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Lysa TerKeurst is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith through following Jesus Christ. As president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lysa has lead thousands over the past 15 years to help make their walk with God an invigorating journey. Not...

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  1. I would give the other copy to my friend Tammy. We are both looking for something to get us on the right track this year and quit substituting food for God – once and for all.

  2. I would give the second copy to my sister Janet. We have both struggled with keeping food in its proper place.

  3. I would give a copy to my Mom. She and I share food struggles. While I’m keeping my nose above water, she seems to be sinking. As much as I want victory for myself, I want it for her more.

  4. I would give the other copy to my mom. she recently lost a lot of weight through a ‘biggest loser’ type program, and is doing really well, but I think she would really enjoy a book about the spiritual side of health and weight loss to accompany her new lifestyle.

  5. My friend Lucy and I have both struggled with food as comforter. I’d give this book to her, and we could work through it together.

  6. Wow! Does that sound familiar! I have always known there was something more to dieting than dieting itself and This sounds like it might be a great way to learn about God’s way! The Bible is our answer for everything but sometimes it is just so hard to give every area to God (especially this one!) I would give the second copy to my aunt Jan who also struggles in this area. Thanks!

  7. I really identified with this post Lysa. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. This time I want to fight the battle with God on my side and focussing on Him. I’d give the other book to my friend Vanessa who has also had similar struggles.

  8. Just what I needed to see this morning. I would give a copy to a dear friend who struggles as I do with this issue.

  9. I so identify with this struggle and would LOVE a copy of the book. I would give the other one to my pastor’s wife who has similar struggles.

  10. I’d love to win two copies of Lysa’s book. I’d gift the other copy to my friend Terri (in MD). We studied Lysa’s book , “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl,” every week by phone. We’re ready for another study and this would be a useful topic for us both. The Lord has blessed Lysa with the gift of communicating His Word into our daily lives and we both love her way of weaving His Word through her words for our understanding and benefit. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  11. I would give the other to my friend P. from church. She shared the other day that she couldn’t find a pair of pants that fit to go to work.
    Thanks for this give-away! It will sure bless someone!

  12. (I don’t think I am eligible to win the book because I live in the UK, but oh, how I need to read it!) I would give the second book to my friend, Pammi, who is trying to conquer a lifelong addiction to food.

  13. I’d love this book and I would give it to my friend B. She and I have always had issues with food and it would be so nice to have accountability together in regards to eating and control. What a wonderful book!

  14. Wow …. I really needed to read this today. I would definitely give the other copy to my friend, Paige, who lives in Africa with her family right now. She and I both struggle with our eating. I would love to brighten her face when she opens her copy. I know she would love it!

  15. One for me; one for my sister. Faith journey together! Thanks for the opportunity to win. A great way to start the new year!

  16. I LOVED that video. AMAZING!! I would give the second copy to my friend Bets because she is my fighting partner (as in my go-to gal for my spiritual battles) and also because I know if I share with her she will pass it on to so many other girls who could benefit from it and it could touch so many people!!

  17. Thanks for sharing Lysa with me. I would share a copy with a friend who has been a part of my struggles and my celebrations for the past 25 years.

  18. This post was so timely. Me and my best friend were both told recently we need to lose weight or we are going to die a very young age. She needs to lose over 200 pounds and I need to lose over 100. She was recently rushed to the hospital via ambulance because she couldn’t breathe. They thought she was having a heart attack, but it was her asthma, which has become increasingly worse because of her weight. My blood pressure and chlorestoral are both very high, even on medicine. Reason? My weight. We have both tried all of it – weight watchers, South Beach, and on and on. We just got together for Christmas to exchange gifts and both ended up bawling because we are so frustrated with our weight. We both admitted we are addicted to food and don’t know which way to turn. Maybe the book you are giving away will be a solution for us.

  19. This article really hit home. I’ve asked myself so many times why a college educated, reasonably intelligent woman just can’t get her eating plan together. This article spoke straight to my heart. My best friend, a survivor of a 9/11 attack, and I have gained over hundred pounds in the last 9 years. We’ve tried WW, and boxed food mailed to us, and we just get bigger and bigger. We give up, we get up, we try again, we fail. We need the message of this book.

  20. I have a couple of friends who I’d like to give the second copy to but I think they’d both be really upset. I might give it to my sister though.

  21. I would share this book with my friend Kathryn. She is not only my exercise buddy, but a person that I can share my struggles with.

  22. I would love to read this book too. I didn’t have a struggle until the past couple of years after being injured. Then I have struggled as I feel frustrated not being able to do the things I want to do and I struggle with self-worth as people seem to esteem able-bodied people more in our society. I have learned to have more compassion for others but I struggle to give myself compassion.

  23. Lysa.
    I’d love a copy for myself and I’d give the other to my sister who first introduced me to a blog written by Lysa TerKeurst. ; )

    Happy New Year!

  24. Lysa,
    I would give the book to my friend Lydia. I know I need to buy the book if I do not win. I’ve already signed up for the on-line program with Melissa Taylor.

  25. This looks like a great study for the new year! I would give the second copy to the leader of our Tuesday night study-Sharon-in hopes that she would do this study next,

  26. I have sat here and read this post over and over. It speaks to my heart more than I care to admit. I have struggled with my weight for a while now. Every effort has come up short. And your words are right in so many ways. I know the exact person I would share this book with if I should win. A fellow Christian who struggles like so many of us.
    Thank you for sharing these words and for this giveaway.

  27. I would give this book to my new friend and co-worker J.R. We were just chatting the other day about our struggles with weight and not feeling our best. Thanks and can’t wait to dive in the study!!

  28. I would give the book to my friend, Nancy. I know that this is something she and I are going to do together!

  29. Hi Lysa, I can’t wait to read this book! I would share a copy with my friend Andrea, a former co-worker, who has battled weight issues for many years. We have been accountability partners in the past but really both need to make this a priority NOW! Thanks Lysa!

  30. I would keep a copy to revisit this in myself, and I’d give another copy to my sweet friend Yvette. She’ll be marrying later this year, and this subject is one of her “rants” in overcoming her self. This would be right on time, because her fiance has a similar issue.

  31. I would give the book to my brother and sister-in-law who are on a struggle for losing weight. I would love this book also.

  32. I would give the other copy to my sister who is my best friend. We both struggle with food addiction and craving food more than we crave God. How awful is that to write? But I thank you for being honest and helping me to see that I need to change my thoughts. You truly are an inspiration to folks!

  33. I would like to win a copy of this book for my friend Debbie. She has been a great inspiration to me with her fitness program and she mentioned that she would like to read your book. I would also like to find a way to motivate myself to better health and fitness.

  34. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

    My dear friend, Cheryl, and I can’t wait until Jan. 10 (which is also my birthday!) to start “Made To Crave”. I would have to give the extra book to her.

  35. When I was reading the Bible this year, I came across the verse, Psalm 63:5, “You are more satisfying than the richest feast” and realized I couldn’t actually say that to God. I did not find him more satisfying than food. That was obvious in my life. Your book sounds like one I could really use! I’d share the extra one with either my cousin or one of my best friends. I’d have to read it first to see who it should best go to.

  36. I love this book, video, and the upcoming videos! I have lost 10 pounds in the past week and a half and when I crave something…I’ve used the title of your book as my prayer, “Lord, I want to crave you, not food. Please help me!” And it works every time! Thank you for writing this book. I would love this for me and my sister!

  37. I would give the extra book to my mom. We have both struggled with weight/food issues. I want to put God first in my life and not food. It really is sad that we focus so much on food for everything. You celebrate you eat, you have a death you bring food. Why can’t we celebrate or grieve without it all being centered around food? I want to get to a place where food is not the constant in my life. Thanks Lysa!

  38. I would love to win! I’ve definitely been battling the food trap the past 6 months or so myself and need some motivation to get out. My best friend has been battling this for a lot longer than myself and I would love to read this together!

  39. I would give a second copy to my best friend Lauri who has many health problems and weight is complicating things. She had a brain tumor removed 12 years ago and it left her with other health problems that keep increasing and we are young only 49! I would like to see her feel better about herself and I need that same message too! Thanks!
    Mary in Virginia!

  40. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy 2011. Lysa, I would give a copy of this book to my 76 year old mom. She stopped cooking after my Dad died in May of 08 and gained weight. Now she.started a chapter of TOPS. at her Church to help herself and others lose pounds. She is a woman of faith and would enjoy sharing the good word!

  41. I would give the second copy to my friend Carol. We are planning on beginning this journey together as soon as we both can get a copy. My heart has been stirred and I have been so encouraged. Yes…this is what I want….to overcome, to see God have the rightful place in my heart and life, in my celebrations and in my sorrows, in the day to day activities, in the tiredness, in the illnesses, in the failures and in the successes…I want, more than anything, for Him to be the Lord of All…I want Him to be the One who I love more than any other, who I turn to in EVERY situation. I want to see the Lord root out this idol in my life and I want to be the overcomer He has made me to be, enabled me to be in Christ…without excuse, without the “but” at the end of my sentence. Thanks Lysa, for your honest words.

  42. I have been praying and thinking about this very thing for the last week….not only is my body miserable my mind is obsessed….from when I wake up until I go to bed…..I would give the other copy to my older sister who is always depressed about her weight but always guilty for what she ate…:>(

    thank you for putting this inot words, cant wait to read it…


  43. I would give the second one to my best friend,
    my Mom! We are so excited about getting your
    book and reading through it together!

  44. I sure do need this book. It is so hard to get the excess weight off. I need all the encouragement I can get. I’d give the other book to a friend.

  45. What an awesome post, I need to read the book. I have been so depressed I am on a weight lost program and the scale is .not moving – I know part of it is that my thyroid levels are in the hypo. The medicine is not working. I do not want to give up, I need to read the book to help with my emotional eating. I would give the book to my friend T, she has moved away from the Bible and church, and has a weight issue, she usually only eats one meal a day.

  46. I would give a copy to my dear frined Anne. We both struggle with weight and would love to be able to use your book to creat a new journey for ourselves.

  47. I cannot wait for your webcast to start for this. I fight this battle daily. And I would give the second book to my sister…who is also my best friend.
    Thanks Lysa!

  48. Lisa, What a message for me to see. I sat reading this eating that roll with a cup of tea. If I am truthful I do crave food more than God. Not a great feeling but great to admit. It is the first step to correcting. I would share my other book with my twin sister. She is an amazing wonderful woman who walks with Jesus daily. Your book would be blessing for us both.

  49. I am really looking forward to this book. I feel like you are talking to me directly! I would give the second copy of the book to my wonderful friend Kristen who has been inspiring to me as we both move forward in our faith journey.

  50. Oh my I can so relate to this posting in so many ways! I am so tired of struglle with weight and eating for whatever the reason happy, sad, lonely etc. I would love to become closer to God and allow Him to help me with this issue! I would share the extra copy with Susie 🙂

  51. I’d like to give a copy to my friend Brenda. She actually showed me your website. I’ve never thought of myself as substituting food for God but after reading your post, I think I probably have been doing this all of my life. Thanks for sharing your insight. God Bless!

  52. I am so excited to read your book. We have actually discussed the fact that we would like to use your book as a Small Group study, for our existing small group in the New Year. We are a group of couples, and we are all interested…………the second book would go to one of the other couples.


  53. I would send the second copy to my friend, Sarah. When we lived close by, we worked out together. We don’t get to exercise together but we still encourage each other in life.

  54. I am an emotional eater. So us my mom. I would give the second book to her so she and I together with the Lord’s hel can break this cycle together.

