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  1. Dear Tracy,

    What you wrote is so beautiful — and so true. But it definitely wasn’t where my mind and heart were. Until now. Thank you for this reminder from Him! He loves me! 🙂

    PS – Daisies are my favorite flower! 🙂

  2. Beautifully written reminder. I remember playing the same game with daisies when I was younger and doing the same thing with God today. I had just never equated the two. Thanks for sharing.

  3. He loves me, he loves me, he loves me! I loved what you said about there being nothing God gives us that isn’t expected to bring us closer to Him. How very true!

  4. Holding my grandchild in my arms today reminded me of the way the Lord holds me, holds me with a love even greater than I have for my little one, holds me with the delight that is sweeter than even what I know. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of God’s love for us.

  5. Thank you for this. How my heart needed to hear this!! Going through something that has gone on much longer than I ever hoped for and sometimes I can’t see the “light at the end of the tunnel.” This and an email I received today from my mom reminded me that God knows. THANK YOU for reminding me again!!!

  6. Tracy, these are just the right words for welcoming in Thanksgiving–a reminder that we find God’s love not just in the big things but in the small, the whispers of love that follow us throughout the year. I’ll remember tomorrow to say “thank you” for those too! So glad your words are with us…

  7. Tracy, thanks for the reminder that His love is not about our doing well to earn it, but about Him, our Father, simply loving us in whatever condition we’re in. It’s easy to believe in His love when we feel like we’re living up to what the Word teaches, but when we’re not, and we’re just moving through the day in faith, in the valley, it’s much harder. Being reminded today that He loves me “when I am impatient & imperfect. Intolerant & incapable” is exactly the encouragement I need to simply hold on to the hem of His gament and allow Him to get those things out of me. There is such a renewed confidence in knowing that wherever He guides us is intended for our good, our growth, our drawing nearer to Him. Thanks for allowing Him to use you to bless my day and to be the lifter of my head.