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Lisa is passionate about her family, Jesus, handbags, saving money, and adoption...not necessarily in that order! She currently calls Indiana home.

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  1. My best friend and her husband just completed a domestic adoption and brought home baby Levi (which means “united”!). They learned they were the chosen family 3 weeks before his birth, then 1 day before his birth, the birth father decided to parent. 7 weeks later, the birth mother asked if they’d still be willing to adopt the baby, and Levi joined my best friend’s family!

    She blogs at:

  2. I’m a mommy to four, two by the gift of adoption. I’d LOVE those cards! We JUST finalized on Oct. 29 and TODAY is their dedication at church– FINALLY!!!! Special service and BIG party afterwards. Our church is gonna be packed because of those two little cuties!!!

    My friend who has adopted 7 and a great encouragement to me is:

  3. One of my favorite adoption blogs – and the one I’ve learned the most from – is Our Little Tongginator. It’s the most wonderful blend of humor and incredible insights into an adoptive family’s journey. Highly recommended reading for anyone in the adoption community.

    Then, of course, there’s also the fabulous Ni Hao Y’all – stories from an adoptive mama of nine kids and one of the co-founders of Wild Olive T’s – Don’t miss this one

  4. just returned from seirra leone last week. my heart is still there….i am drawn to adopting children with HIV/AIDS….may God continue to give us strength through this process…

  5. My favorite blogs about adoption are Grown in my Heart ( and Rage Against the Minivan.

    Thanks for bringing more awareness to adoption!

  6. My favorite adoption blog is – it brings so much awareness to special needs adoption and helped us decide which special needs our family could handle. As a result, we were matched with our wonderful daughter Lily who has been home with us for 7 months now. We are truly blessed! Feel free to check out our blog for our story too!

  7. This site,, is definitely one of my favorites about how mighty and powerful our God is. I hope someday I get to meet this young lady, because she is such an inspiration to me. Although my husband and I are not currently planning to have children any time soon, adoption has always been close to my heart, even when I was kid. I will be praying for the orphans and their “forever families.”
    May God bless all of you are in the process of adopting or considering it.

  8. My favorite adoption related site is I would also love those cards. We are in the process of adopting our 10 month old foster son and would love to be able to send those out on his official “gotcha day” when he is “legally” a permanent member of our family!

  9. Our family came together in God’s hands. We were put together piece by piece in His Time. There are 3 children in our family, and I forget which two I did not give physical birth to…they certainly were born in my heart. A few years after adopting I found myself pregnant. No one was more surprised than me. (and my doctor:) It simply confirmed my belief that the Lord put our family together.


    I’m on 21, so I can’t adopt this little boy, but I would in a heartbeat if I could. He is living with EB – a rare genetic skin disorder that causes his skin to blister (sometimes to the same extent as a 3rd degree burn) at only the slightest friction. He was born a twin, but only his healthy twin brother was taken home from the hospital. Anton was left, alone. Please, help raise awareness and help this little boy find a home. It absolutely breaks my heart that he has no one to hold him or care for him.

  11. I love your story because so many older children are not considered “adoptable.” Out of five adopted and permanent foster children, I only had one newborn, James. I adopted Mia when she was 3. My foster kids Dan and Grace each came into our family when they were 14. And I adopted Lily, who grew up in an orphanage in China, when she was 15.

    Like you, I was “surprised” by the arrival of some of my kids, in the sense that I wasn’t seeking to have more children, but they somehow landed on my doorstep in clearly God-directed ways.

    Several of Lily’s friends were adopted by other families in the US, and we had a wonderful reunion for four of them. It was a miracle to see all these lovely teens who grew up together on the other side of the world, now in loving families of their own.

  12. Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing your family’s adoption story. Isn’t it amazing that it all started with one little click? There are times when I wonder if this whole cyber world is all that it is cracked up to be, and then I hear a story like yours. Amazing!

  13. My husband and I hope to adopt and will most likely start pursuing it in the next couple of years, so I’m always interested in reading other people’s stories. An old high school friend of mine at adopted a son a couple of years ago and their families story is pretty amazing. Amazing what God can do! 🙂

  14. Adoption has really been on my heart and mind lately, as I’ve prayed about whether or not God would have us adopt. This post was really touching for me. Thank you for sharing your heart in adopting your girls.