  55. Well…food has been a very bad friend to me. So far, I have lost 45 lbs…a third a way to my goal…my friend Cara has lost 43 lbs. i would like to read with her because I know it would also minister to her beyond weight into a relationship with Christ Jesus. She and I lost this weight before together when we were in college…now fifteen years later we are at it again…this time I hope it will be the last time resulting in a richer relationship with the One who controls it all.

  56. So true. We trust in ourselves and make ourselves feel better by eating not relying on God. I would give the other book to my sister.

  57. I would give one copy to my daughter Jessica. I love her dearly and she and I are so alike. We both use food as a comfort. I so want to encourage her to go to God for all the comfort that she needs. This is my desire this year is to “grow in God” Not in size and for Jessica to “Grow in God” also

  58. I signed up for Melissa Taylor’s online Bible Study for Made to Crave and I am excited. I know this is exactly what I need. There is the head knowledge of eating correctly and exercising, but I haven’t been able to do it in my own strength. I will share the other copy with my Bible Study partner.

  59. If I received the books I would have to say that I would give the second copy to my daughter. Then once I read the first copy I would pass it on to my sister in-law. Because me and her are always sharing good books… Want to thank you for the chance to win..

  60. I would give a copy of “Made to Crave” to my friend Kim. While she is much more commited to “a diet plan”, and hers seems to be working, we both think of food too much. And we both use food as our comforter and deliverer, our reward, and our joy. Ouch! Putting it that way really puts an exclaimation point on the issue! Thanks for the post.

  61. I desperately need the book myself and I would love to share it with my Mom as well. We have similar issues. When we spend time together, we can’t wait to get to the lunch part! (or dessert) or ….. we just both enjoy food…ALOT!
    I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection in a new way this year!

  62. In my circle of friends, our main form of entertainment is eating out. I am the only one who is not overweight. I would give both copies to my friends and buy one more. I watch them struggle each week with what to order and their comment is always – gosh, I need to lose weight, but oh well – and then they order huge meals and end up talking about how miserable they are. Their comment to me is always – is that ALL you are going to eat??? We are all over sixty and I worry about losing them to diabetes or obesity. They are all Christians and I truly think they would respond to this book. Thank you for writing it. It could save lives. I love my friends and want to help them win this battle.

  63. As soon as the books were available I ordered one for my partner in crime, Joanne and one for myself. You see, Joanne is one of those friends that I can do anything with. Joanne came into my life shortly after my husband died. God put her into my life! Her first husband died many years before, so she KNEW what I was going through. She helped me KNOW I wasn’t crazy, I was just grieving. Since our friendship bagan, we have started graduate school, started running and completed two 5K races. With Joanne’s encouragement I have deepened my faith in God. Joanne’s words of wisdome ring in my ears when I am full of doubt and self loathing, “Don’t let the devil get the best of you, Karin. He is not worth it.” God is worth it though and so is my friend Joanne.
    Another sweet friend who has been with my since my dear husband died has recently been diagnosed with a lung disease and must quite smoking. She was talking to me about her struggle with not smoking and her desperation to not replace it with eating. I gave her my copy of your book in hopes that it would help her redirect and focus her attention on her relationship with God.
    Lysa, Thank you for your amazing words and your direction in my spiritual life. You are a true blessing in my life.
    Much love,

  64. 🙂
    Good morning!
    I would give a copy to my friend, Michele. She has been battling her weight all the years I have known her. I would love to share this book with her so I can encourage her in a spiritual way, the right way!

  65. I would give the second copy to my sister in faith and accountability partner, Alison Kachianos. We could add it to our list of stuff to work on in the coming year to glorify God with every aspect of our being . Especially @ work, where Satan lurks around every bend . It would be awesome to have a resource for the food demon as well. Something to reach for @ home(instead of a chocolate croissant) when we feel like something is amiss and need direction instead of a snack or two…..
    thank you for all you do to help women stay focused on the prize.

  66. I would give the second copy to my mom. We have both struggled with food/weight our whole lives. We turn to food first. Learning about this book has made me realize what a problem I truly have.

  67. I would give the second copy to my daughter. Since the death of my husband, we have both struggled–and I fear–blamed his death and the coping of it–for our weight problems and health concerns. God bless you in your work.

  68. I would give a copy to my daughter – and probably a friend. I have my copy – -pre-ordered it from Amazon. Can’t put it down (except for Christmas activities).

  69. This really touched my heart this morning and brought me to many conversations my friend Lisa and I have had. We are always liking for a book to read and go through and this one really fits the bill for both of us. Thank you for writing it!

  70. For my friend amy. We both struggle with food but havr recently gotten some victory and it is sweeter than chocolate.

  71. I would give a copy to my friend, Brenda. We both struggle with our weight. She is beginning to have health issues. We have both learned that when we eat healthly and get active, we do feel better. We need to invite God to help and lead us through this journey of weight loss. Even if I don’t win the books, I plan to go out and purchase one.

  72. I would give the second copy to my best friend Brandi so we can encourage each other to be healthier by living God’s plan.

  73. My friend Shelly is who I’d share the copy with but she already has a copy and is teaching the study at our church. So instead I’d provide the extra copy to someone that’s taking the class!

  74. this is great. I have had to adjust my eating due to food allergies, but sometimes i still feel “mad at God” because of it. I would give my copy to my friend karen, who is having to severely change her eating due to high cholesterol and diabetes.

  75. To be honest, I’d like to give the second copy to my husband. He and I have both struggled with this issue for years. I think this is a God moment that I read this post. I know I need to lose weight, but just losing weight wasn’t enough for me. I know that I use food to substutite filling a deeper hunger in me, but I have no idea how to get on track. I think this book would really be a blessing and a help.

    But since my hubby could probably read my copy, I’d have to ask my friends to see who feels they could benefit. Facebook is a great way to put that question out there generally, and whoever needs it can reply. 🙂

  76. That’s an easy question to answer. I would give one copy to my friend, Dana, because she is always talking about how this is such a struggle for her and has been for years. She is looking forward to our study starting on January 10 and is already inviting some of her other friends to join us, too.

    As for the other copy – I would give it to someone attending the study that can’t afford to buy it. You see, I would give both copies away because I already have a copy for myself 🙂 I would LOVE to be able to bless two people with this book.

  77. You said what I have thought all this year! Thank you for you eloquence – I, too, have lost 25 lbs this year but it has been accompanied an amazing spiritual journey! And it would not have happened without God completely woven through and in it.

    • Whoops! The second copy would go to a dear friend who wages a battle with the scales but has been such a part of my spirit trip that I would love to give her a hand in that direction now.

  78. I just recently became aware of this web site from listening to the radio and it’s always encouraging to me to hear of women that have the same struggles. I have struggled with weight most of my life. I can loose weight but gain it back again. My head knows the tools to take the weight off, but I can’t seem to keep it off. I would like to be able to take it off and keep it off once and for all. If I am the receipient of the book, I have one of two friends I would pick to give the other one too. Both struggle the same as me and we have all had different issues in our lives that make it difficult to always make the right choices when it comes to food. Thank you for the opportunity to try this!

  79. I have three very good friends (Gina, Patti and Sherri) that I would love to share this book with. Each of them very spiritual and love to read. I think each would enjoy reading!

  80. I’ve been walking with my friend Winnie as we try to lose weight,. This would be a great way for both of us to get in the correct frame of mind. We walk and share/complain about what’s going on in our lives and we could put our minds and our mouths to better use.

  81. I have been trying to save up the money to get this book, but it has eluded me so far- diapers can get expensive! 🙂 If I win, I would give the second copy to my mother (who also struggles with her weight). This would be a wonderful way to start the new year…not just another weight loss resolution, but a resolution to draw closer to God through it all.

  82. This new year I again have made the decision to find a way to change my view on food to lose 25 lbs-you’ve given me a whole new perspective…..another girlfriend and I have discussed joining forces to support each other because we too have sucha close relationship with food. Bless you for this innsight and direction.

  83. I would give my extra copy to my friend from high school named Pat. We graduated in 1978, lost track of each other and recently found one another on Facebook. We are both dealing with weight issues that neither of us had in high school.

  84. I would actually share this book with my daughter since its not a diet book! I would use it to teach her how to turn to God instead of to food for comfort which I am very guilty of! Thank you for sharing about this book because if I don’t win, I will be out purchasing it. My addiction to food is something I have prayed for release from and this book may help me on my journey!
    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  85. This is an important topic to tackle, Lysa, and I applaud you for having the guts to do it. Battles with food plague us all! I’d share a copy with my friend Amanda who fails to see how beautiful she is when her scale doesn’t say a certain number.

  86. Food has always seemed to me to be my Enemy #1. Dieting has been a recurring theme in my life for about 50 years! My sister has the same challenge, only with diabetes an added stress to her health. We live 600 miles apart, and both could use your wonderful book to keep a dialogue going about God’s love, provision, and overcoming power to improve our health and attitudes about food.

  87. My friend and I are already planning on starting this bible study “Made To Crave” in January. We have not purchased the books yet, but I was thinking about it this morning. My friend Karan is who I would give the 2nd copy to. We are so excited about Lysa’s new book and have just finished “More than a good bible study girl” together. I use to do other bible studies, but love Lysa, her message and her style of teaching. She so relates to what I am going through right now in my life. I would be thrilled if we could win a copy of Lysa’s new book. God Bless.

  88. I plan on ordering your book with my Amazon gift card. I am 68 and have needed to lose weight since the birth of my 5th child at age 30. I have been saved 7 years and have never thought about it being a spiritual issue. However my verse for this new year is 1Peter 2:2-3 ” Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk so that you may grow up in your salvation now that you have tasted that the Lord is good” if I win I will give your book to two special friends who will really appreciate it.

  89. I’ve noticed my eating speed is in direct proportion to the speed with which my son talks…and he talks a LOT!!! Guess I’m going to have to put down the food and give him my full attention – something I should have been doing all along!
    Oh, and I’s share with Valerie – my best bud for the past 15+ years!

  90. I would give an extra copy to my daughter. She has 3 small children and works full time and has never lost her weight after having her children. She is going through a hard time right now in her marriage and I think this book would be good for her in many ways.
    Thanks, Janice

  91. If I were to receive the two books I would give my extra copy to a friend of mine who is also on this road of battling the bulge and conquering the cravings. It seems so much harder to do as a middle-aged 40 something woman than it did while I was in high school and college. So I march on in to the everyday skirmishes that take place in my kitchen in the battle of the nibbling and munchies.

    Have a great day. Loved the post and can truly relate.

  92. I am a new leader for our church for our First Place for Health group. I am still struggling to lose weight myself. I have a best friend who has struggled over the years with me; she is in a dark place right now with other life issues as well. I have begun to read your book. I intend to use it to supplement our First Place studies – your message goes along with the spiritual “leg” of our program. I would also share with one of the ladies in our group who especially needs this message. Thank you for this opportunity.

  93. OHHH my can I relate – yes my Christmas suit made me look like rollie – pollie.
    I am looking forward to loosing this extra plus a little more.
    And yes the second book is for my sister who lost her husband, is a single mom, and who has a weight problem. We’ll work on this together.

  94. Thanks, Lysa, for more honesty. My friend Sonia and I are planning on doing this study together in January – watching the webcast, too. Thank you for sharing your story and being honest about your struggles. My friend and I are looking for the reality check of how to put God above food.

  95. I would give the other copy to my friend Melanie. Although, my struggle is much larger than hers, she and I are both struggling with this. As we are nearing 40 and just had this conversation not too long ago, I want to end this battle, once and for all. The sentence about craving food more than craving God was a punch to the gut. I literally, stopped and pondered this question with an actual ache in my gut. Winning this book or not, I am definitely going to be seeking out God’s word first and with much prayer and petition, I know only He can deliver me from this battle I am fighting. Thanks for the push!

