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I'm a pastor's wife who is passionate about sharing God's grace because I have been LAVISHED with it. I'm also passionate about my family, decorating, fashion, southern pecan coffee, and chocolate.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Cyndi, I love the timeless truths you’ve shared here today. I especially love your advice about taking things one day at a time. Even though I’m a military wife accustomed to change, I’ve been known to borrow trouble concerning unknown futures. You remind me God has it all covered and I can rest in His constant arms regardless of swirling changes! Thank you!

  2. I would not trade for anything the lessons I’ve learned from loss. I didn’t ask for those losses and if I could undo them, I would, but since I can’t, the lessons are held close. You have written well. Thank you for taking them to heart and for sharing them.

  3. Thank you Cyndi for the wisdom and reminders in your message. Today is my Dad’s birthday, he has been with the Lord for 11 years now, and of course I still miss him. Lord, help us to learn to live in today and seek your face. Amen.

  4. Cyndi, I needed to hear this today, in this moment, thank you. I’m battling some fears about potential changes. Notice I said “potential”. I am focusing on what may happen and it’s distracting me from what blessings today holds. And, I needed to be reminded that in Him is all the security I need.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, your mother sounds like an amazing woman who touched each life she knew. Thank you for sharing with us today.

    Lord bless you,

  5. Cyndi,

    I, too, lost my mother in August 2009. For me, though, it was a blessing as she had battled dementia, sundowners, and alzheimer’s for about 3 years and was in ill health.

    Thanks for sharing the words of wisdom that came straight from your heart. Loss and change is never easy, but rest assured God is always there for us.

  6. I lost my mom too, and it’s amazing how much it can rock your world and remind you how fragile the life is we are given. Praying you see grace through the storm and have a library of memories to enjoy!


  7. Thank you for sharing and for growing through your change and loss. I, too, lost my mother in 2010 from a lengthy illness. And my word for this year is change. So I am choosing to grow through change with my heart focused on the Ultimate Family Reunion and by embracing each day knowing that God will never change, leave, or disappoint me. Bless you!

  8. Cyndi-

    This is such a timely message for me. My dear, dear friend received a heart transplant yesterday and for the past twenty-four hours my own heart has been lingering over this idea of change. I keep thinking about the family who lost someone so that my friend can live. And naturally, that makes me consider anew this God who gave up His Son so that I could live again.

    This ebb and flow of change in our lives…. yes we can GO through or GROW through.

    Thanks for this post! My prayers are with you as you press through this season in your life.

  9. Amen, Cyndi! I especially like your last sentence: “I want to look more like Christ every day!” Me, too! I like the way Dallas Willard puts it: that we’re apprentices to Jesus, and as we live and GROW we’ll become more like Him. Thank God for change!

  10. “I am not the same person I was before my Mom passed away. I have changed and I will never be the same. But that isn’t always a bad thing.”

    I want the changes that have happened over the last 6 months to grow me in Christ, not take me away from Him. I also want to teach my son (who was greatly affected by my mom’s death) how to grow in Christ through this, too. We had a talk about it the other day, which happened to be the day he started reading the <iJesus Calling book for kids we got at Relevant. He told me later that the devotion that day was exactly what he needed. I love the way the Father works! ; )

  11. “Go through Change or Grow through change……” I love this, Cyndi. Your words grew me, today.

    Thank you!
    xo, and prayers,

  12. Beautiful, change is hard and I am so blessed to have people like you around to model it done with grace. God is good. You are a blessing

    Cha Cha