    Some of my friends are in the process of adopting and have a really great blog you can find here:

  15. Thank you for sharing your story here! Thank you also for including how each of us can get involved, whether it be through adopting, through serving, through financially giving, or through praying!

    I don’t personally know anyone who is in the process of adopting, but I have read about Meg Miller (the daughter of Michael Hyatt, the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers) and her family adopting a child from Uganda. She has a lot of neat resources and links to sites about adoption her blog: . They are currently raising funds to adopt their child.

    Also, Tom Davis, writer and president of Children’s HopeChest, will talk about adoption some (and saving others from modern day slavery) on his blog:

  16., She lets us peek in on the journey of her CRAZY FUN life with her 9 kiddos, 5 of whom are adopted from China, (and in process to bring home #10) She is honest and open about the blessings and the challanges of the miracle of adoption. She also advocates for special Needs kiddos on her SNAdoption website,, and through An Orphans Wish., and helps families fundraise through the sale of adoption fundraising tees through her Christian tee company,Wild Oive Tees. Gwen and Suzzane started 147 to help families fundraise for their adoptions, and to help bring attention to the plight of the orphan. They are 2 mamas, with 13 kiddos between them, and they take time away from their families to travel all over speaking about the orphan crises . They also help manage Amazima ministries, which helps to feed and educate children in Uganda!!

    and I will not even tell you about this precious girl. You need to go read and get to know her yourself. You will be blessed.


  17. one more… Linny is a treasure. She has 10 kiddos(so far), and she is PASSIONATE about the orphan. She just celebrated her 52nd birthday, and while most of her friends around her are empty nesters, Linny is busy filling up her house! Head on over to, and be blessed!

  18. You have a beautiful family. I loved reading your adoption story. Isn’t it amazing when we watch God’s plans unfold? Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂

  19. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. My friends, Lauren and Ken, adoption blog,, is the main adoption blog I am reading right now. Thank you for praying and believing that they will raise enough funds to bring another precious little life into their home!

  20. Our family fosters and we have had the unique gift of seeing Jeremiah 29:11 walked out in 6 children’s lives. All three sets of siblings we have fostered have moved on to adoptions. This month our first two sets get to finalize their adoptions. What an awesome story God has allowed us to be a part of!

  21. I’ve known Lisa for over half my life via her younger sister, but I LOVE hearing her story more intimately! I would LOVE a packet of these cards, too. 🙂

  22. We are answering the call to adoption again. We adopted Marcus & Macey, both with Ds, from an orphanage just 18 months ago. We went for 1 child and came home with 2 children. That’s how our family Grew by 2. Today because we heard His call again we are going back. We’re going to adopt a little girl, 3 years old with Ds from a different orphanage in eastern Europe. Thanking the Lord for His people who are willing to Help Bring Masha Home! Your prayers are welcomed & appreciated.

  23. We are in the final stages of preparing to leave and fundraising for our adoption. We are adopting a 13 year old boy named Sergiy and a little girl between 6 and 8 we don’t know all her info yet. We leave in 10 days (9 by the time you read this) and we DESPERATELY need help to get the funds needed – we are still $18,637.00 away from our need. We have 10 days to raise this money! PLEASE Pray for a miracle!!! We KNOW God can and WILL Provide!! We need to see him come thru for these precious children that are waiting for us in the Ukraine! Thank you for sharing your blog with us!

  24. We are foster parents and have fostered 15 children mostly special needs over the last 4 years. We recently Nov. 1st 2011, adopted a special needs little girl that we have fostered since she was 6 months old and being discharged from the hospital. She is now 2 and the joy of our life. We have two grown daughters and 2 grandsons so this was not an easy decision but a God lead decision that we are forever grateful for. God is faithful to his children and will sometimes ask us to do what we think is the impossible, but he will always provide the way and means. We thank God everyday for this special little girl and are so glad we obeyed God. Please open your hearts and reach out and give the gift of a forever home to some much needed children. Thank you