  96. Hi Lysa,
    Thank you for your generosity. I would give a copy to my friend Roxanne because she is the one that introduced me to your site. God speaks to us through people and I believe He used her for me to get to you. I am pretty disciplined in most areas of my life except for food. Thank you for your inspiration to so many. Be blessed!!!

  97. I would give the second copy to my mother. We have both struggled with this issue through the years and I think this will help us focus on God and not food.

  98. My mother-in-law. She and I both struggle with filling that God-shaped void with food! this book sounds perfect!

  99. Since coming across the website I have set my email to my homepage on my new smart phone…and as soon as I read my verse for the day I go to my email page to read the daily devotion there…you could say I have been “craving” it. I am so intrigued by the book that is mentioned made to crave and think it would benefit my walk with God even more. I would love to be able to give my best friend a copy, she and I have struggled with health issues recently and she just lost her mom a week before Thanksgiving. She is a new Christian and I try my hardest to share with her as much as I can but she has to want to crave it for herself. God bless you for sharing with us….

  100. I would give the second copy to my sister-in-law, S. We are having similar problems with emotional eating.

  101. I feel like you have been peering into my soul! I know that the Lord has been convicting me that I need to stop overeating, but I have struggled with feelings of “what does it really matter if I have this piece of fudge?”. But maybe it does. Not just because my Christmas dress didn’t fit either, but because I’m not listening and obeying my heavenly Father. I don’t know how I’m supposed to break this addiction, but I would dearly love to find out! My friend Bonnie and I have talked at length about our weight stuggles, but always in terms of how unfair our metabolism is, or how getting older makes it so hard. Why is it we never prayed about it?! I t has now started to affect our children. If I win this book, she and I will start on a new journey together, one of spiritual and physical health!

  102. I would truly appreciate a book to guide me to reach out to God instead of food!! A book that is NOT another diet book!! I don’t need another diet book, I need something to help me turn back to God, actually make him more important in my life than food. I am ashamed to admit that He is down on my list.

  103. I would truly appreciate a book to guide me to reach out to God instead of food!! A book that is NOT another diet book!! I don’t need another diet book, I need something to help me turn back to God, actually make him more important in my life than food. I am ashamed to admit that He is down on my list. If I win this book, I will give the other book to my friend Jackie. She and I have been struggling with this issue for over 20 years together.

  104. This study is coming at the perfect time—I’ve struggled all my life with my weight, and right now is the time for change. After years of trying gimmicks, exercise, diet, and everything in between, with few results, I’m ready to learn to start craving God more than the bag of powdered donuts.
    There are several people I know that would benefit from this study too, so picking just one is hard! My cousin Shelley would be such a good choice, because she and I have been in the weight loss trenches, struggling for so long…

  105. I crave. i CRAVE. Sugar is my friend for a short amount of time. Then, down the slide I go. I would share this book with my 31 year old friend Lisa who has struggled with self image and anorexia as a teenager. Those experiences stay with you for life. We both desire to draw closer to God’s will for our life.

  106. Hi, I would give a copy to my friend Mechell. Her and I work together and have both struggled with our weight. We both turn to food for comfort and we love to eat. I think this book would be a great book for both of us since we are ready to make a change.

    Thanks for all you do!

  107. My husband and I both need this for a fresh perspective on getting on the right track! So excited to get my hands on a copy. I would give a copy to my friend who would like to get off the diet track too.

  108. I would give the second copy to my mom. We both have been trying to eat less, exercise more, and be healthier. It would be so fun to read through the book together!

  109. I would give the second copy to my friend Sara, because she is a gym rat who loves to control her food portions and eat perfectly healthy 24-7. Not entirely bad, except when THAT becomes your focus. I think there are two sides to the made to crave spiritual battle. I love her dearly and I think this study just might show her where to put her cravings, and mine too!

  110. I would give the second copy to my sister Kelly. Her and I have struggled with food our entire lives and we both desperately want to make a change that will last. I would love to be able to walk this journey with her as we transform our spiritual lives as well as our physical bodies!

  111. I would like to give a copy to my friend Michelle, she is a wonderful friend and great support of God’s word. We haven’t been friend for very long but it feels like we have been friends for twenty years.

  112. Oh how this resonates in my soul!!! I would give a copy of this to my best friend, who has the same name as me…Stephanie. We have both gone through the exact same struggles and are ready to tackle the issue once and for all!

  113. I would give it to my friend Debbie who also struggles with food the way I do. (And you, aparrantly.) 🙂 Hope I win. I need it.

  114. I have been reading my bible more closely since these random drawings for free teaching materials began.

    The bible says godly people eat for strength and that gluttony is a sin like other sins.

    IMO, People don’t crave and overeat on healthy food. It’s the chemicals, antibiotics, sugar, fat, and caffine sort of poison disquised as food that we get fat on.

    I wold share your book and DVD with other women and give the extra copy to the woman who would surely benefit but doesn’t have the money for that sort of thing right now.

  115. I’d keep one for myself and then after reading it, I would give my copy and the free copy to each of my daughters. They struggle with weight loss and “cravings” much as I do. My oldest is in the Navy so this is especially important for her. It’s important to the three of us for our well-being!

  116. You post; Chocolate was my comfort and deliverer.
    I know I would often say, “chocolate is my drug of choice.” But I now see I having been using all kinds of food to try to hide.

    The book would be a true blessing. As to offer the book to a friend, I would first pray they are not offended at me but to try to ask if they can read it to help support me and help hold me more accountable. (then as I type it makes me feel very selfish.) I think that can only be one person that is willing to support me and read the book together.

  117. First I would read my copy then share it w/my sister & the other copy would go to my friend Kim. Thanks.

  118. This book is already on my “wish list” of books I want to read next year! I would love to win and send one to my bestie in Dallas. We are definitely on this journey together, and I would love to do a book study with her. Love it!

  119. Hi Lysa! I’ve always struggled with weight issues for as long as I can remember. I’d love to have a copy of your wonderful book for myself and my bff, Liz!! Happy New Year!!

  120. I would love to share this book with my friend Cindy. I would really love to have this book. I believe this is the ANSWER to fighting this addiction to food. To change my weigh of thinking when it comes to fufilling the needs. I would LOVE to be the winner of this contest. PLEEEEEEEEEEZA.

  121. I think I might put a copy out at work, since we all have vowed to be healthier in the new year!!

  122. I loaded “Made to Crave” onto my Kindle last week & I ordered the DVD, Workbook, & Book as well from Proverbs 31. Do I sound desparate? I am!!! You, Lysa have written my life story, only difference is I am several years older than you. I have read several books over the years on weight loss (they were written by Christians) & none has spoken to my heart as this one has. I am now applying God’s Word to food & social situations & praying earnestly about facilitating this study at my church. Thank you for your honesty & transparency. If the Lord gives me confirmation on leading this study & I received a copy of the book I would give it to a class member who could not afford it. Thanks again…Numbers 6: 24-26

  123. I just received my copy as a gift for Christmas, so I would give the other copies to the women in my bible study group!! We have 4 women and we have done several studies on Self esteem, being beautiful in God’s eyes, and we noticed a theme, we all have issues w/ our oyter beauty, no matter our size, or our habits, it always comes up at our get togethers so we decided our next study is going to be Made to Crave!! Thank you for tackling this subject!!! xoxoxoxo

  124. I got up this morning (early) and met my friend, Alfreda, down at the track to begin our daily walking regime. We decided we’d start now while we’re off from school. We also formulated a plan to bring out tennis shoes to school so we could walk the school block a few times once the kids have been dismissed in the afternoon.

    I tried this summer to get a breast reduction but was denied. I need to lose some weight first so the insurance will see that it isn’t weight I’m carrying up there.

    I’d really appreciate getting a copy of your book. Thank you.

  125. I really look forward to this book, I find myself turning to food when I’m stressed, angry, upset, etc. I know that I should be turning towards God instead, but it’s so much easier and more of an instant gratification to eat that candy bar and drink that soda!
    I would give the extra copy to my mom. She has struggled with her weight for years and has not had any luck in losing the weight.
    Thanks for being such a blessing, Lysa.

  126. I would give it to my new friend. She has had a hard road for different reasons….and God has placed us together…to let us help each other. He’s awesome like that!!

  127. I would most definitely give it to my sister in law Lisa, I know in turn she would bless my brother with this good news as they both struggle in this area! Thanks for the opportunity.
    THank you!

  128. Wow–I have asked this question of myself in the last few years often–do I love food more than I love God? My actions absolutely say “yes” to this, and I have been watching crazy things happen to my body as a result of that craving for food. I am so glad to hear that someone put this struggle into words!

    If I won, my second copy would have to go to a military mom friend of mine who was just relocated to Japan. We’ve both fought this battle for as long as we can remember, and stood by each other for yeras on it. But, she truly understands my desires on this issue, and I would love to to share with her what I believe is the real heart of the problem.

  129. I would give the second copy to my daughter. She is trying to lose weight and struggles with it. Her and her husband have been trying to get pregnant but she wants to lose weight first. We both have over 100 pounds each to lose. She has said to me that she wish she could replace the craving she has with food for the craving for God. We love the Lord but have yet to be able to put him before food and use food for nourishment instead of a recreation.

  130. You are definitely speaking my language sister with the latest book. I have been waiting for something like this for a while. In fact, my good friend Julie and I discuss this all the time,so I am sure I would give her the second copy and we could discuss our progress!

  131. I would love to have a copy of your book. And I would give the other copy to my oldest daughter, Brandy Barrios. She also would like this book.

  132. Thank you. This is just what I needed to hear today. Can’t wait to read the book. It’s so past my time.

  133. i am crying. crying because just yesterday i was crying out to God that I am fed up. fed up to the point of wanting to go back to my eating disorder days. i don’t know how to be thin healthy. healthy has been either extreme for me. and i don’t know the middle ground. the healthy ground. i would give the other book to my accountability partner. she is only one who calls me out. in a Godly,, loving, tell a sista it doesn’t look good kinda way call out. ‘

  134. Thank you, Lysa, for openly sharing your journey through the same struggle so many of us share. As I was gobbling down truffles I didn’t even want, I was thinking about the Christmas pounds I was going to gain AGAIN, and how long it would take to get them off. I knew what I was doing to myself, but felt powerless to stop it. My sister is significantly overweight and unhappy about it, and she was gobbling right next to me. I would love to share the book with her, instead of trading truffle recipes with her.

  135. Dear Lysa,
    Your other books have made the biggest change in my walk with the Lord, and I know this one will top them all. I have known for years that the only way I will ever have victory over the weight issues I’ve had for more than half my life now is with God’s divine help. My obedience to God will allow that change to happen once and for all. I am so determined to be successful by following the principles you set forth in this book. I have confidence that this will work because I am sure God wants every single one of His daughters to be healthy and whole and to have the most amazing and satifying relationship with Him more than any other thing in our entire lives. I’ve already signed up for the Bible Study starting on January 10, but I haven’t purchased my book yet. I’m getting ready to introduce it to my mom and sister in Florida in a few days, and I know they’ll get on board, and if I win two copies of your Made to Crave book, I will give one to my friend Trish who I met through my last Bible Study. We can be accountability partners and take this new and exciting journey together.

  136. I would give my second copy to my Aunt Polly, she and I both struggle with balance in eating healthy and having healthy bodies.

