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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Lysa! What a beautiful anniversary memory of the love your Mama and Papa imprinted in your soul. You are so blessed to have that moment live in your heart and we are that much more blessed having been reminded this is how quietly an enduring love grows.

  2. So beautiful for it’s honesty and tenderness. Thank you for sharing. It was great to read about the rusty things in our life that can still be beautiful and functional.

  3. Glorious!! May each of us cultivate tenderness “between the activity of all our kids.” It’s so easy to forget those little moments sprinkled throughout our days. I must be intentional! Thank you!!

  4. Completely true – ‘The greatest of legacies aren’t necessarily built around the big moments of life’ – we are a people caught up in STAGING big moments as though they are the relationship.

  5. Lysa, you’ve started my day off with a few tears–the good, right, affirming kind. This is beautiful, just like the love you wrote about. Thank you for reminding us again that love is as much (maybe more?) about what we do than how we feel.

  6. Wow, powerful! My father-in-law recently passed away and it was such a blessing to see his wife take such passionate care of him. He wasn’t the easiest man to live with but you would never have known that by watching them in those last weeks. All the little stuff was let go of and there was just a lot of love. Quite the legacy for his 5 children and 17 grandchildren to witness. Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Love this. This is my dream for our marriage, and we are getting there too. 20 years of laughter and tears and ups and downs and encouragement and hurt–and we are well on our way. Sometimes a wordless kiss on the cheek says all of that.

  8. This is such a beautiful picture of lasting love. Thanks for sharing!
    Being in my early 50’s, having raised two sons and just celebrating my
    35th anniversary I have been thinking a lot lately about what kind of
    lagacy I will leave some day.
    The last few sentences of this post brought a *tear* to my eye this morning.
    Such truth!

  9. This one brought tears. It reminds me of my own grandparents, and even my hubby and me.

    I am really looking forward to E-Women in Tupelo. Can’t WAIT to hear you speak!

  10. I come from a fabulous legacy of grandparents who taught me what true love really is. Their ability to love each other and God has spoken volumes to me, even years after their homegoing. Thanks for sharing your memories that have in turn brought mine to the forefront.

  11. A great reminder that love doesn’t have to be big and fancy! It just has to be…

    I’m thankful for my marriage. I’ll be more intentional with showing my love. Because as we all know, time is a racer!

  12. What a fun picture, Lisa. I LOVE your Papaw’s advice…Wrote it down and plan to share it with my sweet hubby and DO it! Blessings…

  13. I just felt like I needed to stop by (In)courage today and this why….

    My husband and I heard of a friends divorce last night, married less than 3 years. Our hearts were broken. We laid in bed together though thanking God for our marriage. We prayed that we would always do the little things, like steal kisses and hold hands, to avoid so many of the big things, like bitterness and resentment.

    Thank you for this sweet and yet powerful reminder of our need to protect and cultivate the seemingly small events, because in reality, they are what make up our lives.

  14. This is precious! Marriage to the one God has given you is special, I love what age can bring to the relationship. The relationship changes, matures, and those words that you think are spoken by the other before they leave your mouth. What a wonderful memory you have of your grandparents.
    IN HIM,

  15. makes me tear up…i know the struggle me and my husband have had….and now that we’ve been better…i pray that we will be like your grandparents…steeling kisses..

  16. One of the things my husband said to me before we were married was that he noticed my mom’s full head of gray hair and assumed mine would be just as gray. Then he said he figured I’d look pretty good with a head full of gray hair. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with that man and wanted to marry him–I knew he wanted to grow old with me. I love this picture of your grandparents stealing kisses. Makes me want to imitate their example. How beautiful, picturing them together in eternity.

  17. yes, made me cry just thinking of the special moments I will share with my husband down the road. And made me cry thinking of the memories of my grandparents together, as grandpa is gone now, all we have are the memories. make them sweet so they will last!

  18. This is the sweetest thing I have ever read! It made me cry! I hope I can be just like your grandparents one day! I Love your Pawpaw’s quote “Life is more than just the living of it. Now, you two discover it together.”

  19. Oh the tears! I love it. My parents are like this, after 10 years of marriage my husband and I are like this and hope to spend the next 60 growing even closer. Beautiful and inspiring!

  20. Wow Lysa, you captured this moment so beautifully and what a treasured inheritance you have received because of their love. I too hope this is my husband and I someday (and today). Isn’t it what we all dream of?