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Karin and her husband live in rural Manitoba. She blogs at Flickers of a Faithful FireFly about Jesus, life and love. She tweets as HisFireFly

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  1. Thanks you for this very inspirational Sunday morning post. I’m sure that many times over the years I have seen small, inexpensive things on a shelf, like your stones and passed them by thinking “Cute, but I don’t need more clutter.” My prayer is that next time I will have your mindset and think about how I can use them for others, not just for myself.

    • Thanks Diana.

      It is easy to pick things up as we find them, just to have on hand when God prompts us. True, it may take up some shelf space, but will turn into blessings one day.

  2. “When I know the truth I can walk in faith that God is Who He says He Is which allows me to live in hope.”

    Yes, this! Since losing my infant son to SIDS, I’ve stumbled along. The past month or so, I’ve allowed God’s peace and truth speak to me. I walk in faith now, that He will give me the strength for each breath, the peace for each moment, hope to face each morning, and joy in the evening. I am truly blessed to be His child.

    • Peggy:

      Praying that you indeed feel His peace and loving hand as you walk through each day, beauty for ashes and a spirit of praise for your mourning.

      • Thank you Karen!
        I’ve done something similar, with cards and little booklets. So many people need encouragement and hope. If there isn’t hope, it’s hard to find reasons to live.
        You are a blessing and gift that God uses to those around you, and the online community! Thank you.


  3. Karin, I love anything with words on it. And I also keep my favorite ones around as reminders or gifts. It reminds me of what God told the Israelites to do in the Old Testament–wear His Word, put it on the doorframes of their homes, keep it close. I’m sure you’ve blessed so many with this word ministry of yours–and you’ve certainly blessed us here today!

  4. Words…as bloggers/writers, we love them, don’t we?

    There’s a Southern word for little gifts like these: surcies (spelled a thousand different ways!). They’re little thought-gifts, rarely of value materially but weighty with meaning and significance; how I appreciate that you keep these on hand to give away.

    Words matter; they have the potential to change the course of our days. And the most crucial indicator of their importance is God preserved them in scripture for us!

    Glad you contributed this sweet post :).

  5. I have been going through a rough time with a prodigal daughter. I miss her so much and have prayed so much that God will keep her from destroying her life.

    I walk and pray everyday. God showed me a heart shaped stone one day! A tear stone another day, and a stone with a dip in it another day.
    I keep them in my pocket now and take them out , or feel them and have comfort that HE knows my broken heart and her heart too, and that HE knows my tears for her, and that HE holds her in His palm and will not lose her.
    I too, love to give gifts to others , for it brings me so much joy to see them smile. And in my season of sorrow , I need the extra joy.
    I have not thought of giving rocks, but I could find neat rocks and paint a word on them and give them to hurting people, and maybe they would have comfort as I do in a season of joy, or sorrow, or pain, etc.
    Thanks for ideas!

    • I pray that God continue to show you His love through signs in rocks or clouds or anywhere else your eyes land. He will be your strength and comfort and will continue to guide your prodigal home.

  6. I love your gift-giving idea- and I too want to start looking for more things that I can give away. As Diana commented, I often think, “cute , but I don’t need it” – but I need to start thinking of who does. Your sensitivity to who needed what word was precious, and the three stones you had left seemed to speak directly to your heart in what you needed to hear. Wonderful when God works it out like that!

    • I agree with you Beth. God is indeed amazing in the way He works to touch our hearts. I’ll bet He shows you exactly which trinkets to buy and have on hand to give to those you love.

  7. I love this sweet post, and I love that you give little gifts for no reason at all, just because, or because someone you love needs a lift or a kind word. It reminds me of my mom, who does the same thing. And it inspires me to carry on her (and your) tradition. Thank you.

    • Thank you Michelle. Perhaps I give gifts because a very generous God lives within me and I allow Him to move me. Your mother sounds like a gem too!

  8. Beautiful post! I love that you recognized God’s prompting to have these stones to give away to others, yet also to keep these three for you to look at. We all need reminders of God’s love, hope, and trustworthiness in this troubled world, and it’s good to recognize that we are not exempt from needing renewal!

    Thank you for this great inspiration and encouragement!

    • Oh Caroline.. you are so very right that we all need renewing and refreshing, not only on a daily basis, but sometimes moment by moment. We have an amazing God Who is more than willing to pour in when we pour out!

    • Thank you Janis. I was touched and tickled by the words that were left, and knew that only God could have planned things that way.

      Thanks for you kind words of encouragement, they too are a gift.

  9. Your gift giving says so much about your heart. What an encouragement and a blessing to your friends. Thank you for sharing this truth!!!

  10. This verse just came to mind:

    “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 11:19

    You, my friend, have a tender and undivided heart. You bless me, and I’m so glad to know you.

  11. Wonderful post, Karin. Such wisdom and what a power message. The rocks will serve as memorial stones in heart I’m sure.

    Been praying for you. So glad to see you over here, too.

    Blessings, Marsha