  137. I am a total God -lover and follower but I, too, have had in issue with “unrestrained” eating…it is doesn’t make sense. It is like…I am healthy and a good eater, but put the wrong thing in front of me, and I can’t stop…I overeat every time. I have selfishly thought about fasting just to stop eating…God has put His Word in my heart about idols, and eating. He has place books on my shelf about the same…but it wasn’t until Lysa’s book, that I really felt inspired to read and tackle this problem head on. I am encouraged…and I have already encouraged my church to start the study in Jan. IF I won two books, I would devour one and give the other to my friend, Bonnie, who has agreed to trust me and lead the study….we are so excited…and I can’t wait to share what God does….thank you, Lysa.

  138. Before I even commented, I went to Amazon and ordered this book! I have struggled with food addiction for several years, and I know it is only something God can fix. I am not overweight – I just feel the obsession with food growing in a crazy way, and I kow I crave food more than anything in life…..very sad. I hate the way it makes me feel, yet I want it all the time! I ate half of a pumpkin pie lsat night after dinner. Then this morning, I had 6 panckaes, followed by large handfuls of poopycock, and then really debated eating the rest of that pie! I need this book in a big way! Thanks Lysa, for taking the time to write something that so few of us even talk about, but desperately need to.

  139. Wow, talk about God’s timing! My folks were here for a week and had made it a point that they were concerned about my health…and my eating habits. I never really thought about God and the desire for food in the way you described it above, but I would say food IS my comfort and my joy. So much so, that I am now very overweight. I would LOVE your book, and would give a copy to a friend at church who I know also struggles in this area. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  140. I would AB-solutely give the second copy to my sister Tina! Read together, talk together and then encourage each other.

  141. I would LOVE a copy and I’d give one to my friend Barb. We’ve been on a slow but steady weight loss journey for the last year! This could really help!

  142. Hi Lysa, I’ll never forget hearing you at Camp of the Woods talk about adopting your two boys (and also seeing the 10 second kiss!). I thank God for you and your ministry.
    Back in 2004 I stumbled upon Thin Within, a grace based approach to lasting weight loss and released 40 pounds in 5 months or so. Your book sounds like the same idea, and I’d love to read it and pass on a copy to my dear neighbor who says “Gluttony is not a secret sin!” I’ll keep the neighbor’s name secret anyway. Thanks for writing. I’m slowly losing an excess 20lb which I put on in reaction to trauma…and God is healing my heart so I praise him. I need him so much. God bless you!

  143. I would give one to my mother-in-law. We both LOVE to eat, and I would like a friendly way to share Jesus with her.

  144. I am so excited about reading your book as I am a huge fan of yours and a fellow mom of 5! I put on 40 pounds with each baby and managed to keep 5-10 pounds per baby for memory sake!=) I have always tried getting in shape and losing the “baby” weight but it was always from the perspective of “I need to lose” and that “I” can do this and never from God’s perspective and what he wants for me. If I was the lucky recipient and received your book, I would give one to my sister and one to my mom. (I plan on purchasing your book today for myself because I can’t wait! Patience is also an area of weakness!=)) Thank you for your Godly insight and your willingness to share yourself and the day to day struggles of real life with being a wife, mom and striving for Godliness while still keeping your sense of humor!

    God Bless

    Wendy Bauder

  145. I struggle with PCOS, a syndrome that my emotional overeating does not help in the least, in fact the very opposite. My livelihood depends on making a commitment to get healthy and I’ve tried a lot of different things. I am looking forward to Making to Crave for a number of reasons: because I know that involving the Lord is where I shouldv’e began in the first place, and because I am familiar with your work (the honesty found in it). I would share my second copy with my mom who has emotional eating issues as a result of several family traumas that we have encountered.

  146. Wow…can I relate to this post or what? If I got two copies I would share it with my sister. Together we seem to struggle. Together I’d like to see us have victory in this area of our lives. Thanks, Jessica

  147. I’d share this with my friend Paula, a frequent prayer partner. We’ve talked about this very issue & your column in point – on for where our needs are.

  148. I was just talking to my mom about this I need to fill the void with God and surrender and going into this new decade present my temple as a sacrfice and be whole and deeper in my walk.Your book will help me so Please can i have a copy

  149. Introduced to your site just a few days ago. If I received two copies I believe I would share my copy with a dear friend who is struggling through this issue with me on a daily basis. The second copy would be sent to a woman I just met, single mom, 3 children, who has already lost 100 lbs but needs the encouragement, support and love to lose 160 more.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  150. It seems like this book was written just for me! I would share this with my friend, Maggie. . . I think it would help us both!

  151. Lysa,

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! What an inspiration you are to so many women here and around the world!!!

    If I won the book, not sure who would get the3 second copy. It might be my sister who is trying to lose weight, but gained muscle taking care of her husband before he died.

    Thanks for the inspiraiton again!

  152. The weight gains and the ups and downs have been hard for me. I’m unhappy with myself and the way I look. This just adds to the depression and the solace of comfort foods. I would love to have this book and to give another to my best friend Sharon. She is struggling with her weight as well. She would like to have another baby, but with her weight up where it is, it is too dangerous. She wants to be healthy and happy. It would be an amazing journey to do together. Thank-you Lysa! I enjoy your daily words. They speak to me in so many different ways in all of my circumstances. Your words are a blessing!

  153. I have already pre-ordered mine, so I’d actually give both copies to my friends. I already have 6 friends who are going to do the 6-week Bible study with me at my home. I’d give the copies of the book to whichever two friends brought another friend with them to the study! I think this message needs to be heard by ALL my girlfriends. Even some of my thin girlfriends have been honest with me about their food/body image struggles. This message applies to ladies of ALL shapes & sizes! Thanks for writing this book Lysa. It’s already changing my life (and I haven’t even read the whole book yet!).

  154. I would give the other copy to my mom because we both struggle with being overweight. She is my best friend and I want to keep her heathly so she will be around for a long time. I too want to be healthy for my children’s sake. I probably need to lose 100 lbs. Thank you.

  155. I can’t get over how God meets me right where I’m at…..HE’S SO AMAZING!!
    I’d love to win and share a copy with my BFF, Marilyn. We’ve both spiraled into sizes neither of us ever thought we would. And it’s depressing!

  156. Oh my dear sister, it’s not that I really want to read and learn about how absolutely depraved I am and how I incessantly use/abuse food to quite the void, but you are totally speaking a language that I understand. It pains me to admit, but I am you and you are me. Ugh. I would love to share this book with my Kansas friend, Annie, who has this same struggle. Lysa, thank you so much for daring to go where so few will lead. I am willing to follow.

  157. Lisa –
    I love the humorous delivery in your video! =) Although… I kinda wish you’d have posted this blog entry next week when the chocolates from my Christmas stocking had already been consumed!
    I’d give a copy to my friend, Sandi, as both of us have been struggling in this area… Your words, “Yet, I was a Bible teacher. I was a woman who loved Jesus. Why couldn’t I figure this out? I had found victory in so many areas of my life, but this area alluded me…” apply to both of us. Thanks for the encouragement to approach food differently.

  158. I’ve just been praying for God’s help in this area! I can’t do it alone! I need God to help me get on track! I would give the second copy with my Mom!

  159. I would share my book with my sister in Christ, Traci because I think we both eat for strictly emotional reasons. Things are going badly, food will make it better, things are going great, let’s celebrate with food. I have been waiting for your book to come out….so excited it is here!

  160. I would give the second copy to my cousin Annie. She and I have struggled with this battle to have food be our comfort. We have attempted to do other Bible studies together but we always end up sliding back to our old ways. We don’t want to have perfect bodies, but rather I want to surrender myself completely to become the healthiest that I can in order to honor God and spread his Word.

  161. I tried on half a dozen outfits for my Christmas party and finally settled on pants and a sweater. On the way there, we had to stop for an ornament for the swap, (can we say procrastinate?) I had my husband stop at Kohls, because I’d decided the pants would not comfortably survive the evening. I replaced them a size larger. I held the tears till later, but they were bitter…. I would give the extra copy to my buddy Joyce. She is my closest friend in the weight control journey and such a good woman of God.

  162. I would definitely share with my mom! She just found out she has health problems caused from weight issues!!!

  163. I would give it to my friend Alisa-We’ve known each other since we were in 5th grade (let’s just say that was quite a while ago-we’re in our 40’s now). I know that we both want to have healthy physical and spiritual lives!! Thanks.

  164. Lysa, I am starting a Made to Crave group on Mondays beginning Jan. 3rd! So far there are 4 of us and I’m hoping more will join us. I would give my other free copy of your book to my friend, Susan. She just bought a new house and doesn’t have a lot of extra $$ to spend. I know she will join my group if I give her the book for FREE!! Remember our AXA Furman days?? We didn’t worry about our weight then. I’m ready to get back on track and CRAVE my precious LORD!!!!!

  165. Hello, i would give the 2nd copy to my friend Lori. We share our “weight” struggles with each other and attend Weight Watchers meetings together (this is the 2nd time around). She is a dear friend and an avid bible study girl.

  166. I would give a copy to my prayer partner. She and I meet and talk and share and unload and pray about it all. Thank you for this opportunity. I would much welcome a book with a new perspective on our lifestyles around food… almost as much as she would, who does fight the battle and wants to win.

  167. I’m hearing the Spirit’s call on my heart: this area is the next “city long devastated” that He wants to rebuild in me, the next generational pattern He wants to break in me.2011 is the year.

    If I had two of these books, I’d give one to my friend Liz. We’ve talked about this issue, but we haven’t kept each other accountable. Reading this book together would be a great way to walk together

  168. I would give one to my best friend Angela. We both have shared so many awesome things in life (excepting Jesus on the same day – at Harvest Crusade, having babies close together, and supporting our Husbands as they step out in faith and start a new church plant). But we have also shared in gaining a lot of weight during & after our pregnancies, and struggling to lose this weight. We have both decided to join the gym and be eachothers support team. But so far we aren’t doing so well. We are praying for direction and self controll but this is a lot harder than we thought. Help!

  169. I would give the second book to my friend Kim, we both are on a journey to replace our food additions with an addiction to God and His word!

  170. Thank you Lysa. I have the same issue and my Christmas gift on Christmas eve this year was a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. So new lifestyle has to take place now no matter what. Sometimes when we ask God for help in these areas, He doesn’t answer in the way we want but I’m at peace with it. He told me to ask my doc for the test and I listened, knowing the results would be yes. I have your book. I am starting it today!! Thank you for inspiring us. I’ve often had the same thoughts about food and have asked myself why I live for food more than I live for God. I have to learn to stop planning my life around food which will be hard because I will have to focus some attention and intention around it to keep my blood sugar in check….

    Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

  171. I would give an extra copy to my friend Celina. It would be wonderful to go through this book study with a friend who understands and struggles with the same things I do.

  172. I would give the second copy to my best girlfriend Angel. We’ve both had issues with weight and food all of our lives. God bless you!

  173. I would give the second copy to my mom becasue we both struggle with this….
    Thanks for the encouraging article.

  174. I had the same experience a couple of days before Christmas, only it was with my jeans. I had a casual jeans and sweater party to go to. I tried on every pair of jeans in the closet, and could not comfortably zip or button any of them. It was frustrating yet the whole experience did not stop me from going to the party and over indulging on all the food there! If I could give a book away, I would give it to my daughter who soo has my eating habits. I would like to see us both change in this area of our lives.

  175. Why hasn’t this occured to me before? I’d give the other copy to my Mom…we’re both struggling with our weight…and I know this would be a welcome wake up call.

  176. Hi! My small group would like to do this as a study together. I would give the other copy to Sue in my small group.

  177. I’d give one copy to my friend Holly. I have already ordered the small group kit and have scheduled a small group to start the first week of February. I know many of us need this and am praying for some participation!!!

  178. Thank you for the thoughts. I would give a copy of the book to my friend who is with me on the path of losing weight. We both know it is mainly for our health, but there are stumbling blocks along the way, ones that are obvious and others that we haven’t been able to identify yet.

