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Melissa Michaels is the NY Times Bestselling author of Love The Home You Have and The Inspired Room book. Her blog, The Inspired Room, was voted Better Homes & Gardens Readers' Favorite decorating blog in 2014 and 2015. Melissa is a church planter's wife and a mom to three human kids and...

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  1. What a beautifully written post! I n ever looked at that verse that way before. Thanking for bringing to light words I needed to hear in the right time in my life. I read your blog and L.O.V.E. IT!!! Thank you for all you do,

  2. Wow! Melissa! What a great reminder! I was just feeling this way this week (which led to me rearranging all the furniture in the living room)! As a fellow pastor’s wife, I know that this time of year can become SO crowded with doing things for Christmas that we miss out on some of that beautiful stillness! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Great post!

    I just spent 6 weeks going thru years worth of accumulated stuff (we have five adult children) to decide what we would get rid of and what we would store. We had a renter for our house (just haven’t gotten the buyer to come along yet!) and were downsizing to the apt we have in FL for a few years. As I gave away, threw away, and packed away I couldn’t believe the freedom I felt from being “out from under”all the stuff! There was a new-found peace instead! Then my kids wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas…I just couldn’t imagine getting more stuff!

    I agree with you…we don’t have room in our lives for Christ when we have too much stuff. Trying to start the new year off from a new place…literally and figuratively. Can’t wait to fill my life with Christ, instead of more things!

  4. Karen,

    Your comment sounded like my story. Last year the best present I gave our family was to rent a dumpster and we off loaded the attic and several closets. It was one more step in a journey that God had started 2 years before. Getting rid of my clutter has been SOOOO liberating and we have just done it one step at a time.

    Much to the dismay of my family, I don’t want my old ‘stuff’ replaced with new ‘stuff’ … so for Christmas I have asked for a goat for a family in Africa and the gift of time — for coffee, lunch, a movie.

  5. Melissa,

    What a beautifully written, perfectly timed post. One of the best I’ve read. We moved into a BIGGER home and yet I am experiencing exactly what you describe. Thank you for helping me clear my head, heart and home and make room at the inn.

    Your Friend,

  6. I am in constant state of decluttering my home. To others it appears we have no cluttter. My husband sometimes reminds me I have to stop or we will have nothing left. I long for a minimalist home. It’s funny because I don’t mind clutter in the homes of others. I enjoy their homy environment, but there are many times I walk into this house and just feel overwhelmed with stuff. It represents to me the contstant over consumerism in our c ulture and wears me down when i think of the major needs of others in our world. Why do I have so much and they so little? It tears me up. So I grab garbage bags and I sack up items for charity, for the garabage and another bag for put away and see if we miss it, then it goes to chairty or craigslist if it hasn’t been touched (mostly kids toys here). God recently put on my heart to donate any $$ earned from selling items. I feel overwhelming frustration during my decluttering moments but then when I’m finished with what I can do on the moment, I feel free, room to breathe. Only recently have I realized that this constant need to declutter is more about needing to clear out space in my life and my heart not just the objects around me. More about needing to simplify what I do with my life to make more room for the important things. I never thought of it being about making more room for Jesus, clearing it out so there is room at my Inn. Thank you for your insights. Now as I declutter throughout my lifetime I will hold deeply in heart that I’m making more room for Him and I will focus on praying while I do so.

  7. I have been feeling this very thing! So I have decided to take on the heart of Anna the prophetess. Anna that was in the temple when Mary and Joseph came to dedicate Jesus to the God.

    I am going to hold him close to my heart, and look in his face, and remember his provision for me. I’m going to sing of his goodness.

  8. Melissa,

    I can totally relate. I have been feeling the same way. To have too much stuff takes so much of my time, and effort not to mention adding stress to life. When I clear out the clutter I can physically rest, but most of all I can fully give my attention to the Lord and my soul is at rest!

    Thanks so much for this post. Its exactly where I am at in life right now!
    God Bless You

  9. What a perfect analogy that everyone can relate to — the clutter in our homes matching the clutter of our inner homes. Your words went right into my heart. How many mornings do I cut short my meditation/prayer time because I’m distracted by all the things I think I have to do? I mean really, think about it. I’m actually choosing to go start the dishwasher instead of spending just a few more minutes with God!

