God has blessed me with this lady’s friendship and as far as girlfriends go she is my nice soft place to land, she is my spritual sister and she lets me be me.

  147. No. I miss my girlfriends that used to make this a priority!
    We would meet after kids were in bed and hubby’s were home. We’d just talk and eat and laugh!
    It’s amazing how it refuels the soul!
    Since I moved….I’ve not found the same type of friendships!
    It stinks!
    But, I have hope…..that I will someday!

  148. There’s a group of us girls that do a lot of stuff together. We did have a regular scheduled girl’s night out. However, we do not have anything regularly scheduled right now. We do try to get together for coffee, and we do have a regular bible study during the school year. During the summer we try to schedule fun stuff to do with the moms and the kids. We do seem to have a lot in common. For instance, Jesus, coffee, prayer, laughing, and just being there for one another. Soooooooooooooo thankful for them. Praise God.

  149. i don’t have a “regular” girls night out. when i do go out with girlfriends it is usually going to lunch or on a walk/hike. this is such a great reminder to make this more of a priority in my life as i am always so blessed when i do!
    thanks so much for this post!

  150. My best friends seem to be the ones with whom I have the least in common. ; ) None of us do regular girls only times, but we enjoy them when we can get them!

  151. We don’t have a girl’s night out, but a girl’s lunch out instead. We sit there for hours and just talk. We have the love of the Lord in common, and love of good music. Otherwise, we are pretty much opposites – she is a CEO of a company here in town, and I’m a home schooling SAHM, and a full-time bookkeeper for my husband’s business. Two different worlds, but we connect on the most important thing: our love for Jesus Christ!

  152. sadly, i don’t have a regular girls night. i usually want to go out by myself since i am at home with my 3 kids most of the time. i am part of a MOPS group, so this is like a girls’ “morning” out. i would not survive without that group of women.

  153. We have just started scheduling a regular girls night out – the first Thursday of the month. Guy’s night for our husbands in the third Thursday. We find if the schedule is set way ahead of time it is much easier for people to make it.

  154. I don’t have a regular “Girl’s Night Out”, but I do have a regular Girl’s Day out. Three plus of we girls hike to a different location each week. Our common link is that we all volunteer at the local food pantry. Two go to the same church, one attends a local Bible Study. We’re all similar in stages of life-(over 55, and still working at something) no kids at home Two are married one is single. But we love to hike. YOU can see some of the places we’ve gone on my blog or go to Picasa.

  155. My sisters and I have a Friday night movie tradition. Sometimes we go out to dinner first.
    I also have a couple of girlfriends who I have kept in touch with for over 30 years…wow, I am getting old. We met in 6th grade. Although we live in separate states we try to see each other for a getaway once a year. Our lives are different and alike at the same time. If we were too much alike, life would be boring!

  156. I don’t have a regular girls night out, but meeting with my friends is something I prioritise.
    I don’t have a huge amount in common with my friends, but love their hearts :o)

  157. No regular girls night out here, but we do have a monthly book club. I’ve been thinking alot about how to reconnect with girlfriends lately. Maybe a night together is just what I need!

  158. Just moved out West about a year ago and am slowly getting plugged into the church I go to…so, no girls night out yet. But I had one back East that was once a month and it was awesome. Hard to re-create such a dynamic! Many of my friends & I share a common faith, but other than that it varies across the board.

  159. We have a monthly girls night where we go out to dinner and catch up. We all have young children so finding some time together is difficult. But we cherish every night we can get together!!

  160. I wish I did..but caring for my husband leaves me little time for that. But i keep in contact through phone and Facebook..Blessings always..