  179. Even after having Gastric Bypass surgery, losing 170 lbs, and giving birth to two beautiful children I was told would never be possible I am still a sugar addict. I would share my 2nd copy with my Mom she has had surgery too and gained some weight back due to eating habits. I can’t wait to get the books and get started with this study/program I have a feeling its going to be the KEY to my sucess.

  180. Really enjoyed reading this post! I would give the other copy of “Made to Crave” to my mother. I think this would be a neat thing to read and reflect on together.

  181. Although I commented earlier and hope to win, I went to the B&N website to see if my local one had it in stock. I read the excerpt they had and I can’t wait … I’m going to buy it today. When I read that the scale was 167 and you were knocking on the door of 40, I knew I must read this book. That’s me … 167 lbs. … 39 years old. I’m looking forward to being free from food … to no longer being overweight physically and underweight spiritually!


  182. I would share the gift with my friend Valeri. She and I have grown closer through the years and her journey to becoming closer to God and a wonderful mom inspire me. This book would be such a blessing to both of our lives!

  183. I’d love to share a copy with my church library. So many of us have not found victory in this area and it drags us down both emotionally and physically

  184. I definately would givemy other copy to my friend Beth. We talk about our struggle with food. I am looking forward to the wedcasts in January.. I know that you have waged the very same battle that I am struggling with, which means so much more. Thank you for finally addressing a problem that we struggle with every day.

  185. There are a few people I would give the second copy to, my sister and one of my closest friends. And then I think I would just keep passing my copy around to whomever I thought would be accepting of this message. I know the message in this book is for me and I am ready to embrace that but also wanting to run in the opposite direction. God Bless you for having the courage to share your trials and tribulations of your weight loss journey and the things you’ve learned.

  186. I would love to read this book & share it w/my BFF Sue. We’ve strugglrd with these imbalances w/food & eating since we were tweens. Now moms, wives & actively in our walk with the Lord..we trully need to surrender to HIM & this book sounds like a great tool!

  187. I would give the 2nd copy of Made to Crave to my good frien, Carol. at work as we do Bible studies together and are both trying to loose weight and feel with your book we could do it together. We have tried other diets together but they have not worked. We have talked about your book and would like to lead a weekly group at church. If we can do it then other friends would want to do it with was too.

  188. More & more I am seeing my weight as an issue that I need to focus on God, not food. I think I would give my mom the other copy, she goes back and forth in her weight loss. I think we all do, but god is definetly the key to keeping it off.

  189. If I win, I would give the other copy to my sister-in-law. I crave a closer relationship with her (a good craving) and going through this book together just may be the way to do it.

  190. I would give my second copy to my mother and best friend, Selita, She is an inspiration to me in so many ways, but struggles with her weight very similarly to the way I do. I really, really want us to succced in our turn from craving food to craving God. I am also trying to inspire my friends and coworkers to “get with the program” as well. Thank you for this, Lysa!

  191. I had just gotten off the scale for the first time in over a month when I read your post. While I was not encouraged by the number, I wasn’t terribly discouraged either and realized I needed to get back on track with God and make a healthy me a priority. Then I read your post and thought- wow – how awesome is God’s timing!

    I would share a copy of the book with a friend of mine who lives a few states away who has shared the same struggle as I have. We’ve both dealt with this weight issue in our adult life and are ready to uncover the REAL reasons and move ON!

  192. Wow, this is definitely a book I would love to have. I have been struggling the past 2 years with food, and knowing that i need to bring it to God, but not sure exactly how to get there. If I were chosen I would give the 2nd book to my mom, she’s been losing weight this past year due to a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. She’s doing great, but i would love to help bring her closer to Christ as well. She knows Christ, but has wandered away and I’d love her to reclaim her faith.

  193. I’d love to share a copy with my sister in law, who is both struggling to loose a lot of weight and find God. For myself, I tried to do something similar a couple of years ago, but just couldn’t make it happen. It was my “living water” diet. I’d love to try it again – and with a fresh approach. Sounds awesome!

  194. Wow!! This really resonated with me….I have been struggling with food since I was a teenager and am now 35. Last year I realized how I need to start taking better care of myself; physically, mentally, and spiritually. That journey is not easy and I am still a far way off, but the hardest part is seeing how I have passed on my desire and willingness to use food to comfort onto my two daughters, ages 11 and 16. If I won the 2 copies of Lysa’s new book I would give one to my beautiful 16 year old daughter. She struggles with food issues because that is how I taught her to be and I am not equipped right now to teach her otherwise. This book would help us both break out of the cycle of using food for comfort and instead find our comfort and strength in our Creator and Father. Thank you Lysa for your heart and this new journey that I need to take too!! Much love and blessings to you Lysa =)

  195. I would give my free copy to my friend Kristi. She and I have both struggled with our weight for years now, and it’s always been a lifestyle change issue. I’ve never looked at it from a spiritual standpoint. Whether or not I win this, I will get her and myself a copy. 🙂

  196. This is so me right now. I am currently leaning on the Lord for strength. I am trying to view my body the way he sees it. I want to work out to take care of the body that he has given me. I want to for the right reasons and not the selfish ones. I really enjoyed your blog and am very curious about your book. Thank you!

  197. This post couldn’t have been timelier! I would give the book to my sister and start this journey together.

  198. Ilead a “faithfully fit” healthly living and walking class at my church and would like to use your program when we start the next set of classes…since I will be buying the complete set as the program leader I will give away both books to the first two who sign up for the class…great incentive. I’m anxious for your program to start…February right?.

  199. Hi
    I would give one to my friend Becky, she and I both tend to use food as a pacifier, and then complain to each other about it. She and I both have two wardrobes in our closets.
    Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  200. My friend Megan and I have talked so much about how we know all the things the diet books and diet people are going to say. I think a book that gets to the issues of the heart would be great for both of us.

  201. I lead a “faithfully fit” healthly living and walking class at my church and would like to use your program when we start the next set of classes…since I will be buying the complete set as the program leader I will give away both books to the first two who sign up for the class…great incentive. I’m anxious for your program to start…February right?.

  202. I would give a copy to my sister friend Tiff. She and I both struggle with this issue and I would love for us to go through the book together and become accountable to each other as well as God.

  203. I would just be too excited if I won this book!! I would give one to a friend name Melanie who has struggled with weight also. We both need a NEW plan to keep the weight off and I think you have just the recipe! Love you Lysa, you are so encourageing to me! I love all your devotions! Looking forward to 2011 with you! :0)

  204. I would give the other copy to my friend Sarah. We have been discussing how we are so looking forward to this book. As I read this blog I am struggling with all the left over Christmas goodies sitting around the house. It is such a hard struggle and I am tired of the diet roller coaster I have been on for years. I want to learn to love myself because God loves me and he made me. I want to be satisfied with my Savior!!! Thanks Lysa I am so excited to read your book!!

  205. I would give the other copy to my friend Cindy. Who I know struggles just as much as me with enjoying food

  206. I am so looking forward to doing this study and allowing GOD to work on both my heart and my dress size. The 2nd copy will go to my sister and she will join me on skype for the study. Cant wait to get started.

  207. Loved reading this post. I just finished 17 weeks of classes preparing for gastric surgery. I met a woman in that class that loves the Lord like me but just struggles in this arena. We have started to meet together and I would give to her as we travel this journey together. (Neither of us has decided if we will do the surgery…we are chickens)

  208. I’d share mine with my best friend and sister Denise. She and I have both struggled this past year, both losing on a program but know we need God to take it to the next level.

  209. I would give a copy to my dear friend Sandy, who also is my dauther Kayla’s mother-in-law. We have been friends for a long time and her son and my daughter just got married in October. We both have struggled for years with our weight going up and down and up and down. Our 2 other good friends both went through weight loss surgery and have gained back some of the weight. Sandy and I are both trying to do it the old fashioned way. We both lost nice amounts before the wedding but still have those last 20 pounds left to go. These are the hardest pounds to drop for me and I know that your book would give us that extra boost to start the new year with. On a different note: I can’t wait to hear you when you come to my home town of Sioux City Iowa in January for the Compel Women’s conference.

  210. I too have those times when food seems to dominate my life and brings pleasure. Rather than focusing on the God who care for me and has given me all that I need, my focus was placed on a particular “goody.” This only brings unwanted weight, frustration and despair. When my dress size went two sizes larger, I knew I was in trouble. God has used this enlargement to make me face the fact that I need Him to control my life in EVERY area of my life, including my choice of foods. The book, “Made to Crave” has some key steps to direct me in the right path that will lead to a life fully committed to living the way of a godly woman who loves God more than food!

  211. I forgot to mention that I would give this book to a dear friend who is overweight and desiring to lose yet continues to yo-yo diet. She is a wonderful Christian and needs something that will motivate her to be fully free of the allure of chocolate and cookies.

  212. Lysa: I have a copy of Made to Crave and it has already turned my entire attitude upside down! I highly encourage each lady to get this book! If I win, I have two friends that I know would benefit.

    Most people have the head knowledge of what we should be eating, and how to go about implimenting it, but we don’t have a good enough reason to abandon ourselves to this life change. Made to Crave gives you the reason you have been searching for. Abandoning ourselves to Christ to see his glory and grow closer to Him.

  213. I’m giving the 2nd copy to Vickie. She and I met about a year and a half ago and have been spiritually connected at the sould ever since. We are excited to read and study Made to Crave and share w/the women in our church. Thanks!

  214. Well, I “accidently” found your article on what we crave. I believe God is telling me the truth. I do crave food more than him. I have allowed it to be a stronghold in my life and I want it gone. I want Jesus more than food, more than anything. Thank you so much.

    I would give the extra book to my friend, Terry Stweart, who is quite obese and not happy about it either.

  215. I just got my copy of Made to Crave in the mail last week. If I win, I’ll share these two with my best friend – like a sister, Susan and my cousin – like a sister, Jeannie (can you tell I don’t have sisters 🙂 ). I’m anxious to start reading it. I want my cravings to be for God and I want to be healthier.

  216. Lysa, as I read your words it was God using you to speak my heart. And I have newer friend, leader and mentor, Sandra, that shares this same battle so many of us do! I would love for her to be blessed by your book too! I have just finished with the “More Than Just A Good Bible Study Girl” and cannot wait to get started on this one now! I just heard about it— sooooo excited! Thank you Lysa for being “you”, being transparent and letting God speak ! (Sorry about all the “!’s”)

  217. I would love to share the second copy of the book with a friend- wait- I might need one for the car and the other for the house.:)

  218. I would give a copy to my darling daughter whom divides her time between 3 sons and husband and her pupils, where she is a Special Ecucation Teacher. She has lost her weight and regained it and is now feeling so down on herself because of it. It breaks my heart. We both need your book to learn how to turn all our problems over to God.
    Thank you Lysa for writing a book that is going to help so many of us.

  219. I’ve been thinking about ordering the book, but despite the fact that I can’t fit into anything in my closet I just got back from scoring some half off Christmas chocolate. My father fed me after my mom died years ago and I just can’t seem to kick the comfort habit. I’d share a copy with my friend Elizabeth who has lost a lot of weight, but beats herself up anytime she gains an ounce. Love your books-thanks for sharing.

  220. I would give a copy to my mom, since she has really been wanting to do this study and cant wait and then i would give the other copy to one of the girls in my bible study who really needed it and could not afford it! My mom and i always share our bible study books and then we get to discuss it together and help keep each other accountable.

