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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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  1. Sarah Mae…my husband and I were discussing this tonight…the pain, the heavy laden cloud that we struggle with even knowing how to hand over…i said, “will it always be like this?” and silence fell upon us because we don’t have the answers.

    but, yes, triumph will come. healing with come. restoration will come.

    • Melissa, the kicker is, we don’t really know how it will come in this world. Faith is stretched, but God is so big and surprising that maybe one day we’ll look back and just say, “whoa.”

  2. Thank you for this, I love the song and this artists voice! 3 yrs ago I started talking with someone at church about some issues and the picture that was painted for me was of a very deep ravine between two very large mountains. I had fallen to the bottom of the ravine and had to make some hard choices a. go back up the side I had fallen from b. stay at the bottom or c. swim across the raging river in front of me to climb up the other side. My vision was that on top of the other side was the cross and I wanted so despirately to get to the top of that ravine and sit at the foot of the cross! It looked and felt so incredibly impossible! Then someone said to me that the cross is not at the top of the mountain waiting for you, the foot of the cross is right where I was sitting in the bottom of that ravine and was propped against the side of the mountain I needed to climb. The cross was my ladder to the top and it was big enough that anywhere along the way I could stop and just sit down and rest for as long as I needed to. I just needed to take the first step into the river and simply trust God. Something I struggle with daily.

    I had forgotten that image until I read this post and heard this song and the verse “Lord, these shoes are gonna need some help…..” I am happy to say that I did take that first step and I have been climbing that cross to the top ever since. I’ve slid down a few times but have always gotten up and kept going and I have seen the work of God in my life for it!


  3. Sarah Mae…. this is a post filled with such HOPE IN OUR SAVIOR! Thanks girl! I’m going to recommend this post to my friends!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  4. Thanks Sarah Mae. This is definitely a wonderful word this morning…there’s a few of these wounds…some from grief of loved ones lost…some from rejection in playing the fool…some from the lies spoken about who you are from people that you love and truly do love you…some from the precious, tender who have been unspeakably hurt…

    oh for the Day…I long with you…thanks for this too:) hugs, Abby:)

  5. It is hard when we don’t see the fruit. We must stand in the Truth that He IS at work within us. And what a glorious moment it is when He allows us to stand overlooking a vista that reveals exactly what He is building in us as we journey up the mountain. It gives us courage to take the first step of the next part of the climb.

  6. Oh Sarah Mae, you bless my heart! Thank you. Some old hurts I thought I’d licked have come screaming out of no where lately and it has been ugly. Thank you for your encouraging words! ♥♥♥


  7. I was just looking for her cd a few minutes ago…I haven’t even listened to it yet! Evidently I need to go find it NOW. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the wounds surrounding Momma’s death, and the things I learned about that I’m not sure I wanted to know. My wounds are not years old, but they have taken a lifetime to form. I know God is bigger than our wounds…and yet sometimes I think He will heal everyon but me.

    Yep…gonna go find that cd. : )

  8. I notice a trend with how things work and it’s no accident – God works in seasons. Just when we tired or complacent, the next season comes upon us – whether it’s the next step in the healing process (even if it’s a baby step), or a season when joy comes in the morning…every morning. Either way, the seasons are always changing. But one thing remains the same…we never stay in the same place. We either move forward, or go backward. The key is to keep moving forward, no matter how small the steps are. In fact, I think the smaller the steps, the better, because those small steps build upon one another with greater success–as long as we keep hold of the hand of God.

    (((Sarah Mae))) we need to connect! When things settle down, let me know and I’ll send you off an email 🙂 It was such a blessing to embrace you at Relevant. God is amazing!

  9. Thank you. I have felt so heavy with a pain in my heart for 9 months now…yes day by day it gets easier, but still it’s there, it always seems to be there, hiding in a corner but there. I wish it would just go away…and after reading this I can now have hope that it will go away. ..and my soul will be healed,. I am so glad I clicked this link. My soul is gonna get there one day ♥ Thank you Sarah Mae

  10. This touched my heart to the core today. These words are beautiful. Thanks for the reminder to just keep holding, reaching, climbing.

  11. Thank you for this post. When I seem to make steps forward I take leaps back to where I once was…it can be a vicious cylce. This post gave me hope again!

  12. So easy to believe on the other side, huh? Now that i’ve had a few deep wounds to heal, i hope that i’ll always have that hope even in the dark times. And, i wish that my friend, E, could believe this.

  13. This means more to me than I could ever express.

    It was just yesterday when I asked aloud, “when will this ever stop hurting!?”

    Thank You. I have found comfort in your words.

  14. 1. I definitely have figurative scars that I get frustrated are STILL not gone yet.

    2. That first song in the player “You’ve Got a Home” was really pretty.

  15. Ah, such a beautiful post, Sarah Mae. Oh, how I love me some (in)courage bloggers, fans, friends…. I pray for this community, daily.

    I will stay at the bottom of Mr. proverbial mountain; cheering, and boosting those that need it, until the rapture.

    c’mon girls lets do this……..

  16. Sarah mae,
    You know, each and every day is a struggle, and we are continually taking one step and falling back two. What we cannot see is that he is right there along side us, even when we slip, reaching out a hand to steady us, to point out a rocky area, to share beautiful view. It is up to us to reach out to Him, to listen for His voice and His leading, as His ultimate goal is for us to reach that mountaintop stronger and more full of faith than we can ever comprehend!
    Great song!

  17. Sarah Mae, these words are ones from a true friend. During the hard days, when it feels like some things won’t ever change, just hearing a voice who says it will, makes a world of difference. Keep pouring, Sarah Mae… Love, Bonnie

  18. This is one of my fave songs on Christa’s CD – my husband’s too. We play it over and over. I agree – Lisa H’s visual is a wonderful picture of God’s presence, all-consuming grace and His deep, deep love for us (while we were STILL sinners, Christ died for us).

  19. Within my time left on this Earth as I await the Lords decision if he wants me to come home or will He leave me awhile….this song blessed my heart so much.

    Thank-you to the author of the music and song

    SIC from Alberta Canada

    PS in reference to “My soul is going to get there one day”

  20. Beautifully written Sarah Mae. I love the song that uses those words “It’s the Climb”.
    Thank you for your transparency. You blog reaches many women who need encouragement to be real and to heal!
    I read your home blog today and also appreciate your brave story of a past abortion.
    You God Girl!
    God is using you in a big way,