  161. I’m not able to have a regular girls’ night out because my friends live in different cities than me. I really don’t have a social life or “girlfriends” to hang out with as of now but I’m in the process of changing that :). My favorite friends are all from high school and we have stayed connected for over 10 years. All of us bring something different to our group but the the one thing we have in common is the ability to come together and support one another through good or bad experiences. We build each other up no matter how far apart we are and continue to have a support system that links us forever.
    Do you have a regular girls

  162. My girlfriends and I try to have a girls night out at least every 6 weeks. We actually just had one this past friday and it was so refreshing! I truly believe this makes me a better wife and mother!

  163. I don’t have a scheduled girls night out. My friends and I try to get together as often as our schedules will allow. We always take the time to continually encourage one another.

  164. I wish I had a regular girls’ night out. I do enjoy time with my friends without the little ones (and big ones) listening and demanding my attention.

  165. I wish I had a regular girls night out. That sounds great but right now I don’t have a group of friends to hang out with. I am just starting to make friends after moving to a new community and church. . .seems to take time with everyone so busy and others who already know each other well.

  166. I wish I had a regular “Girls’ Night Out,” but I don’t.
    I wish I had women that that I was close to nearby. I have one dear friend who lives in the next town (45 min. away) and another who lives one state away! I have “friends” who are little more than acquaintances. There are women at church.., but I wish for more who were my age.
    I would love for the Lord to bring more women like me (38 yrs old, w/o kids), who “fit” me and want to be buddies into my life somehow. I am open to it. I do make efforts!
    Ellen P.

  167. My women’s small group likes to meet every once in a while at Olive Garden for dinner and literally hours of chatting. Almost all of the ladies in the group have children. While I don’t have any children yet, I love to hear their stories and what they’re learning. I believe my relationships with them now will help me be a better mom later.

  168. The older I get, and the older my kids get, the less I seem to need a regular “girls night out.” When the kids were younger and my marriage was younger, that seemed more of a necessity in my life. The girlfriends that I met with regularly during those years are still my closest friends — and I have a feeling that they always will be. We may not have regular “nights out” anymore, but we do make time for each other, even though we live in different cities now. We phone, email, and sometimes even drive distances to be together. They are my “go-to gals,” and I can’t imagine life without them.
    Having raised our kids together and weathered 20 year marriages together and experienced LIFE together, we have a bond that isn’t easily broken! What a gift, and I’m so thankful…

  169. I have a group of girls I meet with once a month for a book study. We meet at a restaurant and we eat, talk and drink wine for 3 hours. We are all moms and we all love God, but most of the similarities end there!

  170. i miss girls nights out. my best friend and i have quite a bit in common, while other close friends i have very little in common with

  171. While my family and best friend meet on a weekly or frequent basis, I also love LYNN’S idea of the birthday girl choosing a theme while the rest of the girlfriends chip in with food and surprises. My family is always up for a gathering and this is how I was raised so to get together, no matter how large or small the group of fellowship may be, I love and cherish these times of celebrating life and with those precious ones God has blessed me.

  172. Thank you for your great post. It is so true as I think of my wonderful group of women I am blessed to meet with fortnightly/whenever we can on a wednesday night. It is a project group/prayer group but I prefer to call it ‘tea and grace’ as my friend refered to it. A chance to come as you are, be accepted and loved and really connect with beautiful like minded ladies.

  173. We “had” a regular girls night for years but over time everyone grew apart. I struggled with keeping our bonds tight but I was the only one making the effort and it just slowly dissolved. I have a couple of friends that I keep in contact with closely by going to lunch or sending cards etc.. I miss the old days but people change over time, we must do our best to keep in contact and not fret when it doesn’t go our way….God knows my heart.

  174. Girls night out is my best friends from high school. That was 36yrs ago. We do it about once ever two months. Simply because there is so much to catch up on. I think recently after several more joined our group…Five us have so much in common we are like sisters. Its a beautiful thing to think of friends like sisters who are there for us all the time through thick and thin.

  175. We used to have regular ladies nights and then our kids became young adults and God called us all to give more attention to our husbands and families. Here we are in a new season and getting ready to start ladies night again. It’s going to be great! Our kids are all adults now and one of us is now a grandmother. Seasons are awesome. New seasons, new dreams, new sharing…yay!