  221. Lysa…I am a weight loss counslor, and have been searching for a book to help clients and myself through the process of changing our lifestyle and eating more healthy. But as I go on this journey I realize that it is much more than just making the right food choices. I desire a closer walk with Jesus and to be able to share that joy and journey with others. I would give the other book to my coworker as she too, works with many people that struggle with self worth and whom they were created for. Thank you for your gift to so many others as they find their meaning and desire to crave God more than food.

  222. I would give a copy to my mother, because she struggles with weight issues and has for a long time and i think this would be something to help her break her cycle.

  223. This looks amazing. I’d definitely share it with my girlfriend, Carrie. And after I read my copy I’d pass it along to my other girlfriend, Carol. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  224. Oh, i would love to win. I would give the second copy to a friend C., whose full name I’d rather not post. She needs it and would be grateful for the message and for the anonymity online.

  225. I would give the other book to my best friend who’s like a sister to me, Libby. And I would cherish the copy I kept!

  226. Thanks for this post. This is something I’ve been struggling with all my life. The things you were saying are exactly how I feel. If I win the book, I would want to give one to another commentor on this post. I can always pass mine on to a friend when I’m done reading, or lend it out!

  227. The friend I’d give it to is my favorite diet buddy, Cindy. We are always finding ways to be more healthy…and more spiritual. Pick me! Pick me!

  228. I would give the 2nd copy to my friend who I am supposed to be starting a “Biggest Loser” competition with in the new year!!

  229. What a wonderful, inspiring piece of your true self! Thank you for being so honest and asking that tough question of yourself and us. For anything that we depend on more than God becomes an idol in our lives and we all know what God said about those……I would give the extra copy of “Made To Crave” to my sister who has started on a weight loss journey and is looking really good and could use some spiritual inspiration to feed her soul…..Bless you in all you do Lysa……

  230. I would give my second copy to my friend, Connie. We have tried losing weight together – Biblically and otherwise for six years.

  231. Hi Lysa, If I were to win a dual copy of your book, I would definitely give one to my friend Brenda… we just bumped into each other before Christmas and she told me about a diet book she had ordered… I told her about your book and the message about replacing our craving for food with God… she sounded really interested so I would give the extra copy to her with the hopes that we could go at this journey together.

    God Bless and have a great day!! Debbie

  232. I would so appreciate a copy of your book, Two years ago when my stepson got married, I lost 75 pounds by cutting back and walking my dog. But, in the last nine months, I have put seven pounds back on, but those seven pounds feel like more. I know how easily those seven can turn into seventy. So that is why I would like your book!
    I would give the other book to my younger sister, She and her seventeen year old are morbidly obese. I remember how I felt when I read those words on my doctor’s notes about me. My sister has found out that she is a diabetic just like our mom was. She won’t take her medicine. She doesn’t test her sugar regularly. She is on oxygen all the time and she sleeps wi th sleep machine. Something has got to be done if she is going to live. Maybe this will be the answer. Thank you for your time and considerationl

  233. I would give my copy to a friend at work. She and I both have weight/food/spiritual issues. Looking forward to the webcasts!

  234. I would give a copy to my daughter. She is really struggling with weight issues. She is a young stay at home, homeschooling mom who could use the encouragement.

  235. I can’t wait to start this book myself. This is something I’ve struggled with all my life and I would give the other book to my mom who needs encouragement in this area as well.

  236. Hey Lysa- lovin the Made to Crave concept- it sounds like the answer I have needed all my life- always battling those extra pounds- always running to comfort food- and constantly striving to do it differently.

    I would give the second book to my friend Misty- she has the same battle- and as soon as I finish my copy it would go to my friend Lori- or Jo- oh, face it– we need to do this bible study as a group! What a common common issue! And I have no doubt your book will lead us to the proper God-given answers- all of your material does. God bless you, Lysa for writing this one!

  237. I would give my second copy to one of my closest friend who shares the same food “love” that I have and we have been trying to fight it for years. =)

  238. I feel your book would be great for me. I have been doing WW for over a year and just can’t seem to keep on track. I would give the other copy to my friend that is a diabetic and is thinking of getting the lapband. She has had ovarian cancer and just can’t keep her diet in check.

  239. Count me in!! I will either give the book to my friend Robin (who is pretty darn skinny but she doesn’t think so) or post it in a contest on my blog!! My wieght is so out of control like many other things in my life and I can not wait to get into this book!!


    Believing Him~Pamela

  240. I am already reading Made to Crave and I have to say that it is life changing. I am more aware of what I am eating and trying not to crave food more than God. Thank you for your book. I want my women’s ministry group at my church to do this study when the dvds and workbooks come out. Thank you, Lysa for this amazing book!

  241. Hi Lysa,

    I would give a copy to my Mom because she has lost her self confidence and she doesnt think that she can do anything about her weight. I would also ask my husband to read it with me because although he is slender he is an emotinal eater and I think this would help him to be a great spiritual head.

    Love Ya


  242. I would give a copy to my mom. She turns to food instead of God for comfort. How awesome it would be for her to lose weight & grow closer to God at the same time!

  243. Oh Lysa,

    I’m a God loving girl too, who has had victory in many other areas of my life but this weight thing…I have struggled all my life and I have tried every diet there is including straight praying and waiting but I turned 40 this year and I don’t want to spend the next 40 years in that same boat….please help me to step into the water trusting Jesus. I have been thinking about purchasing your book and all that is stopping me is the fact that I don’t have a credit card to do so and I’m here Australia. I’ve also been thinking about getting my good friend Tracey on board….we’ve known each other for about 22 years and we have prayed together for that long too, about our issues and we’ve tried a few things, but I just know that what you are saying about us need to get our soul right is right where it’s at. I would love to be able to surprise her when she returns from her Summer holiday with this amazing gift and to be able to set off in the new year with a new recreated desire to be the best we can be for Jesus!

    Love to you.

  244. I would give the other copy to my friend, Rene’. We have struggled with our weight and relationship with God for too long!

  245. I really did want to close my computer, but I knew I needed to keep reading. My kindergarten partner and I have been trying to be a help for eachother, trying to be accountable since we teamed up two years ago…problem is we, neither of us, has figured out how to release ourselves from food. I’ve been searching for the “right” prayer to ask God to help me, but keep holding onto the feeling that I won’t succeed…how do I let go? I would share the other copy with my friend and together we will beat this!

  246. I would give a copy of your book to my granddaughter. We both struggle with weight issues and “Made to Crave” could help encourage both of us to crave food less and crave God more.

  247. With just having to have shunt put in due to being overweight and being diagnosed with high BP and diabetes this book could go to a better place. I can not afford to by the book due to the cost of medical bills and medicine. I am the mother of 4 boys and want so badly to watch them grow up. I have been warned that high BP is the silent killer in women and every night when I go to sleep I pray I’ll wake the next morning. My life is falling apart right now and I need to change. I would love to win this book.

    I would give the other copy to a dear friend in Tennessee who struggles with a weight issue and I hope I never see her follow my path.

  248. What an awesome post! I would love to read this book and share it with my weight loss accountability partner, Sarah. We could read it together as we continue to find ways to support eachother on this journey.

  249. I would give the other copy to my friend Laura. We’ve been through a lot together this year and need something positive to look forward to in 2011.

  250. This program comes at the perfect time in my life. I have come to the point where I am asking God to enable me to come to the point where “He is all that I need.” I recently realized that I have some idols in my life, and over eating is definitely one of them. I turn to food for celebration, for mourning, for fun, and for comfort. It’s always there for me, no matter my mood. : D I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and was told that it would end up battling diabetes if I did not change my lifestlye. (Diabetes runs in my family.) I would love to give a copy to my best friend Angel. She and I were strangers who were paired as encouragement partners 6 years ago, when going thru devastating times in our marriages. I feel that we are both on the threshold of entering into a deeper walk with God, and of entering into new phases of our lives. I would love to be able to share yet another journey with her with Made to Crave. Thanks!

  251. I would give the other copy to my sister who lives three states away. We could work on this together, since we both have struggled w/weight issues for a long time.

  252. I would love to receive this book and would give the other to my beautiful daughter Mandy so we could both lose the baby wieght “we” gained while she was expecting my grandson 3 YEARS AGO……………………….(=

  253. I would give the second copy to my friend, Shannon. She struggles with her weight a bit (less than i ) but has had a rough year (lost a baby at 16 weeks in between two miscarriages) and I KNOW she longs to have a stronger heart towards God. (As do i!)

  254. I would give the second copy to my friend Jackie. She and I are struggling and are praying for help with emotional eating. Thanks!!

  255. I would give the other copy to my friend, Christie. She has recently been saying that she feels like she is having a relationship with food, rather than God, due to the stresses of life. Thanks and blessings to you for sharing your heart/life. ~Sandi

  256. I picked up my copy today and will start reading it as soon as I end this comment. Eventhough I have my very own copy, please enter me… I would love to share with two of my girlfriends.


  257. Wow, I think this book is REALLY inspired by GOD…There are SOOOO many of us women who use food for all of the wrong reasons…I would REALLY LOVE to win this book, I think it could really help me get a handle on WHY..?? I would give the other book to my sister, who also has a problem with using food. Thanks for ALL that you do…Jody

  258. Even if I do not win this book, I’ll be buying it. God has been showing me just how I abuse food & I really want to change this. I would give the 2nd copy to my very best friend, my sister, Lisa.

  259. I would give one copy to my friend, Tami. She has struggled with her weight all her life and she is always trying to fill her life with something. I would love her to read this book and fill herself up with the only thing that can satisfy– Our God, Creator! This would be wonderful if we could do this book together! She really struggles with a lot of issues. I know this would really help encourage her.

  260. i’d give one to my mom, as she has taught me the importance of living a healthy balanced life~~~in life, love and all that goes inbetween…

  261. I am a 59 year old pastor’s wife who has been struggling with this issue for as long as I remember. God has worked miraculously in my life helping me overcome abuse and trust issues, and I believe this is the year for my weight issue. I love how He doesn’t make us deal with all our “issues” at one time, but when He decides it’s time to deal with an issue He hits us from every direction encouraging us to trust Him and deal. I decided this year I needed to give Jesus a birthday present so I prayed and decided that the best thing He wanted for His birthday from me would be to honor Him in all I do, say, eat and also honor my husband. I’m not going to eat anything I can’t honestly thank Him for. That’s the plan. My oldest daughter would be the person I would share with as she hit 40 this year and could use a boost. Would you please let us receive some help from you, I read many of your posts and am interested in writing for Jesus too.

  262. One crisis in my life caused me to lose so much weight that I was a size 8 cos I couldn’t
    eat or sleep My spouse was thrilled even though he was the cause of my depression. He didn’t see the depression. He saw only a slim me. When a similar crisis happened a few years later, I decided to ‘punish’ him by eating. But now I am a hefty 67kg in a small frame. Coupled with problems with climbing stairs and back pains Yes, you are right. I didn’t turn to God when depression hit me both times. I would like to have a breakthrough in my life. And I would like to share this with my close fren P who has always struggled with weight problems and the consequent health issues.

  263. I would share my blessing with my best friend of 26 years. I was 22 when we met at work, and she was 32. Now I’m 47 and she’s 57, so you can imagine how much we’ve shared in our walk with the Lord! I want her to be healthier and live a long life – she’s taking care of her elderly parents, and even though the Lord promises her long life because of how she honors her parents, I also want her to have an abundant, healthy and happy life! Thanks for your site. :o)

  264. I would love to have a copy of the book, and I would give a copy to my sister, who also struggles with being over weight.

  265. Lysa, thank you for sowing powerful seeds into our lives! I am a health care professional and would like to share your book with my overweight teenage patients who are ready to make a Spiritual change. Abundant blessings to you in the New Year!

