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Mandie Oliver is a writer, wife, mama and believer. She writes about life as a former spiritual vagabond. Mandie blogs at Jesus in Shantytown

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder: Yet still Jesus enters in, turning logic upside down and giving us beauty for our ashes.

  2. I needed this. Right now, today.. at 3:30pm in a little house in england. God used you to reach into my crumbling day and pull me out to walk holding his hand again.
    Thank you for making me cry, thank you for listening to God, thank you for allowing God to use you so much, thank you God for the holy spirit in Mandie flowing freely and beautifully into other lives.
    This will be a post that i return to over and over again in the coming weeks that are gonna be tough to trust God in and difficult to stay strong in.
    I hope you really know how wonderful you are, May God bless you in a special ‘you and him’ way today. (The best thing i can wish on anyone)

    • And I needed to hear this. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I pray that you will continue to draw near to Him in all seasons, especially during the ones where you can’t feel Him.
      I am thankful that the Lord used me to encourage you. I pray that you will be blessed immensely in the form of joy and peace.

  3. My goodness — exactly where I’m at today.
    Just mentioned to some people this afternoon how I’m so weary of the fighting and just want to give up, but I know I can’t. THANK YOU for your transparency and your encouragement!!!

  4. I love being reminded that what we see as broken beyond repair, God can raise from the ashes and turn in beauty 🙂 Thank you!

  5. i absolutely agree…just beautiful. “He has called us to lay all of our cards on the table and then when we’re done, to hold them very high up in the air.” this is wonderful. hold up and defeat our pride, tear down our walls and above all THANKS and PRAISE.

    praying for you as I write this…for answers to prayers and that He would fill your heart with hope and light to stare down that darkness and see it overcome…be blessed for you blessed many today:)

  6. Transparency and “Vulnerability is a good thing.” We ladies have been lied too, for far too long. Kick that nasty.filthy.lyiing.devil to the curb once and for all. My prayer, dear Lord is for all women to take control of thier thoughts, and purge all negative thoughts- for they are not from YOU. I praise you Heavenly Father for helping me to be more transparent & vulnerable.

    Bless the author of this post, Mandie, and all who read and comment; and, those who read and do not comment- Bless them too. Amen.

  7. Beautiful words! Tough situation but how wonderful He is to allow your words to be soft & sweet for Him. Your writing is a blessing!

  8. Thank you Mandie,
    I am in that place right now where nothing is certain and I am staring at a life that seems to be shattering right before my eyes. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier this year. My husband of 33 years is an alcoholic making terrible decisions. We have separated, but I’m not sure what to do next. Thanks for your words about God
    being there & promising to take care of me. I know that, but I let the anxiety take it away from me sometimes. I especially love:

    Let’s lay our tired, broken vessels at His feet.
    He is there with us in the desert.
    He is there with us during the storm.
    We are not alone.

    • Bonnie, i kept waking up in the night with you heavy on my spirit.
      i pray that you will find rest and peace and love in the Lord. i pray that you will feel very near to Him and that you will find favor. i am covering you in prayer, my dear sister in the Lord. may the Lord cover and carry you.

  9. Thank you for this post. A beautiful sunset and reading this post last night brought me to my knees and helped me let God redirect my day. Thank you for the reminder of where our strength needs to lay.