  176. We tried have a regular “Girls Night Out” schedule but it didn’t last. I am hoping that we will start it up again and not let our busy schedules get in the way. The only thing we have in common at this point is that our fathers are not apart of our lives otherwise we are very different. One is a married mother of a 2 year old daughter. One is single with no children. One is living with her boyfriend and the father of her child (3 year old daughter). And one of us has a boyfriend of 2 years and a son that is 7 1/2 years old. We have different beliefs about religion but we are a great support system for one another.

  177. Oh, how I miss my GNO’s that I use to have when I lived back in MI. Actually I was blessed with 2 different GNO groups. One we scrapbooked and it was so much fun the mixed group of ladies and all that we had to share, I loved them all. The other group was a group of Moms from my homeschooling group and we all loved getting together and just having adult time for ourselves. We would eat food from our own plate that we did not have to share or cut up for someone else, and we would hang out, talk and eat until the wee late morning hours. They were the best. I miss all of these women, they are a treasure and a blessing to me.

  178. No, I don’t have a regular girls night out but our children are married now so it’s much easier for me to slip away with friends now. I definitely have close friends that I love to spend time with – we could talk for hours!

  179. I don’t have a regular girls night out. But i do love catching up with my best girlfriends over coffee every chance we get. We share many of the same things in common, but it’s the difference that keep us laughing and there for one another.

  180. I don’t have a regular night out, but have a group a gals I see routinely. With our hectic schedules a regular night is near impossible. Thanks for this great giveaway. Blessings, SusanD

  181. I need to do this….God has been prompting me regularly to be a better friend and taking the time to get with those important to me is critical. Thanks for the reminder.

  182. I have all my best girl friends in another state…no girls night out, but we facebook or call each other alot, to share, to laugh, to cry,etc…Just knowing that the other girlfriend is always there for us, to listen, to give their advice when asked, is awesome and I thank God for putting them in my life…

  183. It isn’t set in stone… but I make a point to get out with girlfriends at least once a month…
    I have some things in common (music, books,wine) but other things (horse riding, running, triathlon, teaching, etc) not so much. It is nice though… it is always fun to learn about new things 🙂

  184. What a fabulous post on Girls’ Night and what it’s all about. 🙂 We’re pretty sure you’ve got Girls’ Night all figured out since you’re routine of greasy appetizers and ice cream sounds fantastic. If you’re looking for more Girls’ Night tips or ideas check out our blog!
    Seven Daughters – The Official Wine of Girls’ Night

  185. My night out is a Bunko night with 11 other amazing women. Our common bond is our love for the Lord and spending time as Sisters one evening a month.
    I always leave feeling filled, refreshed and knowing that these girls have my back no matter what.
    We are all mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, but best of all, we are more than friends….we are Sisters in Christ!
    Some of us kow each other real well, and others not so much…which is my favorite part…to watch these friendships grow!
    I love you ladies!!
    Christi, Casree, Terry, Kelli, Dana H, Dana S, Christina, Brandy, Heather, Jennie & Nicole!! I am a better person because of each and every one of you!!

  186. God has blessed me with two of the most wonderful girl friends! Our girls nights out are filled with laughter, encouragement, self revelations and of course food and hot tea! Children are kissed and hugged and husbands are profusely thanked as we hurry out the door before they change their minds! It doesn’t matter where we go or what we do, just knowing we have a few hours to be carefree makes us as giddy as school girls. I believe it is so important for women to have not only good friends but to have friends who provide wise and godly counsel!

  187. I really enjoy this website and especially this topic. I really feel like spending time with your girlfriends is very important! My friends are scattered all over the U.S. and although I don’t get those nights, we still make time to talk on the phone on a pretty regular basis. I love how each of us is different, but the each of us is equally as supportive. ~Thanks for listening!!