  266. I would give the second copy to my dear friend Steph, who has walked this road of figuring out our food “stuff” with me for years. I know I struggle with putting food before God and would love to read your book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  267. I would give the second copy to my friend Jen, we both struggle with weight loss and cravings. I am looking forward to reading your book and would love to read it with a friend!

  268. I would give the second copy to my sister who just lost her husband last week to ALS. This may be a good thing for both of us to focus on!

  269. I would give it to my dear friend Ashley. It is a journey we both want to take together and I think this is the perfect thing to keep us on the right road.

  270. I just heard your spot on WIBI 91.1 out of Carlilnville, IL and I went right to your website to check you out. You sound so much like me! I’d love to win a book and give one to my dear friend Leah.
    Blessings to you in this upcoming new year!

  271. Oops, if I left this already! I coughed and hit return and my comment was gone so I don’t know where it went, LOL!

    I just heard your spot on WIBI 91.1 FM out of Carlinville, IL and I went straight to your website. You sound just like me! I’d love to win one of your Crave books and I’d give one to my dear friend Leah.
    Have a blessed New Year!

  272. I would share my second book with my sister-in-law, Teresa. We both struggle with this unrestrained pleasure. And, we are both suffering health consequences as a result of our devotion to food instead of God. Thanks, Lysa!

  273. I would give the other book to my friend Grace. I think we could both use a better approach to healthy eating & living habits to stop the weight yo-yo-ing.

  274. Thanks for your openness and willingness to share publicly how God has worked in this area of your life. I would give a copy to my dear friend who is part of my weekly prayer/accountability group. We walk alongside each other through thick and thin. While I currently do not struggle with food addiction (that was 25 yrs. ago), I know how easy it is to put other things before God.

  275. I would give the 2nd copy to my best friend-my sister. We are very close and always dealing with the same struggles as we are only a year apart in age.

  276. I would share my copy with my husband – we are both desperate for a change in the weight department – he has diabetes and needs to for that, but we also want to be healthy for our girls for years to come and healthy for each other, as well as for whatever purpose God has planned for us. My 2nd copy, I’d share with either my mother-in-law, who has tried every diet known to man over the years I’ve known her (13) and many before that time, I’m sure or my sister who struggles with eating (but not being overweight so her obsession with food is different) but who is also not a Christian and who I’ve been trying to help see God’s unconditional love for her as she battles self-esteem and self-image issues regularly.

  277. I would give one to my co-worker Jackie so we could read together and encourage each other! Either way I am looking forward to reading your book!

  278. I would give one to my best friend, Sharon. She and I have struggled together for many years trying to figure out why we can not loose weight. We have cried together, went to every diet class and taken every diet pill and it always seems like there is a road block. I think that you are right that we do love and rely on food more than God. I want this to be the year we both give it all to God and rely on him and not the food.

  279. I would share a copy with my sister in law. Actually she is more like a sister. For the last ten years she and I both have been doing the dieting yoyo game! Everytime I read a snippet about your book I am more convinced that my struggle is not that I haven’t found the right diet but that I have not surrender that part of my life to God. Thank you for writing a book that speaks so clearly to me! You are such a gifted writer. Your blog is my favorite. I look forward to 2011 and the journey we will be on together!

  280. This post is just what I needed to hear. I would love to win the book. I would give the second copy to my friend Kristina.

  281. It’s amazing how many of us struggle in this area – the volume of posts in this short time is testament to that! While I’ve recently been able to refocus my eating habits and lost quite a bit of weight, I think that Lysa’s insights will help me to continue this journey and to be successful to fill that void with spiritual food for the long-term… which is prob’ly what we’ve all been craving all along.
    I’d share a copy with my friend Lisa.

  282. You’ve really hit the nail on the head. When I operate with this mindset, I do well. Unfortunately, just like the children of Israel in the Bible, I forget–the help God provides, the promises He gives, the glory He deserves, and the blessings He bestows for obedience. I would like to get back to the place of obedience again–one copy would be read by me, and the other would be a sort of “loaner” to the many who, like me, need the encouragement to get back into the “race”: sisters who have shared their desire to do just that right along with me this year. Making a one week loan to each one of them would provide a serious Jump start and then they can get their own copy:)

  283. this sounds just like something I need to hear. I would give a second copy to my mom and sister to share.

  284. I would give a copy to my girlfriend Glenda. We did Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl together in a womens bible study. She usually has a hard time keeping up with all of the reading but this time she said “Shan, do you have any of Lysa’s other books? She is so easy to read…it is like have a conversation with a friend. I would LOVE to give her a copy!!

  285. This is something I have struggled with for years – the comfort of food rather than seeking the Comforter. And I know a young women who has been experiencing the same struggle – we would both really benefit from this book.

  286. As I was reading I was thinking I need to print this to give to my friend Kim, winning a copy of the book would be even better!!

  287. One of my best friends just had lapband surgery, but she already worries it isn’t working. I would give her one and share the other with my summer swimming friend, as we support and encourage each other in our weight loss efforts.

  288. With my sister having six children she loves to make tasty and fun foods for her family.
    Unfortunately that provides her with plenty of snacks and food tasting that add up to too many calories over time. She desires to lose weight yet it doesn’t happen. As her sister I too would like to see her healthy and happy ! This book sounds like it would provide some helpful encouragement to get back on track spiritually and physically!!
    Joyful blessings…….~Sandie

  289. I would give a copy to my friend Char who lives in MN a long way away from me just now. She a and I both fight the battle of relying too much on food for things it was not meant for.

  290. I would give one to my sister Elizabeth – unfortunately she equates her worth very closely with her current weight – very unhealthy! She constantly helps others find the Lord in their most difficult life struggles… but she and I both seek comfort and satisfaction in food! We can relate to Lysa’s story!

  291. I think most women can relate to this topic on at least some level. I’m looking forward to this book.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win. I would give the second copy to my Women’s Fellowship for all to pass around, read, discuss, and then encourage one another!

  292. I really enjoyed the video clips and blog. I lost a bunch of weight years ago with The WeighDown Diet. I kept it off until I went through a challenging pregnancy with my fourth very-close-together child. I was so stressed and unhappy that first year after he was born (and kinda blamed God for my situation) that I used food to make me feel better. I’ve struggled ever since with a steadily-increasing body size and distance between God and I. I would love to read your book. I would give the other copy to a good friend who is also our worship director at church. She has struggled and is currently overcoming an alcohol addiction and we have talked a few times about doing a book study together.

  293. I would share a copy with my friend Andrea. She is working on the weight loss…I need to change my eating habits and those of my tween and teen daughters. By the way, I got your book “Am I messing Up My Kids?” for Christmas. I requested it as a gift! I am using it for one of my daily devotionals…love it!! Bless you, dear Christian sis.

  294. This is maybe the third time in the space of a few days that I’ve been lead to something relating to food and cravings and all that sort of thing – I guess God’s trying to tell me something…it’s just awfully hard to listen. So what do I do about this? I want to please the Lord above all else, but I don’t know how to do that in this area of my life =S

  295. This is definitely something that I need to learn more about!

    I would share with my friend Danielle – we walk together and are trying to be healthier.

  296. I would love to share this book with my friend, Debbie. We will be traveling together to PA (from SC) in March to see Lisa at a women’t conference at my step-Mom’s church. We both struggle with the issues surrounding food.

  297. I would give the second book to my cousin Ginny. We have both struggled for years with our weight. We have been Christians for years, but she is recently trying to get her life back on track. We have tried to be each others support, but have never thought of looking at this problem from God’s point of view. I think this book would be a huge help to both of us at this point in our lives. Obviously what we are doing is not the correct thing, so it is time to give it to the One who can handle the issue and try not to take it back.:-)

  298. I would give a copy to my mom, we both have food issues, it’s been such a struggle, it has affected our health, we really need help… thanks for all you do. jacki

  299. I’d give a copy to my friend Beth who introduced me to your ministry and encouraged me to become “more than a good Bible study girl.”

    I am “becoming . . . ” and I feel like the Made to Crave message can help in this process.

    Thank you for offering such a blessed gift!

  300. My best friend is my long-distance sister. She has diabetes and this
    would enable us to have accountability with each other, albeit long distance.

  301. I would give it to my friend. We have been doing a First Place study together for a couple of years and continue even though I have moved far away.

  302. I would give the second copy of your book to my mom. We have both struggled with weight for quite some time. I’ve tried several “fab” diets throughout the years and she has even tried Jenny Craig but gained everything back (and then some). I look forward to reading the book and changing my lifestyle!

  303. Oh yes, I can relate. I have been in bed for a large part of the last 2 years because of illness and I have packed the pounds on. Nothing fits anymore. I would give the second book to my dearest friend who walks in great spiritual authority. Yet in this area of her life, she just can not get the victory and she ends up beating herself up as a failure. I know the Lord does not see either of us in that way. God bless!

  304. I would give the 2nd copy to my friend Nickie — she & I both struggle with this issue and she is als struggling with her walk with Christ right now.

  305. I would give it to my friend Chamaine. Her and I are in the same boat when it comes to weight. She is the one who encouraged me to find your website and I’m so glad she did. Now I’d like a way to encourge her:) Thanks for the chance.

  306. “When pleasure becomes unrestrained…” This is so much of how I view food. I’ve never thought about it in these terms before. I’ve already resolved to make some changes and I think this will give me the “oomph” behind it that I need. I would share a copy of the book with my Mom, as I inherited some of my appetite for life from her.

  307. To my precious friend Sam. She and I both struggle with weight issues. So grateful to have found your website.

  308. We all need a little help. Not sure who would get the other one. I know that I would think of the right person. Maybe my boss.

  309. I have the book. I have not been able to put it down, I have read it 3 times. Today is my first day of not indulging and beginning this spiritual journey. This book would be in the hands of my sister who also struggles with overeating and I would give the other copy to my TOPS pal….year after year, we have not been able to win this battle…and now I can see clearly why.

  310. I would read this book with my mom and my daughter (I know, you said one other person) but eating issues are as hereditary in my family as the dimples in our cheeks and the freckles on our noses and I want it to stop. I am seeing my mother gain more and more weight, I had to resort to drastic measures to rid myself of the weight (surgery) and now my 14 year old daughter is talking ashamed of the body she has and is turning to food, just like her mom. It has to stop and the only One who stops generational curses is God. So, whether I win or not, we are reading your book together and taking this journey together. Thank you Lysa. Once again your writing has opened up a dark corner of our hearts and shown God’s light into it.

  311. I would give the copy to my youngest sister who has struggled with weight and her relationship with God. I know this book would help her at a critical stage in her life. This book and study could strengthen not only our relationship with God but with one another as well. Thank you!!

  312. I would share a copy with my Sister-in-law. She has been a great support system for me in spite of us living hundreds of miles apart. in the past 3 years we have dealt with numerous family losses on both sides, We have lost a mother, brother and a father. Food has been our comfort. We both struggle with food issues, but she helps keep me accountable. The minute I found made to crave I thought of her. We will together learn to focus on our relationship with our father, not food.

  313. I would give the 2nd copy to my sister who would read it with me so that we could encourage each other to break through this strong hold of terrible eating habits we inherited.

  314. I would give the 2nd copy to my BFF, who since her divorce 3 years ago has struggled with weight and has been using food as a way to avoid the emotions caused from the divorce.

