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Karen Naber is writing/illustrating her first book for broken, cracked pots like herself. Her CD “Deeper” will debut soon. She’s imperfect, but perfectly loved.

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  1. God showed me this same idea last fall. I had a dream I was in a tomb that was decorated for living (rugs, paintings, furniture, etc) The stone had been rolled away and I was still trying to live in a place that was meant for the dead. Jesus was calling me out into new life but my mind had grown comfortable with the familiar pain of my past. The brightness of new life was painful to my new eyes. Gratefully I have been learning how to live a resurrected life with my Jesus!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Very insightful! Your are truly gifted in many ways. I’m sure more than you’ve ever known or imagined. Keep encouraging… Keep writing….keep singing…keep doing what you’re doing!! You are doing an awesome job. I’m smiling, others are smiling and I’m sure our Lord Almighty is too!! Thanks for blessing others with your gifts!! You are a great friend!—MJ