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Jen encourages women to embrace both the beauty and bedlam of their everyday lives at BeautyandBedlam.com. A popular speaker, worship leader, and author of Just Open the Door: How One Invitation Can Change a Generation, Jen lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and a sofa for anyone...

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  1. My husband and I have moved to a new flat which doesn’t have a dishwasher. At first I was like ‘nooo’ but it really has made me appreciate things I take for granted.

    Thank you for this encouraging post.

  2. Great post – I was JUST thinking about this. I live in Guatemala, and I don’t have almost any of the appliances most people have in the States, such as a dishwasher, washer, or dryer. I have complained many times about it, so thank you for reminding me to embrace it.

  3. I enjoyed your post – I went through the same process one year when my dishwasher broke down. The past nine years have involved a chronic illness that has taken away lots of things I took for granted. But the amazing thing is that it can truly be a gift and blessing from God when things are taken away. I hate the illness, but I wouldn’t trade what it’s done for my spiritual character.

    I also had to comment on your post because of the GB packer cup LOL! GO Pack GO!!! Yes, a Packers fan – a very displaced one. I live in Seahawk territory, 2 49’er fans and I’m Green Bay all the way 😉


    • Thanks for sharing. I can’t even imagine walking the road of chronic illness, so I appreciate your perspective.

      And yes…woot woot – GO PACKERS. My hubby was born and raised in GB, but now we all moved to NC, so we’re the displaced fans as well. (Holding our head high ;)).

  4. I have to say that I can’t ever remember not having a dishwasher…even in college! I’m so spoiled, but I’d like to think that if I have to live without something that I’d take it gracefully…now watch my dishwasher or washing machine tear up!

  5. Thank you, thank you! I so needed to read this post today. We built a small cabin home last spring choosing NOT to put in a dishwasher for cabinet space. I don’t miss the dishwasher at all…but I do at times try to rush washing them or see the dishes as a nuisance. When we first moved in my daughter & I had such wonderful bonding moments washing/drying together. As the fall sets in and cooler temps, fires, cozy moments seem to be so available, I’m encouraged by reading your post and ready for sweet conversations over our dishes so full of memories! Blessings….

  6. You know, this happened to me earlier this year and at first I was all for hand washing the dishes. But then I quickly realized how I couldn’t keep up with it! So, although I embraced the idea at first, I DID miss my dishwasher eventually. Those women who worked back then without such technologies are my heroes! But, they also didn’t have the distractions we had today. Perhaps it was: either work, or be bored! LOL

    Great reminder, Jen. Thank you!

  7. “How quickly our want can become a need” Oh, Jen, I love how you said this and so needed to hear that today! I love seeing your beautiful face here and loved seeing you at Relevant too. You are a joy, sweet friend, and you bring the same wherever you go.

  8. Followed you over from Beauty and Bedlam, Jen, and I love this post!

    I, too, have spent years fighting chronic illness (in my case 2 without medical intervention and now a 3rd) and had to reevaluate all I held dear. I spend many years feeling like I was lacking becuase my little house had no dish washer, 11ft 1in of counter space (including the sink!), a detached garage, my 2 kids share 1 bedroom, and so much more! During that time I watched several good friends get divorces, face bankruptcy and foreclosure and watched friendships disolve and break over stupid, little things.

    And I am grateful.

    Grateful for our little, affordable house.
    Grateful for recognizing what the really important things are before I completely lost my health.
    Grateful for friends who cleaned my house and watched my kids.
    Grateful for my family that turn my little house into a home.

    Thanks for the reminder, Jen. We all need that ‘kick in the pants’ from time to time!