  315. I would share a copy with my mom. We both have been through a lot in our lives and she turns to food to deal with her emotions and sadly, I have learned to do the same thing. Although she doesn’t know it, my mom has not only taught me to turn to food to deal with my emotions, but also the constant negative self-talk that I do too frequently. My mom has had problems with her weight for as long as I can remember and has constantly belittled herself and I fear I am following in her footsteps. I have tried to change my habits and get her involved (sharing tips, websites, etc. that I have found), but it has done little good. I would really like for my mom and I to start the New Year with a new outlook on life and ourselves.
    God Bless you and all of the women (and guys, if I missed any) who have entered to win the books. I hope we all can change our lives for the better this upcoming New Year. =)

  316. I would give a copy to my prayer partner Val. We love to read Christian books & sometimes swap books. And we both have a strong desire to follow God more & get healthier.

  317. For my wonderful girlfriend, Angie, I would give anything – but lately not my last chocolate chip cookie! This year, I vow to give up the last cookie – AND – if I win, the second copy of Made to Crave, to my wonderful sister in Christ who encourages me every day!

  318. I would give the other copy to my mom. She and I both struggle and are both trying to overcome the desire and reliance on food instead of God.

  319. I would give a copy to my mom. We’ve been through a lots of ups and downs this year in regards to our weight and she has been there for me in one of the hardest situations in my life this year.

    Either way, I’m definitely purchasing the book.:) Can’t wait to read it!!!

  320. I would LOVE to win these books! I have a couple of friends in mind that I would like to share this with…I would have to make a decision!

  321. I would give a copy to my friend Julie, she and I are prayer partners…long distance prayer partners. We both struggle with our weight, she also has diabetes and has been making progress getting her sugar levels down. They are the lowest they have been in 10 years. She is my best friend and this would be something she and I could do together even though we now live in seperate states.

  322. Wow! Did this post ever hit me tonight. I have spoken to a dear friend, Kelly, in depth of my great struggles with weight. She and I have agreed to help each other and motivate each other. We have toyed with ideas for motivation and food plans but I had been wondering how to pray and involve the Lord into my weight issue journey. I definitely would give Kelly a copy and we could journey through the book together.

  323. I know it doesn’t really matter what I tell you, yet, I am sitting here really thinking about who I would want to share this with: my bible study pals? someone who should be in my study group? keep one on my kitchen counter and one at my bedside? I think I will have to just wait for the first opportunity to present itself, then be ready to open my heart and share!

  324. This book is ideal for me! It spoke directly to my heart! It was a book that was needed a very long time ago. I would give the secong book to my sister-in-law who struggles with the same things I do.

  325. I’d give the second copy to my mom; we’ve both struggled with weight for most of our lives — sometimes victoriously, but more often than not, not.

  326. Hi, thanks for the opportunity to win!! I am ready to make this change in my eating habits and would love to share this book with my best friend Marianne.

  327. So very familiar with where my mind continues to go! I constantly think about my weight. 2 years ago I lost 50 pounds and I have gained back 65! I’m at my heaviest weight ever. I don’t look at myself in the mirror anymore. I have pictures of my “skinny self” for motivation taped to the same mirror I no longer look at. I tell myself every night when I go to bed that tomorrow is a new day. I will start fresh in the morning. Well tomorrow never comes. I have declined activities with friends and loved ones because of my weight. Some of them haven’t seen me in 2 years and they know the skinny Kaaren. I don’t want them to see me like this. I don’t want to see myself like this. My husband no longer wants to be intimate with me. Even though he has never said it was because of my weight, I know it is. When I was a size 2 (yes, 2 years ago, today, size 18) he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. How do I quit obsessing about my weight? When I was a size 2 I was more confident and I could accomplish anything. I know God has so much planned for me. He wants me to be happy and enjoy life. I pray that I find peace with my body and can begin to conquer my food addictions. I downloaded Made to Crave on my iPad 2 days ago. I haven’t started reading it yet, but I will start tonight. Thank you Lysa and all of you other ladies who posted.

  328. I forgot to tell you who I would give the other copy to. I would give it to my cousin, her name is Lysa too! We both need to overcome the obsession with food.

  329. Struggle everyday with the lie that food will make me feel better. I know better and am determined by stepping out each day in faith that I can live free of this lie. I would give a copy to a close friend.

  330. It would definitely go to my best friend Deanna. We are determined battle & win in 2011 & winning this would help us get started on the right path

  331. As I was reading this, before I got to the giveaway notice, I was thinking how lovely it would be to give a copy of this to my dear friend Sue, who with her honesty concerning her own struggles has helped me see my own use of food as a shelter.

  332. One for me, one for my Mom. We are both carrying more pounds than we want. I’m not really doing anything about it, but she has been trying and not really getting anywhere for about 3 years.

  333. Ok, I couldn’t wait so I went ahead, got a copy and read it through in 3 days. I loved every part of it and could relate to every piece of it. I’m ready to lose those pounds one day at a time turning to God for my strength. I gave my copy to my son. As strange as this may sound he doesn’t have a weight problem, he chews tobacco. I told him to replace the words diet and food with tobacco and apply the principals. He has tried to stop so many times why not apply the same concept-Satisfy your deepest desire with God, not tobacco. If I had two more copies I would give one to my sister who has battled the bulge for 30 years and one to a dear friend who has been diagnoised as a diebetic, but can’t stay with the diet. Her mom died as a direct result of this disease and she is fearful that she too will fall in the same path. I think this book could change her life.

  334. I’m SO excited to begin this Bible study and listen to the weekly webcasts! I would give away BOTH copies, one to my daughter and one to my dear friend Mardi. (I’ll just share the one with my daughter) I want her to know now, early in her adult life, that there is so much in God to crave and food doesn’t “replace” anything in life! It’s here to nurture us not to control us. Can’t wait!

  335. I would give one to my friend who has struggled with weight her entire life. She equates her self-worth to the numbers on the scale. She needs this…just as i do.

  336. I would give the 2nd copy to a lady in my church who is struggling with health issues because of her weight. I’d also like to use the DVDs in a ladies’ group at church; we’ve talked about wanting to put God as the focus, the number 1 priority, and I think using these DVDs together as a group would help us and allow us to encourage one another.

  337. I would give a copy to my daughter. I really want to focus on God above everything else in my life. And my daughter needs this too because of so many issues and struggles right now.

  338. After giving birth to 4 children in 5 years I am at my heaviest weight ever and have been unable to lose the weight. I have tried it all. My husband lost 20 lbs during his support of my attempts, but I have seen no change. I have a friend who has been an encouragement to me and I would give the second copy to her. She even went walking with me after dark all spring and early summer. Perhaps together we could make the changes we so desperately need with this book.

  339. That really articulates what I sort of already knew, but had been telling myself was unimportant. Thank you for this. I would give the other copy to my sister-in-law/best friend, Kacey.

  340. I am realizing more and more the importance of my weight loss journey actually becoming a spiritual journey. I have 100 pounds to lose. I would love to have a copy of this book and I would give the second copy to my friend Karen. She and I have shared our struggles over many years – how wonderful it would be to share this with her.

  341. I would love to share a copy with my mother in law. She had lap band surgery a year ago but has not lost any weight, but has not gained. She knows she needs a jump start and I think this book would be perfect!

  342. I would give a copy to my friend Kimberlee she posted this on her facebook page and the description intrigued me to read it. I never really stuggled with my weight until I went through a horrible bout of depression and used it to numb my feelings. Now I’m looking at the scale knowing I must do something with it but my head is spinning at where to begin.

  343. I would love to have this book. I too, have struggled with weight and depression for most of my adult life. I would give the other book to my friend Tosha, that I work with. We have promised to help each other in the coming year with these issues. What a blessing it would be to let God take a leading role in our endeavors. I pray that each person that reads this blog will use the grace of God to overcome their addictions, no matter what they may be.

  344. I would love to have the book and would give the other to my friend Katie. She and I both are in a place with God spiritually that we are wanting to have more of Him. We are starving spiritually and can’t seem to get past the hump of death and tragedy that has continued to impair our local church body. We want to start our new year out seeking God and “craving” HIM more than food. Because like all of us we feed our bodies physically when it is empty emotionally and spiritually.

  345. I would give the copy to a friend of mine whose own blog has inspired me to become a healthier me. She is able to openly talk about her struggles…many of which I have experienced myself, but have never been able to put into words for others to hear.

  346. I am about to be 50 years old and I really need to stop using excuses. I need to be closed to my God and I really need to lose my weight. I would share the other copy with Lucille–she is a nurse who needs to be a healthier example for patients.

  347. Hi all,
    I am probably too late as usual but I would share the second copy with my daughter. Unfortunately I have probably been the one who has passed on this relationship to her.
    My relationship with food has always been one area of my life I have tried to fix. It instead of God has taken more of my waking moments than I would like to admit. I have unfortunately passed this on to my daughter who also struggles with her weight. Burying your emotions by eating has been a learned behavior for her because on my examples over the years.
    Thanks Lysa, for giving me the courage to examine the real reason I have always struggled with my weight.

  348. I’d give this book to my friend S; she’s struggling against her weight and needs motivation to continue to be disciplined about eating. Thanks for the chance to win.

  349. Lisa,
    I have just read your “Honestly” devotional today and was also made aware of Made to Crave, the book. Finally, someone who was willing to say out loud what most of us whisper to ourselves. “Food is an idol in my life at times, (a lot of times)” I have been recently successful in a weight loss program, and am feeling well, physically. But my mind is constantly consumed with what to eat, what not to eat, how much I just ate, how much I didn’t eat, etc. How I long to be free! I have conversations with my wonderful friend Kim, numerous times about what we must do to live out healthy lives that honor God. We both know that this book is something that will shed some light on how we can, follow your example and as you so beautifully wrote, “recalibrate our souls so that we can change our outlook on food for the right reasons”. I long to taste the Peace that comes from God that satisfies my soul. My desire is to give this book to Kim, so that we can experience this journey together and perhaps get honest with others who are struggling and recognize the cries of our spirutally hungry souls.

  350. I’d give the 2nd copy either to Shannon. she and I struggle with this issue together; we could use some hope together.

  351. I would gift the second book to my dear friend and co-worker Angela. As a New Year’s present I just purchased the book “The 17 Day Diet” for both of us (I heard about this book on Dr. Phil) and this book would help us on our journey to a healthier, happier life, not only physically but most important spiritually. Thank you and God Bless in 2011.

  352. I would give a copy to my friend Tyra. She got the dreaded ‘diabetes’ diagnosis last month and we are trying to encourage each other every day in our weight loss battles, even though we live 3000 miles apart.

    Thank You Lysa! I believe this is truly what I need to get me on the right track. God Bless!!

  353. I used another Christian based program and lost 90 pounds. The concepts are very similar and I know it works. I need to jump start the remaining 30 pounds I need to lose and this sounds like another wonderful program that will work. I would give the other book to my friend Colleen who is on this journey with me!

  354. This sounds fabulous! Your comment about shallow desires producing shallow efforts really hit home. I know that I need to make changes to make God the true focus of my daily life. I just don’t know how.

    I’d give the other copy to my dear friend Kristi.

  355. I have purchased a copy for myself to start a study group but I would give a copy to a daughter and a friend to help them get started. That way I would have at least 2 in my study group just to start it off.

  356. Dear Lysa:
    I would enjoy reading your book and I would give the second copy to my dear friend, Leslie, who struggles as I do, with unhealthy eating habits, weight gain, self-loathing, and depression.
    I was fortunate enough to have met you in Fernandina, FL, at a Woman’s Retreat where you spoke a few years ago. I know you are a gifted speaker and author.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  357. Lysa,
    I just heard about your book this week and it sounds GREAT. I would give a copy to my sister Jenny who also CRAVES. I was able to lose 32 pounds of the total 80+ pounds I need to lose in 2010 but the holidays got me craving again and it’s been hard to get back on the healthy eating wagon. It’s amazing the power food can have over me and my brother and sisters. I need to crave the Lord more and food less! Thanks for the opportunity.
    God Bless,