    Your post reminds me that there is absolutely nothing more important than exactly what the Bible says — seeking first the kingdom of God.

  10. Such a great reminder! We’ve been saying “no” to lots this season and I am amazed how much more peaceful and thoughtful the whole family has been. We’ve really tried to focus on what’s most important, and then the rest slide. Today, for me that means sitting quietly by the fire, listening to Christmas hymns!

  11. I’ve been thinking along the same lines… life is too full of things that don’t really matter in the long scheme of things-
    I’ve made a resolve this year and to put into practice, to do what truly matters most.
    I think true happiness comes only by making others happy- the practical application of the Saviors doctrine of losing one’s life to gain it. I too feel whenever things become over whelming are usually when I’ve taken care of more of the world things and not of Christ.
    Thanks for this post- perfect timing.
    Have a Merry Christmas

  12. When I see only goals, and me, and what I can do to make them happen, I wedge him out. When I consider problems to needing fixing, and go about the repair – without him – I do the same. A hurt that I keep to myself, a silence instead of prayer, it pushes Our Lord away. Not enough room in my Inn.

    But it’s even worse. The Inn? It belongs to him, it’s his home, so not only am I telling him he can’t come in – but really more like – you have to leave. As you said, “I don’t want Jesus to be sent away because I have no room.”

    Thank you.

  13. You touched on exactly how I have been feeling this Christmas season Melissa. I have allowed some extra ‘stuff’ to eat up my time and lost focus on what is truly ‘my heart’. My Lord and Savior. I want Him to have room at ‘my’ Inn….and I tend to become so busy that I rush through the day and forget to stop and really meditate on what it’s all about. Not just at Christmas, but all year long….

    You inspire me girl. and you are LOVED.


  14. Loved your honesty and I can relate! (We also downsized, have three of our four kids away at school, and I am constantly trying to get rid of the excess stuff.) You reminded me of the book “My Heart, Christ’s Home”. I hope I’m making room for Jesus like you are…

  15. I know a bit about how you feel. I feel like we are surrounded by so much unnecessary excess , and I am struggling with it. We are currently in the process of getting rid of things around the house that we don’t even look at, much less use. One of the biggest struggles is not spending on unneeded things, but instead an issue is receiving so many things that we would rather keep out. But how do we lovingly refuse things? We do clear out things and donate or give to charity a couple of times a year. That process is always refreshing and … well, cleansing. One of the main points is to guard against becoming to attached to *things.* But also be thankful for any that we have.

    I love this: “I don’t want Jesus to be sent away because I have no room. I want Him here. I want to make more room for Him.”

  16. Finally! Somebody is making sense of the words inside my head. I’ve had this feeling of not having peace in my home. I know my priorities are out of whack. I am so glad I read your post about Sarah’s Farmhouse and saw the link to this page… because this is what I needed to read today. I know this was a word for me from the LORD. He used you to minister to my heart today.
    Thanks so much.

    • Thanks for sharing that (you and others who have shared on this post!0, sometimes it is hard to put my heart out there and I wonder if I am going to sound crazy or not! It is always such a relief to know that even if I do sound crazy, my craziness ministers to others, and in turn they minister to me by sharing that they relate!! It is good to have other women out there who can challenge and inspire us to do better!

      Many Christmas blessings everyone!

  17. Thanksgiving is over and I am now in a shopping coma. I’m sitting in our family room and just counted 44 shelves in our built-in wall unit and I’m coming unglued! The clutter and mountains of books are driving me bonkers! I was just thinking about taking it all down and starting over with ONLY WHAT I LOVE! What do I do with all of the leftover books and odds and ends that I still like and don’t want to get rid of? I need a decorating closet, but no go in this old house! I too want to make do with less and make more space for Jesus in my life – chasing peace!

    • Boy, how stingy do I feel after reading all the heart-warming posts. Hello Goodwill, goodbye hoarder’s heart!